Club Nights

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The new head of the Agosti family is out celebrating when he meets Presley Stafford during a night out. Enjoy this fast paced novella from KristiferAnn, author of Fallen Angels MC series and Marchetti Mafia series.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

The music was giving Presley a headache and she had just gotten to the club. She was hours late for the birthday party she didn’t really want to be at. The club wasn’t her thing but she had promised Tally that she would show up.

The bouncer immediately let her in, when she flashed her invitation to him. Dirty Habits was the exclusive hot stop for the young and dumb. She tugged at the bottom of her glittery, deep V-neck t-shirt dress, making her way towards the elevated VIP area.

She noticed there were two sections, one to the left and one to the right, split by a set of stairs that led up to an upper bar area to serve the VIP section. Several bathrooms were found behind the bar, ever grateful for the perks that came with the expensive bottle service. She maneuvered through the crowd of bodies, finally reaching the designated area. She finally saw the birthday girl herself who was dancing like a fool.

There was a large group of men that were blocking a good portion of the stairs and she stepped around them. They were speaking in what sounded like Italian from what she could hear. As she placed a black, red bottomed stiletto heel on the first step, one of the large men gestured with his arm, catching her on the shoulder causing her to stumble forward.

“Rocco you fucking idiot!” Someone yelled behind her.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry miss. You okay?”

The man, Rocco, who bumped into her held his hand out to her and she shooed him away as she straightened herself out. Tally was coming down the stairs in a flurry of tulle and sparkles.

“Oh my gawd Press, are you okay?” Tally slurred slightly.

Presley looked at Rocco and smiled, letting him know she was fine. She grabbed Tally’s outstretched hand and made her way up the stairs. The VIP area across from theirs was filled with men that looked like the one that knocked her over. She sat, with her back towards the group of men. Several sets of eyes were on her from the darkened corner.

Hugs and kisses were passed around, Presley greeted a few of Tally’s friends from work and from school. She had recognized a few faces and was glad to see she knew others. She sipped on the water she grabbed from the middle of the table as she engaged in part of a conversation she could barely hear over the thumping beats.

Several women appeared in tiny outfits, carrying bottles of champagne with sparklers coming out of the top. Tally was jumping up and down as they were presented to her. One of the bottle girls gestured over to the other VIP area pointing to a group of men, one of them being the man that knocked Presley over. Tally waved Presley over and told her they were compliments of the group of men, an apology.

“I’ll go thank them.” Presley told Tally who was already drinking out of one of the expensive bottles. There was well over a grand worth of bubbly being poured in tall, thin glasses that were being passed around to the wild group of girls. She took a sip, working on the courage to go over. She tried catching Rocco’s eye to no avail and sipped again, further enhancing her liquid courage. She smoothed her very short dress ,stretching her tan legs as she stood up.

Another pounding song came on and Tally started jumping up and down along with the others who started singing along with the girl group singing about ice cream. Presley made her way over to the other area and caught Rocco’s attention.

“You didn’t need to do that.” She gestured to the champagne glass. “I’m fine, totally unnecessary.”

“I’m really sorry about that, I wasn’t paying attention. My name is Rocco.”

“I’m Presely, nice to meet you.” She stuck her hand out and shook his. “We just wanted to thank you for the Champagne. It’s her birthday and she thinks she’s special now.”

Rocco laughed. “My uh…my boss was promoted earlier today. We’re celebrating.” He gestured to a large man lounging in a rounded booth along with several others. She found several dark gazes on her and was immediately uncomfortable. She raised her glass and the one in the middle smiled and nodded, raising his glass in return.

“Nice to meet you Rocco, enjoy your night. Thanks for the bubbly!”

Presley scooted around several large men. Each admired her legs and tiny dress. She made her way back to her own group, shaking off the feeling of being watched. Sitting back down she kept her back to the group on the other side. The music was pounding and she was finally relaxing after a few glasses of the bubbly alcohol.

Several cheers went up from the group of men, lots of things being said in Italian. Several scantily dressed girls brought out trays of shots. Presley impulsively decided to buy them a tray, as a gesture of celebration. She signaled to one of the bottle girls, slipping her a large bill to cover the alcohol. Told her to tell them congratulations on the promotion. She turned back and was pulled up by Tally, telling her she had to dance with her.

Presley felt warm from the alcohol and started swaying her hips. She knew her dress was dangerously close to showing her lace tanga panties to other club goers and didn’t care. She put her arms up in the air and Tally was dancing around her, the ruffles from her tulle skirt were bouncing up and down the beat of the bass. She saw the bottle girls come back out with trays and saw countless heads swivel towards her.

She could feel herself flush from the sets of eyes and she sheepishly raised her glass. They all raised their shot glasses and yelled “Salute” as they threw them back. She sipped on her champagne and then turned back around, continuing the celebrations with the birthday girl. After numerous glasses of champagne and several bottles of water, Presley escaped to the restroom and locked the door behind her.

After using the facilities she took a moment and stretched her feet, wiping the sweat from under her boobs. She fixed her makeup and messy ponytail and exited, feeling like she had gotten a grip. She definitely had enough to drink and decided on water the rest of the night. She noticed the music had been turned down slightly making it tolerable.

A strong voice from behind her startled her. She whipped around to find the large man, Rocco’s boss, standing there. Several men were off to the side and behind him. Dark eyes were on hers, his hands in the pockets of his dark blue slacks.

“I’m sorry? I didn’t catch what you said.” Presley asked.

“Thank you, for the shots.”

“You’re welcome. Rocco said you were just promoted, congratulations.”

He cocked his head. “Promotion, yeah. You okay? We watched him knock you over earlier.”

“Yes, thank you. The champagne was unnecessary but appreciated.”

“You’re welcome, I’m glad you and your friends enjoyed it. I’m Santino Agosti but you can call me Sonny.” He stuck his hand out.

“I’m Presley, Presley Stafford but you can call me Press. Pleasure to meet you.”

“Pleasure is all mine Miss Stafford.” He held her warm hand for a moment longer than he should have and let it go. “Would you like to grab coffee or something tomorrow?”

She stood there looking at the large, dark haired man covered in tattoos and didn’t know if she should be afraid or not.

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