Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 10

The next morning, Sam woke up alone in the big bed. She stretched like a cat and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes then rolled over and threw the covers off. She padded to the bathroom and quickly took care of business. She tied up her hair and jumped in the shower. She washed herself and remembered last night when she and Matt had bathed together. She had never really touched herself before but thinking about Matt touching her was turning her on.

She turned off the water and grabbed a towel and roughly rubbed it over her body, trying to stop the erotic feeling that had her nipples hard and her loins moist. Her clit almost throbbed in want of his hands on her again. She wrapped the towel around herself and brushed her teeth and then her hair.

She had always worn it braided or in a bun on her head to keep it out of her way while she worked. She realized that Natalie was right and she needed a trim to get rid of the split ends but didn’t dare cut it herself. She had tried that one time and had cut it so unevenly that it had looked worse than it had before. Thankfully Aunt Mae had straightened it out for her and she only lost about 4 inches off the length.

Thinking about Aunt Mae made her sad. She prayed the wonderful woman was well and that Uncle Lou was not being mean to her.

She went into her closet and found something to wear and then made her way downstairs. She wondered where Matt had gone and hoped she would find him at breakfast. She wondered why he had not woken her when he got up. She managed to find the dining room without too much trouble and when she entered the room she saw everyone but Matt sitting at the executive table.

She grabbed a plate from the stack and made her plate and then walked over to the chair she had sat in before and all of the men stood up when she approached the table. She pulled out her chair and said “Good morning everyone. Go ahead and sit down guys.”

Everyone returned her greeting and then she asked, “Does anyone know where Matt is?”

“No idea.” “Nope.” was replied around the table and Sam began to get worried. Just then, Matt strolled into the dining room and smiled at her as he walked over and filled a plate. He kissed the top of her head before he sat down.

“Good morning everyone.” He greeted them and everyone replied the same.

“Where did you disappear to this morning?” Sam asked him quietly.

“Just went over to the clinic to talk to Dr. Andy about something. How did you sleep?” Matt smiled at her.

“Oh, I slept great. Best sleep I’ve had in a long time.” She grinned at him.

Richard spoke up just then. “I hope you two haven’t made plans for today. I talked to Jameson this morning and they are planning on sending a representative down to take statements from Sam. I told them about what happened yesterday and combined with other reports they’ve been getting, they are becoming very concerned and have decided to investigate more thoroughly. They want to talk to you before they send someone.”

“What did they think of our idea to go undercover looking for un-mated females?” Stuart asked.

“Do you think that would be safe after what happened yesterday?” Natalie asked.

“Well, they never saw me or Frank or William so they wouldn’t recognize us but since William is already mated, they might see his mark and it would give us away. We could take some of the other un-mated males with us?” Stuart said, looking at Matt.

“I still think that is a good option but they might have seen me yesterday and they did see you when we got stopped on the road. So there wouldn’t be any of us going in and I would feel better if we had more of us there. We could stay outside of their territory but close by in case we’re needed.” Matt said.

“Guys, please be very aware that Ralph and his cronies carry guns with silver bullets. If you guys do this, please be very careful.” Sam said worriedly. Natalie looked at her and realized that she was going to be a good Luna. She was already showing concern about them as her new pack.

Matt hadn’t answered her question but figured maybe it was something he would tell her later, so for now she let it slide about why he had gone to talk to Dr. Andy but she was concerned that there might be something they weren’t telling her.

“Don’t worry Luna. We will be careful. If they get suspicious, we’ll just leave and report back to the council. How many un-mated females are there in the pack?” Stuart asked.

“I’m not sure about those outside of the household staff but there are 6 maids and 4 kitchen workers. There might be one or two warrior females still left but like I said, I’m not sure.” Sam replied. “The pack doesn’t come in to eat like you do here.”

“Sam, if we were to show you satellite pictures of the compound, can you tell us what buildings are and confirm that we have the right location?” Richard asked.

