Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 26

Fran and Bob went down to the dining room and found everyone starting to eat lunch. They informed the Alpha’s that Fran’s father, his Beta, Pierre and the Beta’s mate, Maria, would be the only ones attending the Luna ball. She told them that he would be calling back with flight times and costume choices and sizes.

Natalie told her that she would like to make sure they got a formal invitation to be hand delivered and she wanted to properly address it so asked his name.

“My father’s name is Jacques Dubois. His Beta’s name is Pierre Garnier. His mate’s name is Maria Monet.” Fran answered. She was rather surprised why no one was asking why her step mother would not be attending and was grateful that she did not have to explain the embarrassing situation in front of everyone.

Natalie said “Good, I’ll take care of it. I look forward to meeting them. Now, tell me, are you ready to go shopping for some clothes that not only fit but will belong to you?” She smiled at Fran, Sara, and Sam.

“Oh yes, please! I do appreciate Carmen loaning these to me but she is a bit hippy and larger busted than me. No offense, Carmen. I have often wished I had more upstairs.” Fran said with pink cheeks.

“I like your “upstairs” just as they are.” Bob whispered to her as he squeezed her hand under the table.

After lunch, the ladies took off for town. Natalie had called the costume shop and arranged with the owner to bring out everything she had the next day after store hours and promised her a thousand dollar incentive. The owner had been happy to oblige since she was guaranteed to rent so many costumes for the night. Natalie had also promised to have any costumes that got soiled or damaged cleaned and repaired before they were returned.

So today would be spent getting the women clothes to wear for everyday stuff and the pampering day the other women had received when they were rescued from the Red Moon pack. They also had a chance to get to know Fran better and for her to get to know them.

The four women had a wonderful time shopping and returned from town just before the sun set, happy and smiling. Matt, Richard, Bob and Frank were all there to meet them when they came back. The men helped them carry their bags back to their rooms and Richard joked with Natalie “Good lord, woman. Did you leave anything in the stores?”

“Not much but at least they will have what they need for the time being. Be thankful we are doing a costume ball or this shopping trip would have meant evening gowns and shoes too and that would have been a huge bill.”

“I guess I should be grateful for small favors.” Richard muttered under his breath. He could just imagine the credit card bill that was going to come in at the end of the month.

Bob and Fran went to their room and Bob told Fran that her father had called back while they were gone and spoke to Alpha Matt. He and his party would be arriving tomorrow afternoon and Fran would go with him and Alpha Matt and Luna Sam to meet them.

“Well, at least now I have something that will fit me to wear to meet my father and not look like a vagabond.” Fran smiled at him as she began taking the clothes Natalie and Sam had bought for her today out of the bags, putting things away in the closet.

“Can I ask you something, chérie?” (sweetheart) Fran asked as she sat down on the bed.

“Sure. I hope we can always talk openly and honestly to each other. I never want you to be afraid to ask or tell me anything.” Bob said as he sat down beside her.

“Do you want to stay here with your pack or go back with my father to Canada?” Fran asked, nervously.

“What do you want, my love? I like this pack. They have been good to me. They rescued me and a lot of other people from a sadistic man that nearly beat Luna Sam and Frank’s mate Sara to death more than once. But I want you to be happy. So you tell me where you want to go and that’s where we will go.”

“I like it here too and these people are very nice but if I leave my father now, he will have no one. I’m his only chance for an heir. Can’t we please at least go there and try it for a while? If we are not happy there, can’t we come back here?” Fran asked.

“If that is what you want, then that is what we’ll do.” Bob said. He would do anything he had to do to make her happy, even if it meant spending the rest of his life freezing his ass off. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. “I love you, my sweet. You are my world now.”

“If you mark me tonight, will we have the White Feather pack mark or will I have your family mark?” Fran asked.

“I’m a member of the White Feather pack now so I would suppose it would be the White Feather pack mark. I’m not really sure. Would you rather wait until I’m a member of your pack?” Bob asked.

“I want you to mark me and make me yours but I’d rather we wait since you will be a member of my pack soon. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make love. I love you and I want you, chérie.”

They made love slowly because Bob knew it was her first time and he was proud that they had both waited for their true mates but by the end of the night, they showed each other just how much they loved each other.

The next day, Fran was so excited to see her father again. He and his party were due to come in at 2 pm so right after lunch they finally headed out for the airport. Fran practically bounced on her seat all the way there and Bob, Matt and Sam smiled as they shared her joy at seeing her father again.

When Alpha Jacques Dubois finally walked out of the passenger ramp, Fran ran to him and jumped into his arms.

