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Bonus Chapter 3: The Truth is Out (Dickson)

For once he wishes he wasn’t born as a Knight. Being the oldest son of the well-known businessman in the country, people have too many expectations from him, and he fucking hates it.

Dickson has tried hard, very hard, to please his father from the start. His childhood was all about getting him prepared to be a leader. His parents sent him to homeschool to make sure he focused on his studies and got the best benefit from the one-on-one attention. He didn’t go out to public playgrounds. He even didn’t hang out with the kids in the neighborhood. As far as he remembers, his childhood friends were the kids of his father’s business connections -if he could call them friends, and he barely talks to them now.

Once graduating from homeschooling, he went to a prestigious private business school in town. It was where he met a bunch of rich assholes who had the same life baggage as him: being the next family business successor. However, he did it willingly because his father always told him he was born for that. Ignoring a faint voice in his head whispering that it was probably not the life he wanted, he set his mind on reaching his goals.

Until he met her.

She applied for an executive assistant position in his company just to spite her family. She wanted to show them that she could stand on her feet without their support. He will never forget how she looked at him square in the eye and said, “I’m a rebel. But that’s only when people don’t respect my values. I understand being independent isn’t easy but I want to go with what I believe is right.”

It was the moment he fell for her. Not merely because of her beauty and her rebellious nature, he also could see himself through her life story. Only, he didn’t dare to go against his family’s demands. The woman was his fantasy, literally and figuratively.

Yes, Diandra Durand had him at hello.

The thing is, there have been too many hellos in these past five years. Diandra comes and goes as she pleases.


Dickson hasn’t seen Diandra since the news about her pregnancy was announced. He promised himself he will never again be involved with that woman, yet he is now stepping aside while opening his door to let her in. It was two nights ago when he made a fool of himself in front of Charlie, pouring his heart out like a desperate man, and made a vow he will get over Diandra in no time. But once Diandra called and asked if she could see him, he said yes. Is he out of his mind?

“Hi. Thank you for letting me come. I’m sorry, I didn’t know where to go. I just can’t be home right now,” Diandra says, eyeing him as he closes the door.

“It’s okay. Things get rough at home?”

“Yeah. My parents are driving me crazy. They will never stop until Ashton agrees to set the date. I just don’t wanna deal with it at the moment.”

“Well, what can I say?” Dickson slips his hands into his pockets. “My brother can be very stubborn when people push him.”

Diandra nods. “I know.”

Unlike the last time he saw her at Chloe’s party, Diandra looks much fresher now. The paleness has left her skin and her body seems fuller; she must have gained some weight from the pregnancy. If Dickson didn’t look closely, he wouldn’t be able to notice the bump under her A-line dress.

“I’m sorry this happened to you,” Dickson says. Deep down, he’s also sorry that he will do anything in his power to prevent Ashton from marrying her. At least not until the baby is born.

She shrugs and walks over to his living room. “It will pass.” She plops down on his couch and leans back. “I just want to forget about it. And call me crazy but–” she glances at him, smiling, “I’ve missed you.”

I’ve missed you. Dickson curses inwardly. This is not going to end well. Picking up her phone call wasn’t a good idea after all. What did he expect? Did he think he would be able to resist her after so many failed attempts he had in the past?

Or maybe he doesn’t need to resist this time. Maybe it’s time to show his ass little brother what kind of life he would have with his woman when they got married. Even with his baby snuggling in her belly, Diandra still crawls to his big brother’s bed, wanting his Dickie’s dick.

Dickson hopes that it will buy him and Emily some time before they can start to attack Durand’s family.

“Is everything okay?”

Diandra’s voice pulls Dickson from his bubble of thoughts. He quickly shakes his head and flashes his Dickey smile. “Yes, of course. And Dee, I’m glad you’re here.” Though I’m going to screw you this time.

He’s so used to having only a piece of her and it never bothers him. Despite his intense connection with her, he never wants an exclusive relationship. Heck, he doesn’t know what he wants from women, but it’s not going to put a ring on their finger. However, tonight is not about having Diandra. It’s about her folks planning to rob his family and he has to do something about it.

He’s still a Knight after all; he’s still his father’s oldest son.


He doesn’t get it. What is the hell happening? Why is Charlie now lying flat on her back, on the photocopy room floor? Did he do it? Or was it Ashton ramming into her when he blew a punch to his face?

“Charlie! Fuck! Are you okay?” Dickson hurries at her but Ashton, who is already on his knees next to her, sends him a deadly glare.

“Don’t you dare come closer,” Ashton says before shifting his gaze to Charlie, taking her hand in his. “How do you feel? Can you move your body?”

Watching the concern in Ashton’s face and how tender his voice is, Dickson frowns. He’s never seen his brother this attentive and careful with a woman. Does co-parenting bring the two this close regardless of the messiness Ashton has created? Or Charlie is just too forgiving? Whatever it is, he wishes he had this too with the mother of his child. Ashton is a lucky bastard.

Instead of replying to Ashton, Charlie stares blankly at the ceiling, probably still trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Did she get hurt? Oh, or did she maybe lose her memory from the bump?

Dickson squats and carefully touches her shoulder. “Charlie, can you see us? Do you recognize us?”

Ashton’s eyes narrow at Dickson’s hand, followed by a deep growl escaping his brother’s throat. “Hands off!”

To his relief, Charlie finally moves and props herself up with her elbows. “I’m alright, guys. I’m fine.”

Dickson lets out a sigh of relief. “Thank god you’re alright! We didn’t know you were in the room.”

Ashton has his hand around Charlie’s shoulders, his eyes fixed on her face, studying her. “I’m taking her to her office now.”

“No. I am taking her to her office. Let her go. She’s my responsibility in this building.” Dickson wraps his finger around Charlie’s arm, careful not to hurt her.

