Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 22

The next couple of weeks were rather slow and quiet at the pack house. Natalie had taken the new girls except for Sara shopping for clothes and they’d had a ladies day out. All of the ladies had been treated to a new haircut and a day of pampering.

Cook, whose name was Mildred but everyone just called her Cook. She and Cook Betty got along great. Both of them had been very happy to split duties in the kitchen. Tina and Nicole quickly became friends with the other helpers and having the extra hands in the kitchen made everyone’s life easier, especially with all of the new pack members.

Richard, Matt and Frank had designed plans for the additions that would be required. They were going to expand the clinic as well as building new living quarters, the preschool was going to be expanded eventually and if they kept growing at this rate, they were going to have to have a larger dining room because as it was, they were now beyond the area of the sliding doors that used to allow the executive staff to have a private dining area when guests were in the house.

Some of the White Feather pack women found their mates among the Red Moon pack warriors, so new mates quarters were going to be added as well.

Katie was getting heavy with her pup and spent a lot of time with Sam while she was healing and got to know Sara since she was still unable to leave the clinic yet, but was hopeful it wouldn’t be much longer. Frank spent as much time as he could with her and often fell asleep in the chair near her bed, holding her hand.

Sam and Natalie had been spending a lot of time planning the Luna Ball which was in a little over a week and Sam was becoming a nervous wreck. When Sam felt well enough, Natalie and Sam had gone shopping by themselves one day and had spent hours at different stores trying to find Sam a gown but they had been unsuccessful until a helpful clerk in one store suggested that they try a bridal shop. “They have all kinds of formal gowns and I’m sure they would have something to suit your tastes.”

Natalie and Sam got excited and quickly drove over to the shop at the address the girl had given them. As soon as they pulled up outside, the dress in the window caught their attention. “Oh what a lovely wedding gown.” Natalie said.

“Lord, I would disappear in all of that! I’d feel like one huge bundle of fluff.” Sam thought to herself but kept her mouth shut as they got out.

When they entered the shop, Natalie walked over to look at the dress on display in the window and immediately knew that Sam would never agree to that dress because the back of it was totally open and her scars would show and she didn’t blame her one bit.

A woman approached Sam and asked if she could help her and Sam tried to describe what she had hoped to find. The woman smiled and looked Sam up and down and then crooked her finger at her and said “Follow me.” The woman led her to about the middle of the store and started going through a rack of dresses in Sam’s size, which she had guessed to be a size 3 petite.

Finally she came upon a dress that was almost exactly what Sam had in mind. It was a beautiful deep turquoise blue in a soft silky fabric that was fitted through the bodice to her hips and then flowed out slightly down to the hem. It had fitted sleeves and had a sweetheart neckline with delicate jeweled appliques that lined the bodice. It was plain and simple and she looked so elegant in it that even Natalie sighed at the sight of her when she stepped out from behind the changing screen in the fitting room. She stepped up on the platform and looked at herself from every angle and was happy to see that the back came up high enough that it covered her scars completely.

“Oh Sam. It’s perfect! The color really makes your eyes pop! Matt is going to drool all over himself when he sees you in this.”

Sam turned to the woman and asked her “Please tell me you have shoes to match?”

“Of course. What size do you wear?” the woman asked with a big smile. Seeing Sam so happy with her selection pleased her.

“Size 4 I think.” Sam replied. That was the size they had bought the first day she and Natalie had gone shopping in Missoula. The woman left them for a few minutes and Natalie asked “Have you and Matt decided what your costumes are going to be for the ball yet?”

“No, not yet but from what we’ve been planning, I wanted something else for when I first walk out and get introduced as the new Luna. I feel kind of strange about it, like I’m pushing you out of your place. I hope you don’t feel that I’m trying to do that, do you?” Sam finally voiced something that had been bothering her for a couple of weeks now.

“Good lord, NO! Push, push! Please push me out! Richard has been promising me a trip to Europe as a second honeymoon when we retire and I can’t wait to go but I want to make sure you are comfortable with your duties before I leave! I’m so glad you are learning your responsibilities so quickly so that we don’t have to wait much longer. Matt will turn 21 in May and if everything goes well, we will be leaving in early June. Maybe earlier if Richard decides to take that council position. He has promised me that trip for a long time and says no matter what, we are going to go. The council can just wait.” Natalie smiled at her.