“Oh papa, c’est si bon de te revoir ! Tu m’as tellement manqué!” Fran cried as she hugged and kissed her father over and over again. (Oh dad, it’s so good to see you again! I’ve missed you so much!)

Jacques held her tightly as he returned her hugs and kisses. “Oh mon animal de compagnie ! C’est tellement bon de te voir aussi. Tu m’as manqué aussi.” (Oh my pet! It is so good to see you too. I’ve missed you too.)

Bob, Matt and Sam watched them with big smiles on their faces and waited to be introduced. After a minute, Jacques realized that they were there and pulled Fran to his side. “Présentez-moi à vos amis, ma fille.” (Introduce me to your friends, daughter.)

“Papa, this is Alpha Matthew Stone.” Francesca introduced Matt who shook hands with Jacques.

“Nice to meet you, sir. Welcome.” Matt said.

“Thank you. Very nice to meet you as well. I thank you for giving my daughter sanctuary. I was not aware of the treatment my ex wife was inflicting on her and other members of my staff until just a few days ago and I have a lot to make up for with her.” Jacques said in heavily accented English.

“She has been a delight to get to know. Please allow me to introduce my mate, Luna Samantha Madison.” Matt said, glad that the man could speak English. This was going to make things between them much easier.

Sam stepped forward and shook hands with the large man, who bent over her hand and greeted her. “Welcome, Alpha Jacques.”

“Thank you, dear lady. It is a pleasure to meet you.” Jacques could see the reason for Matt’s choice of mates. “Samantha is tiny but very beautiful”, he thought to himself.

“Papa, this is my mate, Robert. Bob, my father, Jacques.” Fran proudly introduced the two special men in her life.

Jacques eyed Bob up and down and then smiled and offered his hand. “So you are my new son in law. Very nice to meet you, son.”

“Very nice to meet you as well, sir.” Bob said and shook his hand with a firm grip and a smile, internally letting out a sigh of relief.

Jacques turned and introduced his Beta Pierre and his mate, Maria. Fran greeted them with hugs and kisses and together they walked down to the baggage claim. As soon as their bags came up, Matt and Sam walked back and retrieved the SUV and Matt helped load everything inside.

They chatted about their trip and how beautiful and warm it was down here compared to Canada where there was already three feet of snow on the ground. Bob began to question wanting to go with Fran back to her pack. He had never cared much for the cold but for Fran he would endure it and much more.

Over the next two days, Bob showed Alpha Jacques, Fran and Beta Pierre and his mate around the compound. Alpha Jacques was particularly interested in the clinical set up they had. The Snow Pine pack had a midwife who was skilled in tending to most types of injuries but no active doctor so Bob was going to be a good addition to their pack and he hoped that they planned on returning home with them.


Kate, Gamma Willam’s mate, was getting heavy with her pup and wasn’t able to do much anymore but Sara and Sam sat with her as much as possible. Kate was very apologetic that she wasn’t able to help more but had been suffering from terribly swollen ankles and feet that made it hard for her to stand for very long so she had been keeping her feet up and drinking lots and lots of water, which caused her to have to constantly go to the bathroom.


Frank was taking a lot of teasing about how sappy he was becoming over Sara. He would pick bundles of wildflowers for her and had been seen trying to sneak them to her. They had been caught kissing several times by several staff members and Frank would often get distracted during training and one of the lesser warriors had managed to take him down one day when his mind was on Sara.

“Get your head in the game, Frank!” Matt had scolded him more than once when Frank had been distracted by remembering their night together the night before.

They had mated and marked each other and Sara was doing some slight changes to his house on the mountain and they were actively living up there now.


Carmen was excelling in her duties as Sam’s assistant since she was the pack Beta’s mate. Sam was very grateful for her help and it had not escaped her attention that she and Fran were becoming good friends. They were a great help in decorating for the Luna ball and the house was beginning to look like a haunted house inside and out. Natalie was obviously in her element when it came to decorating. Everyone was really looking forward to the next night, the night of the Luna Ball.

The costume woman came and stayed all night. Everyone had been warned to stay in their human forms and to not discuss pack issues in front of her since she and her assistant were humans.

Everyone found costumes and Sam tried to keep from thinking about being introduced as the new Luna, since every time she thought about it the butterflies in her stomach would take flight.

Council members began showing up early Thursday morning and quickly chose costumes before the woman left to return to her store. She barely had anything left to take back but was one very happy person because she had rented almost everything in her inventory. She left telling Natalie and Sara that next year she hoped they would call again and she would be more than happy to return to allow them the best of her stock.

