Second Impressions

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The "kiss" and the slap

I excused myself after dinner and headed to the restrooms. I entered without closing the door and reached down to my left leg to tie one of the straps hanging loose from my sandal.

Fucking heels!

Not only were they uncomfortable, but they also needed constant attention, just like Sarah.

After that dinner, all I wanted was to be alone with my thoughts. This family was horrible, and that only meant that Sarah was madly in love with Alexander. No one in their sane mind would have stayed if not for love.

I was tying the loose strap of my heel when I heard some footsteps and the sound of the door opening. It is probably Sarah, I thought to myself.

“What in the hell, Sarah! This family…”, I almost choked on my words when my eyes found two black shoes instead of her girly sandals. This was not my sister. Those are man’s shoes! And BIG ones!

I swallowed hard at the realization, by the position I had right now, all bent forward, the man behind me had a full view of my butt cheeks from the short dress I was wearing. I blushed in embarrassment. Please do not be Mrs. Edmund or Oliver, I thought.

I immediately stood straight and turned to find Darius, his fierce silver eyes waiting, searching, and wanting me.

“Don’t you know how to knock!?” I said furiously, red-faced from the outburst.

This was too much to handle. Darius Rothschild not only stepped without permission but was also watching me like I was his prey.

I started stepping backward, but it was a small bathroom; there was nowhere I could go.

I swallowed hard when I heard the clicking noise of the doorknob being locked.

“Did you just close the door!?” I gasped.

He didn’t reply. He locked his fierce eyes with mine and started to get near me, intimidating me more with each step until he successfully cornered me. I was left defenseless.

Oh, my god, what is he doing!? He is so hot I can’t think straight. Think Olivia, Think. Remember how much you want to strangle him.

“Olivia,” he said. His hot minty breath on my face. I was imprisoned between his body and the marble sink. My knees trembled in a mix of fear and anticipation.

“What are you doing!?” I gasped as panic started to rush into my mind. I had nowhere to run, and he was getting closer.

He crushed his lips into mine and opened them in a savage kiss grabbing me from behind and making me sit in the sink. I was so small that it took no effort from him to move me like a doll.

SLAM! I broke the kiss and slapped his face so hard that even my hand hurt. His face was shocked with the fury of my slap, leaving his cheek red.

I bet he wasn’t expecting that surprise. Take that, you fucking animal!

He closed his eyes, took a breath, and then opened them in what appeared to be controlled anger. My heart started to beat faster when he pulled his face closer to me. His eyes were full of rage, bringing a cold shiver down my spine.

Is he not human? Does he not feel pain?

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Stay the fuck away from me, you animal,” I said while trying to regain my posture, “Do you hear me?” I snarled.

“Or what”? He asked, resting his hands on the sink, trapping my legs between his big muscles, his face one inch from mine. I had to look up as he was too tall and I hated how that could make me look submissive.

“O-Or I will cut your balls and put them on a keychain,” I said looking at his silver eyes, my mouth was trembling with each word.

“I don’t like games, Olivia. Whatever you and your sister are playing, you can both cut the act” he said in a challenging tone touching my lip with his thumb.

Games? What act? What is he talking about? He was staring at me with amused suspicion, studying me again like a rat lab.

Did he think this was okay? Does he think I am some kind of whore?

I prepared myself for another streak and when I was about to slap him again, he caught my hand in the air. His strong hands were impossible to beat, his eyes were locked with mine.

“I am not playing”, I said feeling defenseless. “I swear”

“Then stop provoking me” he mumbled.

Provoking him? What is wrong with this dude?

Oh! It all made sense now. Me naked in the car. Shit

“I thought you were the fucking chauffeur, okay?” I pushed him away, making a distance between us.

I felt a wave of relief and started breathing again, not realizing I had stopped at some point. I was finally out of his reach, but it was only for a moment.

He suddenly turned and got close to me again, too close! Our noses touched while both of his arms were steady on my shoulders.

This was not romantic, this was a demonstration of power, he was making me feel at his mercy like he could break me if he wanted.

I closed my eyes in anger as my beating heart was not handling this situation well. His energy was making me feel unsteady and overwhelmed, and I didn’t want to face his cold stare, but it was impossible to hide. When I saw them, those gray eyes, turned dark looking at me as if I was a fly in the wall.

“I’m just going to say this once,” he said with a look of disdain. “Convince your sister to leave Alexander” he added, shaking my shoulders with force. He looked so mad I was almost scared for my life.

“Or what?” I asked. “Are you threatening me? My heart was speeding so fast.

He gave me a devilish grin before grabbing my chin, making me look up at him.

I moved my face out of his grasp, but then he grabbed me with both of his hands, taking complete control over me. He was so close that he was almost touching my lips with his.

“Consider it a warning, Olivia” He murmured, his words running colder than ice, before leaving me alone in the restroom.

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