Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 18

The next morning, Matt woke up to an empty bed and immediately began to panic until he heard the shower running. The bathroom door was not completely closed and he guessed that Sam was hoping he would wake up and join her in the shower. While it was very tempting for him to do just that, he made himself stay on the bed when he remembered that Dr. Andy had said that they should wait at least 2 days to have sex again. This was going to be very hard on both of them but it had to be done. “She has to completely heal.” He kept telling himself.

He heard the water shut off and could tell that she was toweling off. He groaned into his pillow as his mind imagined her rubbing the soft fluffy towel over her body. He had woken up with major morning wood and it was only getting worse as he listened to her move around in the bathroom as she brushed her teeth.

In his mind’s eye he could see her combing out her long hair and wondered if she had taken clothes into the bathroom with her or if she was naked as she combed through the lovely long strands. He was rolled over onto his stomach, which was a mistake as his erection rubbed against the bed.

When he had been in junior high, he had spent many nights dry humping his bed, dreaming of his then unknown mate. Knowing now what the woman of his dreams looked like made his dick even harder and he wished she would hurry up in there so he could get a cold shower and relieve himself.

Sam suspected that Matt was already awake as he was normally up before her but knew he wouldn’t come near her today since Dr. Andy had told them to wait a couple of days before they had intercourse again but with her heat, it was going to be hard to wait. She had used the handheld shower to pleasure herself in the shower but it wasn’t the same as having Matt touch her and that’s what she really wanted.

She was disappointed when he didn’t join her but to stay in here any longer was just wasting water and soon she was going to look like a big prune. She turned off the water and grabbed a clean towel from the warming rack and dried her body then toweled her hair as dry as possible. She put on her underwear with a pad, wrinkling her nose at having to wear it. She brushed her teeth then grabbed her comb. She blew her hair dry and then left the bathroom.

Sam glanced over at the bed and saw that Matt was face down on the bed. She could tell by his breathing that he was not asleep and she wanted to crawl on top of him and make him admit it but that wouldn’t be fair to tease him like that besides she was still having her cycle and didn’t think that he would find her cotton panties and menstrual pad sexy so she just hurried to her closet and found something to wear. If he thought she was going to stay in bed all day, he had better think again.

Matt could hear her moving around in her closet and he took the chance to make it to the bathroom. His hard on was to the point of being painful and he couldn’t even relieve his bladder so he jumped in the shower and thankfully the water was already hot from her having just turned it off. He squeezed his shower gel into his hand and immediately grabbed his cock.

Sam’s scent was strong in here and it only took a few strokes before his balls tightened and he found his release. Matt propped himself against the shower wall to keep from falling over. He prayed he was going to be able to keep his hands to himself until she was healed.

He quickly bathed and then toweled himself off, using the towel to wrap around his hips. He brushed his teeth and combed his hair then stepped out of the bathroom expecting to find her waiting for him but she was nowhere to be seen. The bedroom door was standing open and he figured she went to make coffee.

Matt quickly dressed in a pair of black jeans and a black muscle top and then pulled on his trainers. He walked down the hall and smelled coffee. He found Sam sitting on a stool by the counter, looking over the list he had started and shaking her head.

“Good morning my love. How are you feeling?” Matt said as he came up next to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face in the side of her neck. She smelled so good it made his mouth water. He noticed that she had crossed off most of his snacks and when he objected she said “I’m going to get so fat if we have all that up here. I’ll get us some healthy snacks that won’t make us gain weight and that are tasty.” Sam promised. She had also added necessities like ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.

Matt wrinkled his nose and said “But Dr. Andy said that you need to gain some weight!” He poured himself a cup of coffee and joined her back at the counter, taking the stool next to hers so that he could easily touch her.

“I will but I want it to be a healthy weight, not blubber.” Sam argued.

“So, what are we going to do today?” Sam asked. She was ready to give him a fight if he started to demand that she stay in the apartment and rest today. She had too much energy to do that.

“Well, the un-mated males are banned from the house until all of the females are over their heat so I don’t want you outside but I think my mom wants your input on the Luna ball. She’s already started planning it. As for me, I have some work to do. I’m hoping that we will hear something from the council about what we are going to do about your old pack.” Matt said.

