Who am I texting?

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Chapter 4

Me: morning beautiful

Me: Wakey wakey sunshine

Me: It sounds like you’re my daughter when calling you that

Me: Wake up Sky high

Oh my god, Sky wake up, I miss you,

Me: Dammit Sky what did Kyle did to you last night?

Me: Are you still alive?

Me: I miss you

Me: Like so much

Me: Get up already I’m bored

Me: It such a beautiful sky up there

Me:but it’s hard to look at because sun rays

Me: but I realize that God created me another Sky that is easier to look at

Me: now I don’t have to look up or struggle my eyes to fight with the sun rays

Me: because the Sky is right in front of me

Me: Last chance

Me: The struggle is real


Me: Now you tearing up my heart

Me: I just realize Dylan O’Brien was hot

Sky Rose: that’s it Cinderella you’re grounded

Sky Rose: You should get up and found new friends

Sky Rose: It’s like noon why are you waking me up?

Me: I could’ve sworn it was night after waiting for you to respond

Sky Rose♡: haha.. Very funny

Sky Rose♡: are you made of ginger and spices? Bc you’d be hot and spicy sexy

Sky Rose♡: or nahh

I swear this girl made me fall in love even every time I talk to her. I wish I could just hear her voice directly filled my ear and referring me as my name instead of ‘cinderella’ or whatever my contact name is.

Too bad she hates you, my subconscious reminds me. Especially after that run over incidents not to mention all of the incident that I’ve ever gotten into. I can see she hates me more than Justin Bieber followers on twitter. Even after I build up the nerve to apologize at the party still I get hostility in her voice as a payback.

Me: do you have any plans today?

Sky Rose♡: I’m at the mall

Sky Rose♡: I decide to get new vans for Christmas but my wallet is not on mating season to produce more money

Sky Rose♡: I guess I’ll just hanging around the mall

Me: what’s your shoe size?

Sky Rose♡: seven

Me: colors?

Sky Rose♡: omg stalker much? Black

Me: you really are an outdated hipster

Sky Rose♡:fuck off

Me: Which mall are you at?

Sky Rose♡: wow want to meet up?

Me: No

Sky Rose♡: I’m offended

Me: I’m just gonna stare from distance

Sky Rose♡: That’s creepy plus coward. I’m at the mall next to our school.

Me: Okay see ya babe


I really like that sneaker it’s not like I don’t have money but I’m saving it for 5SOS concert ticket next year in January.

Like hell I would spend my saving on stupid expensive sneaker, as long as my old vans still survived and physically stable, I’m gonna used it.

I realized that I’ve spent about half an hour in vans store what am I doing here? Torturing myself?

I decide to go out from this shop and wandering around the mall to find Mr Bae-to-be-whatever. Who am I kidding? He not going to be your boyfriend ever Sky.

Well, maybe I’ll reconsider if he’s some sort of Luke Hemmings.

Lol.. daydreaming is torturing Sky. You’re literally obsessed that everyone who wants you had to be Luke Hemmings now please stop. My subconscious says. Dammit, I swear my logic thinking always a big turn off in this kind of situation.

When I walked passed the cashier, I gasp in shocked when I saw Alex Follese standing there while digging into his wallet to pay whatever he bought from this store.

I didn’t realize how long have I’ve been checking him till’ he notice me when he’s done paying his stuff.

“Sky Rose?”

“Hey Alex,” I gave him an un-sincere greet well I hope he sense the sarcasm.

“Er- hey? I never thought you care to greet me.” I really want to punch that stupid smirk on his face. I’m pretty sure he’s not deaf to not notice the hostility in my voice.

“I can take it back,” I rolled my eyes.

“No you can’t unless you’re a time traveler which is you’re not,” he scoffed showing his million dollars smirk well that’s according to Sam and she really needs to do eyes check-up.

“Can you stop being so annoying?”

“I don’t know, can you?” he shrugged which annoyed me even more.

“Asshole,” I muttered when I walked passed him.

“Emo freak,” Did he just said that? I turned to look at him and gave him the most intimidating glare but he just stared at me innocently. I hate this guy so fucking much.


Shit, shit, shit, fucking shit. Why can’t this stupid mouth to shut the fuck up? I swear I really fucked up this time. She’s totally pissed, mad, and all the hatred inside her are mixing together.

I can see hatred fire filled her eyes and I swear I can feel my skin burn.

She looks so intimidating and right this moment I am qualified as the most hated person as on top of her list.

I admit I was nervous and freak out when she stared me in complete utter shock.

Never would I guess she’s in here, probably checking some vans for Christmas but I realize she didn’t bought any bags or even paid anything. I’m glad she didn’t notice that I’m buying a girl sneaker which was black and size seven because if she knows it’ll fucked up or even worse.

I was about to say that I didn’t mean to call her ‘emo freak’ but too late when she’s already walk passed the entrance. Well, I was just trying not to make to make it obvious but now I look like an asshole. My goal is to be nicer to her when I was the real Alex. I really wanted to make this stupid transition easier and now I’ve backtracked like a hundred steps.

As I walked out of the shop I dig my phone in my pocket to text her if she’s okay.

Me: Sky

Sky Rose♡: What do you want?

