Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 20

Sam and her group ran quickly through the woods and Harry directed them to a place where they could observe the house without being seen. They didn’t see or hear any guards in the woods, which everyone thought was kind of strange since this area would be the primary entrance. All of the guards were on high alert as they spread out to scan the area.

As soon as everyone was still, Harry linked Betty.

“Betty, remain calm and do not react. I’m here with people who are going to help us get free. Sam is with me. Where is Lou?” Harry concentrated as he linked his mate.

“He’s in the dining room, demanding his dinner. He’s been screaming for hours about why Ralph and the others haven’t come back yet. We’re all terrified, Harry.” Betty answered him back.

“Are you ready to serve?” Harry asked.

“Yes. Tina is carrying his food to him right now.” Betty replied.

“How many girls are in the kitchen?” Harry asked.

“There’s me, Tina and Nicole.” Betty replied.

“As soon as Tina is back with you, grab the girls and either get out of the house or hide! We’re about to come in. Don’t let him get his hands on you so that he can’t use you for a shield or hurt you.” Harry said. “Let me know when you are ready.”

“Ok. Here comes Tina. There’s not really anywhere to hide in here so we’re coming out.” Betty thought back to him.

Harry turned to Sam and Frank and told them that Betty and two of the girls would be coming out the kitchen door soon. “He’s in the dining room and has just been served his dinner. Betty said he’s been ranting about Ralph and the others not being back yet.”

“His son is missing but it certainly didn’t stop that pig from having his dinner, did it!” Sam said with disgust.

Frank turned to the other men and motioned for them to be ready to move as Sam linked Matt.

“Lou is in the house, in the dining room. Betty and two women are leaving by the back door now! Go!” Sam linked Matt and then saw Betty and two other familiar figures running out the back door. They made sure the door didn’t slam shut but as soon as it was closed they took off across the yard as the alarm began to sound. The three women ran for all they were worth towards the woods when they spotted Harry.


Matt was worried about Sam but knew Frank would die before he let anything happen to her. But that thought made him realize that if anything happened he would lose one of his very best friends. Stuart was sitting next to him in the front and knew his friend was worried.

“Don’t worry. She’s got Frank and those very impressive looking council guards with her. I think we’ve got the Red Moon pack seriously outnumbered as it is.” Stuart tried to reassure his friend.

“I know but they have silver bullets, knives and Louis has that damned whip. I’d like to give him all the lashes he ever hit Sam with using that thing.” Matt said, his anger was building.

Suddenly, Sam’s voice came into his mind. “We have Betty and the two kitchen workers. Betty said Lou’s all worked up because he expected Ralph and the others to be back by now.”

“Goo. We’re going in. Be careful my love.” Matt answered and told Stuart, “Let’s go!” Matt said as he started the car. One of the council Hummers pulled forward and headed for the gate. Their vehicles had heavy duty grill bars that could ram through more solid objects than the gate they were facing so it had been agreed that they would lead the way. But Matt and his car load would be right behind them.

By the time they hit the front gate they were going over 60 miles an hour and didn’t even slow down as the gate basically shattered. One man jumped from the first vehicle and rolled to his feet with a gun pointed at the guard who threw up his hands right away. He had already hit the alarm button when he had seen them coming full speed down the road.


As Betty and the girls ran to Harry, to the right a Red Moon pack guard spotted them and yelled out “Stop!” Just as the alarm went off and seconds later, the council Hummer crashed the gate.

Harry stepped out of the trees and called out to Betty. “Betty, over here!”

A shot rang out and they all saw the guard who had yelled drop to the ground. One of their guards had seen him lift his gun and had not hesitated to take him out.

Suddenly the grounds were flooded with light from flood lights mounted on the edge of the roof. Betty and the two young women ran towards Harry who was standing just out from under the trees. Betty practically knocked Harry over in her enthusiasm.

As soon as Tina and Nicole spotted Sam they ran towards her as she ran to them. The three young women hugged and began talking all at once. “Where have you been? How did you get away? Why didn’t you take us with you?” Sam was bombarded with questions and Sam shushed them and told them that she had come to free them all.

“Have you heard anything about Sara? Harry told us Uncle Lou beat her really bad. Is she still alive?” Sam asked worriedly.

“Last we heard, she was still in a coma but that was last night when Dr. Bob came to the house for food. I’m so glad you are here. The meal we served him tonight was the last of our food supplies. I don’t know what was going to happen tomorrow when we had to tell him there was nothing left. It would have been plain bread and even that wouldn’t be enough to feed everyone.” Nicole told her.