“Yes, I think so. There are not as many buildings as you have here but I know pretty much what all the buildings are and what they are used for.” Sam replied. “That place has really gotten run down since Alpha Raymond died. Alpha Nelson and Uncle Lou don’t care about keeping it up. They spend money on themselves instead of taking care of the property.” Sam told them and the men all felt more confident that the place they had been looking at online was the right one.

“Well, as soon as you are all done with breakfast, come up to the meeting room and we’ll show you what we found online and then we’ll call the council and set up a meeting.” Richard said as he pushed away from the table.

William spoke up then and said “Alpha Richard, before you go, we have an announcement to share with all of you.” He took his mate’s hand in his and said “We’re going to have a pup. Kate’s expecting.”

“Wow. Congratulations!” Richard said.

“You old hound dog! Congrats man!” from Stuart who patted him on the back since he was sitting right next to him.

Everyone wished them congratulations and both William and Kate beamed. This would be their first and they were both very excited about it.

Richard walked over to where Teddy was sitting and told him that as soon as he finished breakfast to bring his laptop up to the meeting room.

“Yes, sir. I’ll be right there. I’m almost done.” Teddy replied and quickly finished his breakfast then followed Richard from the room.

Natalie started questioning Kate about what she wanted to do to make a nursery in their quarters or if they were going to want to move out of the pack house.

“I would love to move into our own place but William thinks it would be better for me to be closer to where people can help me if I need it. We have two walk-in closets but really only need one so I guess we will convert one of them into a room for the baby. Maybe after it begins to outgrow a crib, we can build our own house.” Kate said.

Natalie understood completely Kate’s desire to have her own place. She and Richard had built a place for them away from the pack house when they had first gotten together but once she got pregnant with Matt, it was really easier on her to live at the pack house. She was the Luna after all and needed to be on hand more than Kate would be. Richard’s parents have lived in it for a while but now it was standing empty. It was higher up on a hill in the woods that was totally private.

“Your house doesn’t have to be far from the pack house. You could always build within easy walking distance.” Natalie said, shooting William a scolding look. William had the good graces to drop his head and kept his mouth shut, knowing that he was fighting a losing battle and saw some building in his near future.

As soon as everyone was finished eating, they all trooped up to the meeting room. Teddy had the pictures they had looked at the previous day pulled up and displayed on the large screen TV again.

As she and Matt entered the meeting room, Sam caught her breath and stopped in her tracks for a moment when she saw her old pack house and recognized it immediately.

“I take it by your reaction that this is the Red Moon pack house?” Richard questioned.

“Yes, sir. I was hoping I would never have to see that place again.” Sam said. She sat down next to Matt who put his hand on hers and whispered “I’m right here.”

For the next half an hour, Sam pointed out what the different buildings were and told them about the border patrols schedules and answered their questions as completely as she could. She also explained the large burn areas in the woods as being where Uncle Lou and his cronies burned bodies.

“You mean they just dump them in a hole and set them on fire like they were rogues or something? No burial or anything?” Stuart asked in amazement and Sam just nodded, as she fought back the tears that threatened to overwhelm her. She had not allowed herself to remember that Uncle Lou had made her watch as they threw her mother into the square pit and set her body on fire since that night except when she had night terrors.

“Man, that man is sick!” Stuart said.

“Oh, you have no idea.” Sam said quietly, as she fought back the memories of that night.

“They don’t want evidence left behind.” Frank said.

Matt cleared his throat and everyone returned to the business of how they were going to get in undercover. “I’m not going to say that the search for un-mated females is a bad idea, but considering that they only have 10 un-mated females in the pack that we know of and that none of them would be females of rank, we might want to think of something else.

If we go with that plan, I really think that we need to keep the amount of men who enter down to just one or two. Let’s not put all of our eggs in one basket. The rest of us will stay on the edge of their land and wait to hear if we are needed. But I would like to hear if anyone has a better idea about getting inside?”

“If we are going in with that, we need to contact them first and get permission. Just showing up is not going to work.” Natalie said.

