Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 19

When the adrenaline died down somewhat, Sam identified all of the men that were now dead in their apartment as her cousin, Ralph and his friends, Steven and David. “These two are just as sick and perverted as he was. I’ll almost bet that the other one is Peter. He’s a coward but follows Ralph around like a puppy. Steven and David are the two that Ralph was talking to the night they were talking about making me a breeder.”

After a minute or two, they all left the apartment and went back down stairs. Matt would send men up to collect the bodies and a cleaning crew to clean up the blood.

Natalie told them they could come stay in one of the extra bedrooms in their apartment but Matt told them they would just use the empty apartment that was reserved for a Delta, which he had not chosen yet. Natalie understood that they wanted all the privacy they could get, especially tonight.

As soon as all of the bodies were collected, they lined them up outside and Sam went down the line and identified as many as she could.

Several of the intruders had surrendered and Sam was shocked to see Cook Betty’s mate cowering in line on his knees. She walked over to him and said “Harry? You came after me with them?”

“I wasn’t given a choice. They were going to kill Betty right in front of me if I didn’t agree to come. This is almost all of the pack that’s left. Lou went crazy after you disappeared. He killed the guard that was working the front gate for letting you get by him as well as the guard that saw you at the convenience store but didn’t stop you.

He killed Ethel for making a snide remark about you and he beat poor Sara really badly. He thought she helped you get away. She’s in the clinic in a coma. Please, I don’t care what they do to me, but please save Betty. She always liked you and hated what they would do to you. She would cry and pray for you every night, especially whenever Lou and Ralph would beat you.” Harry told her.

“We’re going to get them, Harry. Don’t you worry.” Sam said and patted him on the shoulder.

“Let him go.” Sam told the guards. The guard glanced at Matt, who nodded his head and then he cut the tie that held Harry’s hands together.

“Harry, were any of the other men here forced to come?” She asked as she looked at the men who didn’t dare look up.

“Daniel and Ernest. I know they didn’t want to be here either. We’ve all been trying to figure out a way to get out but you know how Lou is and we didn’t know where to go.” Harry said, pointing to two men farther down the line. Sam had seen the two men before but had never really interacted with either of them and knew nothing about them.

One of the intruder warriors looked over at Harry and shouted “Traitor! Lou is going to kill you and your mate for treason!”

Sam looked at the warrior standing behind the man and nodded her head. The warrior snapped the intruder’s neck and the man fell face first into the ground. Sam was surprised that she felt nothing for ordering the man killed.

She turned back to Harry and asked, “Is my Aunt Mae OK?”

Harry suddenly got a very sad look on his face and couldn’t look Sam in the eye as he said “Lou killed her when he beat Sara. He was sure they had worked together to get you out.”

Sam’s eyes filled with tears and she felt like she could barely breathe. They had waited too long. Now the last person that she could have called family and the only one who had ever shown her any affection in the past 6 years was dead and it was her fault. Sam ran back to Matt, who had been standing at the bottom of the steps watching her, and threw her arms around him as she cried on his chest.

“Oh Matt! He killed her because he thought she had helped me! It’s my fault she’s dead.” Sam cried.

“No, baby. He killed her because he’s gone crazy. Come on. I’m going to contact the council right now and get permission to go in and rescue Sara before he kills her. Do you know the doctor there?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, he’s a good man. His name is Doctor Dan. I got to know him pretty well from all the time I spent there.” Sam answered. “Matt, we’ve got to get to Betty and Sara before he kills them.”

They went back into the house and Sam for one was relieved to see that all of the bodies had now been removed. There were people cleaning up the blood and she turned her head into Matt’s side as she clung to him as they walked past it to the elevator. They went up to his office and he called the Council offices. Councilman Jameson was in court today in his capacity as a lawyer but a secretary transferred him to Councilman Black’s office.

When he came on the phone, Matt quickly explained what had happened and Councilman Black said he would call an emergency meeting and would call Matt back before the end of the day. Matt urged him to hurry because of the innocent lives that were in danger if they did not act quickly.

“Alpha Stone, if it were just up to me, I’d say go but I don’t have the right to do that. An open attack like this has to be sanctioned by the Council or you could be prosecuted. I’ll do my best to get you approval as fast as I can.” Councilman Black reassured him and then hung up.

Matt relayed what Councilman had told him and they went back to talk to Richard and the executive staff. The prisoners were put in the holding cells and they would be held for the council to deal with.

Harry was sitting at the table in the dining room, wringing his hands and had a very worried look on his face as he waited to hear what was going to happen. When Sam walked back over to him to tell him what was going to happen next, he told her “Daniel and Ernest’s mates are nurses at the clinic. Doctor Dan has them hidden in a safe room and told Lou they ran away. That’s the reason Daniel and Ernest had to come, to keep them safe. He doesn’t know they are mates because they agreed not to mark each other yet.

