Who am I texting?

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Chapter 8


Kyle’daBae: morning babe

Kyle’daBae: wanna hangout today?

Me: Sure :)

Kyle’daBae: I was thinking if we could just watch a movie

Me: okay where?

Kyle’daBae: your place this evening at five

Me: okay but you can’t stay till midnight

Kyle’daBae: no problem (;

I set my phone down and I realize that I haven’t talked to the unknown texter since yesterday. He didn’t respond my countless text that I’ve send him. Why is he mad? I don’t even know him and I can’t just sit alone till 1st of April.

Besides it’s Kyle I liked him since forever and I’m not gonna ignore him because of some stranger has a crush on me. Maybe if he reveal himself I could consider about it only if he can beats Kyle perfection but he hasn’t.

Me: how long do you plan on ignoring me?

Me: this is stupid

Me: please, I’m sorry if you’re mad

Nothing: I’m not mad

Me: You sure as hell not happy either

Nothing: You know what yes I’m not happy

Nothing: I am abstrusely beyond upset, Sky I don’t even have a suitable word to describe this pain in my chest

Nothing: Ever since I saw him kissing you... You don’t even know how fucked up this feeling inside me. It so fucking hurt and I can stop from letting it bother me.

Nothing: I am incredibly in love with you Sky Rose but you couldn’t give a fuck about me

Nothing: I know that you like Kyle since forever but this isn’t fair

Nothing: I understand I can’t force you to feel the same way about me even if I’ve been sitting here for weeks racking my brains around on how I could ever get you to feel the same.

Nothing: I just want you to know that I mean it when every single time I say that I like you and I’m not bragging about some lame-ass hoe who will dump you when someone better comes alone.

Nothing: I want to say ‘fuck you for breaking my heart’ but I can’t because I still love you even when I’m so pissed as fuck

Nothing: just stop talking to me Sky

Nothing: you have Kyle and this isn’t fair between me and him

Nothing: not until you decide who you really want

Nothing: I hope you’re happy with him



Kyle: dude practise cancelled I have something to do

Me: what? You can’t just canceled it the event is just one more weeks to go

Kyle: I really can’t, I’ve a date with Sky

Me: The date can wait you’re the leader of the band and you can’t just cancel practise whenever you fucking like

Kyle: Fine I’m bringing her to the studio

If I’m going to have a god damn emotional breakdown, I’m going full out bitch mode on to everyone. I’m so upset right now. I love this girl and all she does is hurt me by telling she likes me and then be with someone else.

Why is this so complicated? I thought it’ll only be me and her but it’s not and I can’t stop this lump in my throat. I didn’t expect Kyle will appear in between us.

Now he’s bringing her to studio and me being me just a boiling pot left on too long and I swear to god if I had to face their lovey-dovey I’m not going to leave.

As soon as I turned off my phone it buzzes again.

Taylor: Hey Alex

Me: What do you want?

Taylor: Hangout today?

Me: what about no?

Taylor: Why are you constantly rejecting me?

Me: we aren’t a thing since month ago I’ve dumped you but you refuse to acknowledge that

Taylor: you didn’t give me any reason Alex

Me: I don’t like you with your bitchy attitude who constantly act like you’re perfect and better than anyone else and you treat people like shit even if they didn’t deserve that

Me: We’re over Taylor and stop texting me or act like we’re dating

Suddenly I feel worse about my situation.

Me: look I’m sorry it’s just..

Me: I like someone else

Me: to make this clear I want this to be fair I can’t be with you when I want her

Me: you deserve someone who truly loves you

I honestly don’t know what to do now. I’ve lost Sky and I dumped Taylor. But still it didn’t change anything or making it better Sky is still out there with Kyle.

Speaking of Kyle, Sky literally don’t know Kyle he’s the main asshole here in this school. He go through girls faster than Taylor Swift goes through men. He’s a jerk who’s proud of himself for being in a popular band. He told me about Sky last week when he saw Sky at the annual he said she was hot and decide to get into her pants, see, he’s the true dick head.

Despite being pissed off as hell about the whole Kyle things, I’m still worried as hell he would break her heart. I won’t be able to help her. I don’t want to see her cry. I’d literally fall to pieces if she cries. She was a nice girl and Kyle don’t deserve to get her tears fall.

I still remember when my dad died two years ago and she saw me crying at the park she reached upon me and talks to me. I’ve never cried like that especially in front of people.

I never really knew about her and don’t care about her that’s why I’m being a jerk towards her all the time. But after she talks to me I think I’ve notice her on a different level.

Since that I think I started to develop a feeling towards her and I keep denying it because I thought she was a nerdy freshman but that wasn’t the main reason I’m avoiding her and being a jerk, I just don’t want people to assume her as a slutty girl who tries to get my attention or even judging her.

I decide about a month ago that I’d ask Dan for her phone number for a studying purpose, since

I have her in AP English and AP Psych class.

He agreed of course. After two weeks of typing then un-typing I finally sent that first text. I felt like a giant idiot for being so cliché and corny.

I wish I could turn back time and tries to being nice to her. I should’ve just talk to her since then before I created this web of lies and destruction.

I really hate Kyle right now. He didn’t love her like I do. He doesn’t even know her like I do. I sworn I could love Sky million times better than Kyle.

Sky was too silver spoon and too angel to be with a devil like Kyle.
We were waiting for Kyle at the studio for almost fifteen minute. He’s really playing games with me I see.

“Sorry guys I’ve settle down a bit problem,” I heard Kyle says as he reaches the studio.

“Where have you been?” Dave our drummer asked him.

“Hanging out a bit with that emo girl Sky,” I look at him with full angered but he didn’t notice me.

“Guess what I’ve met this blonde,” Lucky, I was holding my phone and decide to record it.

“Who?” I purposely asked.

"After meeting this emo, I met this smoking hot blonde. I don’t know I think she’s a freshman and I ask her if she wants to hook up tonight and she says yes easier than I ever thought.” He says proudly I swear I’m going to punch his face right now.

I stop the record and save it in a file. I can’t wait to send this to Sky.

“So you met two girls in one day?” Michael ask.

“Yeah how cool is that?” he says he can’t be serious

“I thought you’re with Sky?” I ask.

“Nah, we’re not serious. I was just playing around. She’s kinda fun though,”

Literally, makes my blood boils after he said that.

“First, fuck yourself. Second, blow your fucking brains off and jump off the cliff. She likes you and you’re technically playing around?”

“Why are you defending that emo? A bit of a crush I see?” he is testing me right now.

“Mess with her and you’re fucking dead. Keep my word Hogan,” I said and walk out of the studio.

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