Second Impressions

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The Aftermath

How could I let this happen? Did I seriously let this bastard kiss me and then threatened me!?

I had mixed feelings about him. First, he treated me like a hooker, and then he had these assumptions about how Sarah and I were playing a game with his family. Way out of line.

Whatever you and your sister are playing, you can both cut the act. His words swirled in my head.

“Oh, please” I muttered in indignation. This guy had a stick up his ass so high he couldn’t be more rigid. He was cold, controlled, mean, and sharp. I hated myself for feeling a little attracted to him. How repulsive.

I touched my lips, still sensitive to Darius’s violent and demanding encounter. I had a gut feeling that he was nothing but danger like I should pack and run, but I was not a coward.

Was he bluffing about that warning? What are you capable of? I wondered.

I hated to admit how much control Darius had over me with his stupid gorgeous gray eyes and ridiculous strong arms. He kissed me hard and all I managed to do was a slap, I could do better damage than that. Intimidated or not, I wasn’t planning on abiding by any of his ridiculous demands and that felt strange. I wasn’t used to this feeling.

Is this how having a nemesis feels like?

Yes, Darius, my adversary. I would gladly push him and watch his downfall with pleasure if he dared to mess with my sister.

You better choke on all your empty threats, Mr.Rothschild.

I entered the bedroom to find Sarah sitting on the bed. Her sad eyes looked at me when I sat right beside her.

Great, the cherry on top of a perfect night, I thought sarcastically.

“I am so sorry,” she murmured, holding my hands in hers.

I wasn’t only mad at Darius, I was so mad at her too. That tight knot got bigger and bigger on my stomach.

What was she sorry about? Was she excusing this horrible family?

“No, Sarah. I am the one who feels sorry for you,” I said harshly, my eyes like a snake.

How could she bear this? Doesn’t she have some sense of self-respect?

It was almost pitiful how she was behaving, even though it hurt looking at her like this, she could do better.

“Tell me what is going on, now” I crossed my arms with a straight face. “Why am I really here Sarah?”

“I don’t know if I am strong enough,” she held her face in her hands. I wanted to slap her as I just slapped Darius. Don’t lose your cool, Ollie.

“I am tired of your puzzles,” I rolled my eyes. This was so typical of Sarah, her manipulation making me feel bad about her life decisions. Honestly, this whole game of self-pity was exhausting. What a disappointment.

“They hate me, they absolutely hate me” she broke into tears.

Why does she care so much about what this stupid family thinks?

“Well, it’s plural. I am sure they hate me too. It is not the end of the world” I said, seeing how my words stung her.

She winced in pain, and I was starting to lose my patience.

“Sarah, talk to me,” I demanded. She just stayed there crying, and I was so bad at handling these types of situations. Changing my approach, I started caressing her head.

“What matters is how much Alexander loves you,” I said, faking a sweet voice through my anger. I was like a firecracker, so I needed a little bit of time to calm down.

“And I love him, so very much” she continued sobbing.

“Sarah, talk to me, please” I pleaded.

“I want to sleep, until forever,” she said, closing her eyes in my chest while we hugged.

This was no good at all, Sarah tended for depression since our parents died, and she looked so tired. I think that is the reason why I was so strong, someone had to carry the boat afloat when it was the two of us. My skin just kept getting thicker and thicker.

I decided to change the topic. Anything to distract her mind from going into that rabbit hole of misery. Maybe I should tell her about the kiss, but without the threat part, that would distract her mind.

“Darius kissed me” I mumbled.

“He what!?” She opened her eyes in surprise.

Yeap, it’s working.

“Yes, a couple of minutes ago” I added.

“He is mean,” She declared.

I wasn’t surprised by her answer, Sarah had a sixth sense about people; it was like she read their aura and all that energy bullshit I never took seriously. For me, she was very intuitive and knew how to read and interpret body language unconsciously.

“I am aware of that,” I said to her. I could see how my strategy was paying off. The normal Sarah was back.

“Do you like him?” she asked me, her eyes crystal clear from her shred tears.

“No, I hate him,” I said without a doubt. “Do you?”That triggered my curiosity.

“I am scared of him”She answered while looking outside the window, lost in her thoughts.

I might be a little scared of him too, sis, I thought and a chill ran down my spine, I even cringe at the feeling.

