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Book 2 of The Paired Trilogy He is the boss She is the personal assistant He is hurting She was healing He yearns for her, But he can’t have her She wants him back, But he is no longer hers to take Maddison had thought she was getting her life back on track without Daniel in it. But a step towards her new life is nothing like what she imagined when her new boss is Daniel himself. Trying to put Daniel back in the past is something he won’t allow Maddison to do. But how can you hold on to old relationships when you have already formed new ones. Can Daniel and Maddison make it through a few more obstacles to get back together or is Maddison still adamant on moving on without Daniel.

Romance / Drama
Sandy Kaunda
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7 Years later...

It has been seven years. Most precisely seven years and three months since I last saw him. I had tried calling, texting and even looking him up on every social media platform known to man kind but it was like Daniel O’Brion never existed.

Every single day I wish to call him, to hear his voice or to simply yell at him but I no longer wanted to seem desperate.

Oh who am I kidding, I was desperate already. I just did not want to be too desperate.

Reenae had helped me to get through my very long period of depression. Who knew frozen yogurt and ice cream could heal a broken heart. Reenae, that’s who. My parents were furious when we told them what happened after witnessing me crying all the time. Their anger did not last long and they helped in cheering me up.

Dad on the other hand, he took it too far. He took comforting words to a whole new level because when he started talking it would feel like a never ending speech. I still loved him to bits though, speeches and all.

The good thing though was that Reenae and Zick became the ultimate high school sweethearts and were still going strong. They were inseparable and it was so sickeningly sweet it made me feel jealous, slightly.

Talk about power couple.

No one knew where Daniel and his mother disappeared to, including Zick. He had cut all ties with everyone without a warning or a second thought. And since no one knew his relatives, we hit a dead end on our search. Their house was on sale the very next day after his disappearance, furniture and all.

I was moving on, just like how he probably did. Everything that reminded me of him, I got rid of. My love for the color pink faded away, I could not look at anything pink without Daniel coming to mind.

An adult who lived their life the way they wanted, that was who I am now. My closet was cleared out of all things pink, I had more dark colored clothes than light and I liked it that way. I was moving on and Daniel O’Brion was nothing but a ghost of the past.


“Maddie, can’t you be any faster? Your interview is in thirty minutes. Why did you even wake up late?” Reenae called out from the couch she was seated at with a bowl of cereal in hand. “I wasn’t the one who wanted to have fun at the club until two in the morning.” I yelled out as I proceeded to search for my black pencil skirt in my now messy closet.

“Technically, I feel like it was your fault. You should have known better since you were the one with an interview so early in the morning.” Not sparing another breath on her, I rolled my eyes. Sighing in relief at the skirt which I had just found at the very bottom, I picked out a fitting jacket to put over my white shirt which had the first two buttons open.

After making sure that I was presentable enough for the job, I grabbed my purse and the required documents before rushing to the living room. “Hey aren’t you supposed to be at work or something?” I directed the question to Reenae who shrugged as she continued munching on her breakfast. “I only have to be there by ten, unlike you.” I groaned at my misfortune, took an apple and walked out.

About three years ago, Reenae and I agreed to share a house considered we would split the payment. But obviously seeing as I hadn’t had a proper job yet, she paid most of it, which she insisted was not a problem. Currently, Reenae is a make-up artist, not to mention the best there is meaning she only goes to work when she is needed and need I say she gets paid alot of cash. She even gets to work with some well known artists.

As for me, I had just applied for a personal assistant position at the Black company. They own and manage many 5 star resorts and hotels. And were the most successful in the business. I was terrified out of my wits to even set foot inside their building.

By some miracle, I was able to get there in time. The receptionist directed me to the top floor where the other candidates were. The elevator doors opened and I quickly took a double take on the more than fifty candidates all wanting the same spot. I was getting really nervous at my slim chances. Not getting a spot here would mean that I was going to follow dad’s wish and enroll into law school.

I walked closer to the other candidates as an older woman stepped in from what I assumed to be Mr Black’s office. “Excuse me everyone. Mr Black will not be able to make it today but do not worry, we will still interview you accordingly.” She pulled up a clipboard and started calling people in one after the other. With every name called out, another walked away sulking. I did not stand a chance judging by the type of accomplished looking people they seemed to be sending away.

I huffed out as I threw my purse onto the couch next to Reenae who seemed to have already gotten back from work. It had taken hours for them to finish the interviews. “What happened? Did you get the job or do we need to get more tubs of ice cream?” She got up and walked up to me, taking my hands into her own.

“Ree...” I started with a whisper. “I GOT THE JOB!” I squealed out. It took her a second to start squealing along with me, jumping up and down slightly. We sobered up minutes later when out throats finally dried out. “Okay, I know what this calls for. Wait for it...” she did an imaginary drumroll. “...you are finally going to drink with me.” I could tell the slight hope in her tone but she knew that it was impossible. It was the same hope she had been holding onto since college.

“Hmmm, let me think... No.” I copied the same enthusiasm she had portrayed. “Worth a try.” She mumbled whilst making her way to the kitchen. She walked back in with chocolate and mint ice cream and a packet of m&ms. Rushing into the kitchen, I took out the spoons and dived onto the couch beside her.

At least she didn’t suggest a party.

Movie night with my best friend was not much but I liked it that way. Zick dropped by to congratulate me and we spent the night fighting over a movie which suited us best before finally settling on doing karaoke.

I loved those two.

The following morning I found myself walking through the Black entrance. The time read 7.30am and I was pretty happy with myself for not being late. Unfortunately Mary, the receptionist, did not see it the same. “You should have been here thirty minutes ago. Mr Black is already in his office.” She wished me luck before sending me off.

My foot kept tapping against the elevator floor, wishing for it to go much faster. As soon as the door slid open, I was running out like the wind and only stopped outside of Mr Black’s office to calm my breathing.

After making sure my breathing was evened out, I fixed my outfit and finally placed my hand on the door handle. I knocked twice before opening the door at the distant ‘come in’ that came from the opposite side of it.

“Morning Mr Black. I am so sorry I was late.” I spoke out to the figure standing by the glass wall, staring at the city with his back to me. In the short moment of silence that followed, I surveyed his office which harbored what could only be expensive furniture.

“You should have been here seven o’clock sharp.” The deep yet familiar voice spoke out as the man turned around. Immediately, my breath clogged up in my throat and my heart started racing.

He was standing there, right in front of me. He had been here all along. Hiding in plain sight. The man who caused me heartache and made me shed tears enough to form an ocean.

Daniel O’Brion was back and not as my boyfriend.

He was my boss...Mr Daniel Black.

Ghosts from the past were awakening.

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