Second Impressions

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Beautiful lie


“The first thing you must learn about me. I don’t forgive who betrays me.” I said coldly.

I never forget.

A sudden pressure filled my chest as full rage pumped my muscles. Yes, Archibald and I were blood-related, but he stopped being my family years ago.

I breathed in, deciding to go numb again. It was better not to feel. I could control this about myself, flick my feeling into utter coldness, control my impulses, calculate the results I wanted.

Nevertheless, this was a sensitive topic, making it harder to accomplish. She was poking where I could bite back. Hard.

Can I trust her when I trust no one?

“Archibald and I have the same taste. That’s how I knew he would be attracted to you. You do look a lot like her.” I said, ripping the bandage.

“A lot like who?”

I wonder if Olivia was starting to be a weakness as I stared at her beautiful eyes, reading her face, with her smart mind surely flickering with a curiosity of matters that she may not be able to comprehend.

“We shared affinity for the same girl while growing up, his best friend, Maddie.”

“I knew Maddie wasn’t just a horse!” she exclaimed pulling her hair with the information.

I ignored her outburst and watched the horizon as I continued the story while doing little circles in her hand.

“Long story short, we fell in love, and I asked her to marry me when I was just nineteen. We were planning to run away, secretly engaged. I wanted it all with her, only with her, but of course, we had obstacles.”

“Oh, no. He gave her a proposal.” She added.


I smiled at how fast she was at catching the story. Of course, she had been in a situation just like Maddie when Oliver and Edmund corner her in their studio.

“Yes, that she accepted,” I said, swallowing hard.

“That is horrible!” She covered her mouth with both of her hands.

“I learned that everybody has a price, Olivia. No matter how naive they may seem. Sweetness and innocence, are easily corrupted.”

“Archibald was the one who told Edmund that we were going to run away, and after eleven years, I still don’t know what my father offered her. Whatever it was, she accepted his proposal, and after that, she jumped into Archibald’s arms claiming that she always loved him and not me.”

She remained in silence. The sea breeze hit her face and twirled her hair back as she watched me with sorrowful eyes.

“Who could blame him? We were both in love with the same girl, and what started as a childish play when we were teenagers escalated to real harm in each other’s business as we became adults, and I did horrible things to Archibald after that. Horrible things, Olivia. Things that would make your skin crawl.”

I was expecting her to look at me as if I was some kind of monster, but she was a quiet listener and all I saw in her was kindness.

“It remains, you know?” I said as I watched the seagulls in the sky.

“The pain?” She asked with a concerned expression.

“No, the deception. I will always be angry with myself for loving her, even after what she did.” I clenched my fists.

“Do you feel he stole your happy ending?” She said


“No, everything was just a beautiful lie. I guess, no matter how hard it was for me, it was the best thing that could ever happen. I learned to never trust.”

I already revealed something about myself that I had planned to bury with me in my grave.

I fucking named my horse after her.

“Have you seen her again?”

“Yes, she works closely with Archibald. They ended their relationship and kept being good friends and partners.” I said dryly.

“I’m sorry,” she muttered, placing her palm in my face. I closed my eyes, feeling her touch.

There was no point in raising walls with her. I wanted her, it was almost as I needed her, and it scared me how much.

I crushed my lips on her, pinning her arms on the cold sand. My tongue tasted her lips as the intoxicating smell of her skin sent me into a frenzy.

“I want you,” I muttered in her ear.

“I want you too,” she whispered back, and my heart started feeling fast-paced. Unusual.

I felt strange like the air was not enough like she was my only oxygen. Nothing was enough. No matter how much I took from her, I found myself kneeling for more.

I breathed in her cherry scent, and held her in my arms, feeling how my walls crashed down. She was breaking me. I watched her eyes, caressing her face.

“All of you.” I said, giving kisses to her collarbone.”Now.” I demanded, urgency feeling my body. I quickly undid her jeans, introducing my fingers.

She was so ready for me I was about to lose my mind.

“Darius.” She moaned.

“Yes, baby?” I asked, watching at her eyes. Her swollen pink lips looked delicious. I had to kiss her again, not letting her speak.

“I-I…” I suppressed her soft moans on my lips.

“Tell me, baby.” I pulled back.

“I already took the pill. We have to be careful from now on,” She muttered shyly.

Why am I being so irresponsible? Why can’t I bring myself to stop?

“It’s okay, baby, you can come in my hand,” I said, adding one more finger inside her, making her eyes shut. “Tell me you want me,” I said, thrusting her impatiently with my fingers.

“I-I want you,” she said shakily.

“How much?” I ripped her shirt, releasing her breast, sucking on one of her buds until it made a soft pop. She arched her back in response to my touch.

Tell me, Olivia. Tell me that you want me as much as I want you.

“I am falling, Darius.” She said with her eyes closed, speaking her mind on the verge of pleasure.

Was she falling? Did she mean she was falling in love with me?

I couldn’t resist it; without thinking in a moment, I was opening her legs and thrusting myself inside her, feeling her completely and getting lost in her body, spreading her more as I pounded her hard.

I was lost. Lost in her. She bewitched me.

“But, but I’m not on birth control.” She widened her eyes.

“I won’t come inside. I promise.” I said, bringing kisses to her neck until she calmed.

“Darius,” she said softly. “I’m scared.”

Is she scared of me?

“Do you want me to stop?” I stopped moving, reading at her eyes. I could be inside of her forever.

“No,” she said, kissing my mouth and hugging me closely. I didn’t like seeing her like this.

“Tell me, what is wrong, baby?” I raised her chin watching her intensely.

“If this is a game for you, I-I…want out.”

“No, baby,” I said honestly. “This isn’t just sex for me.”

She arched her hips, moving my shaft inside her. She was happy with what I said, she wanted more of me, and I was just getting started. I kissed her lips, savoring all of her.

What happened inside me was indescribable. I wanted to hold her forever.

Am I falling too?

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