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Samantha Davenport is in an intimate relationship with a mystery guy that only exists in her dreams. Dreams with this man have felt more real to her than real life. Problem is, it's just a dream, and she's tired of saving herself for Mr. Right. Will she ever meet a guy like him? Unbeknownst to Sam, she is a witch, bound to never know until her 18th birthday. She's not just any witch but the seventh generation born. A very powerful witch, destined to restore the magic of the entire coven by becoming the next Matriarch of the East Coast Coven of Witches. Secrets, lies, betrayal and attempted murder. Passion, desire, obsession, and love. Destiny awaits… underneath the magic.

Romance / Fantasy
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Seduction of the soul. What is it? I’ve read that your mind, body and soul belong solely to you. But what if it didn’t? What if it belonged to someone else? With someone else. Is it truly yours? Was it ever? Are your actions made up of the desires of another? Like a puppet on a string, you dance because they will it.

Your mind is the ocean. Your soul is the tide, being pulled by the moon. Who is the moon, you ask? Your other half, your mate. The one you are destined to be with. The pull reaches inside every cell, every molecule, burning on fire. You are one part of a whole. It calls to you. Like a beacon of light on the shore, showing you the way home.

It’s within your grasp, you can almost taste it. What does it taste like? Is it bitter? Would you let it be? Could you change it, if you wanted to? That sweet succulent smell that only attracts you, like bees to honey. What’s keeping you from its warm embrace? What’s holding you down, drowning in silence? Is it the life you’ve created in a world that’s not meant for you? Is it the mundane, humdrum existence that you call life? What would you do to escape the boundaries of this life, this world you are in now? Would you take a walk with me? Would you dive into a realm disguised by the ordinary?

Building a relationship takes time and trust. Will you trust me to take you on this journey? A journey to a world where magic thrives in the creatures of myth and fantasy. They are hidden within the human world and realms beyond your imagination. Hidden to protect themselves. Follow me into a life of secrets, lies, betrayal, attempted murder, passion, desire, lust, and love; destiny awaits... underneath the magic.

To enhance your experience, I’ve mentioned songs along the way. To really connect with the character’s emotions and feel what they feel, take a few minutes to pull up the music on Spotify, YouTube or another music channel that allows you to search for each song. WARNING: This series is written for the open-minded. It contains foul language and detailed sexual acts that may otherwise be taboo. 18+ Romance Fantasy Erotica.

Search YouTube or Spotify for my playlist:


Song Playlist

1. Wicked Game - by Ursine Vulpine ft. Annaca (Flutag Remix)

2. Uninvited - by Alanis Morrissette

3. You - by Lucy Daydream

4. Breathe you In My Dreams - by Trixie Whitley

5. A Storm is Comin’ - by Tommee Profitt (feat. Liv Ash)

6. Don’t Close Your Eyes - by Sam Tinnesz

7. La Serenissima – by Loreena McKennitt

8. Halo - Sung by Peter Katz (Beyonce Cover)

9. Paralyzed - by NF (Piano String Version)

10. Land of Confusion - Hidden Citizens

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