Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 24

Matt was careful not to hit her shoulder as he pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her deeply. He prayed she would say that she was healed enough for them to be together tonight. He pulled back and slipped the ring on her finger and showed her the wedding bands he had designed.

After a moment, Sam realized that her engagement ring looked almost exactly like the tiara Natalie had ordered for her and wondered if she had shared the design with him for this. The only real difference was that instead of the feathers wrapping round the diamond, her tiara had white gold wolf’s head at the quill tip ends of the feathers that would stick up and away from her head making them look like the sides of a W.

On her engagement ring, the quills faded down into the band and the feathers wrapped around the diamond’s base, making it look like it was nestled there. She loved it! It touched her deeply that he had made the effort to have their rings specially made so that no one else would ever have ones just like them.

The matching wedding bands had intertwined yellow and white gold bands with their full length first names in Calligraphy deeply engraved. The edges of the bands had been made to look like feather edges.

“You can’t take off that ring from now on and neither of us can remove our wedding bands once we put them on or it will break the spell. My mom had her friend Louellen put a spell on them like her and dad have on their rings. They will disappear when we shift to our wolf forms and come back when we return to our human forms.

Once we set our wedding date, I want to take the wedding set back to the jeweler and have him engrave the date and a saying inside. What would you like for it to say, my love?” Matt asked.

“”2 hearts, 1 soul.” That’s what my mom and dad’s rings said inside before they died, and it’s how I think of us. We are two halves of one soul.” Sam said. She wished with all of her heart that her parents could be there to see her not only become the Luna of the White Feather pack but to marry the man of her dreams.

“Then that’s what it will say. Now what day do you want to do this? Louellen said May 8th will be a beautiful day to have a wedding but we don’t have to wait that long if you don’t want to.” Matt said.

“Oh, I don’t know. I know I don’t want to be snowed in at the pack house for our honeymoon. We wouldn’t get one because everyone would be calling on us for stuff.” Sam said.

“So it’s true. I guess all girls dream about getting married and having a wedding, human or not. I thought only humans did that.” Matt grinned at her.

“No. I think it’s any girl who’s seen a love story and at Christmas time that’s practically all they show. My mom used to love the Hallmark channel and all the Christmas love story specials.” Sam grinned back.

“Well you can have whatever you want for a wedding and a honeymoon whenever you want it. I’m just happy you are my mate.” Matt said. “Sam, I know you are still healing on your back but I want you so bad. Do you think we could......”

“We just can’t do missionary and I want you too.” Sam said as she began unbuttoning his shirt. She took her time, letting her fingertips brush against his chest, teasing and torturing him as Matt’s breath caught every time she touched him. She pushed his shirt off his shoulders and let it fall behind him. She reached for the snap on his jeans and popped it open, then pulled down his zipper. His erection popped through the opening, straining against his briefs.

Sam grabbed the waistband of both his jeans and his briefs and pulled them down to his knees and Matt kicked them off as he reached for the hem of her t-shirt. He whipped it over her head and Sam stood up and shimmied out of her pants. She was standing in front of him in only her bra and panties. Matt reached up and yanked down her panties, grabbed her ass and pulled her towards him.

He guided her legs over his shoulders so that she was basically going to be riding his face as he leaned back slightly. This position was going to be hard on his back but his nose and mouth were already buried in her pussy and he didn’t care. The smell and taste of her was driving him wild. He had missed this so much.

Sam held onto Matt’s head as she pushed her hips against his face. His nose was rubbing her clit as his tongue moved in and out of her and she moaned deep in her throat. “Oh Goddess! I’ve missed you so much, my love!” She felt herself getting close but she needed him inside of her.

Matt was helping her to balance by holding her ass with one hand but he had to have the other hand to balance himself. He wanted to touch her more and have her touch him. He needed to be inside of her.

“Baby, we are going to explore this position more when I can lean against something so that I can use both hands to please you.” He said as he lowered her legs and pulled her forward. He was very careful not to touch her shoulder and hold her by her waist as he lowered her down. Sam pushed away and saw a forlong look on his face. “Where are you going?” Matt almost whined.

“You got some custard from me and now I want some dessert.” Sam grinned at him as she pushed him back and knelt between his legs. She took his cock in her hand and bent over to lick the drop of precum off the tip and smiled when he moaned. “Yum. I’ve been hungry for this for days.” Sam said as she took the head of his cock in her mouth and rubbed her tongue around the head then sucked him as deep as she could go.

