Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 27

The ball that evening was scheduled to begin at 6 pm so after breakfast, everyone pitched in to help with final arrangements for the ball and after lunch, all of the women gathered in Natalie and Richard’s apartment to do their hair and makeup before getting dressed for the ball.

Natalie had pulled Fran off to the side to prepare her if she saw Sam and Sara’s backs. “Their old pack leader went mad years ago and was abusing them. Sam took the worst of it and her back is full of scars. Sara has some too but they are not as bad as Sam’s. Both of them are very sensitive about anyone seeing them so please don’t react when you do.” Natalie said.

“I understand.” Fran told her but still had to turn away and swallow several times to keep down the bile that rolled to her throat when she saw Sam’s scars when Sam removed her top to put on her gown.

The afternoon was so much fun as they laughed and joked about their mates and no one could wait to see their mates in their costumes. Natalie and Abby shared many memories about past Halloweens and other holidays’ they had spent as members of the White Feather pack.

Around 5:30 pm, everyone was dressed and the guests began to arrive. The men had taken care of getting the band they had hired set up to play in the ballroom. The kitchen staff had set all the food out and had on fresh clean uniforms ready to serve food and drinks.

Sam was a nervous wreck by the time she walked over to her and Matt’s apartment and let herself in. Matt was in the bedroom trying to fix his tie and getting frustrated that he couldn’t get it straight when Sam walked in looking like something out of a dream. When he saw her in the reflection of his mirror, he froze in place for just a moment before he whipped around with his mouth hanging open as he looked her over from head to toe.

“You will outshine every woman at the ball tonight. You look absolutely gorgeous, my love.” He said as he slowly approached her, turning the worried look on her face to one of happiness.

“Thank you. My stomach has a million butterflies taking flight the closer the time to go downstairs gets.” Sam said as she leaned into his embrace, seeking comfort.

Matt wrapped his arms around her, giving her all the comfort she needed but was careful not to mess her hair, which Natalie and Abby had helped her by piling her long locks into beautiful curls on the top of her head to flow down her back.

“Come on, hon. It’s time to go. My mom says all of the guests have arrived and they are waiting for us.” Matt said after a moment or two.

“You will be with me the whole time, right?” Sam asked with a slightly shaky voice.

“Right beside you all night, if you wish.” Matt smiled down at her.

“I always want you beside me, my love.” Sam said and pulled his head down for a light kiss. She pulled on his tie and straightened it up for him then he took her hand in his and together they walked to the elevator.

As soon as they reached the ground floor and stepped out of the elevator, someone let the band know they were coming and the music began to play the song that Natalie and she had agreed on. Sam forced herself to straighten her back and lift her chin. She refused to look weak in front of everyone. She had to be strong to be Matt’s Luna and she was determined not to let him down.

Matt led her through the crowd, which parted to gather around the edges of the ballroom as she and Matt walked to the front. It was set up almost like an altar except for not only the head of the religious order but the head of the council and Matt’s parents were standing, waiting for them on the stage that had been built for the ceremony.

Near the front, on either side of the stage stood Stuart and Carmen, William and Kate on one side with Frank and Sara, Francesca and Bob, Jacques and Susie on the other. Everyone dropped their heads as Sam and Matt passed in respect, looking up as they passed. Sam and Matt climbed the two steps and took another couple of steps to the front of the table where there were two crowns on cushions. Both of them of the design Sam had created. One slightly larger than the other for Matt. Sam was shocked and surprised when she saw them and her eyes flew to Natalie who had a twinkle in her eye and a big smile on her face. She had kept the second crown a secret from Sam, who had not even seen her actual tiara yet.

Sam barely remembered afterwards most of the ceremony except when Richard placed Matt’s crown on his head and then a large metal token, the seal of the White Feather pack on a ribbon around his neck. Natalie placed her tiara crown on her head and presented her with a beautiful sapphire and diamond necklace and helped her put it on. Since Sam had never taken the necklace off that Matt had given her for her birthday, Natalie pinned it to the shoulder of her gown like a broach. Then Natalie took her hands in hers and the religious leader and council chairman came over and swore her in as the new Luna. The power transfer was an amazing feeling and Sam felt stronger and sure of herself for the first time in a very long time. Natalie hugged her tightly and whispered. “You have all I can give you now, my daughter. Please take care of my son and the pack to the best of your ability. I know you will be a great Luna to them all.”

Sam’s eyes filled with tears as she hugged Natalie back and whispered. “I will do my best and thank you!”

