Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 21

It was agreed that Zander and his guards would stay and take care of the human authorities. Brock contacted his team and told them to meet Zander at the Red Moon pack house. He contacted Zander and told him who would be coming and to make sure that his team left the house unharmed.

Not long after the arrangements had been made, there was a clap of thunder and everyone looked up at the clear sky in confusion except for Zander. He smiled when he saw Zella appear on the patio. All of the guards who had been standing on the patio and the surrounding grounds were startled when she appeared in the middle of the patio in a cloud of pale blue mist with two huge silver gray wolves standing next to her and raised their guns until Zander stepped forward to greet her.

“Stand down!” Zander commanded his men then smiled widely as he walked towards the beautiful woman. The two wolves immediately sat down at her feet when they saw Zander approach. Their fierce appearances softened when they recognized the man who had been friends with Zella since before they came to her.

“Zella. How good to see you again. It’s been too long, my friend.” Zander said as he stretched his arms out to embrace her.

“Ah, Zander, it’s good to see you too and you are right, it has been a long time. How is Sandra?” Zella replied as she returned his hug, kissing each of his cheeks. Her French accent was barely noticeable. Zella was tall, built like an hourglass, had long black hair with stripes of white about half way back on her head running down each side. Her face had always reminded Zander of Cleopatra’s, especially her eyes and mouth. She was tanned and healthy looking and if Zander did not love his wife with all of his heart, he would be seriously tempted to lay down with Zella. But the two had known each other for years and while they both realized that there was strong sexual chemistry between them, they had never taken their relationship beyond friendship.

Zella had helped Zander many times in the past, especially when it came to hiding things from humans. She was a very powerful witch and especially talented in reading minds and altering people’s memories.

They chatted for just a moment but when Matt cleared his throat behind them, Zander remembered that they had to move quickly. He wasn’t sure how long it would be before the human authorities arrived.

Zander introduced them and Zella was intrigued by the large handsome alpha. “My, aren’t you the handsome one!” Zella smiled at Matt, causing his cheeks to get bright red instantly, which caused Zander to laugh.

“Down, Zella. He’s also mated so no touching.” Zander laughingly scolded his friend.

“Ah what a pity! I think we could have had a lot of fun together.” Zella smiled seductively at him. Zella was also a temptress and her aura enabled her to seduce most any man she desired and Zander had often wondered if she had ever seduced him and then wiped his memory of it. He knew he had always been attracted to Zella before he had found Sandra but once he had met his mate, he no longer looked at any woman with desire. Now Zella was just a helpful friend.

“So why did you call me, Zander? What can I do to help you?” Zella asked.

Zander quickly explained the situation they faced and told her “We need to know which of these men did these horrible things to these women and which ones are innocent. The guilty ones need to own up to kidnapping, rape, sodomy, assault and murder. We also need the women they have done this to to forget anything about werewolves or dogs, as they are thinking of them.

They will need to remember everything else for now but can you make it so that their memories and scars will eventually slowly fade? No one deserves to have to continue to relive this over and over again in their dreams.” Zander explained. Zander had already arranged for a back up story as to their presence in the area but Matt and his pack would need to leave soon, before the humans arrived.

“I can do all of these things. Bring the men here, please.” Zella said.

The guards pushed the captives into four lines across the patio in front of Zella and forced them to kneel. Their hands were tied behind their backs and each man had a different expression on their faces.

Zella walked down the line holding her hand above each man’s head for a moment before she told Zander whether or not they had actually participated in the acts or if they just knew what was going on.

Slowly the amount of guilty men dwindled down from over 40 men to about a dozen who had been actively involved. Most of the others were just omega’s or guards.

Zella looked as if she wanted to be sick and had to sit down for a moment before she could continue. “For what those men did to those poor women, they should be flogged and castrated and then fed to wild pigs.”

All of the guilty men overheard and some looked at each other in terror while others looked as if they would like to kill her.

After a moment, Zella had regained her composure and stood up to where the guilty men had been grouped together. She waved her hand over them and they all immediately felt deep remorse for what they had done. They started trying to admit to the actions they had done as they apologized over and over again.

“Save it for the police.” Matt snapped at them, pushing his alpha power forward and saw every man present except Zander bow their heads and show their necks in submission.

They led Zella into the house where the maids were trying to comfort the abused women. They had been allowed to clean up and the maids had found them clothes to wear. They all had been beaten and whipped and their injuries had been attended to by Dr. Bob, Kim and Beth, mostly Kim and Beth since all men seemed to scare the women so badly that they became hysterical whenever Dr. Bob had tried to help them.

To Zella, as soon as the door to the room where the women were was opened, she had to take a step back because of the level of fear that radiated from the women. She had fast flashes of horrors that had been inflicted on these poor women by not only the men outside but several others but mostly by four men that she had not seen here yet.