“Hopefully they will just take care of it and we can stay out of it entirely.” Sam said hopefully.

“If they decide the death penalty and you don’t want the honor of it, I want to be the one to flip the switch on your Uncle and cousin. Personally I hope they order them to receive some of the punishment they inflicted before they kill them and if they do, I’m going to be the first and last in line to dish it out!”

“I’m sure that will be a very long line!” Sam said. “Can I ask you something else? Something I want to do soon?”

“Sure, baby. What is it?” Matt answered and then looked at her curiously.

“Can we go grocery shopping instead of just ordering stuff? It’s not that I don’t trust Cook but Sara told me about going with Cook Betty one time and about all the things there were to choose from and I’d like to see it for myself.” Sam asked as she peeked at him through her lashes.

Matt had to bite his lips on the inside to keep from laughing. He thought she was going to ask for something hard. “Grocery shopping? Sure. Why not? I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on today so I can’t say we can go today but we will one of these days. How about we plan that for as soon as this issue with the Red Moon pack is over? The grocery store is close to their pack and I don’t want to take a chance that they might come after you again so I don’t want you going with any of the women.”

“Ok. I guess I’ll just ask Cook for some basics for now. At least we won’t always have to go downstairs for breakfast or late night snacks.” Sam said. Matt could hear the disappointment in her voice and felt bad but so long as the Red Moon pack was a threat to her this was just the way it had to be.

“I promise you that as soon as this situation is dealt with, we’ll go to Missoula and spend the whole day shopping for anything you want. OK?” Matt said.

“I understand and I’m going to hold you to that.” She said as she kissed the end of his nose. “I don’t know about you but I’m getting hungry. Are you ready to go down to breakfast?”

“Sure. Just let me get the folder I was working on yesterday.” Matt said. He gathered up his paperwork and joined her at the front door.

Natalie and Richard were just leaving their apartment when Matt and Sam stepped out into the hall and they greeted each other.

“Good morning! How are you feeling this morning, Sam?” Natalie asked.

“Much better, thanks. Matt says we need to get to work planning the Luna ball?” Sam asked.

“Yes, we do. Are you feeling up to helping me?” Natalie asked.

“Yes, ma’am! I’m looking forward to learning all about being the best Luna I can be.” Sam smiled at her.

Richard glanced over at his son, who had a huge smile on his face as he watched Sam and his mother talk. Richard thought to himself “He looks the way I felt on the day he was born. I was so proud I felt like I would burst.”

They walked to the dining room together and had a nice breakfast. Natalie asked Kate to join them in her office and as soon as they finished eating, the women kissed their mates and left to get to work on the plans for the ball.

Matt had asked his father and the other men to hold off discussing the Red Moon pack until the women left the table but as soon as they were gone, the men started to push away from the table when Matt and Stuart got a mind link from the border guards saying that outsider werewolves were on their land.

“There’s at least 4 car loads of them. We need help! There’s too many of them for us to handle.” The guard sounded desperate.

“We’re under attack! Guards! Shift and get to the borders. We know there are at least four car loads of them near the main gate but don’t leave any border unprotected.” Matt yelled as he mind linked first the guard to tell him help was on the way. Then he linked his mother and told her that they were under attack and to take Sam and Katie and get upstairs.

Everyone in the dining room started either stripping and running through the back doors or running to make sure the children, untrained and eldery got to the safe rooms.

Brock said “I need my weapons. I’ll be right behind you.” he took off running down the hall to the room he had been assigned and gathered his weapons. He had not been carrying them while he had been here out of respect for Matt. He did not want anyone feeling that he was a threat to them. He always had his knives hidden on his body but he knew better than to run into a fight like this with only his knives. He wanted his crossbow and his guns.

Matt desperately wanted to make sure that Sam was OK but he knew his mother would take care of her and he had to protect his entire pack as he pulled off his clothes and ran to the back door right behind Stuart and Frank.

As soon as they were out of the house, they all shifted and took off running. They heard several fights going on in the trees but Matt told everyone to split up but stay in groups of at least 6 each.