“Luna. We need to move if we are going to get to the rest of them.” Frank said. He had smelled something when they had approached the house and he was anxious to find out where that heavenly scent was coming from. It smelled of wild flowers after a spring rain and fresh baked apple pie but it hadn’t rained in a while and the only thing growing around here was weeds.

When Frank called her Luna, both Tina and Nicole’s eyebrows went up to their hairlines and their mouths dropped open. Sam smiled at them and nodded. “Look. We can talk later and I’ll bring you up to date then but right now, we need to gather all the other women and Dr. Bob and get them to safety. Stay here with Harry and Betty. We’ll bring the rest of them here.”

Sam assigned two warriors to stay and protect them and told them to watch out for other women headed their way.

Sam and Frank and the rest of their party saw all of the Red Moon pack being taken down by Matt and his men but there was still no sign of Louis until they were at the patio doors where Sam told them they would be able to see inside before entering the house. Frank made Sam stay behind him as they spread out and began approaching the doors.

No one saw Louis come out the kitchen door and hide behind the trash bin area. He had seen them coming across the yard and knew he was alone and was going to make Sam pay for this infraction severely.

Frank ordered his men to begin entering the house when everything they could see looked empty.

Suddenly a whip cracked through the air and Sam fell against Frank with a scream. Louis had snuck up behind them and was off to one side. He had the whip in one hand and a pistol in the other. He laughed maniacally as he raised the gun and pointed it at Frank.

Matt heard her scream and using his alpha speed, ran from the front of the house. His heart pounded when he saw who he assumed was Louis raise his hand and point his gun at Frank and Frank holding Sam. Matt knew he would take the bullet instead of dropping Sam who was obviously injured. Matt heard Frank growl,

“You’re a dead man!” Frank growled at him and Louis laughed even harder, throwing his head back just before Matt’s huge black wolf pounced on him.

Matt knew that Sam wanted to be the one to kill him but this asshole had just struck his mate and hurt her and that had made him see red. He couldn’t have stopped himself if he had wanted to. Louis’s scream was muffled in Matt’s mouth as he crushed his skull with his massive jaws and ripped his face off. He was so enraged that he dug his front paw’s claws down the man’s chest and ripped his heart out.

Sam watched over her shoulder as Frank held her up as Matt killed her Uncle. She felt no sympathy at all for him. He deserved it and more.

Matt stood over Louis for a moment and then whipped his head around when he heard Frank telling Sam to hang on. Frank was holding her up by her elbows, trying to figure out how to pick her up without hurting her. Matt saw that her back was bleeding and her shirt was ripped open. Matt quickly shifted and ran to her. He carefully picked her up and asked, “Where is the clinic?” His voice was barely above a whisper as he couldn’t seem to get enough air in his lungs.

Sam pointed in the direction of the clinic which was about a hundred yards down the side of the large pack house. “Behind the pack house. I’m alright Matt. I’ve had it worse than this plenty of times.” Sam smiled up at him.

Matt felt like his heart was breaking to hear that and he began to run. “Whoa. Slow down please. It hurts more when you jostle me.” Sam moaned.

“I’m sorry.” Matt said as he slowed down.

Neither of them realized that Frank was still with them until he ran in front of Matt to open the door. Whatever that heavenly smell was, it was coming from here and something was driving him to find out what it was.

As soon as they entered the clinic, Sam called out for Dr. Bob who came running. He stopped dead in his tracks when he spotted Frank but when he saw Sam being carried in by a naked Matt, he inched his way around the large, scary looking man and ran towards her.

“Oh no, Sam. Not again!” Dr. Bob said as Matt shifted her in his arms so that the doctor could see her back. “At least he only got you once this time. Come with me and we’ll get her bandaged up.” Dr. Bob said with a look at Matt, then led them into an exam room. Frank was pacing back and forth in the hall when Matt stepped back outside to allow Dr. Bob to work.

“What’s wrong, Frank? Why are you pacing like that?” Matt asked.

“I don’t know. I feel like every hair on my body is standing up and what is that wonderful smell?” Frank said, looking down the hall.

“Go look.” Matt said, having a feeling that he knew what the problem was. Someone in here was Frank’s mate because he remembered what he had felt like when he had first felt Sam’s presence.