“Natalie is right. Proper protocol says we have to contact them and request their permission to even enter their land. Otherwise it would be viewed as an attack. You guys could be walking into a death trap. Not that you guys are not capable of handling yourselves but you would be seriously outnumbered, especially if they are armed with guns with silver bullets.” Richard agreed with his wife.

While at first the guys had been ready to reassure him that they could handle it, his last sentence made them think.

Sam cleared her voice and everyone looked at her. “I have a suggestion. I got away from them by using the grocery truck. The pack house gets a delivery every Friday. Maybe we could talk to the man who drives the truck and talk to him to either let us make the delivery or at least go along with him? He’s an older man and was always very nice to me. You wouldn’t be allowed any access to anywhere but to the kitchen area but it would get you inside. He's never there for very long. Maybe a half an hour to 45 minutes at the most. If Sara is in the kitchen, she’s always very chatty but watch out for Ethel. She’s a bitch.”

Everyone had wide eyes and big grins on their faces as they listened to her. “Now that just might work. What do you know about the grocery driver?” Matt asked.

“Nothing except that he always comes on Friday’s and was always polite and nice to me. I’ve always had the feeling that he would have helped me if he thought he could get me out of there safely.” Sam said.

“I’m guessing that he is a human?” Richard asked.

“Yes, sir. To be honest, I’m not even sure of the name of the company he works for. His truck had a picture of a man carrying a bag of groceries that said grocery delivers and some kind of logo but it was faded and peeling. He’s been coming since I was a little kid.”

Teddy googled grocery delivery services in the area of the Red Moon pack and came up with two. Sam immediately recognized the picture of the service of Barton’s Grocery. “That’s it! That’s the same as the picture on the side of the truck.” Sam said excitedly.

“What time does he usually make his deliveries?” Stuart asked.

“Oh now that can vary. The day I got out, he showed up about 10 am which was kind of earlier than he usually comes but it’s never right at meal times and can be as late as 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I thought I was going to have to wait all day that day and couldn’t have been happier when he showed up so early. I was a nervous wreck waiting for him.” Sam said.

“Are there guards around when he makes his drop?” Matt asked.

“You mean like someone assigned to be there while he’s there? No. He’s been coming so long that they trust him, I guess. That morning he came, most everyone was still on the training field. The patrols had changed at 6 am so there wasn’t anyone around but household staff.” Sam replied. “If he comes in the afternoon, there are usually more people around. Some of the guys will come into the kitchen and flirt with some of the girls but Cook Betty doesn’t let them hang out for long.”

“Where does he park when he comes?” Matt asked.

Sam stood up and went over to the TV. She pointed out where the back door to the kitchen was located and told them that he usually pulled the back of his truck up as close as he could get to the back steps.

They all checked out how far it was from the back door to the front gate and if the areas were in view of the training field. There were several places where someone could jump off of the truck and hide until dark but that would mean they would have to figure a way out on their own or stay hidden for an entire week, with no food or a way to bathe or anything. Everyone knew that was not an option. They needed to go in, look around and then leave.

Besides, their objective was to find the area where prisoners were being held and tortured. That was the evidence they needed.

“Hon, I hate to have to ask but where would prisoners be held?” Matt asked.

Sam pointed to an area on the other side of the training fields. It was a long rectangular building backed up against the tree line, not far from the burn areas. Matt felt disgusted.

“Guys, I think that before we confront them, maybe we had better contact some of the other packs in the area and see what they have to say.” Richard said. “We might be starting a bigger war than we are prepared for if they have allies close by.”

“The council should be able to give you some information on that front. But I agree we should contact them. We might be in adjoining territory stepping on toes that we don’t mean to.” Natalie said.

“So when should we schedule them to come and meet with Sam?” Matt asked.

“Actually they will be here tomorrow. Jameson is finally sitting up and taking action. He will be accompanied by Rogers and Black and their bodyguards. Jameson said we need to make accommodations available for 10 people. Jameson and Black are bringing their mates and 2 female secretaries who are mated to each other. The rest are all males. Only Rogers should have a private room but the others can share.” Richard said, looking over his notes.

