Who am I texting?

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Chapter 3

Thank god sixth-period class is over. I gathered my books and head out of the classroom. It only takes a few minute to reach the end of the sidewalk of the parking lot.

Most of the kids are just sitting around talking. The parking lot is strategically divided by seniors and juniors. Kinda ticks me off because I had to park far away from the entrance and I really hate exercising.

As I hop in my car and sat my bags on the passenger seat, I feel my phone buzz again. I groan and pulling it out of my jacket.

Creeper: Are you coming to the party tonight?

Gosh, this creep is being clingy as hell. Should I tell him that I don’t want to be bothered by him right now? Nah, that’s rude.

Me: Yeah.

Creep: I’ll be there :)

Me: So can I meet you?

Creep: Not yet.

Me: asshole

I huff and set my phone down on the passenger seat. This creep is starting to aggravate me.

I don’t even know why I bother to respond. I’m not even interested on what his intentions are.


Dan: Are you done? I’m at your gate.

Me: not going

Dan: don’t be the second Hayley you’re going.


Me: why don’t you just drag Hayley’s ass

Dan: Because I know you will go

Dan: You have a huge obsession towards Kyle

Dan: So it’s impossible for you to resist from going

Dan: BBY where are you?

Me: It’s Alex house not Kyle

Dan: does it matter? Come on hoe Alex is Kyle’s best friend, of course he’d be the VIG

Dan: And why do you hate Alex so much? He’s way cooler than Kyle

Dan: and if I had to pick. I’d pick Alex over Kyle

Me: you’re qualified gay

Dan: Whatevz now get your ass down here you’ve wasted my precious fifteen minute

Dan: remember child

Dan: Time is gold

Me: stop gibberish before I change my mind

When I went downstairs my phone buzz again I groan while digging it from my pocket

“Dammit, Dan.” At first, I thought it was Dan but I was wrong and it’s that unknown number.

Creep: Are you still going?

Me: NO

Creep: ok I’ll see you there

Me:I don’t even know you

Me: God, you’re never going to give up are you?

Me: seriously this joke has to stop because Mr President won’t approve it

Creep: Y can’t you just believe me?


Me: No need to shout dude at least give me a name to put on your contact other that creep

Creep: you just put my name as a creep?

Creep: Change it into ‘Bae-to-be’

Me: No way

Me:I already have a bae

Creep: come on Sky why don’t you give me a chance?

Creep: It’s just a contact name and it’s not a big deal

Me: Oh my god you’re really pushing my button aren’t you?

Me: It’s my phone and I can put whatever I wanted I could just put ‘Cinderella’ if I wanted

Creep:Too bad I wanted bae2be

Me: F to the I to the N to the E. I hate you

Bae2be: Aww thanks love you too

The moment I opened the door I almost shout when I catch a glimpse of someone standing in front of my face.

“You scared the living shit out of me” I rubbed my chest to calm down.

“What took you so long? I thought you were going final destination where you accidentally tripped and fell off the stairs and die” his words seems a cursed to me.

“Shut your mouth before I change my mind,”


“This party sucks let's go get Taco Bell,” I heard Dan complains. Well, I agreed with him this party looks stupid.

“I’ll get Sam,” I fold my arms and huff as he disappears into the crowd of people.

I squeeze through the crowd and make my way outside the house thank god all people hanging inside.

“Skylar Thomson?” I looked up and saw Alex leaning against the doorway.

“Alexander Follese,” I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes.

“About that accident-”

“It’s fine,” now please don’t talk to me and shut up Alex.

“Are you okay? It seems pretty hard you get there,”

God this has to stop.

“Oh, you mean after you ran over me like a wall made of brick and didn’t apologize?"

"I’m perfectly fine,” I say sarcastically. Alex shook his head but didn’t say anything.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Too late,” I said without even glance at him. I’m sure I’ve pissed him off which quite entertains me.

“Sky we’re going,” I heard Sam yells. I catch a glimpse at Alex before I go and he was about to say something but something stops him and made him just walk inside.

“You were talking to Alex?” Dan seems surprised.