Matt had missed this so much and that he knew that he wouldn’t be able to last very long if she kept this up but it felt so damned good! With as long as he had been waiting to be with her again, he had no doubt that once tonight was not going to be enough for him.

It was all he could do not to grab the back of her head and just go wild fucking her mouth and he clutched the blanket with one hand while he gathered her silky soft hair in his other had and wrapped it around his fist, keeping it out of her way as she worked her head up and down on his throbbing cock.

Sam bobbed up and down on his cock, taking as much of him in her mouth as she could and stroking the rest of his hardness with her hand. She used her other hand to caress his balls and as soon as she touched them they pulled tight to his body and Matt moaned “Oh baby. I’m almost there baby. Suck it hard one more time. OOOOOOOO......I’m cumming Sam. Oh Goddess!” He moaned as he released into her mouth, filling it with his warm sweet cream. He had not cum like that in a long time. He gasped for air as his arms and legs shook uncontrollably then it felt like they no longer had any muscle.

When she sat up on her knees, he reached out and pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her waist, holding her close as she straddled him. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you but I thank the Goddess she has blessed me with you.” Matt whispered against her neck.

“I love you, my darling man.” Sam whispered back.

Matt kissed down her neck to her breast and because she knew he was afraid to get near her injury and because she wanted his mouth on her, Sam reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Matt pulled back slightly so that he could look at her. “God, you are so beautiful.” He whispered before he reached up to cover her breasts with his hands, loving the feel of the soft but firm globes. He became fascinated as he kneaded them, he pinched her nipples, rolling them between his thumb and fingers until they were firm little raspberries that he just had to taste.

He suckled each breast until Sam was moaning and pushing against his mouth as she ground her hips against him. He slipped his hand between their bodies and searched in her curls for her clit.

Sam moaned loudly as he began to rub her nerve center. “Oh, Matt. Please don’t tease. I need you inside of me. It’s been too long.”

Matt smiled against her breast as he lifted her and together they aligned his cock with her opening, then he lowered her down slowly. It had been so long for both of them that there was no surprise that he was already hard for her again. Sam locked her hands behind his neck as she began to ride him, going slowly up and down as her body adjusted to the invasion of his size after so long apart. She delicately shivered as their pelvic bones connected and Sam rocked her hips back and forth.

Matt reached down and rubbed her clit as he continued to suckle her breast, letting her control the motion of their joining. She was so tight and wet that it wasn’t long before he was chasing her up the wave that was building inside of them as they searched for their release.

Within minutes, Sam was literally bouncing up and down as she raced to the top of the wave that was quickly building inside of her. She ground her hips down in a circular motion and squeezed her muscles as she came back up and Matt moaned. “Oh baby, you are driving me wild. You feel so good. Squeeze your pussy again.”

Sam repeated it two more times before she screamed. “OH Matt! Matt! I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me baby. I’m right behind you.” Matt moaned as he grabbed her hips and began thrusting into her harder and faster as she found her release. The pulsing of her pussy made him follow her over the top of the wave.

Sam collapsed on top of him, breathing hard as she held him tight. “Lord, I’ve missed you!”

“And I’ve missed you. I love you, Samantha Madison and I’m so happy you have agreed to marry me. I never thought I would care anything about the whole human marriage thing but I have to admit that knowing that you want to be with me for the rest of our lives in addition to being goddess chosen mates makes it so much more special.” Matt admitted. He felt that now he understood what made his parents’ marriage so special.

They cuddled for a while but after the sun had completely set, a small breeze began to blow and as the sweat on their bodies after their love making dried, they began to feel cold. They got dressed and gathered up their picnic supplies and the blanket and walked back to the pack house hand in hand, taking their time as neither of them wanted their special romantic night to end.

They were about half way back when Matt suddenly stopped and had a glazed look on his face. Then his head snapped around and his body tensed. “What? What’s wrong?” Sam whispered as she looked around. She had not heard anything and couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary but she knew something was wrong.

“Guard on the west border says there is at least one rogue on our land. We need to shift and get you back to the pack house.” Matt whispered.

They quickly stripped and tied their clothes to their legs. Matt left the picnic basket and his radio inside a hollow log and they shifted. Now that they were in their wolf forms, their senses were heightened and they could hear something running through the trees somewhere behind them.

