Second Impressions

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We were back at the house, and my thoughts were trying to catch up with all the information I had received. There was so much darkness in him, power with potential for destruction. It was unsettling.

We bonded, and I was sure he let me in, but had I?

You are so stupid, Ollie. Pull the brakes.

What I was afraid of falling for someone was what came next. I might be crashing into him, but I wasn’t ready to lose my identity again as I did with Roger. I knew better, I had promised myself to put myself first instead of a guy, and here I was jumping into another swirl of emotions sponsored by a dangerously sexy man.

I felt attached to him, consumed, blind, overwhelmed, possessed; all this when I was supposed to figure out my life and get my shit back together. My company, my health, my debt, myself.

I was standing in the middle of his bedroom with a towel around my body when he opened the door. He smiled as soon as he saw me. Charming.

“Aren’t you sweet?” I said to him, watching everything he was carrying in his arms. He took the time to pick up my phone and some of my clothes from the guest room while I showered.

Oh, yes. I had to shower in his bedroom because as we stepped back into the house, he carried me in his back so I couldn’t get near the guest floor, something about me not going nowhere.

“Only for you,” he kissed me softly on my back.

He is treating me like a princess, his princess.

My heart fluttered every time Darius showed me that part of him, his sweet side. I wondered what he picked for me from Sarah’s crazy shopping. It was dresses, different types of dresses

Oh, He likes feminine clothes. If he knew I was kind of a tomb boy with my bun and sweatpants.

The thought alone made me laugh. I searched between the dresses, and I didn’t find any braw or panties. Dirty Darius.

“I’ll go buy some groceries to cook for us.” He said, reaching for the door again.

“Cook? Robert Darius Rothschild cooking?” I said, amused.

“Well, we have no staff, and to your surprise, yes, I know how to cook.” He raised an eyebrow.

“I bet that you will burn the food,” I said bluntly. I could put my hand in the fire that this man had never touched a pan in his life before.

He ignored, only stopping for a second. “Any favorites?” He asked, turning his head giving me a sideways look.

“Anything with carbs,” I said with a smile.

After he left, I picked up my phone. I had three missing calls from Archibald and some messages.


I quickly check the screen to read.


The meeting is settled. Tomorrow, 11 am in the city. I’ll send you the address in the morning. Ollie, don’t be late.


I won’t; I’ll be there on time. See you tomorrow. Thank you, Archer!

You better hold your pants, Roger, because I am coming for what is rightfully mine!

I was starting to taste victory, and gaining back my company was the first step to getting my life back on track. I changed into a soft silk dress with my hair still moist from the shower, and I took a nap on his delicious bed.

I woke up with the smell of truffles. That delicious scent only meant food, and my stomach was growling. I headed downstairs to check on Darius. I don’t know for how long I slept, but it was enough to miss him.

Look at you, all needy.

I entered the kitchen, and it was a total mess, and in the end, wearing dark, fitted jeans and a white T-shirt, was Darius, sipping on a glass of wine while he moved a hot pan with the other one.

Oh my, oh my. Isn’t he a multitasker at his best?

He looked so casual, like if I could bump him randomly on the street, if anyone ever had the delightful pleasure of seeing him like that, he was too handsome and big to ever get mixed in a crowd. Well, not when he looks like a…

“Aren’t you an Abercrombie model?” I said with a smile.

He frowned. “What did you just call me?”

“You do know that you could have a living as a model,” I added.

He raised an eyebrow without answering. Of course, he knew he was smoking hot, so I decided to tease him a little bit.

“That looks so good” I brought my hands to his waist, touching his abs with my fingertips, and just because I was a greedy girl, I moved my hands to his chest and then to his strong arms, squeezing his muscles. “and I am so hungry.”

Omg, he is delicious!

“Careful,” He warned me. “Or I’ll bend you over this countertop, right now.”

I giggled, stepping back, but my eyes were glued to his butt and that delicious back.

Omg, that delicious back!

I mean, I had to take advantage of how focused he was on cooking to check him out, but at this point, I was watching him more like a piece of steak than a person, waiting to ravish him. I even bite my lips at sight.

“Is my body making you horny, baby?” He turned his head to watch me with those dark eyes, noticing what I was doing, and I swallowed hard.

Oh, boy… I’m in trouble.

“Do you rather I cook for you naked?” He said as he turned the stove, and I was quite as a mouse, completely hypnotized by him.

Oh, he is going to be the death of me.

Jesus, the effect he was having on me! I was more than blushed. I could feel the red-pink color on my cheeks.

“You haven’t completed your part of the deal,” he said, opening the oven and taking out some short ribs on a cooking tray. Impressive.

Deal? Oh yes, my book for his answer.

“Okay, a deal is a deal,” I grabbed his phone from the table, and with mine in hand, I airdropped him some files.

He was serving the food, and It looked like a truffle mushroom risotto with a braised short rib on top. Let’s stop. It looked like a fork-tender braised short rib.

Where was this man-made? In what fabric?!

He was now playing with my senses, making it hard for me to choose whether to eat him or the food first. Probably him.

“Now I have your number,” I said dangerously.

“Hmm… I can’t wait to hear your sexy voice when I’m at work,” He said with that husky voice, placing the two plates aside.

“I might, now that I know that distractions are fully encouraged,” I said, giving him a wicked look while resting my body against the countertop playing with his mind.

He laughed, grabbing my ass and placing me on top of the countertop while opening my legs.

“Stay with me this weekend,” he said, touching my hips against the soft silk of the dress.

“For New Year? I need to go to the city tomorrow.” I said quickly.

Should I tell him I am going to meet up with Archer? He might not like that.

“Something important?” he gave me soft kisses on my neck.

“Something about my new apartment,” I mumbled, lying.

“Anything that I can help?”

“No,” I added in a beat.

He narrowed his eyes like he knew I was hiding something from him, studying my eyes.

“Don’t ever think that I can’t get your secrets out of your mouth.” he pressed my body to him, making me gasp. “But, I’ll let you keep your secrets because I like my secrets too.”

What the fuck?

“What kind of secrets?” I said curiously, as I enjoyed his sweet torture. His hand’s palms were squeezing my hips and my but cheeks.

How is he so sexy?

“Don’t push. I already told you one today.” He kissed and sucked lightly on my neck.


“I’ll drive you to the city tomorrow, and then when you are ready, I’ll pick you up, and we will leave together for the weekend.” He said confidently, but I knew there was so much control in him. He wanted to control me.


“Anywhere you want to go, baby.”

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