Second Impressions

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Impress them

I was taking a much-needed shower after that smoothie. I felt the water running down my face while I closed my eyes. Nothing that a hot bath can’t fix. There was something that I couldn’t wash off, though; the urge to run as far away from this house as I could.

I thought about Darius’s face and my stomach twisted in a knot. It felt as if someone threw me a bucket of iced water the moment I heard my sister say his full name, Darius Robert Rothschild. I knew he was a ruthless businessman, the one supposed to take over The Rothschild’s fortune. I was digging a hole for myself, and I wanted to stay hidden forever.

I covered my body with a towel and headed to the bedroom. It was humongous and luxurious, with a beautiful balcony and a private living room. Sarah, to my surprise, was already inside the blankets of the beds looking at the ceiling. She seemed different, almost distant. Something is off.

“Are we sharing this bedroom?” I asked with a smile.

It’s been a while since my sister and I had alone time, and I could sense something was bugging her. That knot I felt earlier in the shower appeared stronger.

What are you not telling me, Sarah?

“Maybe, if that is okay with you,” she said softly, answering my question while patting the bed so I could sit by her side. I sat there watching her face relax with my presence; she looked so angelic. I tucked back a lock of golden hair from her head. She is so beautiful.

“I am so happy you are here” she grabbed my hand, and I couldn’t shake that feeling that something was off. “I have missed you so much. I need my sister” she said with a mix of neediness and sadness, and that last sentence affected me. I squeezed her hand in return.

“I am here, but don’t you prefer to sleep with Alexander?” I asked.

“His parents are staying in the main house, and that is where we’ll have dinner tonight. It will be the first time I meet them, and I’m terrified of meeting his mother. She is kind of... uptight.” She replied, looking at the window.

“Oh, Okay” I gave her a soft smile. It’s very strange to see my sister intimidated by someone. Her usual spark of happiness was dimmed. She was giving so much weight to what Alexander’s mother would think of her. This was starting to bother me.

“They might not like me, but they will love you, Ollie. You are the smartest person I know.” She muttered.

So that is what this is all about, not fitting in with The Rothschild.

“Sure, they will,” I said with a smile on my face, a trace of sarcasm escaping in my voice.

Guilt was hammering my head with all the reckless actions I’ve made. Shame! Shame! Shame! I was Cersei Lannister walking to her slow death. Not that I care how low Darius could think of me, It was a little nudity, nothing too shocking for this 21st century. Get over yourself Ollie, he is probably thinking about a million things but you.

“Will you do that for me?” She asked. Her eyes came back to life with a little of spark r.

“What do you mean?” I asked back.

“Give a good impression” she replied seriously.

This is just hilarious, now I have to impress that douchebag and his uptight family? I don’t give a fuck about people, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about my sister. Yes, I am smart, and some people think my resume is impressive, but in practice, my life is just a big mess.

How is she expecting me to help her? I don’t even have a real job to brag about, and we are talking about the Rothschild Family. What could I possibly say that could impress them? Nothing...

“Maybe, I’ll have to think about it,” I teased her, and she laughed. I could try to step it up for my sister’s sanity. Alexander isn’t exactly the jewel of this family, so I think that will help me stay away from the spotlight. I think we’ll be alright.

I looked around, trying to find my bag but it wasn’t in this room. “Sarah, I think my bags are still in the car.”

“No silly, open the closet.” She said, pointing at a sliding door.

“Did someone already unpacked my clothes?” I asked curiously while entering the big walking closet.

“Not exactly,” She said, suppressing a grin.

There was no sign of my bag anywhere; only a full display of dresses still with their tags hanging in front of me. A long sleeve, Haute Couture gown popped at the end with a tight mermaid figure, low back cleavage, and long feathers in the tail. Jesus! Isn’t this a bit much?

“Getting ready for the next red carpet Sarah?” I replied, checking the golden texture of the dress. Looking at the embellishment on the fabric, I knew this dress was around $20,000 grand, maybe more.

“No silly, they are for you,” she said like it was the most normal thing in the world.

I twist my neck like the exorcist and look at her. “Liar.”

“No way you were wearing your cheap clothes to the event Alexander’s mom is planning for Christmas,” she said.

My jaw dropped. “What!?” I snorted. “Couldn’t you have given me a heads up? You know how much I hate dressing up.”

“What was the fun in that?” she replied in amusement, her eyes sparkling in joy. “I am the one who has the eye for fashion Olivia, not you.”

Ouch! “Sarah, where is my bag!?” I demanded furiously.

“Don’t even bother. I already asked the staff to throw it away.” She said, dismissing my question and waving her hand in the air. “No worries, they only throw off the clothes, if you can call them that” she added.

Nooooo! My eyes widened in horror. This was so typical of Sarah. It’s not the first time she has gotten rid of my things. Once, she gave everything to goodwill and declared she was doing humanity a favor.

“Again, Sarah?” I watched the window, considering a last-minute escape.

“Don’t be so dramatic, you have a closet full of new clothes now; think of me as your fairy godmother” She winked. “I already picked your outfit for tonight’s dinner,” she said, controlling the excitement in her voice.

“For tonight’s dinner? I was planning to dine in my pajamas.”

“You funny girl”, she laughed.

“Maybe a pair of jeans and a nice sweater?”, I asked, annoyed.

