Who am I texting?

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Chapter 9


Nothing: new voice message

I press play and attached the ear buds in my ears.

Me: What the hell? Who is it?

Nothing: Kyle

Me: Is this real?

Nothing: Yes it is Sky

Nothing: Are you okay?

Kyle is sleeping with another girl? He’s just using me and calling me names in front of his friend?

Me: Who was he talking to?

Nothing: I’m not sure but someone send me this

I was stupid to think somebody like Kyle would like someone like me, I was just an easy target after all.

Me: Oh okay

I wipe the tears off my cheek and set my phone down. I was stupid to think any of this was right.

For the second time the person that I like is just another typical jerk. Am I just so unlucky to have feelings to a typical asshole all damn time? First, Alex now Kyle.

Nothing: Please say something are you okay?

Me: I’m fine

As hell I’m not.

Nothing: Sky I know you’re not okay. It’s okay not to be okay. Don’t put yourself to be strong. It’s not healthy to hold it all. I’m here to talk with okay? I’ll listen I’ll try to help. As long as it could manage to makes you better. I know it hurts like hell and you’re feeling betrayed by him. I just need to tell you that he is a true asshole.

Nothing: I love you so much Sky it hurt so bad to know you’re in pain. Please don’t push me away because of this. I know I’ve said some mean things yesterday. I’ve got mad because he got to kiss you, he got your attention and affection I just want to be with you so badly Sky do remember that.

Nothing: I’m here for you okay? I love you so much.

Me: Can I call you? You don’t have to speak if you don’t want to

Nothing: Sure

I click on his contact number and press the dialing button. I’m really sobbing right now but I don’t care as long he didn’t see my horrible face.

"Hey? I’ll be okay I guess babe. It hurt so damn much. I’m glad I found this not before I attached to him even more,” I pause because of sobbing.

“Listen here, I love you so much. I realize that I shouldn’t just be with him because I barely knew him. I feel like pure shit right now because it’s obvious I should’ve choose you. I should’ve realize you care about me not be blinded by this silly feeling towards Kyle. I love you a lot and I’m willing to wait for you please don’t broke me down because I wouldn’t want anyone else but you” I sighed before hung up my phone. I put it down and breaking into hard sobbing.

This isn’t fair why is this happening to me? I hate Kyle Hogan I really hate him I wish I wish this feeling never exist. I wish everything is just some sort of dreams. I wish Alex never exist and I wish Kyle never moved in Avonworth high. Gosh, I hate them so much they’re all just some bunch of jerk and I can’t wait for them to get the hell out of this school.


Nothing: Hey Sky how are you feeling?

Nothing: You haven’t texted me since three days ago, I miss you

Nothing: tomorrow’s school and I know you hate it

Nothing: come on cheer up like a bright Sky it been cloudy for about three days

Nothing: and I miss to see the bright sky

Nothing: Do you know that I used to be a ballerina?

Nothing: I’m really good at it

This kid is so weird.

Me: I’m too upset

Nothing: Why? :(

Me: With this entire thing

Me: people in Alex clique always messed up with my life

Nothing: Don’t blame Alex for his idiot friends

Nothing: He’s kinda cool tho

Me: Why does everyone say he’s cool?

Nothing: Bc he is? Idk if you know him well he’s actually a nice guy and way better than Kyle

Me: Maybe you’re right

Me: It’s just so upsetting

Nothing: Hey don’t be

Nothing: Bc I’m going to send you something in 3,2,1...

Ting tong. I heard my door bell ring. I was confused for a while.

“Sky there’s a delivery for you” My mom yells from downstairs.

“Can you bring it upstairs?”

My mom brought it upstairs to my room and all I see is a box with a tape on it.

“Thanks, mom,”

I grab some scissors off the desk and cut the tape off the top of the brown box.

Me: You brought me food, CD’s, a big teddy and an envelope?

Nothing: Chocolate can make you happy

Nothing: Music will comfort you

Nothing: A teddy for...

Nothing: Idk something for you to cuddle with?

Nothing: I suggest you to open the envelope first

Like he said I open the blue envelope and check on what’s inside it. All I see is a piece of paper?

Or a card I suppose. I pull it out from the envelope and was in terribly shocked.

Me: A VIP tickets to 5SOS concert?!

Me: I don’t know how to say THANNK YOU

Me: Like so much omg

Nothing: I’m glad you’re back

Me: I really want to hug you till you’re crushing your bones

Me: This is amazing! THANK YOU! You made me happy thank you so more than much

Nothing: I’m glad you’re happy **WE are the champion music in the background**

Me: Are you coming to the concert?

Nothing: I can’t I have family events

Me: I’m currently listening to your playlist

Me: dude it’s awesome

Me: Crown the empire on first? You know me so much

Nothing: I’ll text you again later okay? Have fun

Me: okay thanks again nothing

Nothing: you’re lucky bc I love you

Me: love you too nothing

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