“The hell I will leave her with you.”

“I’m not going to say this twice, Ashton. Let her go.”

“Guys, please, stop!” Charlie says, messaging her temple. “You two are acting like kids fighting over a toy. And bashing each other’s face just for what? A woman? Really? Do you think she will appreciate this? Give her a break. She’s pregnant for god sake.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Ashton asks. “Wait, do you think it’s about Diandra?”

“I heard what you guys were fighting about. Sean and I...” She pauses as she looks at the door. She then lets out a soft gasp when she sees several people standing at the doorway, gawking at them. “People are looking now. Just stop this stupidity at once!”

“But it’s not about her.” Ignoring her remark, Ashton keeps his voice low but it’s loud enough for Dickson to hear it.

“Wait. It’s not? I thought it was about the photo of me screwing her last weekend,” he says, getting confused every second.

“You slept with Diandra?” Charlie’s eyes widen.

“It was her?” Ashton looks perplexed. “It’s not Char?”

What the hell is happening? Did Ashton think it was Charlie in the picture? Was that the reason he ambushed him here on his floor and punched him square on the jaw? Noticing a faint smile in the corners of Ashton’s lips, Dickon knows the answer to his questions right away. How could he not realize this earlier? His little brother has feelings for Charlie!

“Miss Garnett, someone just reported that you got hit by Mr. Knight. Are you alright?” Mrs. Smith emerges from the door, splitting the crowd into two. Her scrutinizing eyes sweep over Ashton’s face then his face. “And which Mr. Knight is responsible for this?”

Shit. Not this nosey-posey woman again.


Dickson checks his watch for the third time, wondering what time Ashton usually leaves work. He knows his brother is a workaholic but it’s past nine now and there is no schedule for a late board meeting this evening. Is he planning to sleep in his office room?

Just when he decides to leave and try this another day, the elevator bell dings, followed by the doors sliding open. In the next second, his brother emerges from the car while his hand cradles his reddened cheek. Ashton whines once he sees Dickson leaning on his black Mercedez.

“What do you want now? Is an hour of being interrogated by the Human Resource Chief not enough? Or do you want to finish where we were left off?”

Shaking his head, Dickson chuckles before it turns into a wince. The stinging pain on his jaw is getting more prominent. “I just want to hear you say it.”

“Say what?”

“That you’re not marrying Dee.”

Ashton raises his eyebrows. “What does it have anything to do with you if I marry her or not?” He then clicks his tongue as he smirks. “Right, it has everything to do with you.”

Dickson clenches his jaws and winces once again. A fucking useless jaw, he curses inwardly. “It’s not that. It’s about her family trying to rip us off and you’ve been so oblivious about this.”

“Oblivious how?”

“Well, you’ve been fully supporting Dee and her family in the past few months as if you were on board with all their plans for you and the baby.”

“I supported Dee because the baby in her belly is probably mine. What’s the problem with that?”

“You’re letting her family come too close and tell you what to do, Ashton. That’s the problem. Didn’t you see that they’re pushing you to marry Dee so that their grandson has the right over our company? The grandson who will be pulling them out of the financial dead-end. It’s a scam!”

“And why do you think I wasn’t aware of that?”

Because you love Dee and want to make her happy. That would be the answer if he didn’t witness how Ashton looked at Charlie in the photocopy room and how carefully he handled her as if she was fragile porcelain. Obviously, he has misjudged this whole situation.

Dickson shrugs. “Look, things have been crazy lately. Emily is not doing well because she’s afraid you will succumb to Durand’s demand. Mom has been worrying about her more than losing our money.”

“Is it short of blackmailing?”

“No. I’m just trying to tell you what’s going on. Emily is your sister for god sake.”

Ashton scoffs. “Tell Emily that I’m not her. I won’t jeopardize my family money for my lover.”

“You’re being too harsh on her, man.”

“Then she shouldn’t assume anything about what I’m going to do. She doesn’t know shit about me.”

“Because you never talk to her, to us!”

“Why would I talk about this to you? I can decide for myself.”

Dickson takes a deep breath, trying to control his growing frustration. Talking to his stubborn brother is more painful than talking to a random crazy dude on the street. “So,” he says, propping himself from Ashton’s car. “There will be no wedding?”

Ashton doesn’t answer right away. Instead, he stares at Dickson for several seconds, seeming to contemplate his answer. His red and swollen upper cheek makes his face look uneven. Dickson would have laughed if they weren’t having a serious talk.

“No. How can I marry Dee when I love someone else?”

Dickson nods, feeling relieved because he has finally heard what he wanted to hear. “Dee has been filling me in on how you were just playing around with Charlie. That you were only using her for a distraction. But from what I saw today, I know it’s not the case.”

“Very observant of you.”

“How did Charlie take this situation by the way? I bet she’s not very happy about Dee being pregnant.”

A sad glint flashes in Ashton’s eyes, but it’s gone in one blink of an eye, making Dickson think he was just imagining it. “Not very happy indeed.”

“Clearly, you still want her back.”

Ashton shrugs. “It doesn’t matter what I want. She broke up with me.”

“Have you talked to her about this?”

Ashton shakes his head. “She doesn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore unless it’s about Chloe. I fucked up big time.”

“You might be ahead with reading business opportunities, but when it comes to understanding women, you’re useless.” Dickson pauses, enjoying how his brother’s eye twitches because of what he has said. “She still loves you, man. You gotta push your way in a bit more if you want to have her back.”

“I don’t know about that. She’s over me.”

“There you’re wrong.” Seeing his brother staying rooted to his spot, Dickson adds, “And I don’t get why you’re still here while you should be driving to her place and talking to her.” He then turns on his heels and starts walking to his car. “Go and get your woman back, you dumb ass.”

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