Not needing anymore encouragement, Frank took off down the hall sniffing at each doorway as he followed his nose as the scent became stronger. Finally on the next to the last door, Frank finally found what he was looking for. He slowly pushed the door open and then froze. Matt’s description had been right about the feeling of being hit by a train as the sensation hit him all at once, making his heart miss several beats and taking his breath away. He had to struggle to breathe again but when he could he took a deep breath he let it out as he whispered, “Mate!” He couldn’t believe it as his eyes fell on the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Her eyes were closed and she was laying on her stomach and there was a contraption connected to the sides of the bed that kept the sheet off of her back which covered all but her head. There was an IV of fluids and another of blood running into tubes under the sheet. Frank’s heart contracted at the site and a rage filled him as he thought about what she must have gone through.

Mixed with the heavenly scent of wild flowers after a spring rain and his favorite dessert of freshly baked apple pie, he also smelled blood. This must be the girl that Harry had said Louis had beaten, Sara. She had beautiful dark red hair and pale, creamy porcelain skin and lush full lips. He wondered what color her eyes were but right now that was unimportant. He stepped forward tentatively and was just about to look under the tent when the door behind him opened and Dr. Bob came into the room.

“She’s still unconscious, thankfully. Sam was not so lucky most of the time when she was here. Thankfully he only caught her back once this time. Are you Sara’s mate?” Dr. Bob asked.

“Yes. I believe so. Will she be OK?” Frank asked, never taking his eyes off the beautiful woman.

“Oh yeah. She only took 10 hits but I think her mind kind of shut down which in her case was a good thing. She hasn’t moved or made a sound since she came in. I stitched her up and we are keeping the areas clean but Lou used his wolfsbane whip on her so she’s going to have scars like Sam, just not as bad.” Dr. Bob said. “Look, I hate to ask you to leave but we try to keep this room as sterile as possible to cut down on infections. You will need to scrub down and put on a special suit to come back in. I just hope I have one big enough to fit you.”

Frank reluctantly left the room, followed by Dr. Bob. “I have to go release my nurses.” Dr. Bob told him.

“Will we be able to move Sara? Human law enforcement is going to be here soon and they can’t find her. We can take you all to our pack clinic. You’ll all be safe there.” Frank said.

Dr. Bob thought hard about it and looked Frank up and down before making up his mind. “We’d have to find a way to rig her bed up so that she doesn’t have to lay on her back and I need a way to keep the monitor going. It regulates her medication. I’ve got her on some heavy duty pain killers right now. That’s part of the reason she’s still asleep. Rest is the best thing for her right now.”

Just then Daniel, Ernest, Harry, Betty, Tina and Nicole came rushing into the clinic. Betty was distraught because she had seen what had happened with Sam and when Matt had killed Louis but the guards had refused to let them leave until all of the Red Moon pack guards had been either captured or killed.

Daniel and Ernest wanted to know where their mates were. “I was just going to let them out. When the alarm went off, I hid them in the safe room.” He said as he began to lead Daniel and Ernest down the hall.

Frank felt lost as he stood in the hall and Matt almost laughed at him but kept a straight face as he joined his friend. “Did you find her?” Matt asked.

“How did you know?” Frank asked with a wide eyed look at his friend. His mind was still trying to wrap around the fact that he actually had a mate. He had given up finding someone a long time ago.

“When you said you smelled something wonderful and that your hair felt like it was standing on end. That second one meant either danger or your mate and I’ve never heard of danger smelling good. Plus I felt the same way the first time I ever saw Sam except I couldn’t smell her because she had rolled in periwinkle to cover her scent while she was on the run. When I touched her for the first time, it was like grabbing hold of a bare live wire but it didn’t hurt. I just felt warm all over.” Matt told him as Frank listened intently.

Frank realized that he might be able to talk to Matt about sex but what he really knew about finding a mate could fit in a thimble and most of that was hearsay. But Frank had always been a romantic when it came to courting the ladies, even if it was just to get a roll in the hay.

He had known that those relationships would never go anywhere but he had convinced himself that he would never find his true mate and had always treated the women he bedded well and been gentle. Women were attracted to him because of his large body size. One woman had told him the scars made him look rugged and dangerous and that most women were attracted to the bad boys. He couldn’t decide if he was glad he had experience or guilty that he didn’t wait for his mate.

“Have you touched her yet?” Matt asked.

“No. She’s still in a coma and under some kind of tent to keep the covers off of her injuries. The doctor said she mentally shut down when that bastard beat her with his wolfsbane whip. He hit her 10 times! But from what I can see, she’s so beautiful, Matt. All I’ve seen in her face and hair. I don’t know how tall she is or what she’s shaped like and frankly I don’t care. She's got hair like autumn leaves and skin like pale creamy porcelain and full .....

