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Chapter 6 ~ The Stables

I inhale deeply, to clear my head from further thoughts of Brian. I open my eyes to see the beautiful wild flowers, on the secluded road, winding past unique stone walls and stately maples.

We come into view of a magnificent Federal-Style Colonial that was built in 1862, but was updated with a Campbell-Smith design in 2009. At least that’s what I was told. Guess my architecture classes are paying off, I laugh to myself. I vaguely remember the construction going on, and maybe that was the real reason why my mom and I moved out so soon after my grandfather was killed.

Rolling down the window, I slowly inhale, sighing with content.

I love this view! It resonates with peace, tranquility, and beauty beyond comparison. My eyes scan to the south, admiring the lush green grass with pops of colorful flowers, shaded by trees to have my sight land on the rather large, faded sky blue and white colored stables.

Starlight! Oh, I can’t wait to see her! I thought excitedly as the driver pulled up the long, stone sculpted driveway, parking alongside the steps, leading to my childhood castle. I open the car door before we come to a complete stop, throwing the door open and swinging my feet out. I sit there for a moment, breathing in the familiar smells of home. So glad I don’t have to fake being nose blind to the toxic stench any longer.

The driver steps out of the vehicle, making it rock slightly, and the passenger door swung back, hitting my left knee. Ouch! I rub my knee as I stand up, turn around and slam the door shut.

“Stupid, smelly, piece of crap car!” I murmur under my breath while walking toward the trunk to fetch my bag from the driver.

“Wow, beautiful!” he whispers under his breath. I don’t think he meant for me to hear him, but I did. I turn and thank him. He gets back into his dump on wheels of a car and pauses for a minute, taking in the rest of the estate, as far as he can see anyway. When he drives off, I drop my bag and head to the stables.

I’m excited, but nervous to be here. I can’t wait to see what changes my grandmother has made, if any, since I’ve been away. Knowing her, she’s redecorated half a dozen times over the last couple of years. All of that will have to wait because my heart is dead set on seeing my horse. I’ve missed her so much.

“Starlight?” I call softly. I can hear her as I come around the corner. Starlight is a Golden Akhal-Teke, the Supermodel of horses, I’m told. Her golden metallic palomino coat is absolutely breathtaking.

I squint my eyes, feeling the sting of the sun as I lift my hand to shade my vision and peek around the side of the metal building. The doors are open, and I jump, startled and step back, out of sight. There, standing next to Starlight, is a man I don’t remember seeing before.

His hand glides over Starlight’s back, pushing the water away. She must have been really muddy for him to wash her like that.

I can’t stop staring at him. He is shirtless, with sweat droplets rolling down his neck onto his masculine chest.

He is tall, at least six feet or more, but almost everyone is taller than I am. His dark brown wavy hair is cut collar length, and he moves his hand through his bangs to keep it from falling into his eyes.

I feel like a stalker invading his personal space, undressing him with my eyes. Well, he was practically there already without his shirt. I admire his tan olive skin, square chiseled jaw with sculpted beard scruff, the flex of muscle in his neck, shoulders, and chest down to his rock-hard abs that led its way to that perfect v-shape. My eyes linger there for a moment then slowly down his hips, to the tight jeans that hug his beautifully tone butt, that led down to his work boots on his feet.

My heart starts to beat faster and my breathing deeper. I really have an appreciation of how sexy this man is. I sigh, as if there is no way this guy could ever want someone like me. I can’t help myself. I feel a tug at my heart. It is something I have never felt before. At least not while awake. I stood there ogling him.

His muscles flex a bit as he strokes the water away, making a splatter sound as it falls to the ground. It was erotic watching his hands move over her golden body, wondering what they would feel like on me.

This is wrong, I can’t be thinking like this, I don’t even know this man, I thought embarrassed. But, I couldn’t deny my attraction to him. It is like I have no control over myself. I want him to want me. Why would I want that? Why would I care?

I hear him singing something under his breath. I can’t understand the words, but the melody sounds beautiful. I am drawn to him, so much more than just his looks, although it certainly did help. It is like I know him, that is my feeling anyway, a feeling of coming home. But, my head gets in the way. I know, logically, I don’t know him. He is standing there washing my horse. My horse!

Why is he washing my horse? Is he the stable help? Yeah, that has to be it because why else would some insanely handsome man be in my grandmother’s stable. Stop stressing about this Sam and just go ask him or chicken out and go ask grandmother. I vote for chicken out… I’ll go ask my grandmother!

As I was about to walk away, he sprayed some water on his neck and chest as it rolled down his rock-hard abs. I start to breathe heavily as I back up further to hide from his view, so I could watch him some more. Oh, my god, he’s gorgeous! I thought excitedly. My body quivers and I realize he looks so familiar...

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