“Fine. I’ll let the staff know to get the rooms ready for them and tell the cook that she’ll need to add 10 to our table.” Natalie said. She turned to Sam and said “Sam, you might want to follow me around today. This is a good opportunity to begin learning your Luna duties.”

“Sure! I’d be glad too.” Sam said eagerly. She was eager to learn what she needed to know to be the best Luna possible. She used to love school and had missed it. She had an active imagination and it had nearly driven her insane at first, being locked in the closet for hours on end with nothing to do. Aunt Mae would sneak her books as often as she could but they had to be careful. If she had been caught, she would have been accused of stealing from the library and that would have meant possibly the loss of her hand(s).

Matt had seen her eyes light up at the offer and smiled behind the fist that he had been leaning his mouth against as he listened to what everyone was saying.

As soon as everyone left the meeting room, except his father, he said “Did the council give you any information on the Oak Forest and Blue Eagle packs Alpha’s? Like what their names are?”

“Yes. The alpha for the Oak Forest pack is Walter Macon and the alpha for the Blue Eagle pack is Xaiver Mc Donald. Here are their phone numbers.” Richard said as he passed his son a slip of paper with the two phone numbers on it. “Unless you need me for anything, I’m going to talk to Teddy about something and then go watch Frank work the men.”

“No, not that I can think of right now. Thanks dad! Dad? What do you think of Sam?” Matt asked.

“She seems like a very nice person and eager to learn. She’s already showing signs of being a loyal member of our pack. I and your mother think that you got lucky, son! Be patient with her, son. She’s been through an awful lot for someone so young. What we think is not important. How do you feel about her?” Richard asked, already pretty sure that he knew the answer.

“She’s amazing, dad and I can’t even think of the right words to describe how I feel about her. I want to give her the world and do anything I have to do to make her happy and keep her safe.” Matt said.

Richard smiled at his son and said “Sounds like we will be needing to have a Luna ball soon. The Hunters moon is next month and I would say that Halloween would be the perfect time to have that kind of ball but it also means that all of the un-mated females would be in heat so it’s going to have to be either the weekend before or the weekend after. I think right now, we need to focus on putting an end to the threat to her safety.”

Matt smiled at his dad and said “Thanks Dad!” and Richard left the meeting room with a big smile on his face and left his son with an even bigger one on his.

Matt had gone over and talked to Dr. Andy that morning. He had been embarrassed as hell but Dr. Andy seemed to know what he had come to talk to him about. They had gone into his office and when the door was closed, he had asked Matt to have a seat, then sat down behind his desk, then said. “I think I know why you are here Matt but just in case I’m wrong, why don’t you tell me what I can help you with?”

“Um, well, I’m not sure how to ask this but I really need to know. Can I hurt Sam when we lord , this is so embarrassing.” Matt stumbled through his question.

“When you have sex?” Dr. Andy asked and saw Matt’s face flush crimson and Matt nodded with a small sigh of relief that the doctor seemed to know what he was trying to ask.

“I don’t want to scare you Matt, but there is always that chance, and it’s not entirely because of your size difference. Sam is very small, especially compared to you but there is nothing that should keep you from having sex. You just have to make sure you properly stimulate her before you try to enter her and then remember to go slow and allow her body time to adjust to the invasion. Now I can’t say if she will be able to take all of you, especially not right away but so long as you are not rough, then I don’t see a problem with you being intimate together. You will be able to feel it when you’ve hit bottom, so to speak, and don’t ever try to go farther because you will definitely damage her inside. That is her cervix and you need to be gentle.

I asked her if she wanted me to break through her hymen, or as you would probably know it as the maidenhead, when I examined her but she said no, that she was saving herself for her mate, in other words, you. I don’t know if she told you or not but she’s not on birth control yet, so unless you want babies right away, which she told me she wanted to wait awhile. I don’t blame her but she has decided that she will be taking the shot when she has her next monthly cycle. She told me she usually has it at the end of the month so she should be starting soon.”

