Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 17

“Matt! You can come back in now.” Dr. Andy called out, knowing that he was pacing just outside the bedroom door.

Sure enough, the door opened almost immediately and Matt rushed to her side. “How is she doc?”

“Go carry her into the bath and then come back out and I’ll explain. Your mom can sit with her until you get back.” Dr. Andy told him.

Matt did as he said and picked Sam up and carried her into the bathroom. He left her with his mom to help her get undressed and went back to see what Dr. Andy had to say.

Dr. Andy explained what had happened and the recommendations he had given to Sam. “She’s one strong little woman, Matt. It’s amazing that she is not already dead if she has been going through this every month for the last 3 years.

Toxic Shock Syndrome is almost unheard of nowadays but some women are just not able to wear tampons or it might be the change of brands. The fact that you two had just mated the night before, her body was still healing when she put that tampon in last night is the cause of this combined with it being the full moon, all the females are going into heat, and this being her first real heat. Before this it was just a monthly cycle. The fact that she had been a virgin up until then is probably the only thing that has kept her from dying before now and if we hadn’t caught this now, she very well might have died today.”

When Dr. Andy said that, Matt’s knees gave out and he had to sit down. Luckily he was standing next to the bench at the foot of the bed and he sat down heavily and then had to put his head between his knees to keep from passing out.

Dr. Andy patted him on the back, trying to reassure him. “She’s going to be fine, Matt. Just be patient when she has her cycle from now on. She won’t be able to wear tampons from now on and pads don’t hide the smell as well so she won’t want to go out the first day or two. I’ve given her the Depo-Provera shot so she’s on birth control now but I told her, so I'm telling you, no penetration sex tonight. You can still pleasure each other but just no penetration sex. Go sit with her, you can even get in with her but then just let her rest today. Do you have any questions?” Dr. Andy asked as he got ready to leave.

“Just one. How long do we have to wait to be able to be intimate again?” Matt asked.

“You can still pleasure each other but no penetration sex tonight. Two nights would be better for her but I understand what it’s like to be young and your mate is in heat. It won’t really hurt her but we don’t want her to get an infection down there.” Dr. Andy grinned at him. “Oh, to be young again. But then again, it’s so much better when you know what to do and how to do it to please each other.” Dr. Andy thought to himself.

He and Angie had been about to get frisky when Andy had gotten the mind link from Matt, which as the only doctor in the pack, happened all too often for them. Thankfully, Angie was a nurse and understood when he had to leave her in a hurry, sometimes in the middle of sex. They both hated it but not to go when he was called could mean someone’s life and neither of them wanted that on their conscience.

“Go. Go be with your mate. Your parents can deal with the council members. I’m sure they will understand that you two are not able to be there today.” Dr. Andy told him as he picked up his bag and got ready to leave.

“Thanks Doc!” Matt said then took a deep breath and stood up. He was surprised that he was even able to stand and hoped he could make it back to Sam. This had scared him badly, even more than when he had been running to Missoula to rescue her and his mom.

Matt walked to the bathroom as Andy walked to the front door.

The door opened just as he got there and Richard came inside.

“Hey, Andy. Have you seen Natalie? What’s going on? No one’s hurt I hope!” Richard asked.

“Hey Richard. Natalie is in the bathroom with Matt and Sam. Sam had a close call with Toxic Shock Syndrome but thankfully, Matt called me in time. If he hadn’t, we would have been having a funeral in a few days. But I think we caught it in time and she’s going to be fine.” Andy told him and watched as his eyes got really wide.

“Wow! I woke up to find Natalie gone but had no idea that there was anything wrong right next door. Does Natalie need to be here? The council members are going to be leaving soon and if Matt can’t be there, we can handle it.” Richard said.

“No. In fact, Sam needs to rest today and I advised Matt to stay close to her, just in case something goes wrong. I don’t think it will but let’s play it safe and not take any chances. This is not something you fool around with. She was already slipping into shock when I got here but when I removed the tampon, it took the toxicity away and now she just needs to wash really clean, drink lots of fluid and then she should be just fine.” Andy told him.

