Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 25

The next morning, Sam purposely dragged her feet about getting up and going downstairs to breakfast but knew she couldn’t put it off long. Matt however, got up and was ready to go before she even sat up on the bed. She was lying on her stomach and the sheet had slipped down to expose the top of her ass and Matt groaned when she teased him by spreading her legs even wider and lifting her hips slightly off the bed.

“Damn, woman. Almost a month with nothing and now you are trying to cripple me. Come on. We’ve got a lot to do today!” He chuckled, popping her lightly on her butt and then kissed her ear, when he actually wished they could just stay in bed and make love all day but they had so much to do.

“Oh, do we have to? I want to stay here and make love all day! Can’t we do the honeymoon now and have the wedding later?” Sam groaned.

“As much as I wish we could, we can’t. We have responsibilities to our pack. Come on. Get up and get ready. Remember we have a new pack member who is also Dr. Bob’s mate. I, for one, want to find out more about what she’s doing on our land and who she is running from.” Matt said. “Besides, you made me work up an appetite last night and I’m hungry!”

Sam finally gave in and hurried through the shower and got dressed. She knew Natalie was going to consume a lot of her day today, finalizing things for the Luna ball. In reality, Sam was itching to take Fran to do her shopping but knew it probably wouldn’t happen. She had missed out on the first shopping trip that Natalie had taken all of the other women on. Only she and Sara had missed out because they had been recovering. Maybe she and Sara would get lucky and Natalie would take all three of them today.

Matt and Sam went down to breakfast and as soon as they sat down, Natalie spotted her ring. She squealed and jumped up to run around the table to hug first Sam and then Matt. Sam held up her hand for everyone to see and everyone at the executive table expressed their congratulations. It seemed that Matt was the only one to notice as Frank and Stuart looked at each other with worried expressions on their faces. “Are we supposed to propose and get married too?” Stuart asked Matt through a mind link.

“Only if you want to. I’m only doing this because of my mom and Sam. My mom told Sam about how my dad proposed and now she wants the whole wedding and honeymoon thing and if I can, I’m going to give her anything she wants.” Matt replied.

Frank took a chance and teased him back “Man, you’re whipped. She has got you wrapped around her little finger!”

“Shut up! You just found yours. Wait a couple of days and you’ll find out for yourself!” Matt growled back at him.

Francesca was watching everyone and remembered what meals had been like when her mother was alive. It had always been cheerful and fun. Now it was just depressing. Her step mother required the family dress for dinner and Fran, her father and stepmother sat at a special table in a separate room from the others. They had a maid that stood behind her stepmother and catered to her every whim.

The White Feather Pack was more like a family than Fran hadn’t had in a very long time. She wondered what was going to happen at the meeting Bob said they would be attending this morning? Would the Alpha allow them to stay? Bob had assured her he would but she wasn’t so sure when the Alpha found out who her father was and she was pretty sure that they would have to go back to Canada. Her pack needed an Alpha heir and she was the only one who could provide it.

Bob seemed to feel her unease and put his hand on hers, squeezing her fingers. “It’s going to be alright sweetheart.” Bob whispered and Fran nodded her head and squeezed his hand back. She was not a weak woman and now she had her true mate. Together they would get through this!

She wondered if her step mother would accept Bob as a suitable mate since he is a doctor? She couldn’t call him Dr. Bob in her mind so she just thought of him as Bob but would have to be careful to call him Dr. if she spoke to her father. Should she contact her father and find out? She knew she didn’t want to go back to the old pack so long as her step mother was there. She’s had enough of her controlling attitude to last her a lifetime and there was no way she would subject her mate to that.

Breakfast was over much too quickly for Fran and soon they were heading for the meeting room. Thankfully only Richard, Natalie, Matt and Sam were expected to attend as this was more personal business and wasn’t really something that would affect the security of the pack so Stuart, William and Frank and their mates were not required to be there.

As soon as they were all seated around the conference table, Matt asked Fran “Fran, why don’t you start by explaining how you came to our land and why?”

Fran explained that her father was the Alpha of the Snow Pine Pack and about how her mother and brother were killed in an avalanche. She told them about her father meeting his current chosen mate, her stepmother, and of how controlling she could be and of how her father turned a blind eye to how she was being treated. Then she explained that her stepmother had been trying to force her to mate with one of the men her stepmother deemed worthy of her to mate with and produce an heir to take over the Snow Pine Pack so that her father and stepmother could retire.

“Does she realize that just because you may give birth to a male pup that it would be another 18 years or longer before they would be able to retire? Why can’t you lead your pack if you are of Alpha blood?” Richard asked, which surprised Fran.

