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The House

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Spontaneous meeting on the island was a reason to know the interesting and mysterious stories.

Romance / Fantasy
Alexandra Miracle
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The House

The House ...

One big house has stories. One woman was going to travel and work in Kato. But the spontaneous meeting has changed her life. Can the human soul be saved? Love makes people humanistic. To find your part is your mission on this Earth. You are not alone anymore.

The stories are coming

Somewhere, where life goes the way of the sleeping lifestyle (home-family-work)... One House looks like all of the Houses But in reality everything is not usual...


Checking the Mailbox, interesting Suggestion.

Business Trip to Kato. Hm, it says that I will have a few weeks for the Exchange Programme. Letter to Alexandra, it’s personal for me. I have to try. I need changes in my life. It will be great... New country, People, professional Development. Let’s apply... It’s amazing, I will have time to learn the City for a few days. My Application is Done. I’m excited, very very excited. Today I’ll go to the Club with my friends and I think I’ll be confirmed.

I‘m relaxed looking at the porthole. No this routine anymore, day by day going to the Office, Talking about nothing. I have started the New perspectives. I‘m wearing my eyes.

In the Huge sign I can read the Alphabets „Welcome, have a Great time“. Sounds like what I need. Taxi has come in the right time. The weather is surprisingly good. I have one week for travel around the city.

Camera is on my neck. I will start to learn the city randomly. There are a lot of tourists, I’m not alone. I have to start to learn the city randomly. There are a lot of tourists, so I’m alone. Hot weather makes me tired. I have to move from the Center. I think I will use carsharing. This time, a great car, very comfortable and smart. I can spend 10 dollars and stay when the amount is finished. That’s it, I will start to learn the city from the place where I’ll stop my car. I have to stop. A lot of houses are here, no tourists. People will think that I’m strange. But let’s take a walk. Beautiful church in 5 minutes going by legs. I think the beautiful architecture and giving pleasure to God will be good for getting great pictures. I’m on the way to the church and looking at the cloudy sky I have decided to take a photograph. One second, I’m lying on the road. I felt the push and didn’t understand what was happening. I turned my head to the right and now I’m seeing the car and woman’s voice”.

“Oh, My God... Sorry, very sorry. May I help you?”, - she is trying to raise me.

I’m trying to stand up, but feeling the vertigo. She took my hand in her arms and put it in the car. Let’s go to my house. I’ll help you. I’m living here in five minutes.

“Ökay, no problem”, - I said trying to understand the situation.

“I was driving my car and I didn’t see you. You were very quickly going to the road”, - she is trying to explain to me the situation.

“Maybe, it’s better to go to the bed”, - I said trying to shake my head.

“Don’t worry, I have everything in my house”, - she said, covering me with a blanket.

Her House is huge, two floors with Greek sculpture and furniture. She put me on the sofa.

“My name is Mera. I’ll make tea and after that show you the room”, - she said kindly looking at me.

After a few minutes, we went to the second floor. The room is clean and has the style of the 90s. One minute and I’m sleeping. My eyes are opened. I’m trying to remember what happened and find the switch. My night vision isn’t working. I’m waking up and listening to music. “Hm, sounds like a party”. The long stair for going down. But visible, the light is on the first floor. I’m coming to the living room keeping the railings. I have taken a seat on the sofa. Bright light and the beautiful woman in the long beige dress with the hair gathered in a bundle. She said: “Nice to meet you, beautiful lady. I think you are our guest. Today we have the night party. I’ll introduce you to our friends”.

“I’m confused. I’m here because of the incident outside...” - I’m explaining the reason why I’m here and she is taking the initiative in her hands.

“Ich bin Princess Monica. I’m german. Please, be prepared for our stars today. What is your name?”, - she said, being very excited to start her introduction.

“My name is Alexandra...”, - I said, being not confident that something can happen.

“Do you want to know my story?” - the light in her eyes makes her quite impatient.

“You are our first visitor after a long time”.

“I’m surprised. But, sure, I want to know what is here and who you are”.

“I’m proud to talk about myself”.

She has started to talk, but the classical composition has started to be louder and louder filling all of the space”. The door to the other hall is opened. And three ballerinas have started to dance.

“Oh, Tchaikovsky...”, - Monica.