Natalie came down the hall just then and joined them. “Hey, hon. Are you looking for me?”

“Hi, hon. Yes I was. Sam OK?” Richard asked.

“Yeah. Just tired. They are going to be staying in today.” Natalie said.

“Well, then I need you to come downstairs and see the council members off with me. They are getting ready to leave. Andy, will you stay and have breakfast with us?”

“No, thanks. I kind of left Abby hanging this morning. I’d kind of like to get home and finish what I started.” Andy said and had the good graces to look slightly embarrassed as his cheeks tinted pink about what he had said without thinking it through first.

Richard didn’t mean to but he couldn’t help but chuckle at Andy’s pink cheeks. Even Natalie had a hard time hiding the smile that crept across her face as they all left the apartment and walked to the elevator.

Matt reentered the bathroom and found Natalie sitting on the side of the jacuzzi tub while Sam lay inside with the jets on full blast.

“Thanks Mom. I’ve got it from here.” Matt said as she stood up and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Link me if you need me. I think I need to make sure that all of the un-mated females are safe today. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be very busy but you take care of your mate. I can handle this. It’s not like I haven’t been through it before and at least I don’t have to worry about you tonight! Now Stuart might be a different matter.” Natalie rolled her eyes and laughed as she left the bathroom.

As soon as she was gone, Matt dropped his pants and climbed into the tub with Sam. He pulled her close and just held her. “How are you feeling?” Matt said softly.

“Better. Horny.” Sam grinned at him. “I know doc said we can’t really have full on sex but he did say we could pleasure each other. He just told me to wash really well down there and told me to use the jets on this thing if I needed extra help. Wanna help me get clean?” Sam said. The heat was making her horny as hell, the warm water swirling all over her was really turning her on and now with her mate here with her, holding her, was making her more forward and wanton than she normally would be.

Matt was surprised at first. She was normally rather shy until he got her really turned on and found he was liking this side of her.

“Sure. This sounds interesting and very erotic.” Matt grinned at her. He had begun to get hard just seeing her naked in the tub but had managed to keep it down until she told him she was horny. That had cracked the lid on his desire for her. Hearing her tell him that Dr. Andy said it was OK for them to pleasure each other had removed the lid entirely. Hearing what she had to do to clean herself and asking for his help made all the thought of trying to hold back from her today go right out the window.

Sam told him to sit on the edge of the tub so that he was sitting where she could reach him with her mouth as she got on her hands and knees and backed up to one of the stronger jets. She needed both of her hands to keep herself from drowning and being able to hold herself open to the jet stream of water, which was not only cleaning her but stimulating her at the same time. It wasn’t as good as having Matt touch her but she was already so sensitive down there that it wasn’t going to take much for her to find satisfaction, at least the first time.

She couldn’t help the moan that escaped her as the jet hit her clit. Sam reached out and took his hand and encouraged him to stroke himself as she licked at the tip of his cock.

Matt watched her as he stroked himself slowly, holding himself at an angle that allowed her to be able to pleasure him. It was very erotic to watch her slightly move back and forth against the side of the tub as she began to suck on him.

“Oh, baby. I’m supposed to be helping you but damn does this feel good and you look so damned sexy.” Matt said softly. He wanted to touch her but to lean forward meant she wouldn’t be able to reach him and right now, he wouldn’t give up the feeling of her sucking on him for anything in the world. It felt heavenly and it didn’t take long for him to reach the top of the wave of ecstasy that she was quickly taking him to the crest of as she hollowed her cheeks and pulled back to run her tongue around the sensitive head of his cock and then suck him even deeper into her mouth.

Sam wasn’t far behind him as she began to use her middle finger to press harder on her clit as she held herself open to the water with her index and ring fingers and let the water rush up inside of her. She wished it was Matt instead but they had to abstain for at least today.

Sam kept pace with Matt’s hand and knew that soon he was going to cum. She shifted her head slightly and rubbed the hard ridge on the front of his dick with the rough of her tongue and Matt came unglued. “Oh, baby! I’m there. I’m going to cum! AAAAAHHH!” Matt moaned. He tried to withdraw from her mouth but she sucked on him harder, refusing to let him go as she drank every drop.