After you left Lou stopped the grocery deliveries so the only food left was what was in the cupboards. It’s not going to last much longer. Betty said they only had enough left for another day or two. I’m so worried about Betty. Lou has been extra rough on her lately. I think the only reason he hasn’t killed her yet is because she’s the only one that can cook what he likes to eat.”

“Don’t worry, Harry. We’re going to get them out. We just have to wait to hear from the council but as soon as they call, we’ll be going. Do you want to come with us?” Sam asked.

“Yes! Please! Oh and I almost forgot to tell you. There are at least 4 human women at the house. I don’t know why but they came in the night before last and as far as I know, they are still there.” Harry said and saw Sam’s eyes get wide.

“Ralph and his sick crew were kidnapping humans for their sadistic sexual pleasures. He calls them breeders but he’s never made one pregnant as far as I know. He threatened to do the same to me. That’s why I ran. I overheard Ralph, Steve and David talking the night before I ran. Ralph was going to ask Uncle Lou to let him make me a breeder when I turned 18.”

Harry got a horrified look on his face. “But you are his family! How could he do that to you?”

“We share no blood, Harry. Ralph is now dead and soon his father will be too. Do you know what rooms the human girls are in?” Sam asked. She wanted to make sure that everyone treated them with respect and care. She can only imagine the horrors they were made to endure.

“No, I don’t but Daniel or Ernest might. They have been complaining about some new duties they’ve been required to do. Said it makes them sick.” Harry said. “Miss Sam, what’s going to happen to us?” Harry’s voice was shaky as if he was afraid of the answer.

“You’ll be given a choice of joining our pack or going to another. I don’t think the old pack house is going to be a good option soon. A lot of human women have gone missing. A woman was found dead near River Bend. She had been raped and her throat was torn out. No one knows for sure who did it but hunters are now involved and there is going to be a big investigation and all the signs are pointing to the Red Moon pack property. We need to rescue the innocents before the human authorities and hunters show up there so any information you, Daniel and Ernest can give us to help, will be greatly appreciated and rewarded, I’m sure.” Sam told him and Matt agreed.

Harry had been so relieved when Sam told him that they might be allowed to join her new pack but the happiness on his face faded to horror then back to worry for his mate that the authorities might get there before they could rescue Betty and the others.

“I don’t know anything about them or what happened to them. I only saw them come in the other night because I was in the garage working on the truck that got damaged in a fender bender. I’m sorry but Daniel or Ernest might know something.” Harry said.

“The so-called fender bender wasn’t an accident. They tried to run us off the road the other night. They hit the back of our SUV but when they figured out they were outnumbered, they chickened out and ran away.” Matt told the man.

Matt ordered for Daniel and Ernest and Harry to be brought to the meeting room downstairs and he called Stuart, Frank, William and his father to join them. He asked his mom to have some food brought to the men, who looked like they had not been eating well for a while. He also called for Teddy to join them and bring his computer.

Once everyone was assembled in the meeting room and in order to make the men more willing to open up, he linked with Sam at first the questions he needed the men to answer. The executive staff were seated at one end of the table while all of the three men were seated at the other end. Sam stood up and walked towards them to make her questioning less intimidating.

“First of all, we need to know as much as you can tell us about the human women who have been brought to the Red Moon pack property. Do you know what happened to them?” Sam asked.

Daniel and Ernest looked at each other then at Harry who told them. “Go ahead. Miss Sam is our best hope of getting our mates back and getting the hell away from that lunatic.”

Daniel was the first to speak. “Most of the women died from their injuries and were dumped in the burn pit or away from the pack grounds. He made us burn it the other night after he dumped Miss Mae and Ethel in there.”

Ernest added, when Daniel became unable to speak anymore,
"Miss Sam, there are 4 women upstairs in the pack house that I know about and there are 3 more in the cells. The 3 are barely alive and Beta Lou gets his jollies with them daily since he killed Miss Mae. I swear their screams are going to haunt my dreams for the rest of my life. Lou has taken to carrying that whip on his hip all the time now and no one dares to question him or get in his way. Even half of the warriors have left. They refused to be beaten and degraded only to then be expected to be loyal to him and do his dirty work anymore. Oh and no one has seen Alpha Nelson in days.” Ernest told them.

Frank asked “What do you mean by he gets his jollies with them?”