“You mean, if you and your mate only had female pups, you would have passed your position over to one of them?” Fran asked in surprise.

“Of course. I know of a couple of Alpha females who run their packs. Granted it is rare but both of them are capable leaders who run their packs well and are highly respected.” Richard assured her.

“That would not be possible in our area. Men are such chauvinists where I come from. The warriors would not respect a leader who could not whip them in battle and I’m not much of a fighter. I just don’t have the heart for it.” Fran said, in shame.

“It takes more to be a leader than just being able to fight.” Richard said with a smile.

“I don’t think I want to lead. I just want to have my true mate. I don’t care if he is Alpha or not. I would rather just be his mate, raise our pups and take care of my family. If he were Alpha, I would make a good Luna but I don’t want to be in control of an entire pack, especially one as large as the Snow Pine pack.” Fran said sadly.

“How many members are there in your pack?” Matt asked.

“At least 900, maybe more. Our area is very cold most of the year and lone wolves don’t last long trying to survive the harsh winters.” Fran replied.

“How do you think your father is going to react when he finds out you have found your true mate?” Matt asked.

“I honestly don’t know. I’m hoping he will be happy for me and finally put his foot down to my step mother.” Fran said.

“Do you think he will require you and Dr. Bob to move back there?” Sam asked. “Dr. Bob, how do you feel about having to relocate if her father says he wants his daughter to bring you home?”

Bob had not even considered having to relocate again but knew he would if that’s what Fran wanted and that was how he replied.

“I would go if that’s what Fran wanted. I guess I would just have to learn to live in a colder climate.” Bob said.

“I guess I’m going to have to call and talk to him. I would like for my parents to meet him first. I know it’s a lot to ask but for his safety, could I ask them to come here? I’m rather afraid that if I take him there and they don’t approve of him, they will not allow me to return with him and he would be in danger if he tried to fight to keep me.” Fran asked. She had been thinking about this since they had woken up this morning and all through breakfast. She held her breath as they seemed to be having an unspoken conversation between the four of them.

Finally Matt said, “I think we can arrange that. Why don’t you put in a call to your father and find out if they will be willing to come here? Perhaps they would join us for the Luna ball and we could possibly discuss an alliance between our packs?”

When Fran smiled it struck everyone that the action completely changed her appearance. She almost seemed to glow with happiness at the suggestion.

“You may use the phone on that desk and we will give you some privacy to make your call. Dr. Bob, let us know when you are done and we’ll come back to hear his response. OK?” Matt said.

“Great! Thank you!” Dr. Bob and Fran expressed their gratitude.

Fran went to the desk and called her father’s private number. When he answered, Fran said “Papa, c’est moi, Francesca.” (Papa, It’s me, Francesca.)

“Francesca! Où es-tu? Pourquoi t’es-tu enfui ? J’ai été tellement inquiet.” Her father asked (Francesca, where are you? Why did you run away? I’ve been so worried.)

“Papa, j’ai couru parce que Céleste a demandé que j’accepte un compagnon choisi de son choix mais j’ai trouvé mon vrai compagnon et papa, je suis si heureux.” Fran explained and prayed her father would be happy for her. (Papa, I ran because Celeste demanded that I take a chosen mate of her choice but I have met my true mate and Papa, I’m so happy.)

Fran held her breath waiting for her father to reply and heard him take a deep breath then let it out in a long sigh.

“Qui est cet homme? Est-il un Alpha?” her father asked. (Who is this man? Is he an Alpha?”)

“Non, ce n’est pas un Alpha. Il est médecin.” Fran replied. (No, he is not an Alpha. He is a doctor.)

“Hmm. Un médecin me direz-vous. Quand rentres-tu à la maison?” her father replied. (Hmm. A doctor, you say. When are you coming home?”)

“Je veux que tu viennes le rencontrer, papa. La meute ici organise un bal Luna vendredi soir et vous et Celeste avez été invités à venir le rencontrer. Nous pourrons alors en parler davantage. Viendras-tu?” Fran replied. (I want you to come and meet him, Papa. The pack here is having a Luna ball on Friday night and you and Celeste have been invited to come and meet him. We will be able to talk about it more then. Will you come?)

“Où est cet endroit? Quel est le nom de l’Alpha là-bas ?” Her father wanted to know. (Where is this place? What is the name of the Alpha there?)

“Son nom est Alpha Matt Stone du White Feather Pack à Seeley Lake Montana.” Fran replied and then waited for the explosion. She knew her father did not approve of American’s. He felt they were too undisciplined. (His name is Alpha Matt Stone of the White Feather Pack in Seeley Lake Montana.)

