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Chapter 4 - The Uber

I sigh and walk over to the Uber. I lean into the window to say hello to the driver, as he smiles and gets out, walking toward the back of the car to open the trunk.

He asks with a questionable tone, as he pointed toward me, “Samantha Davenport?”

“That’s me! ” I say enthusiastically, letting him take my bag to put it in the trunk. He is a short, chunky man with a long beard and mustache. He looks like he lives in his car and is desperately in need of a barber and a shower. I turn my head away, taking in a breath, hoping he doesn’t notice.

He opens the passenger door for me, something I didn’t expect. He’s a gentleman.

“So, you’re headed to Norwell?” he asked with the decay and stench of halitosis wafting from his dry, cracked lips. I stared at him as if it were a pop quiz and not a simple question I should know the answer to. He waited patiently for me to reply. I wanted to gag.

“Um… Yes, to my family’s country estate.” I reply with a quick smile. He smiles back.

“I have the address, and it’s about 45 minutes away,” he stated, looking at his cell phone.

He looks kind of rough around the edges, but my mother told me to never judge a book by its cover. Seems like a very nice man.

“Thanks,” I said, climbing into the back of the vehicle with the sound of stiff old vinyl, wrinkling under my weight, as I sat on the seat being held together by duct tape. I want to pull my shirt up over my nose. It smells like stale cigarettes, old rotting trash and Christmas trees. But, oddly enough, the seat seems clean despite the vomit inducing aroma.

I roll down the window a crack, lean back and rest my head on the headrest. I close my eyes and start to think about my mom.

Remembering how we used to visit grandmother at her country estate, bake cookies and laugh at grandmothers’ made up songs.

I remember the smell of the ocean on a gentle breeze; the way the trees flowed back and forth, filling my nose with earthy tones. God, I miss it!

Another message from Brian. I ignore it. Then a song comes on the radio, ‘You’ by Lucy Daydream.

I lay in the back of the Uber, listening to the lyrics. When images pop into my head, reliving the hell that happened the night things changed between Brian and me. It was a week ago, but it seems like yesterday. The pain in my heart is a permanent stain on my soul, and it bleeds for the loss of my friend and protector.

Remembering the details etched into my mind… I recall…

Brian came over to pick me up for a pre-spring break party. I decided to dress up, because Josie was supposed to meet us there, when she got off work, and she always looked beautiful. I kind of get jealous when she and I are together because every guy, I kinda like, seems to always have interest in her and never looks my way.

Brian was the only exception. He’s good-looking, for sure, but we aren’t like that. At least it’s not like that for me. Brian has always looked out for me. We hang out a lot, usually at my place. We’ve often laughed at some of the guy’s Josie would bring back to our dorm. She’s not a slut, just a bit promiscuous. She repeatedly says,” Why is it okay for a guy but not a girl?” She always made sure to be safe and never got too attached to any of them.

Brian picked me up and took me to the party, arriving fashionably late. We pulled into the driveway, the immensity of the estate made me feel unworthy to step foot inside. Its luxury was at the top of the elite.

As we walked up to the door, I noticed that it would have accommodated a full-grown elephant, if it walked through it, without hitting the frame. The door opened, and I immediately saw the dark black, marble flooring that shined like wet paint with veins that slithered to the foot of a vast curving staircase that probably went to heaven.

There was a live D.J. screaming into the microphone for everyone to get up and join in. It was corny, but it was the Y.M.C.A. Who doesn’t dance to the Y.M.C.A.?

Brian took my hand and pulled me, protectively to his side, through the crowded foyer into the oversized white walled hallways, lined with kegs and people waiting to get their traditional red cup filled to the brim with frothy brew.

We walked through a large room that I could only imagine was the living room, since every surface available was covered with bodies dancing and fooling around with one another. It gave a new meaning to the term table dancing. The Y.M.C.A. ended, and a new song came on. Some, Lords of Acid party remix, I wasn’t interested in paying attention to.

We made our way toward the back patio. Chlorine hit my nose and I knew we were near the pool. Splashing and laughter became louder, over the thumping of the music, as the glass patio door slid open and disappeared into the wall. I had only seen a door like this in the movies. I remember, it made me laugh inside.

