Second Impressions

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Catch me

I wasn’t ready to free him. I needed him. I hugged him closer, already shedding a tear, listening to his heart with my head pressed in his back. No man had ever given me something with so much meaning to me.

He turned around and put his hands on my face.

“Please, don’t cry,” he muttered.

“These are no tears of sadness,” I said, giving him a light smile. “It belonged to my mother.

“You are rare,” he said, wiping a tear from my cheek

“Is Seline rare?” I asked, pushing my head down.

I’ve been called beautiful before, but never rare.

he raised my head to meet his gray eyes, making me feel like we were alone in this universe. Just the two of us.

My heart fluttered with all the emotions crashing inside.

“She is not the one for me,” He said reaching for my lips.

He kissed me softly and I closed my eyes tasting his minty breath, his juicy tongue, and his warmth. He was grabbing me strongly in his arms, but he was also kissing me delicately, almost like he contained a beast inside, and it took all his willpower not to break me.

His muscles were bulging, and his breathing was uneven. “I want you, I want you too much, in a selfish way,”

He grazed my arm, sending fire to my skin. “You know what will happen if you stay.”

“Don’t treat me like the others, please.”

“Olivia, you are so oblivious of everything.” He caressed my back and quickly grabbed me, placing my body on top of him, on top of his big legs. “Let me show you how much I want you.”

Even though I was straddling him in this position, he had all the power, and my heart shrank at how nervous I felt when he pressed me against him, bringing me closer with his hands.

We both collided with our heavy breathing, his hands pulling my dress up touching my legs, his mouth working diligently as he gave me feather kisses to my collar bone and neck. I found myself already moaning softly under his touch.

Instinctively, my hands went to his chest as I felt his enormous erection against my core, right beneath my panties. I was ready but something was happening to him; it was as he was doubting, and he was stopping himself from taking me right now.

Then, he pressed me to him as if holding me for dear life.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“I don’t want to fuck you,” He said, looking at my eyes. “I want to own you.”

I felt him graze my arm, sending fire to my skin. “I will not stop you .” He said as if it was hard to bring out each word.” if you walk away.”

“But If you do want this…”

He pulled my neck to him and kissed it slowly, doing little circles with his tongue as he sucked lightly. “I will make you scream my name, again and again, until you cannot take more; until you are fully mine, and there is nothing else but you and me in your mind.”

He pressed himself against me again, and I moaned harder.

“What is stopping you?” I asked shakily, terrified and excited at the same time.

“For you to want the same.” his eyes were full of emotion, for the first time letting me look inside what was inside of those cold eyes.

Feeling scared, I kissed him, magnetized by his intensity, and he undressed me, caressing my body. He unzipped his pants with me seated on top, and I watched as he released his shaft.

“Uhm,” I swallowed hard, nervously. It was kind of scary how big it was.

He was not smiling. His eyes were like big black holes watching with a suppressed fire, waiting to burn me in an instant. He moved my underwear to a side and held me in place as he introduced his tip in my folds, not entering completely.

“Relax, I can feel your heart,” he said with his palm against my back. “I will not hurt you.”

I gasped as I felt him entering into me, and then he stopped to let me adjust to his size, but I could feel myself tightening even more. I already felt how he stretched me to the point that I was in between a mix of pain and pleasure.

“You are so tight,” he said, closing his eyes and grabbing my ass with his palms.

He guided me, resting my back against the mattress without pulling out of me, and I watched shyly how he took his shirt off, giving me a complete view of his hard abs and his defined pecs. He had the body of a god, too manly, too perfect.

I blushed when he licked his thumb without breaking eye contact, and then he placed it on my nub doing small circles while he remained immobile.

My chest was moving up and down as I felt pressure in my core and a sudden but steady rhythm building. He continued massaging me with his fingers, and my hips started moving back and forth unconsciously. The pain was gone, and I was enjoying having him inside me, enjoying what his fingers were doing.

“Better?” he smirked.

How did he know my body so well?

“Yes,” I said as I bit my lip, waiting for him to start moving.

He gave me an evil look that stopped my breathing. I knew he was done with being gentle.

Oh, boy…

He growled as he grabbed my hips with force, digging his nails as he started thrusting, keeping me in his hold, giving me no mercy.

"Darius," I said his name shutting my eyes as I felt him take me.

“I know baby,” he said as he took me harder and harder, pressing his chest into mine, pounding deliciously into my walls, making me surrender.

I was ecstatic, trembling into full pleasure.

He grabbed my body, making me sit on top of him, and I screamed as I felt his cock deeper, but as I reached down, his eyes were waiting for me. Our nose touching, our breathing synchronized.

This was not just a fire I was feeling. It was mixed with something else that made me unsettled and scared. I was falling, and I could only hope he would catch me.

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