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Nino watched with a calm demeanor as Anastasia looked back at him as she fumbled with her keys. When Nino had enough of her struggling, he snatched them away from her with a sigh. “Which one?” “T-The uh.” The woman stammered over her words. “Oh, don’t start that fucking stuttering shit now, Ana,” Nino said in a low gravel voice as he gripped Anastasia’s chin. “Which. Fucking. Key.” ** Sometimes opposites attract and end up changing your life forever. This is the third installation of the Moore series. So sit back, read, and fall in love with the badboy and baby brother of Octavius and Kingston Moore.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One

The clubhouse was packed. Money was thrown, asses were shaking, and drugs were being passed around. This was Nino’s life, and he loved it. About two years ago, he would have indulged in some coke that was snorted, he probably would have done a little Xanax, but that part of his life was over. The only thing he did was smoke weed.

As he looked around at his brothers, who either were dancing with their ole ladies or receiving a lap dance from a broad, he couldn’t help but want someone. He thought Brittany would be it, but the bitch didn’t know how to be a proper ole lady, and when she started bad-mouthing Nadia, he knew he had to get away from that psycho.

“Pres, come on and get lit with us,” Kellen said as he walked over to Kingston. His Russian accent made it almost impossible for people to understand what he was saying while drunk.

“Na, I’m a good brother. Probably going to head over to my brothers for a few. See the newborn triplets.”

“On a fucking Friday night? What’s wrong with ya?” Nino didn’t know how to answer that. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. All the man knew was that something had to change. He loved his club, but he needed a woman, and he had one woman set in his mind.


The tiniest little spitfire he had ever come across. With six-inch heels on, she stopped just below his chin, so without them, he knew she’d be no taller than his shoulder if that. That turned him on to no end. Just knowing that once he possessed her, she couldn’t run. She couldn’t get away, and that had been his goal for the last six months. But Anastasia was a stubborn little woman. She didn’t fold easily, and that Nino was the President of the largest motorcycle gang in his city, didn’t help at all.

Anastasia was a lawyer. They knew her well around the club. Having got a few of the prospects and members out of jail time, but she made sure they all got community service.

“Y’all have fun, just remember church is at eight. Don’t be late.” Nino said as he threw a hundred dollars at the stripper who was dancing on him and walked out of the club. The fresh night air felt good against his skin as he got on his bike. Forty minutes later, Nino sat at a new bar in town. He had showed up at Kingston’s, but they weren’t home, probably on some family trip or some shit. They had been doing that a lot lately, leaving him lonely since he was the only sibling without someone. After thinking about what to do, Nino went to drink alone.

As he sat at the fancy bar, he got a few odd looks. When he scanned his surroundings, he couldn’t help but lift a single eyebrow. People were looking at him with various expressions. He didn’t exactly fit into the environment.

Everything around him was a shimmering black with leather couches and chairs, with a hint of red on every table. No doubt the cutest bar he’d ever been to, and when he noticed everyone in fancy attire, he just shook his head.

Did he give a fuck that people stared at him like he would steal their wallets? No. He was used to the glares.

“Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” Nino turned at the sound of a familiar voice. He smiled when he saw Anastasia leaning against the bar in a skintight black dress. Her breasts were sitting up nicely, and her small curvy frame molded to perfection.

“Hot damn, Anastasia Williams, is that you, mama?” He said, laughing when she rolled her eyes.

“Shut up, Nathaniel, and give me a hug,” Anastasia said with a warm


“Ooooo, don’t call me that. The feds may be watching.” Nino joked with a playful wink before he stood to wrap the beautiful woman up in his arms. He couldn’t help but smell her hair. It always smelled of coconuts and something womanly.

“Mmmmm, you smell good.” He said without thinking, and to his surprise, Anastasia hugged him tighter. Although she wouldn’t give in to him taking her on a date, they had grown to be friends. Sometimes they’d go weeks without talking, but when they linked back up, things always picked up where they left off.

“How have you and the club been? I know Kellen finished his community service last Saturday. Hopefully, he won’t go full Russian in Wal Mart again and beat the buggy boy.” Nino raised his hands in mock surrender as he shook my head.

“Can’t speak for the hot-headed fucker, but he seems to be chill. Got something like an ole lady now.” That seemed to shock Anastasia as she and Nino both sat down at the bar. Nino watched as Anastasia’s small body moved, making him groan at the thought of bending her mocha-skinned frame over the nearest surface and fucking her senseless.

