Who am I texting?

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Chapter 6


Me: You’re still coming tonight right?

Me: Sky please it’s about an hour before 2014 end

Me: It’s New Year’s Eve

Me: I really want to see you don’t be such an old lady

Me: **violently sobs**

Me: you’ve promised **violently wiped tears**

Sky❤: **violently stab myself**

Sky❤: I am on my way

Sky❤: But I’m not enjoying myself

Sky❤: this is mental abusive

Me: thank you baby ILY

“Hey Alex,” I quickly locked my phone.

“Taylor?” She raises an eyebrow as I slip my phone in my back pocket.

“Who are you texting?”

“My mom, she says hi by the way.”

“Come on Alex, you’re missing the party,” she tries to drag me by my arms but my head shake no.

“I can’t wait for our New Year’s kiss,” Yeah I can’t wait it to be Sky.

“I need to get a drink.”

“Okay,” she huffs.

Me: You know how badly I want you to be my New Year’s kiss

Sky❤: I know me too :/

Sky: I’m walking inside and this party already suck



I walk inside to find Hayley, Dan, and Sam.

“Sky. I never thought you’re coming?” Hayley smiles.

“I change my mind,” I lied.

“Good improvement, loosen up tonight, find someone,” she winks. I scrunch my nose with her remarks.

“Well I gotta go get Dan have fun,” I haven’t respond and she’s already disappear into the crowd.

Thanks for leaving me partner.

“Hey Sky,” I turn around when someone taps my shoulder. My heart beats faster and my palm is getting sweaty.

“Hey Kyle,” I smiled. Smooth Sky, smooth.

“Thanks for coming and you look extremely beautiful,” What? Is it him? He is Kyle Hogan? Or it is just a coincidence. Nah, it probably a coincidence but I don’t care anyway.

“Thank you,” I said. He is absolutely gorgeous, like always. Way to kill my self-esteem Kyle.

“Would you like to dance with me?” he reaches out his hand. Oh my god is going to be the death of me. For real?

“Sure,” I said, reaching his hand and he leads me to the dance floor.



I tried to search Sky almost the entire corner of the house. Sky where are you?

I stop my pace when I saw her on the dancing floor with someone. What the fuck?

Kyle is dancing with Sky?

I’m going to kill him. No you’re not. Like hell I am. Of course so she’ll know you’re the unknown texter.

“Alex where the hell are you? The countdown is almost start babe come on,” Taylor pulls me into the middle of the living room where all the couples are standing including Sky and Kyle.

For god sake if he tries to kiss her I’m going to murder him. Who are you kidding? He is her main crush. Yeah, right, way to pissed me off Mr subconscious.

I move slightly closer to Sky but she didn’t notice me because she gave fully attention to Kyle’s pretty face.

I swear to god. They were testing my life right now. I wish he could just die or disappear from Sky. It should be me! Wrapping my hand around her waist and complimenting the sweetest thing in her ears. I am the one who should be kissing her.

The crowd starts counting down in a flash, my eyes never leaves Sky and Kyle. I can see the way she adore Kyle’s face and smiling from ear to ear. Who wouldn’t when your crush is right in front of you.

Everybody starts cheering, I feel Taylor kiss me I didn’t respond because all I see is Sky and Kyle. Kissing.

I feel broken like really broken. She’s kissing him, she’s not pulling away, she’s smiling , a happy smile, and it’s not with me. And the worst part is she LIKES HIM WAY TOO MUCH.

I can’t believe I’m starting off 2015 with a typical girl breaking my heart.

“Happy New Year baby, I can’t wait to start this year with you,” I heard Taylor whisper.



Me: omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg

Me: Hayley I need to tell you something

Me: Please, holy shit you got to believe this

Hayley: What? Omg I’m super excited and I saw you’re talking to Kyle

Me: Yes we did, we dance and he kissed me. For god sake is this how my 2015 begin?

Hayley: 0o0

Hayley: WHAT??

Hayley: WUT??

Hayley: TAHW??

Hayley: SHUT UP!!

Hayley: HE DID???!

Hayley: FOR REALZZ!!

Hayley: HE REALLY DID ??


Hayley: DAYUMNN someones gotta bae, this is a blessing congratzzzzzzz goals goals goals

Hayley: SO you guys did the frickle frackle?

Me: What?! No he just asked me out on a date tomorrow

Hayley: I am so happy for you good luck with you getting laid

Me: Yeah thanks.

I turn off my phone with a smile trace on my face. Is this for real? Did Kyle just really kiss me? Not to mention he is super nice and sweet and non-asshole he asked me out on a date and for sure as hell I say yes. I mean who wouldn’t? My mind suddenly trails to Mr Tinker Bell should I tell him?

Deep inside me was worried that he won’t take it well.

I pick my phone and turn it on scrolling for his number.

Me: Hey I just got home :)

Me: Are you there?

Me: Tinkerbell?

Me: Justin?

Me: Master?

Me: Babe?

He isn’t responding? That’s weird he didn’t even wishes me Happy New Year.

Did he fall asleep? Wait it is half past one of course he would silly.

Me: Happy New Year btw

Me: Did you make New Year resolution?

Me: Bc I did

Me: One of it is I really want to meet you.. I mean that’s on top of the list

Me: did you purposely ignoring me?

Me: So I’ll be clingy?

Me: I can’t stop thinking about you

Me: Idk but I just want to tell you that I was really happy

Me: Get up pls

Me: just at least talk to me?

Me: Tinker bell please

Me: Peter pan needs you here

I lay on my bed scrolling to our previous conversation.

I feel bad for being mean the entire time. He was nice after all. I don’t know why I keep picturing he’d got a beautiful face like Kyle or even like Alex? But one thing this person has a heart and never gave up in convincing me to give him a chance to gain my trust. He also cares about me.

Geez, why am I complementing a stranger when I have a boyfriend who I created a mountain of hope waiting for him to talk to me. Come on Sky this is what you need and basically your goals. Don’t let an unknown texter change your mind.

My phone buzzes and I immediately scroll back down.



I groan as my phone keeps going off. It must be Sky I wasn’t asleep after all I ignore her because I’m mad and I can’t erase the picture of her kissing Kyle in my mind. Dammit.

Me: You woke me up

Me: You kissed Kyle I saw.

It broke my fucking heart.

Well at least I’m a bit happy when I am on her first list of her resolution.

Me: I can’t wait to see you too.

Sky:( : You’re mad?

Me: About you kissing Kyle?

Of course literally making me insane.

Me: Of course not, I’m happy for you. You like him and congrats

Seriously, this is bullshits.

Sky:( : thanks ...he asked me on a date tomorrow

Shit, please stop Sky.

Sky:( : Are you friends with him?

Me: Not really but we’re cool


Sky:( : I’m sorry for waking you up

Sky:( : I just kinda miss you since you’ve always text me first. Happy New Year btw

If only you knew I wouldn’t mind if you kept me up all night. I’m glad you care enough to text me.

Me: I miss you too, more than a lot.

And I’m hurting so much. I wish you knew.

Sky:( : Goodnight :)

Me: night, love you...

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