Matt stroked the top of her head as she licked the head of his cock, licking away as he shot his load into her mouth. “Oh, baby. I love you so much!”

Sam lifted her head with a satisfied smile as she ran her tongue over her lips to make sure she didn’t miss a drop. “You taste so good. Now come down here and touch me, please. The water is good but not as good as you.”

Matt slipped back down into the water and said “Gladly baby.” He reached down and began to stroke her clit and found it swollen and erect. He could feel the inner lips of her pussy fluttering as the water jet rushed against them. “The water must feel really good too. It’s making your whole pussy move.”

“Oh, it does but you feel better and I love it when you talk like that. Your voice is so sexy.” Sam said. She was now practically laying across his chest as he reached beneath her and firmly stroked her. “Go inside of me Matt. I need you to feel you.”

“Are you sure baby? It won’t hurt?” Matt hesitated.

“We can’t fuck but doc said we could pleasure each other. It doesn’t hurt anymore. You are making me feel wonderful. Please? I’m so close.” Sam almost begged.

Matt hoped this was not going to make the situation worse but knew that the heat was making her really horny and she would suffer more if he didn’t help her find satisfaction. He let his fingers slide down to her opening and he slipped one inside of her.

Sam rolled her hips forward slightly and the jet of water hit her ass hole and she came unglued. She cried out and began to buck against his hand as he slid a second finger inside of her and curled them slightly so that he could stroke her g-spot. She came so hard her whole body shook as she reached up and grabbed him by the neck, bringing his lips down to meet hers. She moaned against his mouth as he slowly stroked her until she stopped quivering.

Matt pulled her up against him and held her close until her breathing returned to normal. “How are you feeling?”

“Right now, great! Doc gave me a muscle relaxer and it’s really helping with the cramps. I’m really sleepy again and soon I’m going to be a prune from being in this water for so long.” Sam said, finding it hard to keep her eyes open. She felt so safe, relaxed and satisfied right now. She was still horny as her pussy throbbed from the aftermath of her climax but it wasn’t as bad now and all she really wanted was to go back to bed and back to sleep.

Matt held her close as he stood up and stepped out of the tub. He sat her on the vanity and grabbed a towel with one hand while he held her upright with the other. She was falling asleep as he rubbed her dry. He used the same towel to wrap around his hips. Thankfully, his mom had tied Sam’s hair up so it wasn’t wet. He pulled the nightgown his mom had made sure was hanging from a hook nearby and pulled it over Sam’s head.

She was going to need a sanitary pad and underwear and since he had no idea how to do that, he shook her gently and called to her, “Sam! Sam, wake up baby. You need to put on your cycle stuff and I don’t know how to do that.” Matt said softly. “Oh lord, Sam. Please wake up.” He called slightly louder and slapped her wrists sharply but not hard. He would call for help before he slapped her face, he decided as she was having a hard time waking up.

Just then he heard the front door open and realized it must be his mom, coming back to check on Sam and he breathed a sigh of relief. He poked his head out the door when he heard the bedroom door open but it wasn’t his mother but the maid coming to collect their dirty laundry and drop off the things she had picked up yesterday. She also had some clean towels.

“Oh, Grace! Thank goddess you are here. I need help with Luna please.” He called out when he saw her.

Grace, Sam’s personal maid, jumped when he spoke but she quickly regained her composure. “Yes, Alpha. What can I help with?” Grace replied as she walked towards him. Grace was about 5’8”, with dark brown hair and warm dark brown eyes, a dark complexion and a bright white smile. She was hard to ruffle and usually very soft spoken but didn’t take guff from anyone.

Grace had been assigned as the new Luna’s personal maid but with all that had been going on since she arrived there had not been time for them to meet yet, but Grace had been taking care of her duties until either Luna Natalie or Alpha had a chance to introduce them properly.

“This definitely is not the best way for you two to meet but Luna Samantha came darn close to dying this morning from Toxic Shock Syndrome and the doctor gave her a muscle relaxer and it just about knocked her out. I’ve got her mostly dressed for bed but I can’t hold her up and figure out how to get her monthly cycle pad in her underwear and get them on her. Can you please help me?” Matt said.