One tall woman, her back is straight and the motions are very aesthetic and плавны. Two small girls are near her. They are jumping and making à pirouette. The composition is beautiful, white and huge Christmas tree reminds me about carrying and love.

“They can dance all night”, - she said looking at my excited face.

The ballerina has stopped dancing and girls after her. The music started again to play and the ballerina made the sit down and the nod by her head to her girls.

I’m stepping and the music has started to be louder than before. They again are starting to play in the way of moving the legs and turning around the tree. Snow is coming from the ceiling. Swan lake is beautiful in their performance. It’s magical and I don’t know how to explain my delight to my mind. I’m feeling that I’m dancing with these ballerinas.

Monica pinched me and said: “Wake up... I have a story about them. Elena is a Russian ballet dancer. She was the best dancer at the Bolshoi Theatre. Her life was all public. A lot of men were thinking of being with her. She is elegant, beautiful and successful. One tall and suitable officer had been at her performance once invited by his cousin. He wasn’t a ballet lover, but after her performance, he was visiting each performance where she danced. He found all of her friends and family. What happened? It’s love... How a man can understand that the woman is his forever, it’s a secret. Elena was surprised that everywhere people were talking about one man. Who is this man? After each performance she had the roses with the note “For you from me”... It’s very romantic. I think each woman wants to have this kind of man. Brave, strong, serious. But to choose the candidate for your heart, the officer, isn’t an easy way of marriage life. Officers have a responsibility to protect the country, it’s very dangerous. And the wife has to wait for him and be proud of the children. I think this kind of man is not asking women about marriage, they are taking her as a castle. After one month of making the intrigue, before the performance, her producer said to go to the stage very quickly, the orchestra had been starting to play. She was going to the stage, but there was no audience there. She was confused. Could you imagine how startled she was (laughing...) The officer was in front of her, standing on his knees, he asked: “Will you be married to me?” She said: “What is it? I don’t know you. Officer, please, stand up. I cannot tell you, I don’t know you. People were talking about you, now I understand... Oh, I don’t know what to do. I know what it means for the officer to ask the woman about the heart and hand... I will not tell you no. I suggest to spend the time together and after that to decide.” “You are absolutely right, but I’m delighted with your talent. You are a woman whom I want to call my wife”. “My pleasure, officer”. A few times she was busy going anywhere, but, finally, he got her heart forever. They were married and had two girls. At night, all the family had woken up and one very strong voice said: Your husband will go with us. The war time”. The women had started to cry. The picture is very dramatic.

“Why every-time and in all of the stories, something has to happen? Who are those people... Don’t tell me that officer was going away from the family and never came back...” - I interrupted her for a moment.

“We have a happy ending in this story. It was a Revolution. Officers caved her husband. They put her and daughters into courage. They were going very quickly to be safe. On their way, one man in a grey coat stopped them and said: “I’m a creator, I have a mission to save your family. She said to him: “Come with us, we are going to the castle. I’ll tell you how to save you”. She said that she agreed because she didn’t know where her crew would go. He had shown her the collection of the dolls. They are my creations and past human history. We are called “masters”. Our generation had started by the time of Jesus. We have a mission to save the Human Soul. The global leaders Are our Heroes in protecting our lives at any time. They have the beauty of the world and the blue blood has information about God and goodness. We searched for them for a long time. Your husband is clear and he has a mission. We saved his information and now it’s a time of yours, you and your daughter. Your husband will come here in one month. We predicted his life. He is protected by our magic. We need your blood, a piece of skin on your forefinger and hair. It will help you to identify who is reserved, looking at the slightly cut forefinger. Are you ready for the procedure? I can show you the reserved blue leaders”. Elena agreed with him. “Look at this shelf, Qin Shi Huang, Peter the Great, Elizabeth II, Queen Dowager Zhao etc.”. They were going to the room where there was a huge armchair. It was a very painful procedure, especially for the small girls. The master was living in the castle, where no one without permission could not go there. It’s magic to make the invisible visible... Officer had come back in one month as the master said. They were living a long and happy life. What do you think about this story?”

“So, are you real? For me, as a normal woman working at the office, it’s incredible...”, - I said in the way of how it’s possible...

“Darling, you are already unusual, if you are here...”

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