“He apologized for running into me at lunch. Just forget about that shit okay,”

“Whatever. We’re going to Subway,”

“I thought we’re going to Taco Bell?”

“No, subway,” He argued before clicking the lock.

“Taco Bell,”


“Taco Bell you have to obey me since you dragged me into his lame-ass shitty party and I had to skip Netflix,” I fired back.

“Fine Skylar we’re going to Taco Bell are you happy now?”

“Yay,” I chirped while doing a small hand clap.

On our way to Taco, I heard my phone buzz.

Bae2be: Why are you leaving so early?

Me: Lame party we went to Taco’s for food

Bae2be: you’re just not a party pooper

Bae2be: you’re no fun at all

Me: Party sucks I’d rather stay up all night watching Dylan O’Brien on Netflix

Bae2be: another point which why I like you Sky

Me: why do you like me? I suggest you to do eyes check up

Bae2be: You’re just different than other population of girls in school, you’re amazing and you don’t give a fuck about reputation, boys or the way you look. You’re always quiet but louder in your mind. You are one the few girls at Avonworth High who didn’t belong to a catty clique. Just Sky Thompson: A+ student, D+ dater, and A+ free spirit. Not to mention you have a good taste in music. I see the real you that people don’t see.

As we arrive Dan orders me my usual food while Sam and I take a seat.

Me: If I know you I’d love to say the same for you too bad I don’t.

Bae2be: open up for me and give me a chance to know you. Please don’t push me away I beg you.

I realize that last text makes me smile like crazy what the hell is going on?

Bae2be: And please stop being so mean. You hurt my pride

Me: I’m always mean

Bae2be: try to lessen it

Me: Oh shit. What the hell is Alex Follese doing here?


“Sky, look who’s here,” Sam nudged my elbow and making me to turn into her direction.

When I saw Kyle Hogan was joining them I felt like I’m going to collapse in any time

Me: Nvm Kyle’s with them omg

Me: Please don’t freak out

Bae2be: You seem to have a little crush I see?

Me: Not a little it’s excess

Stay cool breathe in, breathe out. I catch a glimpse when Kyle sat a few tables down from us but they don’t seem to notice us.

Bae2be: Why do you hate Alex but you like Kyle aren’t they in the same band?

Me: Well Alex just annoyed me a lot.

Bae2be: I wish I could be there with you

Me: why don’t you just show yourself and stop making excuses.

Bae2be: I’d love to but it wasn’t simple. Besides, you like Kyle

Bae2be: Please believe me Sky and don’t give up on me. I really hope you’ll give me a chance to get to know you. When the time has come I’ll be with you and make you forget about Kyle.

“Let’s go Sky,” Dan pats my shoulder.

“Right now?”

“Yeah,” he furrowed his eyebrow looking at me.

The thought of walking past Kyle makes me want to be invisible. I don’t know why am I so nervous.

I was standing right beside Sam when we make our way to the exit. When we walk past their table I tried to not make eye contact with any of them.

“Hey, Sky.” Oh My God, Oh My God, OH MY GOD. Be cool, be cool Sky you got this, now turn around and say hi.

When I turn around I saw Kyle was staring at me with a friendly smile plastered on his face.

“H-hey,” shit stop stammering play cool Sky

“Did you guys went to the party?” he ask.

“Yeah it was a great party anyway,” I lied and I heard Alex snorted. He moved his gaze when I look at him. Asshole.

“I need to go now,” I said with a warm smile.

“Yeah I’ll see you in school. Goodnight,”

“Goodnight,” I walk quickly out of the restaurant to get some air. The pressure is so high and I barely breathing.

For the first time, my main crush just talked to me. Is this even real? Please, someone slap me with a spoon.

“Someone is going to get wet dreams tonight,” Dan teases from the car.

“Did Kyle Hogan just really talk to me?”

“Who else does it looks like?” Dan says sarcastically as I hop in the car.

“For real you look like you’re about to piss yourself,” Sam added.

“I am? Gosh, I was about to collapse anytime,” I said still don’t believe if this is reality.

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