Just then Daniel and Ernest saw their mates coming down the hall and they all practically collided as they raced towards each other.

Councilman Black came into the clinic, looking for Matt and since the hallway to the clinic was no place to hold a meeting, they left and walked back outside so that they could talk more freely.

“We might need to bring the doctor with us. There are 6 women in the cells and they are in pretty bad shape. One of the women in the cells is dead and the others are near death. They need medical attention as soon as possible. There are also 4 more women who were tied to the beds in the house that we’ve located so far. All have been raped and beaten. They are in bad shape too but it looks like they haven’t been here as long as the others. Where is Brock? I expected him to be here to handle the humans.” Zander Black told them.

“He was shot in the thigh this morning and it hit an artery. He lost a lot of blood before we got to him. He wasn’t able to come with us.” Matt said.

“We are going to need some more vehicles to get all of these people out of here. Sara is going to need an ambulance or at least a box truck with a generator to be able to move her. If Dr. Bob is going to come with us, we should remove all of his equipment and take it with us.” Frank said.

“You’re right. Our vehicles were full coming down here. Take Harry and see what they have here that we might be able to use.” Matt told Frank. Matt knew he was worried about Sara and his brain wasn’t thinking straight and this would at least give him something productive to do.

Frank nodded his head and headed back into the clinic. A few minutes later he came back out with Harry, Ernest and Daniel. They all jogged over to the garage to inspect the vehicles and Betty, Tina and Nicole went to the house.

Matt walked with Zander over to the cells and Matt had to breathe very shallow to keep from throwing up with the smells that hit his nose when they entered. It was a mixture of sex, blood, vomit and human urine and feces. The dead woman was lying on one side of a cell flat on her face. Her legs were spread and it was obvious she had been repeatedly raped and sodomized in addition to being whipped and cut with a knife. They suspected that she had died from blood loss.

The other women were in two cells, naked and clinging to each other with terrified looks on their faces. All of the cells had open bars so they had all been able to see what happened to each other and the women were obviously terrified of any man that came close to them because as soon as Matt and Zander came in they got hysterical and clung to each other.

“Come on. We’ll have to get some help from the women for this. I don’t want to traumatize them anymore than they already are.” Zander said.

The men left the cell house after trying to assure the women that they were there to help and that no one else would harm them but the women had been inconsolable.

Zander and Matt walked over to the house and found Stuart sitting on a bench with a pretty young woman, holding hands and sitting close to each other.

“Stuart?” Matt questioned his Beta. “What’s going on?”

Stuart jumped to his feet and blushed as he introduced his mate, Carmen to them. “Carmen, this is Alpha Matt Stone and Councilman Zander Black. Matt, this my mate, Carmen Sanchez.”

Carmen was a true latino beauty. She was almost the same height as Stuart and had jet black hair, large almond shaped brown eyes, a small button nose and full luscious lips. In the awful sack-like maids uniform it was hard to tell anything about her real shape but it would have been hard to hide the fact that she was large breasted and had full hips and Stuart practically had little hearts rising out of the top of his head as he seemed to be unable to take his eyes off of her.

“Very nice to meet you, Carmen.” Matt said and shook hands with her. She might look all feminine but she gave him a warm firm handshake.

“Very nice to meet you as well, sir.” Carmen replied and Matt was rather surprised at how soft spoken she was.

“Carmen, can we enlist your help with the human women? They are terrified of us.” Matt asked.

“Sure. We have all wanted to help them but have never been allowed to do anything other than change the sheets on the beds when the animals were done with them. There are four women upstairs now that were brought in a few nights ago. How many women are left in the cells?”

“Five. The sixth one is dead but we will take care of her when you have the other women out of there. We need to find them some clothes and allow them to clean up as well but first we want to untie them and reassure them that their hell is over. Do you know if any of them suspect that we are werewolves?” Zander asked.

“No, I don’t think so. Beta Louis killed them if they found out. I know for sure that he’s killed at least 6 women, now apparently 7, but I’m not sure what he did with all of the bodies. The first ones were dumped in the burn pit but Alpha Nelson convinced him that that might leave evidence so I overheard Beta Lou tell his son to take them off property and dispose of them.” Carmen told them.

“Where is Nelson now? We have not found him since we’ve been here.” Zander asked.