Sam felt so relieved. The woman came back with three heights of heels in her size and the right color and Sam tried on each one. One was a low pump, one was a sexy 4” heel and the other was a platform wedge that actually added more to Sam’s height than the heels but didn’t look as dressy so Sam chose the heels. She had hoped for more height and if the hem had hung just a bit longer she would have gone for the wedge but as it was her feet would show and they just didn’t really match the elegant gown.

She asked the lady to box it all up and while she was getting redressed, she told Natalie “Maybe I should go to the party as a stilt walker. I’m tired of being the shortest one in the room.”

“I know you may not want to hear this but you know what would be adorable for you? A fairy costume!” Natalie said.

“Oh that does sound cute and fun, if I could just fly and grant wishes!” Sam laughed as she imagined herself flying around the ballroom at home sprinkling fairy dust all over everyone and granting their wishes. “What do you think Matt should do so that we match?”

“With the way he’s been acting this week, he should come as an ogre! He’s been such a grouch!” Natalie said.

“Yeah, I know and part of that is my fault. My back is almost healed but not quite and the other night he forgot about it and wrapped his arms around me and caught the cut and I yelped. He’s pissed off with himself for hurting me even though I’ve tried to tell him it was OK. He didn’t mean to hurt me but he’s been kicking himself ever since. We haven’t been intimate since I got hurt either and it’s driving us both crazy.” Sam admitted.

“Yep that will do it. How much more does your back have to go to be completely healed?” Natalie asked. She hadn’t seen it since the night Matt had brought her home.

“Most of it has healed except for the area right over my left shoulder blade because there’s not as much meat over the bone there. Plus every time I move my arm it keeps it open.” Sam admitted.

The woman came back with the dress and shoes all boxed and bagged up and Natalie couldn’t resist asking if she had something that would make a good fairies costume and was surprised when the woman said she did. “It’s a flower girl outfit that would look darling on her. But I don’t have anything for the wings but I could tell you where to go to get those.” The woman said. “Hang on and I’ll be right back.”

The woman hurried away and came back with an outfit that Sam had to admit would make an excellent fairy costume. It was a short shift style dress in a sheer opalescence material. It had a straight hem but that would not be hard to alter. With some white stockings sprinkled with glitter, it would be a perfect fairy costume.

Sam agreed to try it on but told Natalie “I won’t commit to this unless Matt agrees to come as something that at least comes close to matching me.” As she carried the outfit behind the changing screen. She quickly pulled the outfit on and stepped out from behind the screen and both women giggled and Natalie said “Oh Sam, with wings and some cute booties, you would look so adorable.”

“You are right it is cute but it makes me look like a little girl!” Sam whined. “I want Matt to see me as a woman, not a child.”

Natalie sobered up at that statement because she understood where Sam was coming from but then the woman, who was nearly 6’ tall and slightly overweight, said “Honey, enjoy your size and youth as long as you can because believe me, it doesn’t last forever. I’ve always wished I was smaller than I am but we are what God gives us and we just need to make the most of it.”

Sam realized she was right and the more she looked at the costume, the more she liked it. “Ok. But I’ll only wear it if he agrees to go as something that will at least match me somewhat.”

“Oh I’m going to have a blast trying to convince him to come as Peter Pan!” Natalie and Sam both burst out laughing at the image of big muscular Matt dressed in green tights and a tunic with a little green leaf cap on his head.

They paid for the gown and shoes and the woman promised to hold the fairy dress for her for one week and then they left to go to the costume shop the lady had recommended. They both spotted some good costumes for not only themselves but for their mates as well but they wanted to get the guys approval before they actually rented or bought them.

Sam’s appetite was improving and she was now able to eat more than half an adult portion but still had not put on much extra weight but at least her energy was returning. She had stopped napping during the day and Natalie was beginning to feel old just trying to keep up with her.

When they got home, Sam ran her dress up to the apartment and hung it in a closet in a spare room so that Matt wouldn’t see it until the night of the ball. She wondered if Matt was still upset and decided to go find out. She took the elevator down to the second floor and walked down to his office but he wasn’t there.

She went to the meeting room but it was also empty. She tried linking him but he had his “do not disturb” up and she couldn’t get through. Wondering what was up, she headed outside when she didn’t find him anywhere in the house. She did however run into Stuart who told her that Matt had gone into town but should be back soon.

