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Finding Love In The Underworld

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A 20 year old man named Orpheo that works as a caretaker for a girl named Euraele. Pheo is determined to help Eury to find a certain man, but as they set to find the man, Pheo will run into the truth and...

Romance / Drama
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Finding Love In The Underworld

Orpheo, a 20 year old man, who is walking inside a building. Suddenly he saw a girl that is unable to walk that is why she always has a crane to hold on. The girl's name is Euraele. She is 21 year old and currently living with her Father. Her father is always at work so he assigned his assistant to find a caretaker for Eury. One day Pheo visited a hospital, then he saw Eury in a wheelchair carried by his father's secretary. Suddenly, he felt sad. He felt that he needs to do something, an urge suddenly came to him that he needed to say something to the girl. So he came up to her and said "I hope you find it." The girl was shocked, and suddenly a tear fell out of her eyes. Pheo was surprised to the words that he said, and suddenly he had an headache, the words that he said to the girl is bothering him, "I hope you find it, why did I say that, what is the thing that I hoped for her to find!?" He asked his self as he go inside the doctor's room.

The doctor said that he needed to buy some medicine for him. So, as he left the room, he is troubled by the fact that he is broke, and also his family. So he planned to get a job on his own to support his own medication. He remembered that his friend in college said that his uncle is hiring him to be a caretaker by the child of his boss. So he contacted his friend.
He submitted his resume and luckily he has been approved to work as a caretaker. So one day, as he nervously walk inside a building for his first day as a caretaker, he saw the girl in a wheelchair outside of the building. The girl is speaking through her phone, and he noticed that the girls face expressed sadness, so he assumed that the person that she is talking to said something that made her disappointed. He went inside the building to meet up to the man that hired him. The man has a phone call that is keeping him busy, so he instructed Pheo to follow him. So they go inside a room, and as he roam inside, he noticed that there are a lot of pictures that is attached in to a certain room. The picture of a man in his back wearing a yellow and a #1 jersey and a girl holding volleyball together. He noticed that the jersey of the man in the picture is somewhat familiar. Suddenly he remember playing in a event in their school in high school (sports day), he remember celebrating and wears a blue jersey number 4. Then suddenly the girl in a wheelchair opened the door, and as Pheo turn his eyes in the door, he saw the girl, and she started crying. So he called the man that hired him which is the uncle of his friend (the secretary of the girl's father) and he explained to Pheo that his boss daughter is a crybaby, that she is very sensitive in seeing sad things. So as he walked home, he asked his self "Am I that sad looking?"

The next day, as he held the wheelchair of the girl, he realized that he didn't even know the name of the girl, so he asked, the girl stated her name nervously and Pheo said his name back. In the afternoon, they watched a romantic film, at the end of the film, he saw Eury crying again. So he asked her " You are really sensitive huh.", Eury replied as she cries "The movie is great." Then suddenly Eury asked Pheo "Do you like romantic films?", he responded "Yeah, especially those films that has a very sad ending." Eury asked Pheo again "Have you been on a relationship before?" Pheo replied, "Yeah, my friend said to me that I dated someone before, but I dont really remember because it is waaaaay back, Haha" Eury said "Oh" then Pheo said "Why are you disappointed?", Eury replied "Um, I just want to know because I'm curious and I want you to give me some advice and help me, Haha." Pheo said " Help you with what?" Eury said that there is a man that she is looking for, and as she said that, Pheo's eyes suddenly sparked and said that he can help her find him. So Eury asked him for help to find a certain man that she liked. So Pheo asked her what does the man that she is looking for looked like. She said that the man is cute, has a black hair and faded cut, he is tall and has a body of an athlete. He remembered the man in the picture that is hanged in her room, the description given by Eury is exactly how the man looked like. So she asked her if the man that she is looking for is the man in the picture holding a volleyball, and she agreed. He asked her again if she is the girl that is beside the man in the picture, and she agrees. Pheo has a lot of question in his mind. So he got curious again and asked, as he start to open his mouth to ask her, she suddenly puts her index finger to his mouth and said " You have been asking too much."

The next day they planned how can they meet this person, Pheo said "That jersey is familiar, I think that I have seen it before." Eury was shocked, then Pheo suggested "Maybe we can visit your High school and asked people there, cause if you are both in a certain event in a school, then probably you and that man are schoolmates" Eury looked down at the ground and said "Ye... Yeah lets do that." So they planned to go to that high school and asked around. As they go inside the school, a teacher recognized Eury and greeted her, but as the teacher looked away, he saw Pheo and said "Oh, you are here wi.." and Eury grab the teacher's arm and the teacher looked at hee, and Eury smiled. "Aaaah, I remember I had something to do, well then, see you around kids." the teacher said, and as she walks away, she whispered "That is not the proper way to smile Eury." So as they roam around the school, they realized that the night is coming so they decided to go home. Pheo called a taxi and took Eury to her home.