Grace grinned at him and had to fight back the laugh that built up in her but she just said “Sure.” and went over to the toilet area to retrieve the required pad and then went to find some underwear for her Luna to wear. Once she had it assembled, she told Matt “It will be easier to put these on and then stand her up so I can pull them into place.” as she bent over and slipped the sleeping Luna’s feet into the correct openings and pulled them as far up as she could until he stood her up and kept her from falling over as Grace quickly pulled them into place.

Once they were on, Matt picked Sam up and carried her to the bed. Grace raced ahead of him and pulled back the blanket and straightened the pillows and Matt laid her gently on the bed.

“If she’s having her heat, she doesn’t need the blanket, just the sheet will be enough.” Grace advised.

“Thanks Grace. Can you stay with her long enough for me to get some lunch and to collect some paperwork? I don’t want her left alone at all right now.”

“Sure, Alpha. No problem. I have to put away the clean clothes, gather the dirty clothes and linens and I’ll take care of cleaning the tub. Then I’ll just watch TV, if you don’t mind, while I wait for you to come back.” Grace said.

“Sure. Just don’t leave her alone, please. I’ll try to be quick. Do you know if the council members have left yet?” Matt asked.

“They left a little while ago.” Grace replied.

“Good. Luna had night terrors last night because of all the stress they put her through. She didn’t get much sleep.” Matt confided.

“I’ll watch over her, Alpha don’t worry. She is very beautiful but really tiny.” Grace said, never having been one about being shy to speak her mind. But then she had grown up with Matt all of her life. They were only a year apart in age and had gone through school together as well as having played together as children.

Her parents had been in the White Feather pack since Richard had become Alpha after his father retired. Her father was one of the pack warriors and her mother was one of the day care teachers for the very young whose parents worked. Grace had become a maid in the pack house when she graduated high school when she wasn’t helping her mother with the little ones. Matt also knew she was a decent fighter but did not want to be a warrior.

Giving Sam a kiss on the head, Matt went into his closet and dropped his towel and pulled on some boxers and then some jeans and grabbed a shirt off a hanger as he shoved his feet into some loafers and returned to the bedroom. Grace was in Sam’s closet putting away her clean clothes. “I’ll be back as fast as I can.” Matt said then left the bedroom. He practically ran out of the apartment and to the elevator. He was impatient for it to carry him downstairs and practically knocked his mother over when the doors opened.

“Slow down hurricane Matthew. What’s the rush?” Natalie laughed as she caught his arms.

“Just don’t want to leave Sam alone for long. Grace is sitting with her while I get something to eat. I really need to get that kitchen up there stocked with some food. Before Sam I always came downstairs for my meals but she likes to cook so I want to have some stuff for her to cook up there. Wouldn’t hurt to have basic stuff for sandwiches and soup and drink supplies up there too. Did the council members get off OK? How did they react to me not being here to see them off?” He was talking fast as his mother walked with him back to the dining room.

Natalie listened to him ramble and smiled. She was happy that he finally found his mate. It was obvious that he already loved her very much.

“Well, when she’s feeling better, tell her to make out a grocery list and give it to Cook. She’ll order it and have it brought upstairs. That reminds me, I need to replenish our kitchen too. Your dad loves his midnight sacks.

The council members all understood and wished Sam well. They are really looking forward to getting the invitations to the Luna Ball. As soon as she’s feeling better, I’ll want her input on it but I’m going to go ahead and start making plans. We’ll need to order her a gown and a tiara.

Are you going to propose that night?” Natalie asked and laughed at his surprised look.

“How did you know for sure I am going to propose to her?” Matt asked. He knew they had talked about it but he had not said he was definitely going to do it.

“Son, I know you and I’ve seen how you look at her and how she looks at you. It’s obvious that you two are already deeply in love and I know that feeling. You want to give and do anything you can to make the other one happy.” Natalie told him as he watched him assemble a monster sandwich off of the lunch buffet.