If only she knew.

Me: What happened?

Sky Rose♡: I am so beyond pissed can you please leave me alone?

Me: Why?

Because of me.

Sky Rose♡: Alexander Follese. I am so upset right now he is a true dick head

Me: I think he didn’t mean it at all

Sky Rose♡: didn’t mean it? Are you fucking kidding me? Are you defending him?

Me: He just sometimes doesn’t know how to react with people.

Sky Rose♡: bullshit. You are defending him, now you two can fuck off

Sky Rose♡: for a second I almost thought he was you.

Sky Rose♡: and I might consider to be okay with that BUT ALL HE DID WAS THREW SHIT AT ME AND PISSING ME OFF. I am so beyond done.

Me: Sky you need to calm down

Sky Rose♡: can you please go away? Stop texting me. I’m tired off all your shit and pretending that you like me because now it’s obvious that you’re playing with my feelings.

Sky Rose♡: I am being serious right now text me one more time and I’ll block you don’t try me I swear to god

I wanted to reply, but I’m not going to try that threat. I knew she means it whether she knew I was Alex or not I screw up.

Lucky for me that she didn’t saw the shoes that I bought and I guess I should just leave it on her doorstep.


I’ve been waiting in my car for almost ten minutes after I left the package on her doorstep.

I was waiting for someone to open the door and pick up the package and pass it to her but it seems like it wouldn’t happen.

Digging my phone in my pocket and I decide to text her.

Me: Sky, please don’t block me. I’m sorry on whatever Alex did to you I didn’t defend him thought. Well, I’m sorry if you think I am. Please don’t let it bother you.

I waited for a few minutes until she replies.

Sky Rose♤: Whatever.


I am so beyond fit to the tied on what just happened today. Alexander Dwayne Follese is the biggest assholes known to man, I swear to god.

When I saw Alex standing in the shoe store I don’t know I was really wanted it to be him. I wanted there to be this big revelation and find out Alex isn’t a jerk that I thought he was. That in this pathetic reality he’s a nice guy.

But once again, Alex proved to be the person I thought he was. How stupid I thought of I am back in my freshman year where I had a crush on him that’s when before Kyle moved in Avonworth. I admit that he’s way cooler that Kyle and way good looking. I’m glad that feeling didn’t remain constantly. It’s hurt so much when you find out the person you had biggest crush on is a typical jerk especially the way he treats you.

I heard my phone buzzed and I already knew it was that guy who’s texting me.

I am mad at him too but I have no clue, honestly. I just know that I’m pissed at everyone right now. I was also mad because I thought he was Alex but he’s not once again. God forsaken, why do I wanted him to be Alex so bad? geez.

He’s stringing me along, dragging me to this whole liking things which is pointless because I don’t and would never know who he is.

After all, he’s innocent right? And I shouldn’t throw my anger towards him, like ever.

I open the text message that’d he send me about a few minutes ago.

Unknown Number: Are you still mad?

Me:Look I’m sorry about what I said. Idk I was mad and I shouldn’t threw everything at you.

Okay, Sky smooth everything will be fine.

Unknown Number: It’s fine I guess. Are you home?

Me: yeah?

Unknown Number: Can you open the door?

Wait what? He’s here? Oh no please don’t I’m not ready for this.

Me: Why? Are you here?

Unknown Number: I left something

Phew.. That’s close one to give me heart attack.

I walked downstairs to open the door and I saw a package left in front of the doorstep.

I picked it up and saw my name was written on it. My eyes searching for someone at the porch but the surrounding looks creepy and I’m home alone. Ain’t gonna die tonight.

I went inside and lock the door behind.

I went upstairs to my bedroom to get my phone to text him but he just texted me first.

Geez, clingy much?

Unknown Number: Do you like it?

Me: I haven’t open it yet. What is this?

Unknown Number: A Christmas present

I sigh and take the bow off the top I rip the wrapper off and I saw a Vans logo.

“Seven? Black? God this is exactly what I wanted from the store,” I muttered.

I pick my phone and text him.

Me: Did you really get this for me?

Unknown Number: Who else could it be

Me: Thank you..like so much

Unknown number: sure do you like it?

Me: Very much.. you make me feel like a jerk

Unknown number: Why?

Me: I was mean towards you and you gave me present? I thought you would give up on me after what I just said

Unknown number: I’m not gonna give up Sky

Me: Do you want anything for Christmas well from me?

Unknown Number: Seriously, I don’t maybe I’ll just see you at the Christmas party in Kyle’s house in ten days?

I want to reject since I despise party but it’ll make me feel worse. Since he gave me Christmas present and maybe this is a good payback.

Me: That’ll be cool

Cinderella: I thought you were about to protest since I’ve fucked up everything

Cinderella: I’d really like a fresh start with you, yeah?

Me: I think you’re really sweet but I don't know if we’ll ever be together.

Me: Well I’m not going to press you to tell me who you are maybe I’ll go along with this anonymous thing

Me: under one thing

Cinderella: What?

Me: Tell me who you are after three months of knowing you through texting

Me: Or I will never ever talk to you again

Cinderella: I’ll keep that as a promise

Me: Smoothhh and thanks again for the shoes asshole :)

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