“Unacceptable, Olivia. Remember we are going to meet the whole family tonight” She smiled, and I rolled my eyes.

Here we go again

We got dressed. Sarah looked gorgeous on a white sleeveless jumpsuit with golden accessories and cherry red lipstick. Simply stunning, I thought.

I wore a dark silk halter neck dress with crossover straps to the front and an open back. It was very classy. I decided to pull my hair back in a high ponytail. The imposter syndrome started to kick in while I was checking myself in the mirror. She always styled me so elegantly, and I was anything but that.

Look at you, pretending to be someone you are not. Since when do I dress like this for a simple dinner?

She even gave me a pair of heels and I felt so out of place. So stupid to put on heels just to walk to a house one block from this one on the same land, right?

We went downstairs and found Darius and Alexander holding drinks in the living room, they appeared to be drinking scotch. Both looked so casual and relaxed. DAMN IT. Fucking Sarah and her dress-up ideas.

“Wow,” Alexander said in surprise. “You ladies look ravishing”.

He stood up, walked to my sister, and curled her up in his arms, starting a very passionate kiss, that I may add wasn’t appropriate for kids. Hold your horses, Sarah!

I was left alone standing in front of Darius, awkwardly. He stayed silent, looking at me with a straight face. Is he not going to greet me?

“Darius,” I mumble, deciding to break the ice.

He didn’t speak. He just gazed slowly at me, passing his eyes through my body until he stopped in my eyes with a raised eyebrow. What’s up with this dude and the up and down looks? Feeling so superior and shit.

Feeling offended I decided to give him the cold shoulder and headed directly to the bar, his eyes following me. I poured myself a drink from a Macallan bottle they had in a mini cart and swallowed it all before pouring some more. Better to drink than to blush in front of this fucking snob!

Finally, Sarah and Alexander stopped sucking each other’s faces and were back to being civilized people.

“A woman that drinks hard liquor,” Alexander said in amusement.

’I’m on a whiskey diet″ I said with a smile. “Want some more?”

“Sure” Alexander gave me his glass for me to pour in.

“You, sis?” I glanced at her.

“Not feeling in the mood tonight,” Sarah said.

I didn’t ask if Darius wanted more, he could pour himself, for all I cared. We started to make small talk when Rosie appeared like a silent ninja in the room. That lady creeped me out, I didn’t even see her come in from any corner.

”Mr. Rothschild, dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes” she spoke to Darius, and when he nodded she disappeared behind the doors.

“We better get going, my mother doesn’t wait for anyone,” Darius said standing up.

I followed them outside of the guest house and up to the main house. It was a short walk from where we were staying, but as we walked closer to the other house, it just got bigger and bigger. Someone from the staff was waiting for us at the door and greeted us warmly.

We entered and it was a breathtaking house but with different decor, this one felt homier, it even had pictures of family trips and Alexander and Darius when they were babies. Candles and flowers were placed with so much taste and Jazz music was playing in the background, it was so cozy and inviting.

An open concept dining room with a grand double-sided fireplace that connected to a private living room was the main attraction of the first floor. A beautiful large table was placed in a corner surrounded by tall windows where we could see the beach from where we stood. This is magical.

Four heads were watching us from a distance of the living room and I could sense their cold stares but only two faces got my attention. The first one had to be Edmund Rothschild’s. Darius and Alexander shared his features, broad shoulders, and height.

He had this powerful aura surrounding him that felt as intimidating as his eldest’s son but different. He was even colder than Darius, and I could tell right away that he didn’t like us. I felt unsettled that his stare was fixated on my sister Sarah like she was some kind of bug.

I wonder if my sister feels the same way.

The second face was the woman he was holding hands with. She had long black hair, white velvety skin, and the same silver penetrating eyes of Darius. I swallowed hard as the realization hit me. Anna Elizabeth Rothschild.

Even I was fucking scared. My hands started to sweat as I followed Sarah, Darius, and Alexander to meet them. Dressed to perfection, she held her chin high and carried herself with so much grace that it was impossible not to acknowledge her.

I wasn’t able to recognize the other two family members that stayed at the back, maybe to give us some time to get to know each other.

“My beloved son. You are finally home” Anna embraced Darius with so much love.

Darius held his mother in his arms and gave one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. I mean, I’ve seen his devilish grins but never a carefree smile. I hate how hot he is.

“Bringing a girl home?” Anna said while kissing Alexander on the cheeks. She stopped and stood in front of Sarah.

“Mom, Dad, please meet Sarah Summer, my girlfriend.”

Edmund stood quiet, watching the scene unfold while Anna smiled coldly.

“So, it’s official?” Anna asked between her teeth.

“More than official,” Alexander said while bringing Sarah’s hand into his lips for a kiss, smiling.

“Well, I guess I have nothing left but to welcome you, dear,” she said, shaking her hand and staring at her with those penetrating silver eyes. Even I felt a cold shiver down my spine.

“And, you...are?” Mrs. Rothschild turned to look at me. I could feel her cold glare affecting me already.

“I-I am the sister,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. What else was I supposed to say? Damn, it was hard not to break her hypnotizing eye contact.

“Oh! We have two, dear,” she said, looking at her husband with a big smirk on her face.

She didn’t hide her passive-aggressive tone. This is going to be a long night.

“Yes, two beautiful sisters, mother” Darius added, turning at me with that fucking devilish smile.

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