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Chapter 3 - Unwanted Texts

I stare off and try to remember the explanation for my sleepless nights… My mystery lover.

It was one of those dreams, you know, the kind that you would play over and over in your mind, so you get it just right and not leave out any detail, when you want to recall it. I had wanted to go back into that dream all morning, not wanting to get up. I feel a little dizzy as I reminisce over the details, while biting my lip.

Needless to say, dreams like this one make me tingle all over. Evident by the way I woke up this morning. My body reacting to just the thought of his wicked smile, his captivating eyes that seem to look right into my soul. The feeling of his lips as they flutter gently across my….

“Samantha Davenport!!! Are you okay?” she said with a hint of sarcasm, but at the same time I could tell she is worried. Another text from Brian set my phone vibrating again. I ignore it.

“Yes… I’m fine,” I lie.

“Really? Cuz you’re about to put salt in your coffee,” She laughs, shaking her head at me. I was staring off into space again… blinking my eyes and shaking my head to bring myself back to reality. A reality I want nothing to do with. Can’t I just go back to bed?

“O-oh, damn it!” I slam the salt dispenser down on the counter, sending salt crystals bouncing along the granite countertop. My phone got another message from Brian, I looked at it, frowning, and then turned it off.

Brian: When will you talk to me then?

Brian: I need to talk to you before you leave.

“Maybe I shouldn’t go, it’s been way too long. I-I doubt they would even recognize me anymore!” I say with panic in my voice and looking at Josie with anxious, pleading eyes in hope that she would agree with me. Abandoning my coffee, I turn toward Josie.

“You really have to calm down. It’s only a visit during spring break. I’ll be there for your birthday. I promise!” Her eyes had that ‘not so amused look’ to them as she swept the salt crystals into the sink, washing them down the drain. She grabs the sugar, fixing my coffee and hands it to me. What would I do without her?

“Okay… thank you,” I say, gesturing to my mug.

Sure, just a visit. It’s only… my 18th birthday. We should be concentrating on graduating, not having a long, boring stay with my grandmother.

What was I thinking? That’s not true. My grandmother is anything but boring. I just wanted to be difficult and stubborn. Yes, it was childish, but I don’t really care right now. I just want to go back to bed and dream a little more. My dreams have felt more real to me lately, anyway. Besides, I haven’t been back to grandmothers since the funeral.

My mom, Madeline Davenport, passed away from cancer two years ago, the day after my birthday. Grandmother was so sweet to take care of all the arrangements and expenses. It was nice to have family help out during that hard time. I especially don’t know what I would have done without the support of my best friend, either. Josie was my rock and I still lean on her often. The grief counselor my grandmother set me up with, Mrs. Gentry, says that the only reason why I hate my birthday, is because my mother died so close to it.

I just think I hate my birthday. What’s to like? All your relatives come to have cake and ice cream, and they’re loud people that you don’t know or even recognize. Everyone is hugging you, asking you personal questions that embarrass you, and it’s all just too overwhelming. My mother always made it special and knew that I just liked a small get together with one friend and not make a big to-do about it. When she passed away, I was lost and didn’t want to even celebrate the next year. This year is no different.

My father, Kyle Davenport, was killed in a car accident when I was three years old, a few months before my fourth birthday. I don’t remember much about him or his side of the family. I’ve been told he was an only child and his parents died when he was young.

My mom and I lived by ourselves until she moved me onto campus for high school. I’ve always gone to a private school, even in grade school, but I lived off campus with my mom. Josie’s mom decided it would be a good idea if we both went to high school together, and we’ve lived here ever since. I would have stayed home, but my mom was sick a lot and was staying away at cancer centers and different hospitals for all kinds of treatments.

She wouldn’t let me take care of her. She said she didn’t want me to lose my most precious years of youth staying home, playing maid or doctor. Eventually, she got more sick and lost her battle with cancer.

Since then, it’s just been Josie and my grandmother in my life. Oh, and James. I can’t forget James. He’s my grandmothers ‘special helper’. They are the only ones I can count on now. He’s been like a father to me. I don’t know how he would feel about that. Me, thinking of him as a father or more like a grandfather.

I really have had a hard time lately, and I wish my mom was here. I miss her so much. A tear starts to form, and I hold back my emotions. I don’t want Josie to worry. I sniffle and take the last gulp of sickly sweet liquid intelligence.

“Okay… It’s time to go!” I say with frustration and a truck load of anxiety building up inside me. I set my empty mug in the sink, on my way out toward the foyer.

“Be sure to call me when you get in!” Josie hollers, as I pick up my bag, flinging it over my shoulder and head out the door.

“Of course, I will!” I shout as the door slams shut.

I finally turn on my phone again, and it erupts with messages. Brian is really getting on my nerves!

Brian: Come on, Sam, we need to talk.

Brian: I’m coming over!

Brian: Don’t leave yet, please

Brian: I’m sorry, please don’t go

Brian: Fine! Don’t talk to me!!!

Brian: I’m kidding, don’t go! I have to see you.

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