Second Impressions

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Patience baby


I was taking her, but still, it wasn’t enough. I thrust myself inside her, but I still felt incomplete. This unfulfilled desire was an unexplainable need, an intoxicating thrill, and irresistible torture, driving me to the point of madness.

I closed my eyes, realizing that this woman was going to be the death of me. I was trapped in this cycle; the more I tasted, the more hungry I became. Insatiable. Voracious.

It was going to be a long night, indeed. I was planning to have my fill in as many ways possible, or at least I wished Olivia could endure what I had in store for her.

She was not a virgin, but she was inexperienced, naive. I could read in her eyes that many things I did tonight were new for her. Exciting.

I plunged into her, bringing her close to an orgasm, and pulled out before she could reach it, and once she recovered, I repeated the process again and again.

God, I loved it when she squealed. She had her cute cheek pressed to the mattress and her round buttcheeks in the air, all bent and taking me whole without any complaint.

Good girl.

I knew I was big and thick and some women couldn’t take me. I was happy to discover that Olivia, being so tight, too tight, was enjoying and thriving under me. Just fucking perfect.

She was screaming my name, begging for her release, and I enjoyed watching her all flushed and out of control.

I warned her before that I wanted to take my time, not that it would make a difference in her impatience. She tried a couple of times to touch herself, of course without success; I ended up locking her arms in a good grip.

Patience baby.

She couldn’t cheat. I wasn’t done. I had one mission, to make sure she knew no one could ever fuck her like me.

“Please, Darius.” I heard her voice becoming soft.

Yes, I was breaking her. Just like I wanted, to pound her into oblivion.

“Darius,” she screamed again, begging.

“I can’t come inside you, but you can, baby,” I said as I pulled out from her and changed the position so I could see her face.

I never did missionary style, but with her, It felt exhilarating.

“No, together,” she said with such a fierce passion.

She pressed me with her hips, and I focused hard on thinking. If it were another woman, I would have said no; I was already being irresponsible. I knew she wasn’t on the pill. I saw Dr.Kumar’s prescription for birth control with her meds on the bag.

But I wanted her. I wanted to be this close with her. I craved that intimacy. I wanted that too.

I released the grip in her arms, and she brought her palms to my face. I closed my eyes, feeling how she memorized my face with her fingertips, feeling the burn ready to burst as I felt her trembling, she was close and this time I didn’t pull out.

I kissed her palm watching her intensely in the eyes as I brought one of her legs up and then the other, putting them on my shoulder as I pounded deeply.

“Come,” I commanded, and she became undone in my arms.

With her hooded eyes partly shut, she was coming fast and hard, and I was prolonging her orgasm by doing little circles again in her clitoris, and perhaps...

And just maybe, figuring out if she could come multiple times.

She opened her eyes, all flushed with an afterglow from her first orgasm, and I took advantage of how relaxed and open she was.

“But, you haven’t come,” she said

That was sweet of her, concerning about my pleasure.

“I’m not done, yet,” I said to her.

I kept my finger doing the same pressure with my erect member still inside her. If she was too sensitive, doing this might feel uncomfortable, but I had to try.

“Does it feel okay if I keep doing this?” I asked.

She watched me curiously while I read her expression. She didn’t have a clue of what was about to happen. In a couple of minutes to be exact, she was about to crash again deeper, only if I was able to make her reach another climax.

Could it be?

“I want to see something, try to relax for me, and focus on your breathing”

I reached out for her breasts and started sucking on them lightly. I focused on one breast at a time, moving to the other one just when it could become painful.

Then I bit one of her nipples hard while I pushed myself deep into her.

“Ah, that hurt!” she gasped.

I grinned. “Oh, baby, it’s just a little torture.”

I continued doing the same with the other nipple. This time, she yelled in pleasure.

Oh, we are going to have so much fun together.

I felt how she started clenching my dick again in between her walls. She felt so wet and delicious I had to put my thumb in her numb again, massaging her.

I laughed when I heard her moans getting louder and louder, it was music to my ears.

A multiorgasmic moaner, it can not get better than this.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed, shutting her eyes.

“You lied,” I told her with a wicked smile while keeping pressure with my finger. “You said you didn’t have any more secret talents this morning.”

“Oh no,” she said as if she was waking up from a nightmare, afraid I might continue with this torture forever. She covered her head with her hands.

Before starting again, I pulled my thumb from her pussy and licked it. She tasted so fucking good. “I’ll make you come faster this time, I am feeling impatient too.”

“Darius!” she said embarrassed.

“Oh, baby but you taste so good” I played with her mind, working in her arousal.

She opened her mouth as I started moving my cock back and forth, bringing new sensations to her, making her get lost with me. I watched her captivating eyes, her cute little sexy body, and my hands grabbing her waist. I was so close.

“Ah,” I grunt as I pinched her nipples hard while I thrust myself, almost reaching for my release, and once she burst into her second orgasm, I came inside of her too, kissing her softly and holding her in my arms.

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