“Head to the house, Sam. Go! I’m right behind you.” Matt urged her to run.

Sam didn’t question him but kept glancing over her shoulder to make sure he stayed with her as she began to run through the forest.

Matt linked the pack that there was a rogue on the pack land and that he and Sam were coming back at a full run.

Frank was the first one to reach them just inside the treeline. “Which way?” Was his only question.

“Guard reported him coming from the west and we were about half way back from the lake when we heard him running through the trees but I never saw them.” Matt said.

By then several more warriors led by Gamma William had joined them and Matt told one of the warriors to make sure Sam got back to the pack house safely. He rubbed his head next to hers before he linked and told her to go and then they all took off running back through the trees in the direction he and Sam had just come from.

Sam went back to the house and was shaking from head to toe when she entered the house. Natalie and Richard had already gone to bed but came rushing out of the elevator just as Sam came inside.

Matt and the others ran through the forest and finally caught up to the werewolf that had trespassed on their land and were surprised when they realized that the stranger was not only not a rogue but a female. She did not attack or try to run away but dropped to the ground and showed submission.

The guard who had been chasing her stopped when he saw Matt and the others. He mind linked them and said, “I don’t know who she is but damn she’s fast. It was all I could do just to keep close to her.” He was panting heavily from running so far so fast. He had been running full out at his top speed and had barely managed to keep her in sight.

“It’s alright, Evan. Get back to your post. We’ll deal with this.” Frank instructed him and then thought to himself that he was going to have to work on the pack warriors running speed and endurance more. They were all fairly well trained in battle but it was becoming obvious that they needed to build up their legs and lungs more.

Everyone knew they were going to have to shift so that they could communicate since mind linking was a pack member’s only ability and this wolf was not a member of their pack. Matt ordered the rest of his men to stay in their wolf form when suddenly Dr. Bob showed up and when he saw the beautiful blonde wolf cowering before Matt and the others and he caught her scent, he immediately yelled “Mate”! She smelled of pine trees and hot chocolate with cinnamon.

Everyone whipped around to look at him and he ran forward to protect the cowering wolf on the ground. “She is my mate! Please, let’s give her a chance to explain.” He begged. Normally trespassers were killed instantly.

Matt shifted and pulled on his pants and then ordered the others to leave, except Frank. When they were all gone and Frank had pulled on a pair of shorts, they turned their backs so that the female wolf could shift. She didn’t have any clothes so Matt threw her his shirt and while she made a face at the scent of it, she was grateful to be able to cover herself so she pulled it on.

“Ok. You can turn around now.” She said softly as she stepped closer to Dr. Bob who was staring at her with his mouth hanging open. She was beautiful! Long golden hair, big blue eyes and full lips. She was slightly shorter than his 6’ height and from what he could tell through Matt’s shirt, which swallowed her, she had perky breasts and wide hips and long shapely legs.

“Hello. Who are you?” Dr. Bob asked softly.

“Franchesca Dubois but you can call me Fran. And you are?” She said.

“Dr. Robert Havens, but everyone calls me Dr Bob. I’m one of the doctors of the White Feather pack. This is our Alpha Matt Stone and our head warrior, Frank Green. Where are you from?” Dr. Bob introduced them.

“What pack do you come from?” Matt asked.

“Pack de pins des neiges. In English it means Snow Pine Pack. And I’m from the area the humans call Saskatchewan.” Franchesca answered. “I’m sorry for trespassing on your land but I’ve been running for a long time and didn’t know I was on someone else’s land until your guard began to chase me.”

“Why are you on the run?” Matt asked.

“My step mother has been trying to force me to choose a mate from ones she’s deemed appropriate for me to join with. I’ve refused them all because I wanted to find my true mate. She got fed up and chose a mate for me and she was going to force me to accept him so I ran away. The warriors from our pack have been chasing me but I lost them a couple of days ago or at least I hope I did.” Fran said and then her stomach growled. She was very hungry!

“Come on! Let’s go back to the pack house and get you something to eat. It’s getting late and we can continue this in the morning.” Matt said. He was anxious to get back to Sam and finish their date and this would more than likely take hours to hear her story and to figure out what they were going to do about it.

They jogged back to the house where Sam, Natalie and Richard were waiting for them. They were all surprised when they saw Dr. Bob holding the hand of a very beautiful young woman wearing Matt’s shirt.