Zella grabbed Zanders hand and had to take several deep breaths. “Can you get me something to drink please? I feel ill.” Zella whispered to him. Zander linked one of his men to bring water for her and then let her sit down on a chair in the hallway.

“My Goddess, Zander! This is a nightmare. You can’t even begin to imagine what these poor women have been made to endure. I’m surprised they have not all gone completely insane. There is one woman in there that is very close to the edge. I may have to take them one at a time. Their overall fear is too intense. There are at least four men who were not outside that are the most guilty here and they definitely need to be stopped now!” Zella whispered when she felt she could breathe again.

Zander looked at Matt as he rubbed Zella’s back and then reassured her that they had already been taken care of. After several minutes, Zella finally felt like she could begin and asked if there was a room where she could see the women one at a time. She also asked that a maid be allowed to lead them to her and for the men to make themselves scarce.

Matt and Zander led her to the next office and hid themselves from view as they both wanted to witness what she did. Zella sent her wolves out of the room to keep them from scaring the women since they were terrified of dogs or wolves in general and her pets were quite intimidating.

“Bring them to me one at a time and let’s start with the women from upstairs first, please. They haven’t been through as much.” Zella said. She fully expected to have to take a break at some point. There was one woman that she was not looking forward to having to deal with as she had been there the longest and put through some of the worst treatment.

One at a time for the next hour, Zella worked her magic on the women and only had to take one break but she was quickly tiring. Finally the last woman was brought in and Zella’s heart went out to her. Matt, who was hiding behind a large plant near the window, gasped when he saw her. She resembled Sam so much it was amazing. They could almost be sisters. This girl was taller than Sam but she had almost the same color of hair and the shape of her face was very similar but the big difference was her eyes. This woman had green eyes, eyes which looked totally terrified.

The fear coming off of her was palatable to Zella and she lifted her hand and whispered a spell to help the woman calm down before she could do anymore. Zella had to struggle getting into the mind of the woman who finally told them her name was Karen. Zella assured her that the bad men were gone and would not be able to hurt her anymore and as they had suspected Karen was the one that had been mumbling about dogs.

Zella took her hand gently as she spoke softly to her while she read her mind and found that she had not seen anyone shift but Zella nearly got sick when she saw the memory of two large wolves mounting the girl that died. She had been forced to go down on her hands and knees and had been tied so that she couldn’t move and at least two wolves had mounted her, the larger of the two had sodomized her until long after she had passed out.

After that, the big man, the other men called Beta, had come in and beat them all with a whip, calling them whores and sluts and worthless. He told them they would die there and all of the girls had known it to be true but had prayed for someone to rescue them. Zella saw a small woman had slipped them food and water but it was barely more than a mouthful of crusts from bread. She had been caught and heard the big man yelling and beating her. They didn’t know it but that woman had been Mae.

Once Zella cleared her memory of the dog, Carmen returned the woman to the room where the other women were waiting and Matt and Zander came out of hiding. She told them what she had seen in her memories and asked how much longer they had before human authorities got there.

“I need to rest a bit. That was very taxing, not to mention totally disgusting.” Zella said.

“Unfortunately we don’t have long. Matt, you and your people need to go ahead and leave. We’ll handle the rest. We don’t want to have to explain why you are removing the innocents before they have a chance to question them.” Zander said.

“You are welcome to come with us back to our pack house and get some rest and we’ll feed you a good meal before you have to go back to.........” Matt told Zella before he realized that he had no idea where she had come from.

“Thank you for your kind offer, Alpha Matt but I think if I just lay down for a little while, I will be fine. Your vehicles are already crowded enough and I should stay on hand where I’m needed most. I’ll just collect my pets and go lay down upstairs. When the humans arrive, I should have had enough rest and can just go home from here. They won’t even see me go.” Zella smiled at him.

“We are going to have a Luna Ball for my mate on the night before All Hallows Eve. I do hope you will come? I would really like for you to meet her.” Matt extended the invitation, much to Zella and Zanders surprise.

“I would be honored to attend and if you like can even provide a grand entrance for entertainment purposes?” Zella smiled at him.

“That sounds great! I know my mom will love it. She loves Halloween. My father proposed to her on Halloween night.” Matt returned her smile.

As Matt left the house, he jumped slightly when what sounded like a bomb going off, came from near the cells. The guard that had come into the office jogged over to him and told him “Body problem solved. He caught a grenade just before it exploded. The better part of the top part of his body is now gone. No one will ever be able to tell you crushed his skull with your mouth.” The guard gave him a grin which Matt returned along with offering him his hand in thanks.