“Oh. Well, hopefully, that’ll keep Kellen in check.” Anastasia said as she looked away from Nino. The topic made the air tense, and Nino liked it that way. Maybe Anastasia would take a fucking hint.

“My brothers always tell me, that’s all I need. I mean, I’m sure I’ll stay President of my club, but I need a strong-minded woman to keep my ass out of trouble. You know where I can find one?” The boldness, in his words, made the woman beside him raise a single eyebrow. Anastasia’s eyes roamed him with no shame. When she looked down at the growing bulge in his pants, her eyes snapped up to meet his. What she said next almost knocked Nino off his seat.

“I’ll make a deal with you,” Anastasia said as she took her shot. “You give me the best sex I’ve ever had tonight, and I’ll let you take me on as many dates as you want.” Nino choked on his beer for a second before clearing his throat.

“That’s the most backward shit I’ve ever heard. Most women want the date before the fucking.”

“Do I look like most women, Nathaniel? Do I act like most women? Do you treat me like most women?” Anastasia asked as she stared into his eyes. Nino stood up from the barstool, his chest heaving, cock rock hard. He watched Anastasia’s look at him with innocent eyes, but he knew better. She was an undercover freak, and he was about to blow her whole good girl charade.

“Fuck no, Ana, you know that. Don’t fucking play with me.”

“Then take me home and show me after six all these fucking games we’ve been playing, why you are the right man for me. Why I should break my oath to be with you, show me what it means to be your ole lady, Pres.”

Nino lost it. He slammed his mouth into Anastasia’s and kissed her until she was gasping for air. Teeth clashed, tongues collided, soft groans escaped until Nino had his fill of her mouth. Then he picked her up, threw her small body over his shoulder, and walked out of the fancy bar. Nino didn’t give a shit who was watching, silently daring someone to say something.

When Nino’s bike pulled into a gated community, he realized Anastasia was a wholesome woman, shielded from the real terrors of the world, but not anymore. She was about to allow the devil himself to woo her.

Nino parked his bike behind her Mercedes in the driveway. Anastasia got out of her car while he stepped off his bike.

Nino watched with a calm demeanor as Anastasia looked back at him as she fumbled with her keys. When Nino had enough of her struggling, he snatched them away from her with a sigh.

“Which one?”

“T-The uh.” The woman stammered over her words.

“Oh, don’t start that fucking stuttering shit now, Ana,” Nino said in a low gravel voice as he gripped Anastasia’s chin. “Which. Fucking. Key.”

“Blue.” She breathed out, her tequila-stained breath fanning his face. The horny man couldn’t help himself. Nino squeezed her jaw, making Anastasia open her mouth. When she did, he dipped his tongue inside and moved it against her warm flesh, tasting her.

“If your pussy tastes anything like your sweet mouth, I’m in fucking trouble.” Nino murmured against the woman’s lips.

“Then you’re in trouble, Nathaniel.” Anastasia purred confidently, which made Nino’s jaw tick. He wanted Anastasia more than anything, but she’d have to learn her place. He’d never strip her of her dignity or intellect, but he would not accept her talking back in any form.

“Nah, baby girl. If you don’t learn to shut that pretty mouth of yours, I’ll show you what trouble is and what trouble does. Now bring that sweet little cunt on, I have work to do.” With that, he turned, stripping his warmth away from her as he moved to open the front door. When it was open, Nino turned to see Anastasia standing in the same spot. She looked shocked, confused, but the arousal in her eyes outweighed all of that.

“Move your fucking ass, Ana.” Nino gritted out through a perfect set of white teeth. His dick was painfully hard, and he wanted his soon to be ole lady to do something about it.

When they were inside the security of her small home, Nino spun Anastasia around, slamming her up against the wall. He then dipped his head down to captor her beautiful lips once again. Immediately Nino dominated the kiss. The man was taking what he wanted from her mouth. Her tongue was fighting to keep up, but Anastasia just moaned while opening her mouth for him, giving Nino precisely what he demanded.

Her submission.

When Nino pulled back, they were both panting. Anastasia stared at him with so much desire that he could almost taste it. Pushing her down onto her knees, he unzipped his pants, pulling himself free. Anastasia gasped before licking her lips. Her hands flinched at her sides, and after a few seconds of staring, Nino grew aggravated.