Ernest looked at the terrifying warrior and began to sweat. “Beta Lou has been raping and sodomizing them while he uses that damned silver knife to cut them. Most of the cuts are not deep unless the women don’t scream or fight enough. Just enough to make them bleed. He likes it when they scream and try to get away and the blood seems to make him more manic. He rubs it all over himself. Sometimes he shifts and mounts them. Usually when that happens the woman’s fate is sealed and he kills her. All of the women are in one room so they all see it all. He whips them if they try to look away or if they get sick and throw up. Doing that causes it to be worse when it’s their turn. Please help us get our mates out of there!” Ernest begged.

Everyone on the executive staff looked sick and angry at the same time. Matt looked like he was ready to punch something.

Just then the food arrived and as soon as it was put in front of them, the three men dived in. They ate like they had been starving, which they were. They made short work of the large sandwiches, chips and cookies that Cook had provided. They each had two large glasses of milk and leaned back in their chairs with satisfied but embarrassed looks on their faces when they realized that no one else had been eating.

Just as they finished eating, the phone rang and Matt answered it. “Alpha Stone.”

Councilman Jameson came on the line and said “Alpha Stone, you have the council’s permission to go ahead with the rescue mission but try to keep as many of them as possible alive for trial.”

“Thank you, sir. I will promise that for all but Louis Madison. I really don’t think it’s going to be possible to take him alive. From what we have just learned, he’s gone completely off the deep end. He’s killed a lot of his own pack, including his chosen mate and at least one of his household maids. Another is in a coma in their clinic because of the beating she took from him. I would give you all of the details right now but I think it’s more important to get to the survivors as quickly as we can. We have people here that can testify to what he has been doing but they have mates trapped there and we need to get them as soon as possible.” Matt informed the councilman.

“Councilman Black is already on his way with members of his pack as backup and will meet you in Missoula. I expect a full report with written statements from everyone concerned when you return.” Councilman Jameson informed him.

“Will do. And thank you sir.” Matt said before he hung up. He turned back and looked at the three men sitting at the end of the table and asked, “How many warriors are left at the Red Moon pack?”

Ernest replied with “about 30, I think. That doesn’t include the innocents. Can we come with you?”

Both Daniel and Harry sat forward with hopeful looks on their faces when he asked permission to accompany them.

“Sure. It might help us gather the innocents.” Matt smiled at them when their faces lit up with big smiles.

“Get us some vehicles and as many warriors as we can carry and make sure they are armed. Warn everyone that Red Moon Pack carry weapons with silver bullets and knives. Louis Madison carries a whip soaked in wolfsbane.” Matt said as they all stood up to leave.

“William, you stay here. We don’t want Katie going into early labor worrying about you.” Matt said.

“But....” William started to say but Sam cut him off.

“No buts. Katie’s had enough stress today. Besides, someone has to be in charge here while we are gone.” Sam said before following the men out the door.

“Looks like she’s going with you.” William said to Matt as they both watched her leave with stunned looks on their faces.

Matt started after Sam but William caught his arm and said “Think about it, Matt. She needs to see him die if she can’t do it herself. She needs closure so that she can put the horrors of her past behind her.”

Matt thought about what he had said and knew William was right but he was going to let Frank know that he was to stick to Sam like her shadow.

Within half an hour they were all ready to go. They had 10 vans filled with 12 men each. Matt led the way with Sam, Frank, the three Red Moon pack members and four of White Feather packs top warriors. It took them a little over an hour, pushing the speed limit, to reach the convenience store where Sam had jumped off the truck. It was a safe place for them to park and leave the vans.

“We’ll go on foot from here. Sam, you stick to Frank like a shadow. Frank, I’m trusting you with the most precious thing in my life so you had better watch over her with your life.” Matt told him as he pulled Sam close to his side. He wished she had stayed home but he understood her need to be here.

Together they turned and looked at Harry, Daniel and Ernest who were looking anxious and scared as they stared at the woods.

“There shouldn’t be too many, if any, guards in the woods right now. There are just not enough of them left here to guard day and night.” Ernest said.

“The road to the entrance gate is about 2 miles from here down that way.” Harry said. “Then it’s a little over a mile from there to the actual gate itself.”

“What does the gate look like?” Frank asked.

“It’s a pole fence like you see on a corral but bigger. The logs are about 6” thick and supported by phone pole size supports and have an electronic opener that’s operated by a guard in the small shack near the gate. That’s the only place I’m sure would have a guard.” Ernest said.

“Does the gate swing open or roll to the side?” Frank asked.

“It swings inward.” Harry said. He had driven through that gate many, many times in the past as had Ernest and Daniel. Both of them had been drivers for the Red Moon pack before Alpha Raymond and Beta Rafe had been killed. Harry had been the chief mechanic for years.

“Frank, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Matt asked his friend.

“Announce our arrival by crashing through the gate? It would certainly get their attention.” Frank answered.

“And draw them to one area.” Matt said, nodding his head. By now Stuart had joined them to discuss their plan of attack and everyone agreed that some of them should go in on foot but the majority were going to ride in right through the front gate.

