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A Viking's Possession

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Sophia, 24 is a medical student and goes to Sweden to tour the country. As she visits some ancient runes, she is mysteriously warped into the time of the Vikings, an era of war and bloodshed. She is found by Itzvar the Ruthless, King of his Viking Tribe. He sees her as a pleasure tool, but the more Sophia stays among his people, he soon realizes that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Romance / Fantasy
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Standing five feet and four inches tall, a young woman got out of an airplane as she headed toward the main airport building. The young woman had shoulder-length brunette hair, and her skin was light that would shine in the sunlight. Her eyes were light blue, her lips were small and bright pink, and she had a thin figure.

Sophia POV

I got out of the airplane, then went to the airport and got out. I called for a taxi, and about ten minutes later, the taxi driver drove me out of the airport and off to the streets. I am finally in Sweden! I opened the window and felt the cool breeze hit my face. My hair flowed with the gentle wind. I have seen and read books about Sweden and its history, but this is better than I could ever imagine.

I was tired mentally and physically, but I felt that I needed a vacation. I have traveled to different parts of the world, and now I am here. It is a beautiful, relaxed country, unlike the United States. I am from Long Beach, California, but my father was from Mexico, while my mother was from Argentina.

My mother died from breast cancer when I was ten years old, and my father was never the same after her death. He did his best to provide for both of us. When I was sixteen, I began to work to help out, but I never lacked off from my studies. Then when I turned twenty-one years old, my dad was killed by a drunk driver, and I was left alone. It tore me up, but I knew that I had to care for myself and that no one would help me in this world. I signed up for medical school and got a full-ride scholarship, and worked as an intern.

M parents motivated me to become a doctor, to help cure and save people the best I can. Soon I will achieve my dream; I wish my parents were here with me. A small tear formed in my right eye, but I wiped it off. I closed my eyes as I felt the beautiful breeze.

About forty-two minutes later, we got to the small town that was known for its historical sights. I am staying in a small hotel there.

I finally got to my destination. I thanked the driver, paid him, and went inside the small hotel. The outside looked historic, full of bricks, and plant life on the walls. I checked in, was given my key, and went to the second floor, and my room was on the left side. I went inside, and I smiled. It was a nice small room with pictures hung on the walls, and the hotel room decorated the walls with light colors. There was one queen-sized bed, a mirror, a closet, and a bathroom.

I knew that I was going to have fun.

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