“Un Americain? Parle-t-il même français ?” Her father asked, trying to keep his temper under control. (An American? Does he even speak French?)

“Pas de papa mais c’est un homme bon et gentil et je l’aime. C’est mon vrai compagnon et je suis tellement chanceux de l’avoir trouvé.” Fran replied, prepared to stand up for her mate. His language did not matter to her. (No Papa but he is a good and kind man and I love him. He is my true mate and I’m so lucky to have found him.)

“Vous a-t-il déjà marqué ?” Her father wanted to know. (Has he marked you yet?)

“Non. Nous ne nous sommes rencontrés qu’hier soir, mais nous le ferons quand nous serons prêts. Je ne changerai pas d’avis, papa. Il est mon compagnon et le seul que j’accepterai.” Fran replied, knowing where this was going. (No. We only met last night but we will when we are ready. I will not change my mind, Papa. He is my mate and the only one I will accept.)

“Amende. Nous viendrons le rencontrer et discuterons davantage de cet arrangement. Où est l’aéroport le plus proche et quelqu’un peut-il venir nous chercher ?” Her father sighed. (Fine. We will come and meet him and talk more about this....arrangement. Where is the nearest airport and can someone collect us?)

“Je vais devoir me renseigner et je vous rappellerai. C’est un bal costumé donc tu devras t’habiller en costume mais je peux m’arranger pour que tu sois emmené dans un magasin ici si tu veux?” Fran told him. (I’ll have to find out and will call you back. It’s a costume ball so you will have to dress in costume but I can arrange for you to be taken to a store here if you want?)

“Je vous ferai savoir quand vous rappelez. Je suis tellement content que tu sois en sécurité, mon animal de compagnie. Je vous aime.” Her father said. (I will let you know when you call back. I’m so glad you are safe, my pet. I love you.)

“Je t’aime aussi, papa. Je vais parler à l’Alpha ici et je vous rappellerai bientôt.” Fran replied before she hung up. (I love you too, Papa. I will talk to the Alpha here and call you back soon.)

Fran put the receiver down and Bob looked at her in wonder. “So? What did he say? For that matter, what did you say? I feel bad that I can’t speak a word of French except for Bonjour.”

Fran told him almost word for word what had been said between her and her father and added, “I’m so glad that I did not have to speak to my step mother. She is not going to approve of you, I just know it but I don’t care. You are my true mate and I told my father I would not accept anyone but you. He has agreed to come to the Luna ball and I need to call him back with the name of the closest airport and to make arrangements for them to be picked up when they arrive. Also they will probably need costumes but I’m sure Celeste will be very picky about that.”

“Well, Missoula would be the closest airport to here and I don’t think it will be a problem to have someone pick them up. As for costumes, I think you had better talk to Luna Natalie or Luna Sam. I’ve never been to a costume party before but while we are talking about it, what would you like to dress up as?” Bob said.

“Oh my goodness. I haven’t even thought about it. What about you? How are you going to dress?” Fran said. She was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

“Well, I was going to go as Dr. Jeckle but now I think I should choose something else. Perhaps when we go to town later to buy you clothes and things, we can go look at the costume shop.” Bob said. “Maybe we had better call the Alpha’s and Luna’s back to talk about what needs to happen and then we can go to town. OK?” And Fran nodded.

Bob linked Matt and told him they had completed the call and asked that they return to the meeting room.

After everyone was reassembled in the meeting room, Fran related what she had spoken to her father about and said she still had to call him back with the airport location and to assure them that someone would go pick them up and bring them to the pack house.

Matt assured her that would not be a problem.

Natalie spoke up and said “Can you possibly ask them to come a day in advance? We are going to be extremely busy on Friday and if they require costumes to be fitted to properly fit, we will need time to get it done.”

“I will ask. I’m sorry to put everyone to so much trouble and I do hope my father keeps his wife under control. She can be a, demanding.” Fran said.

“Don’t worry. As a guest her requests will be met to the best of our ability but she must understand that she is just that, a guest in our home. Demands will be considered but not necessarily indulged.” Natalie said with authority.

Both Richard and Matt covered their mouths to keep from laughing. They knew that Natalie’s had to deal with other people who had made the mistake of demanding things in her home before and it had been dealt with with grace and dignity on Natalie’s part, often making the guest feel embarrassed and ashamed of themselves.

Fran had a good feeling that Celeste was finally going to get her comeuppance and she looked forward to seeing it happen.

