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Darkness Defends

By ladyofheavenhell All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Vampires were created from science. Bloodthirsty monsters turning into genius immortal beings. In the future, they rule and hunt down humans as slaves, food, and entertainment. Aya is a hardened woman, known as a Hunter against vampires. She was raised with seclusion from the rest of the human population in the many small, underground hideaways of human villages. She made it her goal to protect herself from many aspects of her life: men, vampires, and even love. Now she is forced into the very hands that she has been fighting all her life. She doesn't realize that she will be pushed to her limits against the very things that have been set in stone and a secret that she doesn't know of herself will surface. One that has bound her to others on a great and powerful adventure.

Prologue: Vanpere and his Creation from JK107

Darkness. That is how this world started. According to science, there was a big bang that created this universe that expands an even greater distance between each galaxy each year, each millisecond. That brief flash of light and the infinite molecules that created everything was supposed to not just be that brief moment. It was supposed to be ever-lasting but immediately that flash was thrown into the abyss of never-ending darkness.

That is where it all started, this war: The Battle Between Dark and Light. The fight between good and bad. Typical stereotypes but nonetheless, it is the ultimate truth. In all of us, all living creatures that crawl the plains of every galaxy, there is the fight over who gains dominion over this soul that makes each race more sentient than the last. For every living thing, there is the battle over instinct. Some can escape it, others cannot.

The battle of dark and light knows no bounds to determine which race is good or bad. All races are determined in equality in this never-ending fight. That is where the battle of wills overcome each other. In all of us darkness becomes the easiest to succumb to because it was there before light emerged.

Some may call it a balance to power. This can be determined as truthful because on this planet, in this story, life can still be created even through the ill-wrought. Through all of us, it is through our perversions and goals that created these beings. These things, created almost like poor Frankenstein and his undead creature, were born through science.

These creatures started from one, from a scientific lab, shrouded in mystery and born into secrecy by the government that condemned the citizens it deemed too dangerous to live with the rest of civilization- the normal people.

This company was called Vanpere for the scientist that first started it. He used these now useless criminals for his own use— for science. Used to try to find cures of the diseased and infected world. They were so close to finding one but never saw the true dangers until it was too late.

“Doctor! ” Came a loud and excited voice. His footsteps run through the white halls and past the multitude of doors that hide their poor suffering victims.

The Doctor himsef, Mr. Vanpere, turned around with an arched brow. There hadn’t been anything exciting, not one scrambling rat underneath him that came with any news for months. He had to admit to himself, he was curious. He didn’t have to say anything to this scientist to spit it out because the buffoon was spitting it out because of the unbearable weight.

“His healing is spectacular! He had been fully succumbed to the disease for months! In a matter of days after this injection! His complexion! It has grown better!” He hushed for a moment as he gained his breath then rushed on again. “We drew blood! The plasma itself is eating the diseased cells and staying uninfected!”

That was interesting news indeed. “Which one?” He asked as he walked past the scientist for the elevator. He already knew where the scientist’s block was. He knew where all his employees were.


Doctor Vanpere knew that cell block. One holding his oldest living experiment.

It did not take long to discover the one something miraculous about this con. Yes, he had been there for years and turned into a grey haired elder. When they arrived, it was spectacular, the grey was gone and replaced back into its black luster but there one strange thing. His skin was still wrinkled.

“Strange.” Doctor Vanpere uttered softly as he glanced at the man through the small window. He stared at him even more intently because the elder had stopped moving and slowly started to turn towards him, like JK107 had heard him. He pulled away slightly, eyes narrowed and asked softly to his employee, “any other side effects? Symptoms?”

“None that we had been able to identify. 1-0-7 does not speak anymore. Whether he chooses or not.” The minion told his boss with almost the same whisper. His eyes widened just a bit at the old man looked straight into his eyes through the wired glass as he stood. It was slow, but steady.

“There is your first sign. Remarkable.” Vanpere muttered in astonishment, seeing no signs of muscle weakness that the old man had before. He didn’t even notice as JK107 tilted his head just slightly as he drew much closer to them and the small door that blocked them. “I would love to do move tests.” It was barely a whisper.