“Watch out for silver weapons and bullets if they are carrying guns. No Mercy unless they surrender!” He linked everyone.

Each member of the executive staff led a group and they ran into the forest, going in different directions.

Matt had several warriors running behind him when they came up on three wolves surrounding the guard who had sent out the alarm. He was badly wounded but kept their attention on him until help could get there. He was a fairly large reddish brown wolf but one of the attackers had injured his front right leg and he had a large wound on his left rear flank that was bleeding profusely. The three wolves began to charge him all at once when Matt jumped on the one in the middle, catching him by the neck, snapping it. He threw the dead wolf at one of his pack mates, knocking him off his feet then charged the third one. He was a large gray and black wolf but was no match for Matt. The battle between them only lasted for a couple of minutes before Matt ripped his throat out.

The rest of the warriors had killed the other wolf and Matt told two of his men to find the vehicles they had arrived on and to disable them. “Slit the tires if you have to but I don’t want them to have a way out of here. If there is anyone there waiting by the vehicles, do not approach but call for help if there is more than one person.”

Matt took off running through the trees and found his father and the warriors that had followed him battling half a dozen intruders. His father’s wolf was almost the same size as Matt but two of the intruders were ganging up on him. Matt didn’t even hesitate as he jumped on one from behind and snapped his neck as he father rushed the other one and after a brief battle, snapped his neck as well.

They all fought together and soon had eliminated all of the intruders when suddenly a link came through from the house to Richard.

“There are men in the house. I think they broke through the patio doors.” Natalie linked, then turned to Sam and Katie. “The men are on their way. Don’t worry, they can’t get up here. The security system to this floor can only be accessed by a few and we trust them all.” Natalie assured Sam and Katie, who kept clutching her belly to protect her unborn pup.

Richard linked Matt, William, Stuart and Frank and told him that some of the intruders had gotten through and were in the house.

Matt and William didn’t even blink before they took off running. Matt used his Alpha speed and was back in less than a minute.

“No one will get to you, my love.” Matt linked Sam as he ran.

“We are safe. Please be careful! They will be carrying silver and wolfsbane weapons.” Sam linked him back.

Matt saw the patio doors had indeed been smashed as well as a few other downstairs windows. He charged into the house to find Brock hiding behind a pillar near the stairwell and firing at men as they tried to get up the stairs. There were two dead men just inside the door with arrows sticking out of an eye.

“Damn, he’s as deadly a shot as ever.” Matt thought to himself.

Brock saw Matt come in and recognized him. He had seen him in his wolf form often enough growing up but realized that he was much larger now. “Matt, at least four of them got upstairs before I could stop them. They are in human form and packing some serious weapons.” Brock yelled, then pointed at his leg. He had been wounded and was bleeding badly from what looked like a gunshot to his thigh. Silver wouldn’t affect Brock the way it would have a wolf but it looked as if the bullet had caught an artery and if he didn’t get help soon, he was going to bleed to death.

Just then, William and Stuart rushed in the patio doors.

“Careful, they are armed with weapons that have silver or wolfsbane.” Matt cautioned them as he scoped out where the intruders were in the room.

There were two men crouched down behind the couch in front of the fireplace and another behind Richard’s favorite recliner.

Matt shifted so that he could use his hands to signal Brock and wouldn’t have to use his voice. He held up 3 fingers to Brock and Brock held up 4 and pointed to the wall to Matt’s left which would be near the front door.

Richard and several other warriors joined them and Matt told them to wait. Matt linked Stuart and told him to go around to the front door. “Open it but don’t step through. I want to distract them.” Matt gestured to Brock what they were going to do and then shifted back. He was getting worried about Brock because he was looking very pale and leaning heavily on the pillar.

“Dad, when we attack, please get to Brock. He’s badly hurt.” Matt told his father.

“Got it.” Richard replied.

“Stuart, let me know when you’re ready.” Matt linked his Beta.

Stuart came right back “Ready, set, go!” He pushed open the door and then stepped behind the wall as Matt and the warriors rushed to the living room. Within seconds they had disarmed the men and had them lined up on the floor face down with a wolf standing over them just waiting for one of them to move a hair.

