Who am I texting?

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Chapter 2


Unknown number: You look amazingly beautiful in that dress

I look up from my phone and my eyes searching in the crowd.

Me: You seriously need to stop this stupid prank.

Unknown Number: I told you this is not a prank Sky Rose

Me: Ugh, fine when can you stop texting me?

Unknown Number: I don’t know

Unknown number: As long as it could stand.

Me: Can you at least tell me your name so I can put it on your contact name?

Unknown number: You can put it as ‘your master’ ;)

Me: NO

Me: Fucking

Me: Way

Me: Nvm I’ll just put something I like :)

Me: or even something hilarious.

Unknown number: You’re lucky I got to do something Thomson

Unknown number: But this ain’t finished yet

Unknown number: I’ll be back woman

Unknown number: and I love you :*

[No point of view]

Sky was sitting at the front row of the table where her direction was facing the stage. Boredom is already creeping her mind yet she was left alone. This is why she despised to attend any school celebration or party.

Shortly after eight o’ clock, when the DJ announced the band to perform, all the instrument-carrying band member finally walked on stage to eardrum-piercing screeching, Sky’s first though was her major crush and who else could it be besides the main vocal or leader of the band.

She feels lucky to have the front seats alone at first and there was nowhere else in the world she’d rather be for now.

That bicep flex and stubble chin never looked so hot and right now Sky Rose was right in front of her main crush Kyle Hogan.

Her heart beats rate is faster than usual and she might collapse in the matter of time when Kyle step on the front stage.

“Thank you for having us tonight as you guys know this is our first performance of the school annual. Right now we’re gonna sing a cover song it’s called ‘They don’t need to understand’ by Andy Biersack and hope you guys enjoy.”

Kyle’s short speech ended with a big smile and it’s enough to make most of the population of female student going insane including Sky herself.

While the other students captured them on video with their phone and cheering, Sky closed her eyes and soaked in the moment it is one of her favorite song which was sung by one of her favourite band all time.

She sang that song, having memorized the lyric long ago, her voice growing hoarse. Sweat dripped down her cheeks. At one point, as she opens her eyes, Kyle looked at her direction and cracked a smile at the same time a wink.


I open my eyes and my gaze landed on the stage looking into Kyle’s direction and we made eye contact.

He cracked a smile along with a wink.

Did he just do that?

Get out.

Oh My God

No, for realz!


A moment later my phone buzz again it’s that unknown number again. I look around for anybody who’s texting right now but I don’t see anybody. This prank is getting annoying as fuck.

Unknown number: I kinda like when you’re soaked into that performance

Unknown number: you seem to like them a lot

Unknown number: Especially Kyle

Me: this is stupid

Me: this prank is so old

Later my phone buzzed again

Unknown number: I already told you this is not a prank Sky

“Who are you texting?” Dan sits down beside me and smiles.

“I don’t know,” I mumble.

“Where’s Hayley?” I asked furrowed my eyebrow.

“She went to the ladies and it takes her for ages,” he complained.

“Did you guys seriously dating?” I almost burst into laughter when mentioning about their dating issues.

“What does it looks like?” He said annoyingly.

“I thought you were gay,” I said.

“I’m into both,” he winks and making me cringe at the same time.

“I’m just kidding. I actually like her before you two became friends.”

“So this entire time you’ve been friendzoned? Oh, my God, you’re such a loser,”

“Shut up, you’re still my side hoe,” he fired back

“Hell no, Miller,”

“Heavenly yes, Thomson, remember I just took your lips virginity,” I almost spit the water inside my mouth.

“Stop it I though we deal to forget about it,” I said still feel disgusted when thought about it.

“I can’t and did I forgot to mention that your lips taste like candy,” he wiggled his eyebrow.

“-and your breath smells like there’s a dead human inside it,” I scoffed.




“Hey did you text me last night?” Nate set his food down on the table and peered at me behind his glasses.


“Ok,” I mumble

“There’s an unknown number texted me since yesterday and you’re my only friend who’s number I don’t have,”

“No, I don’t have your number either,” he sighs.

My lips form an ‘O’ as I stare at my food. That’s really weird.

Hayley and Sam set their food down and take a seat across from me.

“Last night was awesome,” Sam says.

“Yeah,” I mumble while looking at my phone when it buzz. I look around the cafeteria for administration.

Unknown number: you look amazingly beautiful like always.

Me: didn’t I tell you to stop texting me?

Unknown number: I can’t

“Texting the same person?” Dan sits down between me and Hayley.

“Yeah, I guess,” I mumble. Dan raises an eyebrow and took a bite of his sandwich.

“Alex Follese is throwing a party tonight and he’s inviting all the juniors,” I cringe at the name. Alex Follese. Every girl dreams after Kyle. According to Sam, he’s the definition of perfect.

But I find him annoying and a typical jerk. I remember when he accidently dropped a milkshake on my first day of high school without apologizing and he did more.

“Why?” Hayley says.

“I don’t know but we should go,” I heard Dan said.

“Are you going Sky?” Hayley shoves me.

“Sure,” I rolled my eyes. Going to Alex Follese party was the last thing I’d do. The bell rings and I grab my bags, making my way to throw my trash.

Since people were dispersed to go to their class the cafeteria is like a maze trying to get around to find a trash can.

“Shit,” I almost fell and hit my ass on the floor when my face hits something hard. When I looked up I felt like I’m going to explode seeing Alex. He was staring me in completely confused. Damn, his chest was like a brick wall against my face.

“Oops,” he mutters and disappearing into the crowd. Wow, that’s what you say? He ran over me without apologizing? And too bad he owns me millions of apologies. Just oops? Oops, when I shove my foot up his ass.

I’m on my way to Biology and settle into my seat. I still have three minutes before Mrs Clifford comes in.

My phone buzzed for the second time and I dig it out of my pocket.

Unknown number: I saw you running into Alex. You look flustered, do you like him?

What? He has got to be kidding me. Didn’t he saw how displeased I am with Alex?

Me: I’m sure you’re not blind. How come my annoyed expression told you I like him?

Unknown number: Okay.

Me: Stop texting me

Unknown number: I like you, a lot, Sky.

Me: this pranked should stop. Ugh, get a life.

Me: I don’t even know you.

Unknown number: I’m sorry you don’t believe me.

Me: you haven’t given me a reason. Now stop texting class has started.

I press the lock button and shove my phone inside my pocket. Class started to get bored and I’m glad Mrs Clifford didn’t pay much attention to our attitude. I took my phone and set it in my desk to text him. Well if it’s a him.

Me: pay attention if you want to graduate

Unknown number: Stop distracting me

Me: stop checking your phone, you’ll get detention.

Unknown number: stop texting me

Me: you text me first

Unknown number: you need to pay attention it’ll be difficult to catch up next year kid

Me: stop reminding me and I’m not a kid, creepy stranger

Unknown number: I’m not a stranger

Me: well you are, I don’t even know your name or anything about you, other than a senior at my school.

Unknown number: If you’re aware, I’m around you a lot. It’s not hard to know anybody in Avonworth. It’s a small school don’t cha think?

Me: Can you just tell me who you are? This is so infuriating.

Unknown number: I will :)

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