“Frank, you, Sam, Harry and 20 warriors get to the tree line of the pack grounds. Try not to let anyone sound an alarm that we are coming. When you hear us crash through the gate, wait until we have engaged their warriors and then find the innocents and get them back to the other vehicles.

“Harry, can you link your mate and find out where Louis is right now?” Matt asked. Louis was his main concern. He figured that most of the warriors would give up once he was dead.

“I’d have to be closer to the pack house. We’re almost four miles away right now.” Harry admitted. Normally the stronger the wolf the farther they could project but in Harry’s weakened condition his range was somewhat limited. He knew he needed to save as much of his strength as he could right now. Hiking through the woods was going to seriously zap his strength as it is but nothing short of death was going to keep him from getting back to his mate now.

“As soon as I get within sight distance of the pack house, I can link her and tell one of your people and they can link you. OK?” Harry said.

“Ok. As soon as she lets you know, tell her to hide and not say anything to anyone.” Matt instructed him.

“What about us?” Ernest and Daniel were standing behind Harry and wanted to know where they could help.

“One of you will come with us. The other can go either with Harry or come along with us.” Matt said.

I really wish we had those drones right now. Matt thought to himself. They wouldn’t be going in so blind if they did.

Just as everyone started getting ready to go, four large black Hummers pulled up and parked near their vehicles. Everyone tensed until Councilman Black stepped out of the first one followed by two men who were dressed like commando’s in full combat gear except for the backpacks and helmets. All of the men were big like Matt and Frank and dressed in black.

Councilman Black approached Matt, holding out his hand as Matt stepped forward and greeted him. “Wow. Looks like I may have brought unneeded help but we’re here for whatever you need.” Zander Black said.

“Thanks for coming. We were just discussing how we are going to go in. As we understand it, Louis may not have more than 30 or 40 warriors left but they are possibly armed with weapons that have silver bullets or are carrying silver knives. Louis apparently has both plus a whip soaked in Wolfsbane. He’s killed a lot of his own men because they disobeyed him for one reason or another and the others have deserted.

At least two dozen of his men attacked our pack house this morning trying to get to Sam. Louis’s son was the leader and I removed his head for him. Three of the Red Moon pack have surrendered to us and have been informing us on what we are up against. They were forced to accompany Ralph by threats to their mates. When this is all over, they and their mates will be joining my pack. We have about 10 of his warriors in our holding cells or clinic now.

We are here to rescue as many innocents as we can. We know for sure that one of the women we’re here to get is in a coma in the clinic. We’re planning on ramming through their front gate to get their attention and to engage and distract from a foot crew that are going to gather the innocents. The girl in the clinic should be safe until we can get the situation under control, I hope. Sam told me the Doctor is a good man and I’m sure his first priority is to protect his patients and staff.

Harry here is the mate of the cook. Once he is close enough to link her, he’s going to find out where Louis is and once we have that established, we will attack.” Matt explained what they were planning to do.

“We need some help in handling the human women and getting them back to their families. We understand that there are at least 7 of them on the property right now.” Matt told him and related what Harry and the others had told them had been going on with the human women. “They are going to be hurt and scared. I would say your men need to stay in human form around them. Let the doctor and his staff approach them first.”

“Sounds good. Where do you want us?” Zander asked, impressed with the young Alpha's calmness, reasoning and planning.

“Half and half will be good. Sam and Frank and Harry are going to lead the foot group and get to the innocents since both of them know the grounds and where things are.” Matt said.

Zander's eyebrows rose almost to his hairline when Matt mentioned that Sam would be leading a group of warriors and he questioned Matt about it. “Sam is so tiny. Are you sure it’s safe to let her go in?”

“I’d like to see you try and stop her. If you do, you had better be wearing a cup! She is determined to see Louis die, if we don’t let her do it herself. She deserves to be his executioner after what he’s done to her.” Matt said and then had to hide his smile behind his hand when Zander and the men within hearing range all covered themselves unconsciously and got looks of pain on their faces.

“Agreed. Hopefully he will not fight but I don’t count on it. Well, we’re ready whenever you are.” Zander said and he turned around to instruct his men. He had brought two dozen men with him and while they most likely would not even be needed, they were here as representatives of the werewolf council to make sure that unnecessary destruction didn’t happened and to collect evidence. They were also to oversee getting the humans returned to their families.

So it was decided and the two groups split up. Matt and Sam hugged and kissed and promised each other to be safe and then Matt got back in his vehicle as he watched Sam follow Frank and Harry into the woods. As the foot group entered the woods, the rest of them reloaded into the vehicles and drove down to within about half a mile of the front gate. They parked and waited for the signal.

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