“Well, now that that is settled, is there anything else?” Matt asked.

“I will call my father back and tell him where they will have to land and I’ll need a phone number for him to call back so that he can let us know when they will arrive.” Fran said.

“Also tell them they are welcome to bring their Beta and his mate, as our guest.” Richard said.

“Thank you. I will let him know.” Fran said.

“Great. Now unless you need them for anything else. I need to take some of the ladies shopping for clothes as I understand a few of them are having to borrow clothes to be decent in public. We also need to make our final choices for costumes. Does everyone know what they want for a costume?” Natalie asked.

“I wish we could get the costume shop to come here so that we can select without everyone having to go to town but I guess this close to Halloween, it would cost them too much business to bring everything here?” Richard said. He was not looking forward to having to spend hours waiting for the women to make up their minds.

“You know what? I bet if we asked them to come after regular store hours and provided an extra incentive, I might be able to convince them.” Natalie said.

“That would be best. See if they can come either tonight or tomorrow night might be better. Fran, if your father can give us some kind of idea of what they want as costumes, we can hold something back for them. We would just need to know their sizes.” Richard said.

“I will tell them.” Fran promised.

Again they all left her to make her phone call but this time it was Celeste who answered the phone.

“Céleste, voici Francesca. Puis-je parler à mon père s’il vous plaît?” Fran asked when her step mother answered the phone. (Celeste, this is Francesca. May I speak to my father please?)

“Francesca, espèce de gosse ingrat ! Alors vous avez décidé de revenir en rampant, n’est-ce pas ?” Celeste immediately began to attack her and Fran knew that her father was not in the room but she had to wonder why Celeste was answering his private phone. (Francesca, you ungrateful brat! So you have decided to come crawling back, have you?)

“Céleste, je ne vais plus me disputer avec toi. S’il te plaît, mets mon père au téléphone.” Fran said, fed up with her step mothers attitude. (Celeste, I’m not going to argue with you anymore. Please put my father on the phone.)

“Que vous l’appréciiez ou non, mon mari est un homme très important et a mieux à faire que de régler vos petits problèmes. Qu’est-ce que vous voulez? De l’argent? Veux-tu implorer son pardon pour s’être enfui comme le lâche que tu es ?” Celeste said in a sneering voice. (Whether you appreciate it or not, my husband is a very important man and has better things to do than to deal with your petty problems. What is it that you want? Money? Do you want to beg for his forgiveness for running away like the coward you are?)

Suddenly Fran heard her father’s voice in the background. “Avec qui parlez-vous ? Ça a sonné et tu n’étais pas là alors j’y ai répondu.” He demanded. (Who are you speaking with? And why are you on my private phone?)

He was getting tired of Celeste interference and had recently been informed from several sources within his own pack of how his wife had been treating his daughter behind his back and he was not happy about it. He had known she was being strict with Francesca but had never been openly abusive to her in front of him.

After Francesca had run away from home, he had a talk with the man who had taken her to town and supposedly lost her when she went to the ladies room but he had finally confessed that neither of them had been interested in being mates and that it was Celeste that had been pressuring Fran to take a mate not of her own free choice.

He had been very upset with his wife and had laid down the law to her that if Francesca was found and returned home, that Celeste was not to pressure her anymore and allow her to find either her true mate or to let her choose her life partner. That choice was to be Francesca’s alone since she would be the one to have to live with the man.

“Ça a sonné et tu n’étais pas là alors j’y ai répondu.” Celeste said, wondering how much he had overheard. (It rang and you were not here so I answered it.)

Jacques Dubois took the phone from his wife and said “Bonjour?”


Papa, c’est moi, Francesca. L’aéroport le plus proche d’ici est à Missoula, Montana. Quelqu’un vous y retrouvera quand vous nous direz à quelle heure votre avion atterrit. Alpha Matt a dit que vous pouvez également inviter Beta Pierre et son épouse. Ils ont également demandé que vous veniez jeudi parce qu’ils vont être très occupés vendredi à se préparer pour le bal. Savez-vous quel genre de costumes vous aimeriez tous avoir ? J’aurai besoin de tailles aussi.” Fran said fighting back the tears that talking to her step mother had made her feel. (Dad, it’s me, Francesca. The closest airport to here is in Missoula, Montana. Someone will meet you there when you tell us what time your plane lands. Alpha Matt said you are welcome to invite Beta Pierre and his spouse as well. They have also requested that you come in on Thursday because they are going to be very busy on Friday getting ready for the ball. Do you know what kind of costumes you would all like to have? I will need sizes too.)