Brian had sat me down at one of the round patio tables along the pool. The kind you’d expect to see with a giant umbrella, standing in the middle, angled just enough to shade you from the scorching sun or the rain, as long as it didn’t come in sideways.

I slid into the chair, tugging at the hem of my skirt that was riding up a little too much. I crossed my legs and laid my hands in my lap to cover my exposure.

” I’m gonna go get us some refreshments. You good?” he pointed at me, waiting for my reply.

“Huh? Oh, yeah… I’m great right here.” waving him off, absentmindedly, while people-watching.

There were people playing volleyball at one end and couples embraced against the sides, making out along the deeper end of the pool. My eyes landed on one particular couple getting hot and heavy, right out here for all to see. Not caring who watched the show. It was as if they were in their own little world.

They were in a tiny cove, at the furthest ends of the pool. There were large leafed, banana palms with flowering, bushy plants bordered all around them, giving the illusion of privacy. His back was to me, pinning her back, up against the side of the pool, just beside the waterfall.

Just watching them kissing ignited a heat in my nether region. My thighs squeezed together. I felt like I was intruding on a feverish act of passion. It was my personal peep show. Her eyes opened and locked onto mine. She gasped, her excitement was evident with a moan and breathed in heavily. Her chest heaved with each breath. I couldn’t look away, and she liked it. He responded to her excitement and pushed his body into her even more. His muscles flexed over his shoulders, down his arms and back. It was beautiful.

Her legs wrapped around his waist. She didn’t look away from me. The connection between us stoked the fire in my veins. I wanted to watch them, to see her orgasm spread over her beautiful, blushed face. I wanted to watch his body as it tensed, with every sexy muscle, as he released his seed deep inside her.

My breathing grew harder, and I wanted to touch myself. Where was my mystery man when I needed him? I squeezed my thighs together and felt my clit throb with the tiniest of friction. I growled with frustration. I remembered thinking… Would anyone see me, if I were to rub myself under this table in the dark?

Her arms caressed around his head, his face was in the crook of her neck. I couldn’t see where his hands were, but I imagined them firmly holding her hips or ass as he lifted her up to have her fall back down, over and over. The water moved with ripples out to the opposite edge of the pool. Their splashing blended with the others, who frolicked in its cool depths.

I felt a gush of wetness escaping to my panties.

If I didn’t know any better, I would have sworn he was fucking her right in that pool. I couldn’t hear the sounds she was obviously making, but I definitely saw her pleasure written all over her face.

Mmmm, that was delicious. With my hands still in my lap, I covered one hand with the other, letting my fingers drop under the seam of my skirt. I pressed between my wet lips and found the target. I circled my nub and let a moan slip from my lips, as I rubbed my clit through my panties.

I turned my head quickly, moved my hand back on top of my skirt, and looked in the direction that Brian returned. He had carried a couple of drinks and a large paper bowl filled with fruit topped with whipping cream to the table.

I heard a grunt and a high-pitched moan in the distance, that confirmed what I had just witnessed, but was disappointed I didn’t get to see the climax.

Brian smirked,” Did you enjoy the show?” My face heated up as it turned bright red with embarrassment.

Oh, my god! How long had he been standing there? Was he watching me? I was busted… guilty as charged. I was a perverted peeping Tom!

Brian chuckled at my red face.“Don’t be embarrassed, beautiful. They do this often. They get off on it. That’s my friend Mike and his girl Tiffany. She’s a stripper at his club.”

He handed me the fruit bowl, since I’m not a big drinker. What I didn’t know was, at the time, the fruit was spiked, and I had thought it kind of tasted odd, but Brian said it tasted fine to him.

Being that I never had it before, I ended up eating two bowls of the delicious stuff, and then… he got me some jello. I told him just one.

That’s all it took.

Was I just stupid or what? I didn’t know what the stuff was, and I certainly didn’t expect Brian to get me drunk. He was one of my friends, my protector. I trusted him!

My head was spinning, and I felt heavy with each step I took. We stumbled around dancing for a while and the next thing I knew…

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