“Good job! Thanks!” Matt said then ran towards the vehicle he would be driving back.

On the way home, Matt had to fight to keep a straight face almost as much as he had to resist pulling over and taking Sam on his lap and fucking her silly. If the others had not been in the car, he would have. She was so funny when she was high! She, Tina and Nicole sang along to almost every song that came on the radio and the long ride seemed shorter than it had been coming down there even though they had to go slower. The guards sitting in the very back had chuckled all the way home. Everyone had big smiles on their faces when they pulled up to the White Feather pack house.

Frank had been very conscious of the speed limit and every pot hole on the road as he carefully drove back to the White Feather pack land. Dr. Bob was in the back with Sara and Frank was worried about everything.

He decided that as soon as he saw her settled into the clinic, he was going to have to talk to Matt about getting a suite in the pack house. Normally if Frank stayed overnight at the pack house, he stayed in the un-mated males quarters but he couldn’t take his mate there. He accepted that it would be a while before they would be able to be together but in the meantime, he was going to devote himself to taking care of her and keeping her safe. Any un-mated male that came near her would die instantly, he decided.

He had never felt like this before towards anyone other than Luna Natalie and Luna Sam and even that was not the same. He cared about both of the women and would protect them with his life but what he was feeling for Sara was different. He couldn’t wait to get to know her, to be with her.

When he got back to the pack house, he drove straight to the clinic and Dr. Andy and Nurse Abby rushed outside to help them move Sara into the clinic. Frank introduced them and as soon as Sara was settled, he went up to the pack house.

Stuart had stayed behind to wait for Carmen and the other maids since they were helping with the human girls. As he waited for her, he found that he was also blown away that he had found his mate, finally. He had traveled thousands of miles all over several states looking for a mate and couldn’t believe that all that time she had been living just over a hundred miles from the pack house.

Matt had been right in his description of what it had felt like when he had first seen Sam, touching her for the first time and Carmen’s smell was absolutely heavenly to him. She smelled like coconut and cream cheese frosting and it made Stuart’s mouth water.

As soon as they pulled up in front of the pack house, Stuart took her straight in to meet Natalie and Richard and they had been thrilled to meet her. Carmen and Natalie were about the same size so she offered to loan Carmen some clothes until they could go shopping. For the other maids, Natalie found maids of similar sizes and asked to borrow clothes until she could get them new ones.

Richard stayed outside as the rest of the vehicles came in and he was introduced to the newcomers. Not accounting for what Matt would be bringing in, together they had 8 new women and over 40 new men, including a new doctor and two new nurses which he knew Dr. Andy and Nurse Abby would greatly appreciate having the extra help. There had been times when Dr. Andy got seriously overloaded.

With all of the new additions, he hoped some of them had carpentry skills because it looked like they were going to need to expand soon. Right now, some of them were going to have to double up for a while.

Matt and Sam were the last ones to arrive and as soon as they pulled up, Natalie and Richard rushed out to meet them. Sam was still smiling and singing and Natalie and Richard laughed at her antics of trying to unbuckle her seat belt. Matt came around the front of the truck and opened her door telling his parents. “Louis snuck up behind her and caught her once with his whip. Dr. Bob gave her some really strong painkillers. She’s been singing and cutting up all the way home.”

“Carry her upstairs and I’ll call Grace to watch over her but I want to hear all of the details about what happened so don’t start without me.” Natalie said. “And who is this?”

“This is Tina and Nicole. They used to work in the kitchen with Sam. Ladies, this is my mother, Luna Natalie and my father, former Alpha Richard.” Matt introduced the two women who stared at them with wide eyes first and then respectfully bowed their heads to the side, exposing their necks in submission, adding a little curtsy as they replied. “Very nice to meet you.”

“Come on inside and we’ll find you something else to wear besides those god awful uniforms. Who in the world came up with the potato sack look?” Natalie asked, playfully to hopefully put the two young women at ease. They both looked afraid and uncertain of what was going to happen to them.

They all followed Matt into the house as he carried Sam to the elevator up to their floor. Natalie led the two women into the laundry area and helped them find uniforms that fit. “Sorry that it has to be this for now but we’ll find something else for you when we get everyone in and settled and I can figure out how many people we are going to have to buy clothes for.”

Both Tina and Nicole were stunned. They had never had more than their daily uniforms and cast off clothes to wear and had never had new, store bought just for them clothes. Both women looked like they were about to cry when Natalie looked at them in surprise.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“It’s just that we’ve never had anyone treat us like this before. Thank you so much!” Nicole said with a sniffle.