“He has openly disapproved of our relationship with the family,” Sarah said with a bitter taste sound in her mouth, and I could sense that knowing this gave her so much pain.

What about Alexander? Can’t he do something about that” I added with a hopeful tone.

“His hands are tight, Ollie,” she said with such certainty. I was beginning to think that this relationship with Alexander was different from Sarah’s past failed relationships. Something was up, but I couldn’t get the sense of it. Yet.

“What do you mean his hands are tight? Can’t he do something about it? You know that Darius puts his pants in the morning like everybody else, Sarah. He is just one man, made out of flesh and bones. You need to relax” I said to her.

“Oh, no. He is powerful. Like real power” She cut me off before I could continue “I feel trapped Ollie”

“Trapped?” I asked. It was weird for me to have this exchange with Sarah.

“This family, they are not just wealthy, Ollie. They are also influential.” She added, like trying to make a point. And honestly, after this dinner, a part of me believed her words.

I watch her face in disbelief, Is she meaning what she is saying?

“I am sorry I brought you along” She added while taking my hands in hers again.

“I am not scared of them, Sarah,” I said, trying to sound carefree, but deep inside, I knew they were even worse than she was saying.

“You don’t know what they are capable of,” she said, looking at the window again.

How the fuck I ended in this shit show? I thought.

“Nothing you are saying makes sense, Sarah,” I told her while trying to make eye contact with her. “Tell me, what is going on?” I demanded while holding my hand on her cheek, feeling her wet tears.

“Tomorrow, I promise I will tell you, but now I am tired and need some sleeping ,” she said softly yawning.

I changed into a comfy pijama and wrapped myself in the soft duvet in the form of a burrito, letting all the weight of my worries fall into the cloudy bed, and feeling relaxed with each breath until I fell sleep completely.

The night passed calmly until I heard a noise at one side of the room. I opened my eyes and found a tall shadow with broad shoulders, standing at the bottom of my bed. Panic started to flow inside me, my heart racing. I searched for Sarah, but she was nowhere to be found.


I was alone in the room, and someone was watching me. I swallowed hard and tried to calm my nerves, covering my body with the sheets.

Maybe it’s just your mind playing tricks.

But, no, It wasn’t a trick. I could see the body of a man steps from my bed, and the moonlight coming out of the window kept his face covered. My eyes followed his bare chest, impeccable abs, and tight muscles ending in a low-cut black jogger. His chest was rising and falling fast; I could hear his heavy breathing, his hands closed in tight fists.

The man took a step closer, and the moonglow revealed a pair of captivating silver eyes that could only belong to one man alone, Robert Darius Rothschild.

“I warned you” he whispered while coming closer to the bed.

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk, I was paralyzed.

He started crawling from the bottom of the bed until he was on top of me, not touching me, but his face was inches from mine.

Then he pressed his full weight on me. I shivered and gasped at the same time, feeling his strong body against mine, unable to move from his strength and also finding myself still and in shock. I was trying to make sense of all of this. I tried to scream but he trapped me between his arms and covered my mouth kissing my neck.

Oh, my god.

A wave of pleasure took over me. Any fear I felt dissipated while he trailed my neck with his tongue. His hands pressed the inner side of my thighs, and I could feel his manhood, hard, teasing me.

I was going crazy, I needed him inside me. I heard a low masculine groan in response when I pushed his hips with my hands, I needed him closer.

“I want you. I want you now” he said, biting my earlobe and touching the delicate lace of my panties.

At this point I was moaning so hard I could hear myself almost screaming, my skin burning under his touch. I was so wet.

“Hmm, so ready for me”, he voiced out. He trailed his tongue from my chest to one of my breasts and sucked hard. “And so sensitive, Olivia,” He said.

I was lost in sensations I didn’t even think were possible.

“You want me inside you, Olivia?” he said while slipping his fingers inside me.

“A-ah”, I screamed in pleasure. Yes, fucking, yes!

“You want me to fuck you hard?” He asked in command while grabbing my hair and pulling my head back, exposing my neck to his mouth.

“O-oh Da-arius, yes, yess yesssss!” I cried out, lost in my lust. It was too much of a torture to handle and I found myself begging and trembling for a release “ple-ease.”

“Please what?” he pressed his cock harder on me. I needed him inside me, now.

“Please, fuck me hard,” I moaned in anticipation of what was coming next.

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