Matt and Sam were going to come as King and Queen, which was most appropriate considering it was the Luna Ball to introduce them as the reigning couple of the pack. It also meant that they didn’t have to change clothes after the introduction since the gown Sam had chosen to be introduced to the pack made her look so regal and once she had on the tiara she had designed, she would feel like a queen. Natalie just had one more surprise for her but refused to reveal it to her until that night when she was sworn in as the new Luna and received her Luna powers.

Richard and Natalie surprised everyone by choosing to come as vagabonds. They were both to be dressed as hobo’s with the bundle of clothes on a stick.

Everyone had chosen great costumes and were all looking forward to tomorrow night. Everyone pitched in and helped with the last minute preparations. Costumes were all ready to go and hanging up in closets waiting to be put on when everyone went to bed Thursday night. After dinner that night, all of the Alpha’s and all of their executive staff along with the council members who had arrived a day early sat in the living room visiting until one by one they all drifted to their rooms in the hopes of getting a good night’s sleep since everyone would be up late the next night.

Kate and William were the first to go. Kate was getting so heavy with her pup that she tired quickly.

Thankfully, everyone seemed to take the hint and followed along after them and in Sam’s mind it was none too soon. She had been running around all day, trying to keep everyone entertained and she was exhausted. She decided to wait until morning to wash her hair and just took a quick shower.

Matt was surprised when he came into the bedroom after turning off the lights in the living room to find that she was already in bed and nearly asleep. He kissed her gently and went to take his shower. Afterwards he crawled in next to her and heard her softly snoring. He curled his body into hers and pulled her close and fell asleep.

The next morning was the day of the ball and Sam woke up with major butterflies in her stomach. She looked over at Matt, who was still asleep and said a small prayer to the moon goddess to help her to be a good Luna as she curled herself into his arms.

Matt woke up when he felt her snuggling against his chest and pulled her closer. “Good morning, my love.” His husky morning voice immediately turned her on. His morning wood pressed against her stomach made her giggle back “Was someone having good dreams?”

“I always have good dreams when you are here in my bed.” He whispered back as he nuzzled her neck and when he kissed her mark, bathing it with his tongue, Sam immediately became more aroused and wrapped her leg over his, pushing him to lay flat on his back. She kissed her way down his body and urged him to open his legs so that she could get between them and he gladly obliged.

She stroked his hardness first with her hand and then with her tongue. She now knew how to touch and kiss him to bring him quickly to the edge and soon Matt was pulling on the sheets as she swallowed him whole and teased his balls and inner thighs with her feather light touch. His toes curled and he moaned “Oh baby! That feels so damned good and I’m so close.”

Sam used her nails to lightly scratch over his balls before wrapping her hand around his base and increasing the rhythm of her mouth, sucking hard as she lifted her head and working her tongue over his length then quickly sucking as she went back down. One more swallow and he was ready to sail over the edge as his head rolled back and forth on the pillow and his back arched against her mouth. “Oh baby! I’m going to cum! AAAAARRRRRGGGGG!” Matt groaned as he shot his load into her mouth. Sam licked up every drop and raised her head to smile down at him. “Best breakfast ever created. Fresh warm cream!”

“You are welcome to it anytime you want!” Matt grinned back up at her. “But now it’s my turn!” He said as he flipped her on to her back and got between her legs. He wasted no time and dove right in, licking and sucking on her pussy lips, using his fingers to part her curls until he found his prize. He licked her like an ice cream cone before sucking her clit as it quickly became engorged. He teased her wet opening with his fingers until she was begging for him to enter her, lifting her hips and arching her back to encourage him. “Oh please Matt. Please go in. I want you so bad.” she begged.

Hearing her beg for him to fill her along with the sweet smell and taste of her had him rock hard again but he wanted her to cum at least once before he mounted her. He slid a finger inside and she was already soaking wet and Matt felt his dick start to throb with need to be inside of her. He sucked on her clit harder, flicking his tongue in the way that he knew would bring her close to the edge quickly. He added another finger and within a few strokes she was moaning loudly and started to buck against his mouth. He put his arm over her waist to hold her still as he increased his pace with his other hand, shoving it roughly in and out of her. When he curled his fingers slightly so that he would hit her g-spot, Sam came unglued and screamed his name over and over again as she found her release. “OH Matt! Matt baby, YES! YES! YESSSSS!”

He drank everything she had to offer and her muscles squeezed his fingers as her climax pulsed, pulling him deeper as she flew over the edge and collapsed on the bed, her arms and legs spread wide. He gave her a moment to gather her breath and then began to stroke her again, flicking his tongue over her nerve center, quickly turning her back on again.