Matt had not said anything about going to town today and Sam was a little perturbed that he had not mentioned it. She had not had a chance to talk to him about the costumes she and Natalie had found today and wanted to know what he wanted to be for Halloween. They had to make a decision soon since the ball was less than a week away.

Sam decided to go see Sara and jogged over to the clinic. She entered Sara’s room to find her sitting up on the bed and was surprised. “Sara! What are you doing?” Sam said as she rushed to her side.

“Feeling much better, thank you very much. I had to get off my stomach. I’ve been laying on this bed for almost three weeks now and if I didn’t sit up, I swear my hips won’t work anymore.” Sara whined.

Sam couldn’t help but giggle. “I remember the feeling. I only got one lash this last time but I still can’t sleep on my back or have missionary sex with Matt. Hell, for that matter, we haven’t had sex at all because he’s afraid he’ll hurt me.”

Both of them burst out laughing.

“What’s it like?” Sara asked when she stopped giggling.

“What? Sex?” Sam asked and Sara nodded.

“Oh Sara. It is amazing. I don’t even know how to explain how good Matt makes me feel when we make love. It hurt a little bit the first time but it didn’t last long and ever since then it’s been pure pleasure.” Sam said with a starry look in her eyes.

“What about when he marked you? Did it hurt?” Sara asked.

“No more than getting a shot and only when the teeth first puncture the skin but lord, the pleasure rush afterwards is heavenly.” Sam smiled and wiggled a little on her chair as her body reacted to the memory. “Are you going to have to stay here much longer?” Sam asked.

“I sure hope not. This is a nice room but I’m tired of looking at these four walls. The only nice thing about it is I get to sleep whenever I want and usually Frank is here when I wake up or go to sleep. He is so sweet.” Sara said with a dreamy look on her face.

“I wouldn’t go saying that in front of anyone else. He’s the head warrior and it might cause issues with the men if they find out he’s “sweet”. Sam laughed. She knew Frank could easily take any man in the place except for Matt but why cause problems over something so silly.

They sat and talked for over an hour and when Dr. Bob came in just before dinner time, he stopped in his tracks when he saw Sara sitting up and laughing with Sam.

“Well, it looks like someone is feeling much better!” He said.

“Yeah, doc! When can I bust out of this joint?” Sara asked.

“Well, let me check you over and if everything still looks as good as it has the last couple of days, then I don’t see why you can’t go home, so long as you promise to be careful and get back here if anything goes wrong. You need to be very careful and not let them get wet until they are completely healed. Come here if you need help. Ok?” Dr. Bob said as he stepped around to the other side of the bed.

“Do you want me to step outside?” Sam asked.

“No. In fact you can help me. Kim and Beth left work early today because they wanted to go to town to look for costumes for the ball.” Dr. Bob said.

“Have you decided what you are going to come as yet, doc?” Sam asked.

“Dr. Jeckle. At midnight I can shift and be Mr. Hyde!” Dr. Bob grinned.

“Hahaha. That’s a great idea!” Sam said and Sara nodded in agreement.

“What about you? Do you know what you and Matt are going to wear?” Sara asked her.

“No, not yet. Natalie thinks we should go as Peter Pan and Tinker Bell and I found a really cute dress but I just can’t see Matt in green tights, a tunic with a little leaf cap on his head can you?” Sam said and then watched both of their faces as the image came into focus in their minds and they all burst out laughing.

Just then Matt stepped into the room and started to say that it was good to hear laughter coming from this room for a change but as soon as they all saw him, they all laughed even harder.

“What? What’s so funny?” Matt said, becoming offended that they seemed to be laughing at him.

“We were just discussing Halloween costumes. How would you feel about going as Peter Pan?” Sam asked, trying to keep a straight face until Matt got a horrified look on his face and yelled “NO WAY!”

Then he saw the humor in the image of him dressed like that and joined in the laughter. It felt good and leave it to Sam to completely change his attitude.

He had missed being able to hold her, to be intimate with her. Hell he had just missed her. He had been staying in his office or sitting and drinking with the boys until he was fairly sure that she had gone to sleep and got up before she would wake up in the mornings. Laying in bed next to her and not being able to touch her had him on edge.

The past couple of days he had begun snapping at people until this morning when Frank, of all people, had taken him to task.

