Second Impressions

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Darius pressed me in his chest and caged me in his arms, and we both fell into a peaceful sleep, tangled and warmed, breathing each other under the sheets.

I had never felt this way for anyone, never felt so safe in someone’s arms. I turned around without breaking his hold so I could watch him sleep. I stared at him with our noses almost touching. He looked so serene and beautiful. Peaceful.

His black hair was soft with some waves at the edges, his greek nose, his sharp cheekbones, and that pronounced round chin. His face was a work of art, a manly work of art.

I traced his smooth olive skin and passed my hand through a lock of hair right in the corner of his ear. I was falling deep for him. Crashing is a better way to explain it.

He opened his eyes that were slightly closed, and we stared into each other's eyes. He lightly smiled and grabbed me with his arms pushing me closer to his chest.

“Are you watching me while I sleep?” he mocked me.

“Is it too bad if I do?” I said showing my vulnerability while I swallowed hard.

“No, you can watch me as much as you like,” he kissed me again but this time in my head.

“Are you uncomfortable? Do you want to sleep in your bed?” he asked, opening his eyes again to read my face.

“No, there is nowhere else I would rather be.” I snuggled back into his arms.

Fuck! Slow your mouth, Ollie. You are going to scare him away!

He pulled my chin and kissed me softly, caressing my face with his fingers. That was all I needed from him because my heart was about to jump out of my mouth.

I climbed on top of him took his arms down, feeling in control.

Jesus, push the brakes, girl!

He laughed, watching me on top of him, already placing his hand at the corner of my hips, letting me have fun with all the control.

“So...” I started with my goofy happy self.

“So, what?” he asked caressing my back.

“You do like me!”

“More than like you,” He replied amused.

“Do you mean that?” I said as I started rocking my hips seductively.

“Yes,” he said, giving me a beautiful smile that smashed my heart into millions of pieces.

“I like your butt,” he said, laughing while he squeezed me.

“You are such an asshole,” I punched him in his chest, and he didn’t even flinch. I tried to get off of him, but he didn’t let me.

“No, Ollie I want you, all of you,” he said crunching his abs as he grabbed my arms.

I stared at him, at his mouth, and then I crashed my lips with him, already feeling his manhood underneath me.

Without thinking, I surprised him by placing him inside me, and I started riding him, consumed by my feelings.

I want you too, all of you, Darius.

He crossed his arms under his head and relaxed his body with a wicked smile spread across his face, clearly entertained by me. It was so erotic and intimate the way he watched me while I rode him with my little body.

He laughed with that delicious belly laugh, and I felt so free, so happy, so excited. I was being myself with him, and the best part is that he liked it too.

I accelerated the pace and started moaning freely, knowing how much he liked it, and his whole body tensed. His carefree expression changed to a more voracious one.

He dug his nails in my ass, grabbing me with his strong palms, with those dark gray eyes full of intensity.

“No, behave,” I told him, taking his arms from my ass while I rocked him.

He flared his nostrils, took a deep breath, and crossed his hands under his head again.

“If you keep doing what you are doing, I am going to come really fast,” he said.

“Good, I want to know how much you can resist me,” I teased placing my hands on his chest and feeling his delicious abs under my fingertips while I rocked him hard.

He closed his eyes, licking his lips, working on his self-control.

“Olivia,” he said, warning me. “Slower”

I did listen to him and started moving slower, catching my own orgasm.

“Control your breathing,” he guided me. I started doing little circles that made me tremble, and his mouth went to a U shape.

I grabbed his hands and placed them on my breasts. He growled in return, moving forward and sitting on the bed with me on top.

Oh, boy…

He was gentle and caring, and I happened to be too consumed by him. My heart longed for his tenderness to stay. Forever.

“Make love to me,” I muttered, feeling close. I had my eyes shut, too lost in sensations.

“Yes, baby,” he said, kissing me softly and holding me in his arms while he pressed deep into me. “I am already making love to you.”

We moved, taking each other’s pleasure, like taking on a euphoric drug.

“Come, baby,” he told me in my ear, and I exploded while grabbing his chest. I released all my strength and fell in his arms.

He caught me pressing me into his chest, caging me into his arms once more before we fell to sleep, and the last thing I remember was what he promised after he placed a sweet kiss on my neck. “I will never let you go.”

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