A couple days of searching, Pheo said to Eury, "Im sorry, our search so far has been failed, so if there is another thing you want, just say it." Eury replied as she blushed "I want to go see a volleyball match up close." So the next day, As Pheo opens the door of the room that Eury is in, He saw a very beautiful woman that has her hair done and has a pretty dress. So he blushed and said "Let's go". So the match started and He is staring at Eury and seeing her excited made him happy. So as they go home and said goodbye to each other, Pheo said "This is probably late but... I think you look good in that dress and that hairstyle." They both blushed.

Sunday comes, so Pheo's friend ask him to go hang out with him, as they drink, his friend took out his phone and Pheo noticed his wallpaper, so he snatched the phone in his friends hand and sees the wallpaper, in that wallpaper, he saw a group of friends in a jersey, he saw his self wearing a blue jersey beside his friend, on the other side of his friend, he saw a man wearing a yellow and #1 jersey, he instantly recognizes the jersey and asked his friend, but his friend is drunk and he didn't really understand what is he saying.

So the next day, Pheo got to the building and saw Eury playing with a child at the ground floor of the building, He greeted Eury and explain that he saw the man in the yellow jersey. That night he really got that much intel because he got drunk too. So he planned to get a picture of the photo in Pink's room so that he can send it to his friend and to confirm if the man in the yellow jersey are the same man. So as he send the picture that he has taken to his friend, suddenly there is a chaos in the road, so he rushes to the ground floor, and saw Eury in the road and been hit by a car. So he immediately called the secretary of Eury's father. As they got to the hospital, Pheo sayed outside and the secretary got out of the room and explain that, she was trying to save the child from accident. His friend keeps on calling Pheo's phone, but Blue left his phone in Eury's room. The secretary, asked Pheo to get some stuff in Eury's room as he looked out for Eury. As Pheo got the stuff that the secretary needed, he saw his phone on the table, and saw the text messages of his friend that is saying that the yellow jersey in the picture that Pheo sent is him (Pheo). He suddenly ran to the hospital, and saw the father of Eury, but he did not recognize him, so as he walk past Eury's father, the father said " Why are you here Pheo?" Then Pheo looked at him and a tear fell down to his eyes. As they talked to each other, Pheo got flash backs of memories being with Eury. Pheo asked him what happened, and the father explained that in October 12, there has been an accident, there is a truck that crashed into a taxi, there are two students inside the taxi. "Blue, those two student is you my daughter, you are the reason why she can't walk anymore, I never really forgave you so dont ever come near us again."

Next day, Pheo's friend called him. They hang out in a bar, so as they drink, Pheo asked his friend "I dont understand, how can it be me in that picture in her room? I wore a blue jersey." His friend replied "That is why I called you here, After we took a group photo, you and Aides (the man wearing a yellow jersey) exchanged jersey, then after that you and Eury took that photo, you dont remember maybe because of the accident, in the first place, I didn't even know that the person that you are taking care of is Eury, I'm sorry man, but your mom said that it is better if we dont say anything about the past to you, especially Eury" Then suddenly, Pheo's phone rang, and he answer the call as he ran to the hospital. Eury's father called him, and sent him to Eury's room. As he enter the room, Eury greeted him "Hi" and Pheo cried as he walk near Eury's bed and said "That was cruel, that was too cruel, Im so sorry." Eury said "I'm sorry, the day I saw you, I asked the secretary of my father to find your number, but he gave me your mother's number, I asked her where you are, and she said that it is good for you if I dont make you remember the past, and maybe just stay away from you, but I got selfish and here you are, crying, Im sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, even though your mother told me to not make you remember, I still tried, I even make you look for you, but my plan didn't work, I thought if I can make you realize without telling you is a good way of not hurting you but at the same time getting what I want, I tried my best, but maybe sometimes you really can't find someone, if that someone isn't really for you. I guess this is goodbye." Pheo cries as Eury's eyes are closing, and those eyes never opened again.

A couple of days have past, Eury's father gave him a letter, a letter that Eury wrote. "Dear my love, I wrote this letter to tell you what really happened cause I cant really talk right now, Haha, I know this isn't the right thing to do, but I really cant help it, I remember the day that you saw me crying at the school, that day I lost the necklace that has given to me by my mom, so you asked me what is the reason of me crying and you tried to comfort me and the last thing you said "I hope you find it" those simple words that came out of you really touched me, maybe because it is you, at the time we arent really that close. As you know I am really a cry baby, so everytime I cry, I close my eyes and hope that you will comfort me, and everytime I expect that you will come and save me, you will always come up to me and say those magic words, even though I didn't lose anything, you always thought that I lose the necklace, but really I just kept it inside my drawer, Haha, but the events that has been happening must be a sign, maybe it is good if I really dont force my selfishness and stubbornness, maybe I am really not the girl for you, maybe I am not the love and happiness that you are looking for, so, I hope you find it."

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