“Look in the burn pit.” Carmen said. “Beta Louis killed him the other night after Sam disappeared along with his mate, Mae. Beta Louis went mad after she disappeared. We’ve all been terrified to be around him since you never knew when something would displease him. He beat Sara, one of the kitchen helpers, almost to death. She’s in the clinic in a coma now.”

“Yeah, we found her or rather Frank did. She’s his mate.” Matt grinned at Stuart who’s eyebrows shot to his hairline at that news.

“Frank too? Wow. We should have come to the Red Moon pack a long time ago!” Stuart said with a huge smile on his face as he slipped his arm around Carmen’s waist and gave her a gentle squeeze.

“Well, we can visit more later. Right now we need to take care of the business at hand. Carmen, if you can please gather all of the other women and take care of human women, I need to use the phone and get the proper people here. Where is there a phone I can use?”

Carmen showed him where the Alpha and Beta’s offices were located and then went to gather the women to help her. Both men put on gloves before they entered the house so that no evidence would be left behind that they had ever been inside of the house.

The two men split up, Matt took the Beta office while Zander went to the Alpha’s office. Matt contacted his father and explained what had happened. He knew his parents must be worried sick about them and he not only wanted to put their minds at ease, he needed to also speak to Brock. Brock may not be able to be here right away but he had contact with the humans and could run interference for them.

In the meantime, Zander got on the phone and contacted Councilman Jameson and told him about what had happened and what they had found. Councilman Jameson said he would call his contact in Missoula, the chief of police, and make sure he came to the pack house and would lead the investigation they all knew the human authorities would conduct.

As soon as they hung up, they searched the offices for any information that might give the human authorities any indication that they might be dealing with supernatural creatures. All paperwork, photographs and books were confiscated. It was going to take a moving truck to move it all.

“What are we going to do about Louis’s body?” Matt said, thinking out loud.

“Give the human women some 2 x 4’s or something and let them have at it?” Zander suggested.

Just then one of the Zanders guards came into the room and overheard Matt’s question. “I’ll take care of his body so that no one can tell how he was killed. I can’t tell you what we are going to do about the women’s memories though.” The guard said. “One of them keeps mumbling about “the dogs”.

“Damn! I wonder if he shifted in front of any of them? If he did, we’re screwed.” Matt said.

Zander walked back over to the phone and made another call. On ops like this, none of them used their cell phones so that they couldn’t be tracked to this location by having made calls from this area. He spoke quietly to the person on the phone and then hung up with a smile. “Handled it. We need to get all the women in one room. I have someone coming who can wipe their memories of anything to do with werewolves or dogs. She’ll be here in about half an hour.” Zander said, then ordered his guard to have everyone load up and to stay near the vehicles.

Matt walked through the house, checking that they had not missed anything with Zander and once they had checked all of the rooms and were satisfied that they had cleared it, they returned downstairs. Matt wandered into the kitchen and found the utility closet with the industrial sized washers and dryers and knew he had found where Sam had “lived” for the past six years. It made him nearly sick when he opened the closet door and saw how small it was. It was only about four and a half feet wide and about three feet deep. She may be tiny but she still would have had to sit up and sleep in a ball all the time she was in there. The bathroom next to that was just as she had described. The sink was so close to the toilet that you had to hang on to the sink to keep from being forced to sit on the toilet and the shower was just a pipe out of the ceiling that was barely large enough for him to fit in shoulder to shoulder. Sam might be able to bend over to pick up the soap but he would almost have to leave the room entirely. His heart ached for the torture his mate had had to suffer through for so long.

Frank came in and said “Was this Sam’s place?” Matt could only nod his head as he fought back the tears and rage that he felt would consume him if he didn’t get away from here soon.

“We’ve got enough vehicles to transport everyone. We’ve emptied the clinic of everything the doctor wants to take with him and we’ve also got Sara rigged up to travel. We’ll have to travel slower with her but the doctor is going to ride with me so that he can monitor her. Is everyone ready to go?” Frank asked, feeling his friend and Alpha’s pain.

“Where is Sam?” Matt asked.

“Doc gave her something for pain. This you have got to see. She is high as a kite right now. She’s in your vehicle with Tina and Nicole. They are singing along with the radio!” Frank grinned at Matt.

Hearing that took some of the weight that had settled on his chest. Matt threw his arm around Frank’s shoulders and together they walked outside.

“So you found your mate. I’m happy for you, big guy. Go ahead and head home. I won’t be far behind you. I’ve just got to wrap up here and then we’ll be out of here before humans show up.” Matt told him.

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