Second Impressions

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P.O.V Darius

She took a deep breath and, pulling herself together, she blurted, “You are late” while storming out with her bags. How am I late? Is she leaving the apartment?

I watched as she furiously left me standing there, like an idiot, and snapped her fingers at me. “Aren’t you coming? Close the door.”

I closed the door because I am my mother’s son, but I won’t accept another disrespect from her. Besides, if I left her here, I won’t find out who Sarah is. Focus on your mission.

I passed her by, and she followed me downstairs until we arrived at the car. She stood there waiting for me to open the door for her. I would have done it before, but I wasn’t planning on getting near her. What if she has rabies?

“Well, are you getting in?” I said while opening the driver’s door.

“My bags,” she replied, showing her hands.

I clicked the trunk button and felt her gaze. She chuckled. Is she mocking me? I was beginning to feel as annoyed by her presence as she was with mine.

“What is so funny?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

“Nothing,” she said, blushing this time. I could tell she was looking at my body. Liking what you see, don’t you?

I am used to having this effect on women but never with a mix of repulsion. As soon as she started to walk to the trunk, a kid wearing big headphones and holding a smoothie bumped into her. I saw how the collision happened and miraculously, the green liquid stayed on the cup. Gosh! That was close.

She muttered something to the kid, and all I saw was the kid’s sneer before he threw the contents of the smoothie on her face. WOOOSH! The sound of the liquid as the green juice spread like a bomb.

“Ahhh” she gasped as the thick fluid ran down her face, clothes, and hair. I was trying hard to contain my laughter but it was so hard. I quickly managed to put on the best shocked face I could. She is having the worst day of her life.

Next thing she was dancing like a monkey in the street, spitting out part of the juice. What a joke! How could someone take her seriously right now? She looked like a slime, all gooey and sticky. I don’t even want to imagine how she smelled.

“You better not ride in the front seat”, I said seriously as I sent her to the back of the car, The things I do for Alexander.

“Honestly, I couldn’t care less,” she responded bitterly, looking at me as if her eyes could cut like a knife.

She entered the car and we started moving but that smell was unbearable, it was annoying me and she was pulling the window up.

“Could you please don’t, you smell like a salad”, I said in annoyance while watching her closely. Yes, take a spoon of your own medicine.

She got so upset that she even mimicked a duck with her hands and shushed me. How immature. My jaw clenched and I had to remind myself not to lose my temper. She didn’t know who she was speaking with.

She annoyed me but I also find her very amusing. I had to remind myself that this was a crazy-crazy woman. Better to ignore her and keep my eyes on the road, right? But no, she is doing the impossible to get my attention.

“I’m going to change my clothes if you don’t mind,” she said while holding a small green dress in her hands, it looked very small and tight.

Well, I don’t mind.

My eyes widened in anticipation. She was taking her turtleneck off while searching her bag. I glanced at her through the rear-view mirror and felt a death glare. Oh boy, do I like trouble.

It felt like she was playing a game with me. I am not sure. What is going on inside of that head?

“If you take a look, I will murder you,” she says coldly.

Isn’t she a feisty little one! I turned and watched the road ahead. Since when do I do what I’m told, I thought while chuckling.

She should have known better than to play the naked card in the car of a stranger. I don’t ignore beautiful women who undress in front of me. It is not in my nature. I get what I want when I want, Olivia, and right now what I want is to watch you.

My eyes went back to the rear-view mirror, and I watched as she started to take her pants off too. From where I was sitting, I could see every inch and detail of her skin and the delicate white lace of her underwear. I felt myself getting hard.

I briefly paused to watch the road for safety, but I couldn’t help myself. I was taking turns looking at her naked body and the road. She even had her eyes closed, and I saw her breathing in and out, her chest rising and falling, the curve of her neck exposed. Thoughts of making her moan while kissing and nibbling her nape took over me.

I saw how her arms reached her back, to take off her bra leaving only her panties on. I swallowed hard, her small round perfect breasts were in plain sight. Nothing can surprise me more about Ms. Olivia Summer.

A smile showed on my face but not for her nudity. It was the realization of the worst of my assumptions. If the apple doesn’t fall far form the tree, then her mother and her sister are the same. Crazy, pathetic and for what she also appeared to be a hussy, not even three minutes and she was already naked in my car.

I felt my cock about to explode. I am so turned on, for god’s sake. Yes, I would fuck her, but only for the thrill of the game, not like my brother, thinking with his dick instead of his head. Don’t you know not to shit where you eat Alexander?

These sisters are quite attractive, but bringing them to meet our mother? To our childhood vacation house? for Christmas? Are you out of your mind, brother?

Fucking and dating are two completely different things. I could fuck this girl, right here, right now, and then I would make her disappear from my sight, but I would never in a million years bring something so low and degrading to our home.

I watched as she put the green dress on, and I knew that was my cue to get my eyes back on the road. I felt her gaze and I couldn’t hide my devilish smile while returning her stare. I looked at her face and she looked embarrassed that I’ve been looking at her naked body.

Is that a blush I see in her cheeks? It was kind of cute watching the: I am so innocent act, like if she felt disturbed that I saw her.

You are not fooling anybody, you can pull the act off.

I could tell she was aroused too, her perky nipples were pointing at me through that dress, and I knew exactly what was underneath. It’s not like I can erase what I already saw.

I could just rip that dress off with my bare teeth.

My foot was only an inch apart from the brakes and I was ready to stop this car at any sign of compliance. I swear that if you give me a dirty look. I will stop this car right now, and fuck your brains out.

But nothing, no dirty look. Instead, she raised an eyebrow with an accusatory look. What? A staring contest? She was trying to make me back down, but something inside me felt that she wanted to be watched. So I locked eyes with her and we stayed like that for seconds.

Do you like being watched, Olivia? I stared at her while licking my lips, I could even feel my tongue watered.

I saw her blush even more. Her cheeks were are all pinky and her lips all swollen, she looked almost shy and fragile.

I felt a sudden pleasure when she couldn't hold my gaze anymore. She looked down at her hands and I smirked in victory. That’s it, little girl. look down.

I’m was feeling ecstatic. Control yourself, Darius.

I already knew it is going to be a long week and it was going to be really hard to control myself. One way, or another, I will fuck you, Olivia.

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