“No worries, my dear. The White Feather pack is nothing like the Red Moon pack. We do NOT allow bullying or any kind of abuse here and if anyone tries it, you are to report it to either me, my husband, my son or his mate and it will be dealt with right away. No one will treat you the way Louis Madison and his evil son did.” Natalie said as she wrapped her arms around the two girls and led them to where they would be staying, then went to check on Sam.

Sam was still singing and giggling when Natalie came into the apartment and she seemed so happy! She was sitting up in bed but not leaning back because putting pressure on her injury hurt even with the pain killers. Natalie could hear that Matt was in the shower as she sat down on the bed near Sam.

“He’s finally dead, Natalie. Matt crushed his skull and tore his heart out. We rescued all of the women and got all of the innocents out of there. There were over a dozen men involved. I thought it was just Louis, Ralph, Steve and Daniel. They are all dead now! HOORAY!!!” She yelled and had a huge smile on her face. She was so high on not just the painkillers but the elation that her attackers had gotten exactly what they deserved.

Natalie laughed with her and was very careful when she gave her a big hug. They sat and Sam told her about Tina and Nicole as Natalie brushed her hair and braided it for her. It wasn’t long before the euphoria started to wear off and Sam began to get sleepy. Matt came out of the bathroom dressed in a pair of sweat shorts and leaned against the door frame as he watched his mom braid her hair and then tuck Sam in. Sam was trying to fight the sleep but the length of the day and all the stress she had been through was catching up to her fast. Natalie brushing her hair had relaxed her so much she was asleep as soon as she laid down.

Matt told his mom that he would be down soon but if she could send Grace up to watch over Sam while he was gone. Natalie agreed and left him to finish getting dressed. As soon as she was gone, Matt crawled up on the bed next to Sam and just watched her sleep for a while. His heart broke that he couldn’t hold her the way he wanted to but Louis’s whip had caught her from her left shoulder down to low on the right side to just above her hip. He prayed that she would heal quickly but knew that wolfsbane would make the healing process slower than if it had just been a regular whip.

Over the next few days, Matt had so many meetings to go to and phone calls to make that it was beginning to put him on edge. Sam was recovering quickly and was already up and around. She had been going to sit with Sara who had finally woken up and found out that Frank was her mate.

Sara had scared him as much as the first look at him had scared her. He had come to sit with her and was leaning in very close to her face, wanting so desperately to kiss her. Her hand was slightly hanging off the side of the bed and when he touched her hand, the electric shock they had both felt had woken her up. She began to scream and Frank had jumped up and backed away and was about to leave the room when as suddenly as she had started screaming, she stopped and called out “Wait! Please, don’t go! I’m sorry. You were just so close to my face and I didn’t recognize you and it startled me.” Sara quickly explained. “Please come back.” She said and held out her hand as much as she could.

Uncertainly, Frank had slowly crossed the room back to where he had been sitting and slowly sat down on his chair as she reached for his hand again. Smiling wasn’t something that Frank was used to doing but at that moment you couldn’t have wiped the smile off of his face if you tried.

“Hello. What is your name?” Sara asked softly as her eyes roamed over his face. She finally decided that instead of being revolting, the scar on his face made him ruggedly handsome. The tingling sensation that was running up her arm from touching him made her feel excited and warm and oh so happy.

“Hello Sara. Everyone calls me Frank. I’m sorry I didn’t get there sooner but we just found out about the Red Moon pack less than a week ago and I had no idea that you were there. I can’t even believe that I’ve found my mate! I never thought I would. I mean, what woman wants a ugly, scared up old warrior like me?”

Sara became indignant. “I do! And you are not ugly! I think your scar makes you look very rugged and masculine and sexy!” She grinned at him. “Besides when it comes right down to it, I almost bet I’ll beat you in the scars department. This may be the first time I ever got it with the wolfsbane whip but this is not my first time getting beaten. Is Sam here? Is she OK? Her uncle went crazy when she disappeared. He accused me and her aunt of helping her get away but we didn’t. No one knew she was going, she just went. I wish she would have told me, I would have gone with her.”

They sat and talked for over an hour, until Sara said that her pain killers were wearing off and her back was really starting to hurt. At almost the same time, Dr. Bob came in with Beth and they added another bag of pain medicine.

“So you finally woke up.” Dr. Bob asked as he checked her. Frank stood on the side of the room as he watched them move around her, checking her out.

“I touched her hand and she woke up.” Frank said quietly.

“Ah! The first touch of a mate is a powerful thing I’ve heard.” Dr. Bob smiled sadly at Frank.

“You don’t have a mate yet?” Frank asked in surprise.

“No, not yet. Hopefully one day.” Dr. Bob admitted.

Just then, Frank got a message that he needed to report to the pack house so he told Sara, “I’ve got to go. Alpha Matt is calling me. I’ll come back later. OK?”

“Please do.” Sara said.

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