“Oh baby! You feel so good!” She moaned as she bent her knees and pushed down trying to draw him deeper. Matt knew she was ready for him and when she let out that wonderful kitten mewing sound, he sat up and flipped her over. He pulled on her hips, lifting her to her knees as he moved up behind her. He entered her about half way in one slow push, then pulled back and reentered her all the way. He held still for just a moment to allow her body to adjust and when he felt her muscles relax, he began to move.

“Hold on baby. Listening to you cum made me so hard with the need to be inside of you that I’m at the very edge of my control.” Matt whispered as he watched himself go in and out of her, trying to go slow but the sight and feel of her was such a turn on that holding back wasn’t going to be an option for long.

“Fuck me hard, Matt. I want to feel you fill me up.” Sam whispered as she grabbed handfuls of the sheets and began to rock herself back and forth, meeting his thrusts.

Matt didn’t need any more encouragement than that as he grabbed her hips and began to ram in and out of her. When he was close to the edge, he smacked her ass cheek with one hand and he grabbed a handful of her ass and she cried out as she began to sail over the edge. Matt slammed into her twice more and followed her over as he found his release deep inside of her. They fell to the side, Matt still buried deep inside of her as he held her close, snuggling her neck as she reached her free arm behind his head, loving him more and more every day.

“Goddess, I love you!” Sam whispered. “I don’t know what would have happened to me if I had not stumbled on to your land that day but lord, I’m glad I did.”

“I think the Goddess led you here because she intended for us to be together but I’m so thankful that I got to you before that rogue did.” Matt said as he stroked her body, loving the feel of her under his hands.

Suddenly his hands stilled and Sam looked over her shoulder at him and could tell that someone was linking him. When his eyes cleared, he looked down at her and smiled and said “I think we had better get downstairs.”

“What’s going on?” Sam wanted to know.

“Susie just pulled in and someone is claiming her as his mate.” Matt said as he hurried to the bathroom.

“What? Who?” She questioned as she untangled herself from the sheets he had thrown over her to get out of bed.

Matt had closed the bathroom door so she had to wait until he finished and he opened the door when he was done with the toilet and let her go in as he went to find clothes. As soon as he heard the toilet flush and the shower come on, he rejoined her and they quickly bathed before hurriedly getting dressed. Sam didn’t even bother to undo her hair from the braid she had put her hair in before going to bed and waited to wash her hair because she didn’t want to miss this.

They rushed downstairs and found Susie and Alpha Jacques cuddled together in the living room on the sofa. To say they were shocked was an understatement but the happy glow coming off of both of their faces was enough to tell them the truth.

“I can’t believe I have a second chance at love.” Jacques said, unable to take his eyes off of Susie.

Susie had a smile on her face that made her seem to glow. She couldn’t believe she was coming home to find her mate here waiting for her.

Susie had arrived early this morning and after fixing breakfast for her parents, she had come over to see if there was anything she could do to help out for tonight. When she had walked into the kitchen, Jacques had been in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee. He had dropped the cup he had been holding as soon as he smelled her come through the door. Her scent was that of fresh peppermint and white chocolate. It had barely been a whisper when he said “Mate!” and he was in front of her so fast she had barely had time to blink. She had taken a deep breath and the smell of fresh snow and pine trees and warm fudge had hit her nose and her heart had begun to race. “Mine” had immediately entered her mind.

Susie had been so concentrated on learning to be a doctor that she had begun to think that she would never meet her mate and now to find that he was almost the same age as her father was a shock but in her heart she didn’t care. He was her chosen one and she smiled at him and Jacques’ heart began to thump in his chest.

“Who are you, my love?” He struggled to say in English, knowing she more than likely didn’t speak French.

“My name is Suzzett but everyone calls me Susie. I’m the daughter of Dr. Andy and Nurse Abby. Who are you?” Susie asked.

“I am Alpha Jacques Dubois of the Snow Pine Pack in Canada. My daughter is Francesca. She found her mate in Dr. Bob when she came here a few days ago.” Jacques explained.

“I just came home from nursing school so I have not made her acquaintance yet but I look forward to meeting her.” Susie said as she moved slightly closer to him. She wanted him to hold her, to kiss her so badly but suddenly realized that the kitchen staff was watching them.

Jacques also realized that everyone was watching them and that it was making her uncomfortable, so he asked “Would you like some coffee?” He turned to Cook and said “I’m so sorry I broke your crockery but could we have two cups of coffee please?”

