Second Impressions

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“What a morning glow!” Sarah said, not able to hide her excitement. “Freshly fucked and ready for the day, aren’t you?” she added, biting her lips to suppress a laugh.

I ignored her, praying she would move to the next topic.

“You two are pretty noisy,” she commented, looking for and reaction.

Nooo! That was the last thing I wanted to hear.

I covered my face with my hands in embarrassment, and she started laughing. “I don’t want to say goodbye to you anymore.”

“As your fairy godmother, I made some arrangements. I invited my future mother-in-law to Australia with us.”

Damn! Future mother-in-law? Sarah is waiting for that ring at any moment.

“You invited Anna!?”

“Shush it! She is coming here any minute. Edmund hasn’t come back, poor her. I don’t know if they are in some kind of breakup. We don’t want to leave her alone.”

“But she is soulless,” I muttered back.

Like she deserves any kindness.

She poked me. “So, Just the two of this house…without the staff. Interesting.”

“Without the staff?” I widened my eyes.

She is leaving me alone with this horny man! Just me and…Anaconda?

She winked. “Yes, Alexander sent them away; consider it another present,” she said, grabbing her carry-on and walking to a car where Alexander was standing. “Love you, sis!”

He waved me goodbye. “Bye, little rapper.”

“Bye!” I said, turning around to find Darius standing behind me with his hands crossed and an amused smile on his face.

“Don’t break her, you animal,” Alexander said before stepping inside of the vehicle while Anna walked to the car, ignoring me. Her white dress and sunglasses made her look like a movie actress.

“Goodbye, Olivia. I hope you are taking the pill.” she waved, not even making eye contact with me.

That bitch!

She walked fast and hopped in the car, not even caring to say goodbye to Darius too.


Even Darius opened his eyes but soon stood behind me, placing his hands on my belly and his mouth on my neck while we watched them leave.

“About that…” he said, giving kisses to my back and placing something in my hands, “If you wish to take it.”

I watched the pill in my hands and breathed in.

“The morning after-pill?.” I asked dryly.

Is he giving me a choice?

“Yes,” he said quickly.

“It’s the smart thing to do,” I said automatically, almost like my mind was taking control of the situation.

He turned me around so that I would face him.

“Good, because I’m not planning on having children,” he said, placing a lock of hair behind my ear while he read my eyes.

“Ever?” I asked.

“No, Olivia,” he said honestly.

“Uhum, okay,” I said, smiling awkwardly, but something in me hurt, like a weight resting in my chest.

To start, I haven’t even imagined myself as a mother, maybe because I never wanted all these things before, but just knowing that that scenario would never happen with him created a massive void in my stomach.

Why are we even talking about this topic? Olivia, you just met this guy a week ago!

All this time, I’ve been stuck on relationships, and now when I am alone and finally having fun, I have to fucking crash into another guy. Well, not any guy, Robert Darius Rothschild.

Girl, calm your tits! Stop bringing that part of yourself that wants to have it all. Fuck!

“Hey, what’s with the sad face?” He pulled my chin up to meet his gray eyes.

“I am not sad,” I said quickly.

I am just overwhelmed.

He grinned. “Wanna know what I am thinking? I think you were already picturing a life with me.”

“No!” I scoffed, swallowing hard.

What the hell!?

I was more than red, and he was already caressing one of my pink cheeks with his thumb.

“Baby, are you getting attached?” He said with no trace of humor in his voice.


“I am not attached to you; I don’t have feelings for you.”

“Hmm…” He smirked while narrowing his eyes. “Then, explain to me what was that about you asking me to make love to you yesterday?”

He grabbed my waist and pulled me to him, pressing his body and his forehead to mine.

“I feel like I will never get tired of tasting you,” he said, kissing my neck.

“I am not a lollipop. I am a human being.” I joked just because I didn’t feel like opening up again.

“But you love when I lick and suck on you.” he grabbed my ass, squeezing it.

“Darius!” I said, embarrassed.

“You are adorable,” He laughed. “It’s good you are wearing jeans and boots for what I have planned,” he said, grabbing my hand and leading me to one of his cars. “Even though it’s cold, it’s not windy, so we’ll be okay.”

“Where are you taking me?”

“I want you to meet Maddie.”

Is he talking about a girl?

“Who’s Maddie?” I asked frowning my face.

“Only one way to find out,” he said, opening the door to me.

Darius and his riddles.

We drove in silence, watching the snow, and then I peek at him, watching his manly hands in the wheel and that serious expression on his face. He was intimidating, but when he watched me looking at him, he tangled his hand in mine, placing it on his lips for a quick kiss.

He stopped in a gate, and a minute later, it opened, revealing vast acres of land and a huge stable at the end. I was amazed by this place. It looked so dreamy with a trail of giant trees on each side of the road.

We parked and walked to the entrance, where two young workers in riding boots waited for us. One of them was holding an enormous horse.

Not just any horse, its shiny black fur, big brown eyes, and a long wavy crest was a short description of how majestic it was. It was not friendly; I am pretty sure even the trainers would pee in their pants just to the thought of riding in its back.

“Are you ready?” Darius said as we stepped out of the car, feeling the cold weather immediately.

“Ready for what?” My breath was coming out as a white cloud of smoke through my mouth.

The big horse gave a hight pitch aggressive squeal before getting up in two feet, releasing itself from the guy’s grip of the reins.

Darius laughed at the sight. “To ride Maddie.”

Jesus Christ, Maddie is the horse. Hell no!

“I am not ridding that thing, no,” I said, crossing my arms.

“That is not a thing. It’s my Maddie.” he corrected me.

“Thank you, but I do value my life. She seems dangerous and aggressive, and she might even kill us if we stand close to her.”

“She is quite…rebellious, but overall a good girl.”

Of course, not only likes to control people, but he finds it amusing to control wild animals.

“Hmm…” I muttered unconvinced.

“Do you trust me?”

“Should I trust you?”

He smirked. “You and Maddie have more in common than you realize.”

“Are you comparing me with a fucking horse?” I said irritated while he continued laughing.

“Wait and see.”He whistled, and the big black horse neigh was so loud that my knees started to tremble. It was galloping fast and steady towards us with a killer eye.

Oh, shit is coming over here.

“Darius, don’t call her!” I grabbed his arms for life.

“Too late,” he said, bringing a hand to my waist. “Now, don’t move and let her sniff you.”

“What!? Sniff me?! She will bite my head off!” I exclaimed in fear.

The horse stood in front of us snorting while I closed my eyes and started sniffing me doing little taps with its feet.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

“Darius, I am going to kill you,” I said between my teeth, my heart pounding loudly.

“Maddie, sweet girl,” Darius greeted her, releasing my waist and touching the horse’s face with his hands.

Omg! he is touching the beast now.

“Wheeee!” Maddie gave a whinnying sound that made me step back.

“It’s okay, Ollie. She is just happy that I am here. She won’t hurt you; you smell like me.”

“Great,” I said sarcastically. “Now, touch Maddie; if not, she will bite you.”

“Bite me?!” My eyes widened.

Is he teasing me?

“I am kidding. Of course, she is not going to bite you. I haven’t trained her for such things...yet.”

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