“Who is that? And why is she wearing your shirt?” Sam wanted to know. The green eyed jealousy monster was raising its head and she didn’t much care for another woman wearing his clothes.

Matt grinned at her and couldn’t help but tease her when he realized she was jealous. “Would you have preferred that I come back with a naked woman in tow?”

“The only reason you are not in hot water, mister, is because Dr. Bob is holding her hand and not you!” She sassed back causing Matt to laugh.

“You’ll never have to worry about that, babe. I have eyes for no one but you.” Matt whispered in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up. She giggled as she wrapped her legs around his waist and he started towards the elevator.

“Hey, where are you going?” Richard called out to him.

“To bed with my mate! Good night!” Matt said, never breaking his stride.

“Let him go, Richard. It’s too late to be going into this tonight and it’s obvious that she’s Dr. Bob’s mate. Let’s just go back to bed and we’ll deal with this tomorrow.” Natalie said. “Dr. Bob, help yourself to anything in the kitchen and we’ll see you two in the morning.”

Once they were alone, Dr. Bob asked Fran “Do you want to eat or bathe first?”

“Can I have a bath please? I’m starving but I would really love to be clean again. But what am I going to do for clothes? I could tell that your Alpha’s mate did not care for me wearing her man’s clothes. Can’t blame her either. I would kill any woman I caught wearing your clothes.” Fran said fiercely.

Dr. Bob smiled wide as she said that and he couldn’t resist as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her soundly! The kiss quickly turned passionate and Dr. Bob knew that someone might walk in on them at any moment and once they came together, he did not want any interruptions.

Dr. Bob leaned his forehead against hers and sighed. “I have waited so long and looked so hard for you and I can’t believe you are finally here. I can’t wait to be very alone with you. Come on, let’s let you get a shower and then I’ll find you something to eat and we can talk some more. OK?”

As they walked to his apartment, he tried to think of who he might be able to borrow some clothes from and the only one he could think of that might have clothes Fran could wear was Stuart’s new mate, Carmen. He hoped they were not asleep yet as he mind linked Stuart.

“Hey, Stuart, I’m sorry to bother you but are you still up?” Dr. Bob linked.

“Still awake, yes. Up? Not anymore. Hahahaha!” Stuart answered and Dr. Bob chuckled under his breath.

“Does Carmen have an outfit my mate could borrow?” Dr. Bob asked and wasn’t surprised at Stuart’s reaction.

“WHAT? You found your mate? When? Where? Congratulations, man!” Stuart replied.

“Tonight, in the woods. She was the “rogue alarm” that went off earlier. Turns out she’s not a rogue but a runaway from a pack in Canada. Anyway, I need some clothes for her to wear until I can take her to town tomorrow. Does Carmen have something she can wear tonight and in the morning? I think they are close in size.” Dr. Bob linked back.

“Where are you?” Stuart linked.

“On our way to my apartment.” Dr. Bob answered.

“Be there in a few. Let me talk to Carmen.” Stuart answered.

“Carmen, baby? Dr. Bob found his mate and she doesn’t have anything to wear. He says you and her are about the same size. Do you have something she could wear tonight and tomorrow? He’ll take her shopping tomorrow so you’ll get it back tomorrow night.” Stuart asked.

“Sure. Luna was very generous to us when she took us shopping.” Carmen said. She had barely used the nightgowns that Natalie had bought for her since she and Stuart usually slept naked but the new girl couldn’t go shopping tomorrow with no clothes, so Carmen selected a pair of jeans, a shirt and some clean unused underwear for her as well as one of the oversized t-shirt nightgowns for her to sleep in.

She didn’t have a clue as to what size bra Dr. Bob’s mate might wear and would need to see her before she offered that. Not many women were as well endowed in the chest as Carmen had been blessed with. She hoped that since Dr. Bob was going to take his new mate that maybe Stuart would take her too and they could get to know each other better.

Carmen got dressed and gathered some feminine soap and shampoo as well and together they carried the clothes over to Dr. Bob’s apartment which was the next door over.

Dr. Bob answered their knock just a minute later and said that Franchesca was in the shower. Carmen handed the soap and shampoo to him and said “She is more than likely going to want this instead of your man stuff. We love our mate’s scents but not using his washing products. Our skin needs special attention.”

Both men grinned at her. She was very outspoken and had no problem voicing her opinion but they couldn’t argue her point so Dr. Bob carried the bottles into Fran and received a kiss for it, which had him leaving the bathroom on a cloud.

