Second Impressions

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The third leg

I woke up feeling kisses on my back, and I cuddled back into his chest. It was a dream, only that it was a real one, the ones that come true, and you have to pinch yourself to know you are awake. That is how I was feeling.

“I need you to wake up. I have our day planned,” Darius said to my ear.


“Do you like surprises?” He added.

“I love surprises!” I said, pulling away once I felt his morning erection on my ass.

Is the surprise an Anaconda?

“We don’t have time for that,” he growled, pushing my body closer to him. “You should get out of bed fast. Sarah has a plane to catch.”

“Sarah!” I yelled, getting out of the bed in a jump.

Darius laughed while looking at my naked body. At this point, he had seen me so many times that it made no sense to cover myself up, but the way his eyes devoured me made me feel so shy and nervous that I covered my breasts with my hands.

“Can I join you in the shower?” He sent me a dark look.

“I thought you wanted me to say goodbye to my sister,” I muttered nervously.

“You are right,” he said, following me with his eyes.

“You are not invited to a hot bath with me.” I made it clear.

“A hot bath?” He stood up, sitting at the side of the bed doing an up and down of my body. “You should run because the moment I enter that bathroom; you are not coming out.”

I swallowed hard and stepped quickly into the restroom, putting the lock in the handle. Five seconds later, I heard the handle moving. I giggled, picturing his face when he figured out I locked it just in time.

“Keep laughing like that, and I’ll crack this door to get you.” I heard him say, watching his foot through the threshold.

I ignored him and turned around, adjusting my eyes to the enormous size of the space. It had a bathtub and an oversized shower.

The last time I was here, I fainted after watching Darius’ third leg, if you know what I mean. That didn’t end well for me. It is just better if I think about other things than his joystick. For example, I should check on Archibald and see if he set the meeting with Roger.

I opened the shower faucet and felt the warmth in my hand; the temperature was just perfect. I closed my eyes, feeling the water running in my face and my body, when I heard a clicking sound.

Oh, boy…

“Hmm…I am happy you picked the shower. I am way too big for that bathtub anyway.” He introduced himself in the shower, placing himself behind me, starting to touch my body under the water, grazing my breasts, discovering my belly, my hips, squeezing my waist, and poking me with his big bulge.

This was going to be the hardest shower I would have to take in my life.

“Relax, We will just take a bath together,” He said, but even though I could not see his face, I knew he was smirking.

“Sure, just a bath,” I said, closing my eyes in the water, feeling how he washed me, teasing me, giving me a couple of bites here and there while he soaped me.

“Hm…but I am sure you’ll end up begging for a quickie,” he said so confidently.

“You are so full of yourself,” I laughed. “Thinking you are so irresistible that I would beg… those are your words…beg… for a quickie,” I mocked him turning around until it was not funny.

It was beyond me. Without thinking, I scrubbed his biceps, chest, and abs, and then I stopped because I was near his…

Hammer of Thor!

My eyes widened as soon as I watched his massive erection pointing at me.

“Don’t be shy,” he said, giving me a crooked smile. “You can touch it if you like.”

His eyes were filled with lust, and I blushed, feeling so hot and ready. I even bit my lips at the view. He was so yummy, so…lickable.

He guided my tiny hands, placing them in his cock.

Holy eggplant emoji! It was so big that the task required both of my hands.

“I thought this was just a bath, but look at you already going to the point.”

I stared at his dark eyes, watching him under the water as I squeezed him tightly. It was the first time I touched it with my hands. I laughed as I saw his eyes close with pleasure.

Two can play this game.

“It looks clean to me,” I said, stepping outside of the shower, leaving him hard as a baseball bat, just how he left me, in that studio a day ago.

I was taking my sweet revenge, and I walked fast because I knew he could grab me in a second, and I was right. He followed me, dripping water all over the floor, grabbing me by the ass, and securing my legs in his waist.

I am not going to be able to walk in a week.

“A quickie?” I muttered nervously.

He grinned. “This is going to be intense, baby, so hold on” he sucked on my neck while he held me in his arms. “We’ve only got a couple of minutes.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck, this is too good.

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