Matt had been having an early workout this morning in the gym downstairs and was working on the heavy bag when Frank had come in. Frank had sat and watched him for a few minutes and then Matt had challenged him to a boxing match.

“Come on. Let’s go a couple of rounds in the ring.” Matt said, bouncing on his toes and gesturing to Frank to climb into the ring with him.

“No! I’m not going to let you use me as a punching bag. You’ve been a real bear the past couple of days. What’s got you all worked up?” Frank asked.

“I’m just frustrated. I haven’t been able to touch Sam since she got hurt and it’s about to drive me crazy. I love her so much and miss being able to just hold her when we sleep. The other night, I wasn’t thinking and wrapped my arm around her shoulder and accidentally touched the wound and she screamed. I feel so bad that I hurt her that now I’m afraid to touch her.” Matt admitted.

“I know exactly how you feel dude. I found my mate over 3 weeks ago and I haven’t been able to even kiss her yet. The most we’ve been able to do so far is hold hands. If you want sympathy for having blue balls, get in line.” Frank said and Matt laughed.

“How are you keeping it together man?” Matt asked and laughed some more when Frank made jerking off movements with his hand and said “Lot’s of this and cold showers.”

“I hear that! Every shower I’ve taken lately has made me feel like a horny teenager again.” Matt said. “I’m planning on proposing to her soon. Maybe at the ball. I’m going into town later to pick up the rings I ordered.” Matt admitted. He hadn’t told anyone about the rings he had ordered yet. He had been on pins and needles waiting for the jeweler to let him know it had come in and had received the email last night.

“Oh wow! So you’re going to do the whole wedding thing?” Frank asked.

“Yeah. My mom told her about the night my dad proposed to her, her wedding and honeymoon and even though Sam says she doesn’t care about all that, I can tell she does. I want to give her good memories to hopefully erase some of the horrors of her past. I’m just stumped on when and how to do the proposal part since I want it to be special for her. If I try to copy what my dad did, she’s going to know before I even get down on one knee. Any ideas?” Matt asked.

“Hell no! But I do think she would prefer you not do it in front of everyone. It should be between just the two of you. It’s your time to remember, not everyone else’s.” Frank advised and then got a far away look in his eyes. He had never really thought about it before but Matt was right about wanting to give Sam new good memories to help her forget the horrors of her life before. He wanted to do that for Sara too.

“Well, I think I’m going for a swim and then I’ve got some paperwork to do before I go to town. Are you going to work out?” Matt asked.

“Well, I was going to lift some weights but a swim sounds good. Maybe we can have a race?” Frank replied as they both stood up and headed for the pool. Swimming was something that they were about equal in. Sometimes Matt won and sometimes Frank.

They swam for about half an hour and Matt won the race this time. He climbed out, told Frank he’d see him later and took off for the showers. He had brought clothes down with him and he quickly pulled on his black jeans, a black muscle shirt and his boots. Running a comb through his hair, he pulled on his biker’s jacket and left the house. He decided to take his Harley today and drove into town as fast as the speed limit would allow.

Fifteen minutes after he hit town, he left the jewelers and hurried back home. He didn’t think he was going to be able to wait to propose to Sam but when he did, he wanted to be able to make love to her the way she deserved and he prayed her back was better by now. The last time he had seen it, most of it was healed except for a small area over her shoulder blade. That’s where he had accidentally touched last week and she had screamed. It had hurt him inside as much as it had hurt her back and he had not touched her since.

The longing and frustration was making him short tempered with everyone and he hoped that even if they couldn’t have missionary sex, hopefully they could be together. After all, they rarely stay in the missionary for long anyway. They may not have been together long and they were still discovering their likes and dislikes but they both seemed to enjoy the doggie position the most, apart from standing up in the shower. He liked being behind her because that way he could more easily touch her everywhere and he did love playing with her breasts.

Matt shook his head to clear his mind of imagining being with Sam intimately as he pulled back into the garage and parked his bike. He linked his mom to find out where she was and she told him she was in her office. “Is Sam with you?” He asked.

“Nope. Not right now. I think she went to see Sara.” Natalie answered just seconds before Matt walked into her office. He had a huge smile on his face and she knew something was up.

“What’s up with the Cheshire cat grin on your face?” Natalie asked.

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