“I am sure you would.” The old man told him, steady but it wasn’t like it usually was. Most patients were screaming their lungs off from the torture they were put through. This man’s, his tonsils seemed healed thoroughly. It wasn’t even the tone of his voice, the eerie tone of violence beckoning blood for fuel, that threw him off. It wasn’t even his eyes that glowed bright like a red light at an intersection.

When Vanpere’s eyes met the old man’s, it was the knowledge or knowance that he was going to do something Vanpere would not like.

“My friend.” The old man growled.

Yes, it is a growl! Incredible! He tried to keep his mind on the scientific side to this so he wouldn’t look any less mortal than he was. Something was screaming incredibly on the inside of him to run as fast as he could away! He ignored it though.

Then he noticed how JK107’s tongue seemed to be tracing his gum line with his tongue. What is he doing? He thought silently, watching closely.

“Vanpere, I have told you years before how you would regret ever having me here.” JK107’s hand reached up and traced his hand against his chin before reaching inside his mouth and messing with his teeth.

“You already know my answer 107.” It wasn’t the first time that they had this conversation. It started like this then fits of violence. “You know the outcome.”

JK107’s lips pulled up just slightly and Vanpere was flashed something in his mouth. Something pearly white. THAT didn’t make sense. “Yes, but I know,” the hand that had been in his mouth reached to press against the glass, nail starting to run up and down. Vanpere noticed that it was making marks. Another great improvement. “But you don’t know that I will win this round.” Suddenly his lips pulled all the way back, showing long protruding fangs on his upper jaw, almost like a predator.

It was the same time 107 was drawing his hand back so fast that Vanpere had only that brief moment to push his colleague aside before glass shattered, even the metal bent around 107’s hand as it went through and grasped Vanpere’s throat.

Vanpere’s minion gasped in shock as his boss’s body was pulled through that small window, bloody spraying in every direction as 107’s long, violent laughter rang through the air before he heard other strange noises from behind the closed door. He didn’t know what prompted him to turn to look at the security, but the bloody and mutilated body of his boss was now being ripped into like an animal. There was no hesitation and no second between trying to rip limbs and bones apart.

That moment was what brought the scientist back and he scrambled back, slipping on the bloodied floor with his hands, before scrambling outside.

He headed straight for the security office. Eyes wide in terror and a different kind of knowledge. The terrified scientist had rushed to the office and told them about what was happening. They had quickly put an alert out through the facility. After a mere hours after an oncoming hoard of officers and many others going inside through the halls. They rushed another out to the main government body of a warning of what was going to come.

They had not been able to stop this hell in its firsts steps. The very same hell it seemed like to many of the inmates.

“The U.S. government of Disease and Control and the Army have issued a national state of emergency. A hoard of unknown origin has immerged from the Rocky Mountains. These creatures are dangerous and everyone is being advised to stay indoors. The Army and National Guard will be going through all towns to find these creatures and end them. These is some knowledge that we can be joyful about. These creatures do not come out during the day and do not like any form of sunlight.” Only five pictures kept repeating themselves through the news channel throughout the anchor’s speech.

Finally, she told them in a honest and terrified voice, “we are also to be advised not to make conflict with these creatures because any deaths by their hands will turn us into one of them.”

This warning did not help though because the threat was already permanent. No other form of warning was going to work. Humans were rushed by the very same government into hideaways so the human race could be saved.

Years ran by and the creatures, now known as their creature. They were all called Vampires. The knowledge of government involvement was still hidden, unlike the Doctor’s name. The people had demanded something be known about them. The government gave them what they wanted but they were blind to see that it wasn’t even half the truth.

This war would last for decades but become only more prominent as the Vampires finally started to gain some kind of sentience besides mindless, blood-hungry beasts.

This war would end only with the first vampire that it started with. That is was JK107 told all his ‘children’ and that he how he started his great and vast army that spread across the world.

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