“We did talk a little about it and I understand why she doesn’t want children right away and I don’t blame her either. She’s just gotten free and she wants to live and enjoy herself for a while. She’s only 18 after all. Oh by the way, we are having a birthday dinner for her tonight and I’m inviting you and your family to join us.

One more thing doc and I don’t know how to ask this either but is there a book or something that’s not porn on how to please a woman and for a woman to please a man? Also, how do I tell if I’m feeling her maidenhead?” Matt asked the last two questions in a rush and then had a hard time looking the doctor in the eye.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Matt. It’s good to know that you saved yourself for your mate. You should be proud of yourself. A lot of young men can’t wait and miss the fun, pleasure and honor of being with just one woman who not only loves him but will bear his children. You are giving yourself to her as much as she is giving herself to you.” Dr. Andy said.

“And yes, there are books on the subject. The most popular one that I know of is a book called the Kama Sutra. The Kama Sutra is an ancient theory on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment in life and comes in a fully illustrated version that you can buy online or at a large bookstore. You might want to get a copy and read it together.”

“Have you read it, doc?” Matt asked with a grin.

“No, I’ve just heard about it. Abby and I still enjoy the old fashioned “try and see if we like it” approach.” Dr. Andy grinned back at him.

“I like that idea too but am curious to know if there is something more I could be doing to please her and I’m kind of guessing that she feels the same.” Matt thought to himself. Maybe a search online wouldn’t be a bad idea.

“Doc, how far up is the maidenhead?” Matt asked. “I mean, can I feel it with my fingers?”

“That would be highly unlikely, even for your large hands. I have to use an instrument like this and even that is still not far enough or does it create enough pressure to damage it.” He said, showing Matt a speculum. He cranked it open a bit and Matt’s eyes got wide.

“You mean to tell me that would fit inside of Sam and not hurt her?” Matt said.

“I use lube and go slow to give them a chance to relax but I’ve never hurt anyone in the over 30 years I’ve been a doctor.” Dr. Andy told him. “I know it’s hard to hold back, especially in the heat of the moment but you’ll have to go slow, you’ll be able to feel it when you reach it because it will resist you going any further. Then you should stop when you reach it and make sure she’s ready. If she says yes, then when you push through and break it then STOP! And wait until the pain subsides for her.

She’ll let you know when the pain has stopped and it’s ok to move again but be gentle. It will be her first time too and her body is not used to it so you shouldn’t be rough with her. You do know that there will be some blood but it’s usually just a little bit. If she bleeds a lot or it doesn’t stop, get her here as fast as possible or she could bleed to death. Make sure it has stopped before you go to sleep. Women can’t usually feel themselves bleeding down there so she needs to keep an eye on it.” Dr. Andy told him.

Just then a knock came at the door and Dr. Andy told the person to come in. “Oh, Hi Matt. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were in here with dad. Dad, mom says breakfast is ready.”

“Thanks sweetie. Tell your mom, I’ll be right there.” Dr. Andy said as he pushed his chair back from the desk. “Are we done, Matt? Was there anything else you wanted to ask?”

“Nope. I think that’s all for now but thanks for the info Doc.” Matt said as he followed Susie out the door.

“Hi Susie. How are you?” Matt asked as they stepped into the hall.

“I’m good. How about you?” Susie asked. She was a couple of years older than Matt and had graduated nursing school last year with her associates degree but was planning to go on to become a doctor someday so would be returning to college in the next few days.

“We are having a birthday dinner for Sam tonight. I’ve already told your dad but make sure you all come up tonight. OK?” Matt smiled down at her as they walked down the hall.

“Sure. I’ll look forward to it. I really liked meeting her, she’s nice.” Susie said with a smile. “I think our only patient will be going home today so unless someone gets sick or hurt, we should all be able to come.”

Matt left the clinic and jogged back to the pack house. He wondered if Sam was up yet.

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