Just then a loud crack of what sounded like thunder erupted outside and everyone turned to see the area outside the ballroom doors filled with a purplish blue mist then suddenly Zella and Louellen appeared in the ballroom dressed as traditional witches except that it was impossible for them to look ugly so they had gone for the sexy look. They each had on long flowing dresses that plunged from their shoulders to the waist in a deep V and long flowing sleeves and skirts that swirled around them. In reality, the only traditional thing about their costumes were the conical hats they wore on their heads. Zella’s dress was a deep midnight blue and Louellen’s was a dark forest green. Zella’s wolves were by her side and stood at attention, watching everyone as if on full alert.

They waved their hands and the ceiling came alive with shadows of witches and ghosts flying around the room among stars which began to float to the ground then turned into fairies that zipped around the room before twinkling out of sight.

Everyone gasped and sighed then clapped in appreciation for the show as Natalie came down and greeted her friend and was introduced to Zella.

Natalie motioned for Sam and Matt to come forward and introduced them to the two witches and asked “Louellen, I appreciate all you have done for me over the years. I know I will never be able to thank you enough but as my final act as Luna of the White Feather pack, I will ask that you watch over Sam and my son, Matt as they begin this new journey together.”

As they stood before the witches, Zella got a far away look on her face before she began to smile. When she looked at Sam and then at Matt, she spoke quietly to them. “You have been blessed by the moon goddess herself and your hard times are behind you. There will be a few rough spots ahead of you but nothing compared to what you have already suffered through. I foresee you have long and happy lives together and several pups in your future. Your pack will grow to be one of the largest and strongest in the country under your leadership.”

Matt and Sam looked at each other and smiled. “Thank you! Please know that we are always in your debt and at your disposal if you ever need us.” Matt said.

Now that the ceremony part was over, the music began to play. Everyone ate, drank and danced until well after midnight when the witches put on another spectacular display as they departed the party. Everyone congratulated Sam and Matt and wished them well in their future endeavors. Not long after the witches left, the party began to break up and everyone went up to bed. The next shift of staff took over and cleaned up the house and returned it to order.

The next morning after breakfast, Sam and Matt began saying goodbye to all of their guests. All of the council members left before lunch time and the alpha’s that had been invited were gone before dinner. Matt had good conversations with the Alpha’s of the Blue Eagle and Oak Forest packs, both of them requesting alliances with the White Feather pack to which he was glad to agree. Both Alpha’s thanked him for ridding their area of the Red Moon pack. Both of them had been visited by local authorities and asked questions about any knowledge they might have had about the happenings that had been going on at the Red Moon pack house. Both had pleaded ignorance but showed their appreciation for the problem having been cleared up.

Fran, Bob, Susie, Jacques, Pierre and Maria all left late Sunday morning. Dr. Andy and Nurse Abby helped drive them to the airport along with Matt and Sam. There was a tearful goodbye scene between Susie and her parents but she promised to call often and to visit soon. They left and Sam and Matt were glad they had come in separate cars since Abby continued to cry after Susie got on the plane and Dr. Andy later said she had cried almost all the way home.

Now that the Luna ball was over, it was time to focus on their wedding and they finally set the date for the one that Louellen had suggested of May 8th. Matt took the wedding rings back into the jeweler to be engraved with the date and 2 hearts, 1 soul. He also picked out Christmas gifts for his mom, dad and Sam.

Sam found out that in order for their marriage to be legal she had to produce her birth certificate and she filled out the necessary paperwork to be able to obtain a copy and then waited on pins and needles for it to come in.

Natalie took time to teach her to drive and Matt bought her a car for Christmas. She felt on top of the world the first time she and Sara took off and went to town to go shopping.

She was doing a fine job as Luna and Natalie decided to go on their European trip after the first of the new year, saying they would be back in plenty of time for Matt and Sam’s wedding in May.

Richard decided to accept the position on the council and would take his place on the council on June 1st. He and Natalie would be staying in the house they had built when they first got married and Richard would just travel to council meetings when necessary.

As Sam sat in front of the fire in their apartment on New Years eve, she thought back all that had happened in the last five months and couldn’t believe how much had changed in her life.

She had run from her old pack and her abusive Uncle and cousin, found not only her freedom but her true mate and the love of her life. She had become the Luna of her new pack and the witches told her she was looking towards a bright new future. She couldn’t be happier as she sat and dreamed of what her new life was going to be like and knew that no matter what happened from now on, she was glad she was going to live that life with Matt Stone. Her Alpha and her true mate. They were truly 2 hearts with 1 soul.

The End

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