“If you don’t start sucking my fucking dick right now, Ana, Ima beat yo fucking ass.” He pulled her head forward and let his pre-cum leaking head brush her lips. “Now suck daddy’s dick.”

Anastasia gasped, and that was all Nino needed. He pushed his dick to the back of her throat in one stroke. When she gagged, Nino threw his head back and hissed into the air. He knew she couldn’t take a breath when he felt her throat constricting around him. Looking down, he expected to see panic. Instead, Anastasia was looking up at him. Eyes watering, nostrils flaring, hands shaking on his thighs.

“Ooooo fuck. You will kill me, Ana. You’re going to fucking kill me, but not before I murder your fucking pussy.” Nino pulled Anastasia up by her hair and spun her around. “Lead me to your room.” He said into her ear before biting her earlobe. Anastasia slowly led Nino down the hall to one of three doors. When she opened the door, he picked her up and threw her on the bed. It took him seconds to pull the dress off her body and rip her thong. The fact she wasn’t wearing a bra turned him on even more. Her tits sat up by themselves.

Nice and beautiful, erotically inviting.

Nino wrapped his mouth around her hardened nipples, one by one, and sucked them as if she were feeding him. Then he slowly made his way down her taut stomach to the treasure he’d beat his dick imagining frequently. He ran his thick warm tongue slowly up her wet slit until it flicked out of her pussy lips and onto her mound.

“Yes, daddy.” Anastasia hummed as she gripped his hair. Nino’s blue eyes met her dark brown ones, and he winked before sucking her clit into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it. The damn woman tasted like nothing Nino had ever eaten before. Nino couldn’t describe it, but he knew he’d never let her go after that night. He’d fight any mother fucker that tried to step in their way.

“I don’t give a fuck what you do or say after tonight,” Nino said as he stood from the bed. “you are my woman.” He pulled a condom from his pocket before stripping until he was naked. Then he kneeled in front of Anastasia, stroking himself.

“Touch your pussy, Ana. Show me how you please that pretty pink flesh.” Immediately Anastasia began rubbing her clit. Her eyes roamed over Nino’s tattooed body, and she moaned at just how beautiful the man was. Abs decorated his torso, alongside large hard pecks that made her mouth water.

The sight of him was exceptional and pushed her towards an orgasm.

Nino saw her pussy clenching, and he bit his bottom lip. He didn’t want her to come without him inside of her, so he shoved her hand away so he could bury himself deep.

Usually out of courtesy, he’d let the woman adjust, but this wasn’t just any woman. This was Anastasia, and she’d have to learn to take him. So, he pumped hard into her pussy.

He felt his head hit her cervix, making him fuck her harder. Nino looked up at Anastasia’s face, smiling when he saw and heard her screaming. Both her hands gripping the cover above her head violently. Nino’s hands found her perky tits, and he clasped them harshly as he bent down to claim her lips.

Never once did Nino slow down. Even when Anastasia squirted and her pussy muscles attempted to push him out, he only dove deeper. The sheets got soaked beneath Nino knees causing him to slide on the silk material. Shifting, he stood up and flipped Anastasia over with no warning.

Nino wrapped his hands around her thick kinky hair as he drove back home. He pulled her back until her head rested on his shoulder, while his other arm wrapped around her torso, pinning her arms down to her sides as he drove his dick into her stomach.

“I will fuck the soul out of you.” Nino groaned into Anastasia’s ear. She moaned loud as he picked up his pace. “Because you made me wait for this. You made me pin after you when you knew I wanted this pussy.” He seethed in her ear.

After fucking her to another orgasm in that position, Nino released her hair and arms, pushing Anastasia face down into the bed. His hand held her head into the cover while placing his two feet on either side so he could fuck her like an animal. Each penetration of his dick came with a loud, wet, wildly erotic sound and when Nino felt her pussy tighten. He pushed into Anastasia harder.

“Take me, baby,” Nino grunted, knowing that he was making her squirt again. That was all he could take. His dick spasmed, and his thrust became violent. Not even a second of silence followed each one of his steady thrust, and when he finally came in Anastasia’s pussy, he roared like a beast. “FUCKKKKKKKKK!” The crazed man hollered as he threw his head back and gripped Anastasia’s hips to where he was sure they’d bruise. Nino fucked her through his orgasm, triggering another one from his woman.

When he finally finished, he rolled over beside Anastasia, pulling her into his chest. Neither of them spokes, they just let exhaustion pull them into sleep.

It had been a long time coming.

And cum they did.

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