Cook smiled at them and quickly poured them the requested coffee. “Breakfast will be ready in about half an hour. Please feel free to take this into the living room.” She said with a grin at Susie.

That’s where Matt and Sam followed by Natalie and Richard soon found them. They all watched them for a moment and then turned to go into the dining room for coffee. No one wanted to leave until after both Dr. Andy, Nurse Abby and Francesca found out about this and waited to see their reactions.

“Do you think we should forewarn them?” Sam whispered to Natalie.

“No. This is not our business. Let’s just see how it all plays out. We’ll step in if we are needed but I think they are a wonderful couple. Granted the age difference might be an issue especially with Francesca since she and Susie are only a few years apart in age. But I think she will also understand what they are feeling since she just found her own mate and knows what they are feeling. Let’s see what her reaction is going to be before we alert Dr. Andy and Nurse Abby.” Natalie said in a low voice.

Sure enough, when Francesca and Bob came downstairs a few minutes later. Fran was shocked to see her father and a woman almost the same age as her, cuddling on the sofa together and she got slightly upset but as soon as she met Susie, she calmed down. One look at the adoration her father had for the young woman, it was plain to see that he was enamored with her and that she was returning his feelings. What could Fran say but welcomed Susie to their family. She seemed to sense that Susie was not going to be anything like Celeste and that they would end up being very close.

When they all entered the dining room, walking hand in hand, everyone congratulated them and Natalie linked Susie to link her parents. “Might as well get it over with, especially since Jacques, Fran and Bob will only be here for another couple of days.”

Susie agreed and immediately linked her parents and told them to hurry over to the pack house.

Dr. Andy and Nurse Abby arrived within minutes, just as breakfast was being served and were shocked when they saw their daughter sitting with Alpha Jacques.

“What is going on?” Dr. Andy asked and looked around in confusion.

“Dad, please calm down. I met my mate this morning. Please be happy for me.” Susie said, as she clasped Jacques’ hand.

Dr. Andy took several deep breaths and Nurse Abby looked like she was going to cry but hugged her daughter and then Jacques. “Of course we are happy for you, baby girl. We just always thought your mate would be someone closer to your own age. No offense Alpha but you must admit, this is highly unusual for there to be such an age difference. I mean, you and Andy are almost the same age.” Nurse Abby said, trying to be understanding.

“It is a shock to me as well, madam. I never expected a second chance at a true mate but I’m now so glad that I came to the White Feather Pack to meet my daughter’s mate.” Jacques said, giving Dr. Andy a wary look. He wasn’t sure the man was going to accept him or not but he had no intention of letting Susie go now that he had found her.

“Well, I know there are some issues to work out and I know they will not happen overnight but I do hope we can come to an agreement. I will take care of Susie and love her until my dying breath.” Jacques told Andy, who seemed to be caving.

“Jacques, I’m over 21 and while I do love and respect my parents greatly, I’m the one who decides what happens in my life. Daddy, I love you but if you fight me on this, we are going to have issues that neither of us wants. Please be happy for me?” Susie said, lifting her chin high and looking her father straight in the eye.

Andy took a deep breath and then sighed “You know I could never hurt you like that and if he is what you want, who am I to say no. I am happy you have found your true mate, baby girl. Now come here and give me a hug.” Andy said as he opened his arms and Susie rushed to him. They hugged each other tightly and then Andy stuck out his hand to Jacques. “All I ask is that you please let her come home often to visit?”

Jacques shook his new father in law’s hand and said “I promise and I hope you will feel free to come and visit us whenever you wish.”

Neither Andy nor Abby had told anyone that they had kind of hoped that Susie and Bob were going to be mates when they finally met but it seemed that it had been too good to be true. Now they were going to lose their chance at early retirement because now not only Dr. Bob was going to be joining Fran in Canada but also their daughter would be going to be the Luna of the Snow Pine Pack.

Andy and Abby joined everyone around the dining table and had coffee while everyone else enjoyed breakfast and talked about the Luna ball that evening. There were no patients in the clinic right now so Andy and Abby stayed at the pack house most of the day getting to know Jacques and Fran, discussing plans about them all returning to Canada as well as how Susie would continue her education to become a doctor. She was already a nurse but had hoped to go on to become a doctor.

Maybe now that she was going to be the Luna of what she learned was a pack almost as big as the White Feather pack, she might not have the time or inclination to continue to be a doctor. She also would be able to produce an heir for the Snow Pine pack, taking some of the pressure off of Fran and Bob to produce an heir before they were really ready for children.

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