“Je vais prendre les dispositions et vous rappeler. Maintenant, dis-moi exactement ce que Céleste t’a dit quand elle a répondu à mon téléphone. Je viens de découvrir des choses dont je n’étais pas au courant avant et je suis vraiment désolé, mon animal de compagnie. Je ne connaissais pas les abus qu’elle te faisait subir.”

Jacques said. (I will make the arrangements and call you back. Now, tell me exactly what Celeste said to you when she answered my phone. I just found out some things that I was not aware of before and I’m very sorry, my pet. I did not know of the abuse she was putting you through.)

Fran repeated what Celeste had said to her and she could tell her father was upset with his wife. He told her “Je pense qu’il n’y aura que moi et Beta Pierre et peut-être son épouse qui assisteront au bal Luna.

Veuillez étendre mes remerciements à Alpha Stone et à son compagnon pour leur aimable invitation. J’ai hâte de rencontrer votre compagnon, mon animal de compagnie.” (I think it will only be me and Beta Pierre and possibly his spouse attending the Luna ball. Please extend my thanks to Alpha Stone and his mate for their gracious invitation. I look forward to meeting your mate, my pet.)

“Merci papa ! J’ai hâte que tu rencontres Robert. S’il vous plaît venez dès que possible. Je suis sûr que ce ne sera pas un problème.” Fran told him as a tear slipped down her face. (Thank you, papa! I can’t wait for you to meet Robert. Please come as soon as possible. I’m sure it won’t be a problem.)

“D’accord, mon animal de compagnie. Nous vous verrons dans un jour ou deux.” Jacques said before he hung up. (Alright, my pet. We will see you in a day or two.)

As soon as he hung up he turned to his wife and said “Pack your bags. I will not have my daughter and my staff abused the way you have been doing. You are not worthy to be my Luna or my wife. I will file for divorce as soon as I return from the US. In the meantime, I want you gone. I will make arrangements for your flight back to Montreal as soon as possible.” He then grabbed her by her elbow and led her out of his office and up to their bedroom. He demanded his credit cards back and linked his Beta to meet him in his office and his personal butler to come watch his wife pack. As soon as his servant arrived he instructed him to make sure she took only what was hers and then he left the room.

He met with his Beta and shared with him what was happening and about the invitation for him and his spouse, Maria, to join him for the trip. “I did not know that Celeste has been abusive to not only Francesca but other members of the staff. Why did no one mention it to me?” He asked his Beta.

“No one wanted to speak against her. You chose her to be your Luna and therefore we thought she had your blessings.” Beta Pierre said, his head hung low. He should have known that Jacques would never have allowed such treatment if he had known.

“Pierre, I’m surprised at you. You should know that I never would have allowed her to abuse anyone, much less Francesca. She is all I have left of my dear mate, Frances.” Jacques realized that a lot had escaped his attention since his mate and son had been killed in the avalanche. He had been distraught for a long time after that. Celeste was a very beautiful woman on the outside but he was beginning to see that she was ugly on the inside and while she had satisfied his sexual needs, she had not even come close to taking the place of his true mate in his heart.

Jacques made arrangements for Celeste to leave on the earliest flight he could get for her which would be at 6 am the next morning back to Montreal, where he had found her. He would make arrangements for her hotel stay for one month and a small stipend until she could get on her feet but then she would receive nothing more from him or his pack. He contacted his lawyer and had him draw up divorce papers stating just that. He also made arrangements for flights for him, Pierre and Maria to fly to Missoula on Wednesday, which was the day after tomorrow.

He instructed Pierre to find out everything he could on the White Feather Pack and Dr. Robert Havens and to report to him as soon as he had information. He wrapped up paperwork on his desk and then linked his servant and told him to take his wife’s things to another suite within the next hour and to have her meals brought to her in her room. “Tell her to be up at 4 am and ready to go to the airport. Her flight leaves at 6 am.”

Celeste linked him a few minutes later to please have someone take her to town tonight, so that she would not have to get up so early to go to the airport and not have to be shamed by the household staff by being kicked out of the house. He quickly agreed and linked his head warrior to take her to the airport. He knew she had always been rather afraid of Brutus and would not give him any trouble. “Take her straight to the airport hotel and leave her there. Do not take her anywhere else and let the hotel staff assist her.” He told Brutus.

“Yes, sir.” Brutus replied. He for one would be glad to see the back end of his Alpha’s wife. He had always found it hard to respect her as the pack’s Luna. She was vicious and cruel to the other household staff and she was not liked by anyone there that he knew of.

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