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Life for the Chase

By ladyofheavenhell All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Aya is a hardened woman that was raised with seclusion from the rest of the human population in the many small, underground hideaways of human villages. She made it her goal to protect herself from many aspects of her life: men, vampire, and even love. Now she is forced into the very hands that she has been fighting all her life. She doesn't realize that she will be pushed to her limits against the very things that have been set in stone and a secret that she doesn't know of herself will surface. One that has bound her to others.

Chapter 1

Her body was bloody, bruised, cut and mutilated to the point where she wasn't beautiful any longer. That's how the captured looked when they, the vampires, captured each and every human when they went on their search. It was always for more livestock or forceful recruits for the creatures to change.

The humans tried anything that would disgust them enough so they wouldn’t be taken for the donation of blood or become one of them by their choice. But there is always one weird captive that thinks the opposite of the others. Like humans, some like the brutality that others do to themselves, or just the site excites them.

Maybe it's the fact that they're blood suckers, demons of the night or that they're the new rulers of the planet, and the site of blood turns them on.

The creature that chose her had done this horrible wreaking of her body out of desire to see the blood flow from her veins. They loved it when it would pulse out in thick, red wine that they perceived it to be and considered it to be even better than the actual liquor.

She was stuck with all the other humans inside a dark, cramped wagon that shook from side to side as it went down the road to their inevitable fate of slavery or death. The occupants were wailing, yelling and trying with anything they had to get out. Scratching with their nails at the side till their fingers were bloody masses. They knew what would become of them and that single thought drove their instincts up and cried out that they needed to get out. It was all fear.

Some sat there devoid of anything around them, staring off into space like they had given up totally from the useless struggle the get free. They knew their fate and had it in their hearts that there wasn't any possible way out.

A loud bang erupted from one side and a yell," keep quiet or we'll kill you with a slow torture!" The man's voice threatened through.

Her eyes rolled to the ceiling though she couldn't see it. She wondered what would become of her, whether she'd be food or bitten, for the change, into one of them.

Clanking of metal chains and sliding of a door came to her ears and she sat up. Small bits of light pierced through the thick darkness and she moved to her hands and knees to peer out the hole.

She saw other wagons being unloaded. Women clung to their wailing children as they were ushered through different doors that had bars for doors that came up after every person.

The creatures on the other side separated anyone from the other on the other side. The mothers, lovers and entire families were torn apart without any guilt or regret from their captors. Each human was taken through two different doors and disappeared from her sight with yells or crying.

An eye appeared in front of her vision, looking straight back to her and she gave a scream of shock, jumping back from the light. A biter laugh was heard from the same spot and she stood, kicking at the barrier that separated them.

She was lunged back to the floor after the sudden stop made her loose her balance. Her muttered curse slipped from her lips and looked at the door that was opening on her cage.

Everyone inside was cringing back into the shadows, farthest away from the door.

The vampires poured in half a dozen total and took everyone out by force; sometimes using their guns to stun someone that wouldn't come cooperatively. The girl was the last one left and wasn't giving them any luck at getting her out. She was putting up a strong fight against them. Kicking each gun out of their hands then kicking them hard in the neck to make them stumble back away from her.

She was doing so well at defending herself because of the fighting and training she had in her underground colony. They, her group of fighters called Hunters, were trained and taught for an attack on the creatures.

The only reason she got caught in the first place was because another of the devious creatures snuck up on her and hit her unconscious. That's when she got all the cuts and bruises, while she was gone from the world for a few unmemorized minutes.

"Get her someone!" Someone shouted and she licked her lips as she watched each and every creature that surrounded her in the corner. Fangs flashed at them in their snarling faces and she panted heavily as she pushed the guns behind her.

"Get out of my way! I'll deal with her!" Another came and it sounded just like the one that captured her. They moved out of the way and backed out through the door. "Close the door!" He commanded and she glanced at him as the light dimmed and disappeared.

She was left with only the holes on the side to give her a little dull sight. She stared the small outline of his figure and took deep breaths to calm herself enough to fight him off.
He closed in on her and she kicked a gun up to her hand and shot him. She didn't know if it hit him until she heard his growl of pain. "Bitch!" He barked lunging at her and she jumped to the side, rolling back to her feet and threw that weapon straight at his head.

It clanked against the wall and she blinked seeing he disappeared and looked around, flattening herself against the wall. She saw something out of the corner of her eye and looked that way.

She was knocked off her feet and landed on her back with him on top of her. He grabbed her neck with a hard grip and pressed a different gun to her. "Don't think you're getting away. Even if you get past me, you'll still have to deal with the others outside here. You think you're the only one that’s tried this? You're wrong. We’ve dealt with your unrelenting kind many times. You'll just end up dead or a special slave to one of us. Will you come calmly now or will I have to force you out?" He threatened into her ear with his harsh, breathy voice. He turned back to face her and she spat in his face.

Afterward, she head-butted him and brought her knees up to her chest and pushed him hard against the chest and he let her go as he flew into the wall with a thud.

He popped right back up without even a hint that he was hurt.

He lunged right at her and slammed both her arms against the wall, pinned her legs between his and pushed his body on hers so she couldn't get away. "Get in here!"

The door opened again and someone ran over to them and looked at him for a command.

"Shoot her," he growled at him and the man quickly put the end of a weapon to her neck then pulled the trigger.

She screamed from the pain and felt something cold surge up her arm. She felt her mind became fuzzy and shook her head as she began to struggle to not fall asleep. She knew that once she did, that would be the end of it.

Her breath came in heavy pants as she shook her head from side to side. These motions became slower and slower as it drove her mind to darkness and the last thing she heard was his command to the other.

"Get her cleaned up then to the keep. I'll deal with this woman myself since I'm the one that can handle her." He stated and watched as her head lolled side to side then finally stopped, lying against his shoulder. He felt her body relax and turned back to the other to finish what he wanted to say. "Make sure she gets one of those collars or I'll come to you if she doesn't," he handed her to him and walked out without anything else said.

The one that now held her looked down to her passive face and looked at her with guilty eyes. He moved her hair out of her face and sighed," wish I could help but I can't. Hopefully you'll be just a slave or donar instead of a special servant." He whispered and put her over his shoulder walking out also.
She was cleaned, clothed and stuffed into a small chamber that was also dark. A collar put around her neck and asleep peacefully.

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