Brock passed out just as Richard reached him and by the time Matt got to them, Richard was tying a tourniquet around Brock’s leg and had already called for Dr. Andy. Within a minute, he arrived and ordered that Brock be carried to the clinic. “He’s going to need blood before I can remove the bullet and stitch the artery closed.”

Frank ran into the house and yelled for Matt. “There are 4 men scaling the balcony into your apartment. Tell the women to get out of there.”

Matt immediately linked his mother and told her to get themselves into the safe room that men were coming up from outside.

“Go now!” He linked her urgently as his heart pounded in his chest and he and his father and William took off for the elevator. It was the fastest way to their apartments.

All three men felt like it took forever for the elevator to reach the fourth floor when in reality it had taken less than a minute. Just as they stepped out, Natalie linked them that they were in the safe room but the men were in Matt’s apartment. “They are trashing the place, looking for Sam.”

“Matt, please be careful. Remember they are carrying silver weapons. I love you!” Sam linked him.

Matt had to fight himself to keep from breaking through the door but Sam was right. If they were carrying guns with silver bullets and he got shot, it would probably kill him and he did not want to die now that he had finally found her. He lifted his finger to his lips and held up his other hand. “The women are in the safe room but there are men with weapons inside and we don’t know where they are. Be very quiet and I’m going to open the door to see if I can see any of them. Frank told me 4 made it upstairs.” Matt whispered to his father and William who both nodded in agreement. Matt could tell that William just wanted to get inside and to his mate just as much as Matt wanted to get to his mate and his mother.

Matt knelt low and slowly opened his front door until he saw one man head down his hallway towards the bedrooms. He heard someone slam what sounded like the pantry door in the kitchen and another man stepped into view at the end of the hall. He was carrying a 9 mm handgun and yelled “Sam, you worthless bitch, get out here, now! I know you are here. I can smell your skanky ass.”

Matt wanted to rip the man’s head off and he would but he needed to know where the fourth man was before he pushed into the room when suddenly, he heard the fourth man call from the area near the balcony, “Ralph, I think they know we are up here. There are warriors on the ground below looking up here.”

“I know that bitch is here somewhere. I’m going to fuck her long and hard before I let every man in the pack have a turn and then I’m going to rip her apart for putting us in danger like this.” Ralph yelled.

Matt pulled the door closed but was having to fight to keep himself from shifting. He was breathing hard and his eyes were now flashing gold and his fangs were showing as he told his father and William. “There are two by the entrance to the hallway, one in the kitchen and one on the balcony. Stay low and move fast. I’ve got the two by the hallway. Dad, take the man in the kitchen, William you take the man on the balcony. I can’t see if they have their weapons out or not. The only gun I can see is in the one by the hall and it’s her cousin Ralph. He dies first!” Matt whispered and then all three men shifted and rushed into the apartment.

Matt used his alpha speed as he rushed right at the two men standing in the hallway entrance and pounced on Ralph. He had his head in his jaws before the man could even turn around. Matt twisted his head snapping Ralph’s neck then tore it from his shoulders. He threw the head to the side and jumped for the other man, who had just enough time to scream before Matt ripped his throat out.

Richard also used his alpha speed and rushed the man in the kitchen and snapped his neck. William flew over the dining table at the man who happened to be looking at the warriors below and knocked him over the railing, almost falling over himself but managed to catch himself. He watched the man hit the ground and the warriors below pounced on him. William yelled “Hold him for me. He’s mine!”

Then William turned around to see his mate running at him, one hand on her small baby bump and one reaching for him. He scooped her up and held her tightly as they kissed each other all over their faces.

“Oh thank Goddess you are OK, my love. I was so worried.” Katie told him as he told her. “When I heard they were coming up outside, I nearly lost it. Are you alright?” He put his hand on her stomach to caress his pup as he held his mate tightly to his side.

They turned to see Matt and Sam, Richard and Natalie all holding and kissing each other. Sam had her legs around Matt’s waist and her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. She was almost completely covered by Matt’s large muscular arms that were wrapped around her. Only her head and her butt could be seen. William and Katie smiled at each other as they watched their Alphas with their mates.

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