Stuart grinned at his friend and mind linked to him “It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?”

“Oh man! I never knew it was going to be like this! I feel like...........I don’t even know how to describe it.” Dr. Bob linked back. He had been going to the pack house from the clinic when he had first smelled her, it had made him unable to breathe for a moment and he just took off running towards that wonderful scent. Then he saw her and he felt like a massive hand had started squeezing his chest when he saw Matt and Frank standing over her, sure they were going to kill her for trespassing. He had poured everything he had into his legs to get to her as fast as he could. For her, he would have even taken the two of them on, knowing he would have lost but if he lost her, he didn’t want to go on.

Fran didn’t take long in the shower and she was fully dressed when she came out of the bathroom. She hesitated at the door when she saw Stuart but she saw Carmen and realized it was her that had loaned her the clothes she now had on. Fran walked over and asked Carmen, “Did you loan these to me?”

Carmen looked her up and down and replied “Yes. They are a bit baggier on you than on me but they don’t look too shabby. I’m Carmen, by the way and this is my mate and the pack Beta, Stuart.”

“Hello. Very nice to meet both of you. My name is Franchesca but you can call me Fran. Are you going to come eat with us? I haven’t had anything to eat in a couple of days and I’m very hungry.”

Stuart and Dr Bob had been watching the two women interact and to look at them, they were total opposites in looks but they seemed to have an immediate connection as friends.

Carmen was tall, dark skinned, jet black hair and large, dark almond shaped eyes and full luscious lips. She was built like an hourglass with large breast, a small waist and full hips.

Fran on the other hand was also tall but her skin was very fair and she had golden blonde hair, large round blue eyes and perfectly shaped dark pink lips. She wasn’t as large breasted as Carmen and her hips weren’t as wide but she was more model perfect, at least in Dr. Bob’s opinion.

Both men knew that they would definitely stand out in a crowd, together or apart. Stuart and Carmen excused themselves and Carmen told Fran that they would talk more tomorrow and offered to show her around and introduce her to people when she was ready, adding that she also had not been here that long and that seemed to encourage Fran. At least she was not the only newcomer.

Stuart and Carmen went back to their apartment while Dr. Bob and Fran went on to the kitchen. Dr. Bob found stuff for her to eat and snacked on some of his favorite treats while she ate, just so she wouldn’t feel embarrassed of having him watch her eat.

No one bothered them and Fran told him more about why she had run away. “My mother and older brother were killed when I was 10 in an avalanche along with many more of our pack. For 3 years my dad and I were alone and he was so sad all the time. Then he went to a convention in Montreal and met the woman named Celeste that is now my step mother. I hate to say this but I never liked her from the beginning. She has a sneaky, conniving side to her that my father just refuses to see.

To keep the peace, I tried to ignore how controlling she was trying to be to me. She can not have children and since my brother died, it left my father with no male heir. In their opinion, to even think of considering a female as alpha is not possible.

So ever since I turned 18, she’s been pushing men, of her choosing as “suitable mates of breeding and influence”, at me. Most of them are much older than me but to me, no matter how young or old they were, they were not my true mate and I was determined to wait! A month ago, I was told that I had to make a choice from the ones she had brought around before Hallow’s Eve or I would be forced to accept the mate she had chosen for me.

He and I had met and talked and neither of us wanted that so he agreed to help me get away. We told my parents that we were going on a date and he drove me to Saskatoon, which is the closest settlement to where our pack lands are located and I was going to catch a bus out of there but my purse got stolen and I had nothing to pay for the ticket with.

I had told Jacques to just drop me off and tell them I had run from him under the excuse that I was going to the ladies room. He did not stay to see if I got on the bus or not and I couldn’t find him afterwards. Then I saw someone from my pack in town and I was pretty sure they had seen me and would report it so I just took off running.

I know she sent guards after me because they almost caught me a couple of times but I got lucky and managed to get away. I would sneak into the back of trucks and once I even jumped on and held on to the back of a bus for over an hour. Anyway, I’ve been running for over three weeks now and I was about to give up when I crossed into your property. I almost started to go west when I crossed the border from Canada but something told me to go more south.”

“And I’m so glad you did!” Dr. Bob said and kissed her forehead. “Do you want any more to eat?”

“No, thank you. I’ve had enough.” Fran said. She was a bit nervous but oh, so happy that she had finally found her mate!

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