Who am I texting?

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Chapter 7

[No Point of view]

Alex was wide awake that morning after what happened last night he barely gets any sleeps.

To fix his broken heart he express it through writing a song lyric it was like expressing it in a diary but with rhythm and he’s so talented in doing it. Sky was his inspiration right now every feeling he had toward her was complicated and he decide to create a song.

Since he can strum the guitar so well he decided then and there to focus exclusively on writing songs and became Kyle’s biggest fan, happy to sing from the pit, or to pop onstage as a background performer. Writing a song after all, was his first passion till they decide to make a band.

As a lonely he could feel at times, Alex thought everyone else spent way too much time wondering what group they fit into- the drama kids, the band geeks, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the stoners, the math nerds, the punks, the bro hos. Alex was perfectly happy in his own clique: songwriter. Well that was his life before he met Kyle in music class and they spend time together jamming some songs.

His parents never could explain where this unusual talent came from, but he’d had it since first grade. His mom didn’t play an instrument, didn’t sing, and generally didn’t listen to music. While his dad had self-taught himself piano and drums he’d discovered the technique of guitar by himself by the age of ten as a result he could play those three instrument. His dad never written a song in his life.

The closest thing to a song, Alex even knew about was when his dad penned a poem to his mom that he had written on a napkin the night of their first date. Karen you’re a babe that boogles/ I swear I don’t have beer googles. Not exactly a romantic sonnet, but cute enough that some twenty years later Alex’s mom still hadn’t found the heart to throw it out since his dad died two years ago.

As he sat on the chair if his desk he and done finishing another verse of lyric, he flipped through one of his notebook well the new one which most of the lyric was describing his feelings.


Who claims you can’t come in first

Like that

Who claims you can’t rhyme a verse

Like that

Is nothing but jealous and lame


Teddy bears hugs

Imaginary bedbugs

Bedtime stories and eyelash kisses

Missing my life before girls and high school disses

And recently he wrote


I don’t know what we’re searching for

Seeing you kissing him next door

It scattered me into pieces

I’ll try to find a way to fix this broken pieces

And let go


Me: Sky high

Me: Sky

Me: Rose

Me: Skylar Rose Hogan

Me: Mrs Hogan?

Me: god Sky where are you?

Me: I swear 2 god if you’re with that punk wannabe Kyle

Me: Are you on a date with him?

Me: I hope he take you to Taco Bell or Sonic

Me: And feed you with lots of food

Me: Then you guys did the frickle-frackle in his car

Me: You got babies

Me: Trust me, you and I would make cute babies

Me: I’m just saying in case you change your mind

Me: my dimple and you’re big brown eyes = perfection human being

Me: Sky I’m so bored talk to me

Me: Is this a payback from last night?

Me: I hope you didn’t purposely dress up on Kyle’s date

Me: bc I want our first date to blow you away

Me: Shit that sounds weird

Me: ignore the blowing things

Oh my god Abort mission Alex. Mayday, mayday.

Me: this is so fucked up

Me: Look what you made me say

Me: so uncool

Me: so not punk rock

Me: Fine, bye Sky


Sky: Are you a psychic?

Sky: And yes he brought me to Taco Bell

Sky: Why did you change my last name?

Sky: Oh I see what you did there

Sky: He’s so sweet I’m done

Sky: I feel like I’m too cynical and mean and a sarcastic bitch for him

Dump him and be with me Sky.

Me: So you guys currently dating?

Sky: If I tell you are you still gonna text me?

Me: Depends

Sky: please don’t

I’ve already know the answer Sky.

Me: Okay

Sky: We did

Me: Bye

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