It looked like he was counting on it to hold him over for a while as he piled more and more sliced roast beef onto the large half a loaf of sourdough bread along with all kinds of vegetables and cheese. He wrapped it all in a napkin, grabbed a bowl and scooped some chips into it and walked over to where the soft drinks were stacked and grabbed a tray to pile on several so that he could carry it all upstairs.

Natalie told him she would stop in to check on Sam later but for now she was going to her office and start planning for the Luna Ball. There was a lot to be done in the next month. First order of business was to get the guest list made out so that they would know how many invitations to order.

She hoped it wouldn’t be long before they were planning for a wedding as well.

Once Matt was finished making lunch for himself and raiding the kitchen, he carried it to his office to grab some paperwork that needed his attention and then carried it all up to the apartment.

He thanked Grace for watching over Sam and after she left, Matt checked on Sam, making sure she was breathing alright and not running a high fever.

Sam slept for most of the day and Matt checked on her every half an hour. Devoured his sandwich and then tried to work on his paperwork but he had a hard time concentrating. He got frustrated and decided to focus on getting a grocery list started for the kitchen. He knew Sam wasn’t terribly picky about what she ate but he wanted to fill the cabinets and fridge with things that she would want. He found the piece of cheesecake that she hadn’t eaten the other night and ate that too, telling himself that it would spoil if someone didn’t eat it soon.

He tried to watch TV but couldn’t get interested in anything so he turned it off and turned the stereo on, keeping it low so that it didn’t disturb Sam. He forced himself to finish the paperwork he had brought from his office just as his stomach began to tell him it was almost time for dinner. Sam woke up just before dinnertime and called out for Matt.

Sam woke up feeling much better but slightly disoriented. Was the sun coming up or going down? She felt like she had been asleep for a long time but at least it had been without dreams. She looked around the room and wondered if Matt was in the apartment as she called out for him. “Matt?” she called out tentatively, trying not to sound panicked.

Matt heard her and ran down the hall to the bedroom. “I’m here baby. How are you feeling?” He said as he walked quickly to the bedside.

“Better but kind of off center. How long have I been asleep?” She asked.

“Almost all day. I’ve been so worried about you.” He said as he sat down on the side of the bed and leaned over to kiss her forehead.

“What the heck happened? Was Dr. Andy here? Did I get sick? Or hurt?” Sam asked, having a hard time remembering what had happened.

Matt explained and Sam’s eyes got wide as memories started to flood back in. “Wow. Who could have guessed? I’ve used tampons for years and it’s never made me sick like this before.”

Matt went on to explain what Dr. Andy had told him and said that it might have been the change in brands but that he recommended that she just use pads from now on. He could tell that she was not happy about that at all.

“Are you hungry?” Matt asked.

“Starving. But do we have to go downstairs?” Sam asked.

“No. I’ll have the kitchen send dinner up here. I tried to make a grocery list for our kitchen but since I’m not sure what you want to have up here, it’s not very long. When you feel up to it, just make a list, give it to Cook and she will make sure it gets ordered.” Matt said. His list had mostly included snacks, sandwich stuff, beer, wine and juice. He wasn’t a cook but he knew she liked to so he would leave it up to her to decide what she wanted to order. Sam didn’t want to tell him yet but she was hoping to go shopping in a real supermarket one day. She had never been but Sara had gone with Cook Betty one time and had told Sam about it. Sam had been intrigued about everything Sara had told her, especially about the fruits and vegetables.

They had dinner in the bedroom. Matt pulled a small table and a chair next to the bed so that she wouldn’t have to get up, even though Sam assured him over and over again that she was feeling much better. She left Matt no options when she needed to use the bathroom after she was done eating.

Natalie and Richard stopped in to see her and even Dr. Andy stopped by to check on her before everyone went to bed. Sam finally began to realize how serious and worried everyone had been and she felt so loved and cared for.

She and Matt lay on the bed and just cuddled for a while before he finally gave in and drifted off to sleep. Sam lay on her side watching him for a long time. She finally fell back to sleep with a big smile on her face.

She loved this man so much!

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