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Chapter 1 ~ The Dream

I’m laying in bed, covers wrapped around me tightly. My mind is finally slowing down, as my eyelids grow heavy.

Suddenly, I feel cold. My eyes fly open, and I feel wide awake, standing with my hands and back up against a wooden door. It’s dark. Am I dreaming? It feels real.

The handle of the door is digging into the small of my back. Where am I? I feel the hairs on my arms stand as a chill runs down my back. Am I in a basement? My eyes adjust to the room that I recognize. I feel like I’ve been here before, but only in my dreams.

I am dreaming.

As I push off from the door, it shakes, making the sound echo through the room, giving me a sense of how immense it really is. As I step further into the room, there aren’t any windows to let in any light. I see the familiar high, dilapidated brick walls covered with objects, I can’t quite make out. I can barely see that I am wearing a thin white dress... but... not a wedding dress, more like an undergarment, a slip dress. The straps hug my shoulders, flowing over my breasts, and a soft movement of air makes my nipples peak against the fabric.

The icy, hard floor stings my feet as I walk slowly toward a round bed, now barely visible. I knew it was there because I’ve had this dream before. There is a dim glow of light, shining like the moon from high above, allowing me to see the bed as if it were luminous.

I close my eyes and breathe in deep, smelling the sweet floral tone of roses. This is all familiar to me, I’ve met him here before.

Sometimes we meet on a beach at dusk, watching the sunset as I sit in his lap, arms wrapped around me and his head nuzzling in the crook of my neck. I never see his face fully. The only parts of his face I ever see clearly are his eyes and sometimes the glimpse of his hair falling over one eye. But the part I see the most is, his lips forming a devilish grin that makes my knees weak. The lips I yearn to kiss. I always feel his body wrapped around mine, every time we meet.

I open my eyes slowly. Walking closer, I step on something soft, velvety between my toes. I’m getting closer. I’m almost there, almost to the bed. I see red rose petals tossed all over the silk white sheets.

Where is he? I feel him watching me. As I feel his eyes gazing over my body, I am unable to move. My heart begins to race with excitement and I start to tremble. My blood begins to rush through my veins as if it were set on fire with passion and desire. I look around, but still don’t see him in the surrounding darkness. My body quivers with the thought of his touch again, even though he has only touched me in my dreams. I run my hand across the surface of the bed and feel the velvet touch of the sweet-smelling rose petals; this gets my body raging with desire.

This means that he is very close. He’s here, but I can’t see him. Suddenly, I feel him behind me. His body heat warmed my back and ass, making me press my buns back to feel more of him. He places a firm hold on my wrists as if I’m his prisoner, and I’m enchanted with his nice firm grip. My heart beats a mile a minute when I feel his stubble on his chin, scrub my soft skin. It’s him! My mystery man. The one I want to be real, more than life itself. Adrenaline rushes through my veins in anticipation of what’s to come.

His body presses against my back, warming me further. Thick, hard muscles against my back like a second skin. With his other free hand, he takes his inner 3 fingers and glides from my waist down to my hip. His hand wraps tightly around my waist and pulls me gently, but with eagerness, backwards against his hardness, showing me how bad he wants me. Oh, he feels so good. My body melts with his touch. My head tilts back and rests on his hard, muscular chest that flexes when we touch.

He loosens my wrist from his firm, tight grip, and lifts my arm above my head as if we are dancing. He steps back at the same time, and his body heat leaves me cold and longing for more. He spun me around so that I was facing him. But, I still can’t make out his face. Who cares? I lift both arms up and rest them around his neck. I lean my lower body against him, and we connect once more. God, I want him inside of me, RIGHT FUCKING NOW! He steps forward, pushing me back, and my upper body loses equilibrium. I don’t fall back fast, his strong, ripped arms hold me steady as he lays me down on my back.

His one hand is gently behind my upper neck, cradling my head tenderly. His other hand lowers me down on the bed, using leverage right above my hip. His body is hovering above mine. My legs automatically open as an invitation to enter my sweet spot. His knee is placed between my thighs. The bed shifts down, making a dent in the mattress. As my body slides down, the wetness between my legs leaves a moist kiss on his thigh. I feel that wonderful wet sensation as his thigh rubs my lady lips. It feels so good again, even though he has never really touched me.

As he’s on top of me, I open my eyes. My body starts to quiver with delight as my cheeks flush and my temperature begins to rise. I feel excited because in my last few dreams, I haven’t been with him.

This strong connection formed between us is like an erupting volcano; powerful, compelling forces I can not see. I reach my hands between us, stroking his hard, rippled abs. His body shutters, breathing deeply and labored like my touch is driving him crazy, bound to lose control. He closes his eyes and lets out a low groan. It’s sexy as hell and I want to lick every inch of his skin. I still can’t see clearly, but I can fondle him. Moving my hands, ever slowly, up to his feverish chest, flicking his tight nipples. He grabs my wrists, not to hurt me, but to take back control and pulls my hands away, placing them above my head in his vise grip hands. I whine at the denial to explore his flesh.

His lustful eyes are an incredible blue-green, stare at me with such intensity. I notice a flicker of honey gold, glowing in his iris as they begin to dilate. I can feel the hunger in them, and it’s pouring off his skin with his scent so intoxicating, making me dizzy and my breath heavy; sending goosebumps prickling down my arms and the hairs on my body erect from my head to my toes.

He’s so close, I can feel his heavy breath on my lips. Our noses almost touch, stealing my breath as if it is one breath shared between us. God, I’m in love with this man, and he’s not even real. I don’t want to fall in love with an illusion, my dream lover... A song enters my mind, ‘Wicked Game’ by Ursine Vulpine ft. Annaca (Flutag Remix).

Our eyes are still locked. I am frozen in this moment, I don’t move, in fear that this dream will end. He smiles at me with a devilish grin, knowing what effect he has on me, sending tingling sparks throughout my body, making my heart pound in my chest again.

He leans in, pressing his bare muscular chest up against my heaving breasts. I can feel his heart thumping like a freight train. I take a deep breath in, to smell him. The sweet but masculine aroma of vanilla and musk soothes my nerves. His eyes widened and that grin again, teasing me. As he traces a line, barely touching me, with his middle finger, starting just below my earlobe along my neck, down to my collarbone, I gasp and let out a moan. His hot, heavy breath sends butterflies to my belly, fluttering to my love box, making the wetness flow.

He whispers softly in my ear as his hairbrushes my cheek and his lips touch gently to my earlobe.

“You are mine,” he flicks his tongue out, pulling the lobe into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it. Oh my god, he’s playing me like putty in his hands. My panties are soaked, and I swear I almost cum just from those words and his deep growl as he whispered them in my ear.

I should feel scared, but everything feels right, like my body knows him and I crave this as much as he does. He lets go of my left wrist, gliding his knuckles slowly down my arm to caress my shoulder. I gasp for air from his feather light touch, my breath hitches. His lips softly tickled my neck along my carotid artery, down to my chest, nipping at my sizzling flesh. I lift one leg, wrapping it around his hip, pulling him closer. He growls in approval, licking the outline of my slip dress, pulling my strap from my shoulder, across my breast as he devours my exposed nipple and... and.

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