Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 4

Rich and Matt came back inside and Natalie slipped off the bed and raised the head back up so that Sam could lean back again. Once she was settled and they were seated, Sam waited for them to speak.

“Samantha, I know you are tired and probably want nothing more than to go to sleep but Matt and Natalie told me what you told them about your treatment from the current Alpha and Beta at the Red Moon pack. I understand that the Beta is your Uncle Louis?” Rich asked.

“Yes sir. He was my father’s younger brother. They had the same father but different mother’s.” Sam said, not knowing how much he knew about their family.

“Yes, I seem to remember meeting him once. I didn’t like him much. He was kind of cocky and rude.” Rich murmured.

“Yes, sir. That’s part of it.” Sam said. “He was always jealous of my dad and they got into many arguments when I was growing up.”

“I don’t want to stress you out too much tonight but when you come to the pack house tomorrow, I need you to give me a detailed statement about everything you can remember about him and his movements and the way he treats the members of the Red Moon pack.

From what I’ve heard so far, he’s become a rogue in charge of a pack and I need to report this to the council. Now I hate to ask this of you but Dr. Andy told me that you have many scars on your back from beatings that he administered himself. Is that true?” Rich asked.

“Yes, sir. He would hit me with this long leather strap that had a handle on it most of the time. Except when I got caught slipping my mom food. That was the first time he beat me and I thought he was going to kill me. He hung me from a branch of a tree and hit me with a board when he got tired of hitting me with his fist. I spent almost two weeks in the hospital for that. He broke several of my ribs and dislocated my left shoulder, broke my nose and I couldn’t see out of my left eye for a week because it was swollen shut.”

“How old were you when that happened?” Rich asked. He felt sick to his stomach by what she said but he had to ask these questions so that he would know what to tell the council about the treatment she had received at the hands of what must be a truly evil person.

“12, a week before my 13th birthday. I spent my 13th birthday in the hospital.” Sam said and snuck a peak at Matt who hadn’t said a word so far and the look on his face startled her. He looked furious! And frankly it scared her a bit.

“I hate to ask you if I can see your scars?” Rich asked.

Sam’s eyes shot up and looked at him and then at Matt and then at Natalie. She wished Matt would leave. She didn’t want him to see them but then realized that if they were mates, he was going to see them sooner or later so finally she nodded her head and turned and let her legs drop over the other side of the bed and asked Natalie “Can you help me lift my shirt please?” She said as she slipped the wrap around shirt off and held the front of the t-shirt down while Natalie helped her lift the back so that they could see. Her back was covered with scars overlapping each other like train tracks at a rail yard. There was barely an untouched area that did not have scars. She heard them all gasp then muttered “Oh my God!” from Richard. “Oh you poor thing.” from Natalie and “I’ll kill him” from Matt just before he jumped up and punched a huge hole in the wall before he stormed out of the room, slamming the door so hard it broke the window in the top half of the door. She could hear his booted feet running down the hall. Sam couldn’t help herself but she grabbed Natalie and held on like a small frightened child during a thunderstorm.

“Richard, go after him and keep him from doing something stupid.” Natalie urged her husband as she held Sam until she stopped shaking and then helped Sam get her shirt back in place. Natalie wrapped her arms around Sam and just held her as she began to cry and big tears ran down Natalie’s cheeks as she comforted Sam.

“He’s not going to want me now, is he?” Sam finally hiccuped.

“What? Of course he wants you. You are his mate! If he didn’t already care for you, he wouldn’t have had that reaction. He’s not mad with you. He’s mad at your uncle. I just hope Richard can stop him from doing something stupid, like driving down there and taking on the whole pack by himself. Matt has a tendency to think he’s invincible. Granted he’s never been defeated and is impressive in a fight, he’s just as vulnerable as the rest of us to injury.”

~~~ Matt’s POV~~~

Matt couldn’t believe what had been done to her. There was barely an inch of her back that did not have a scar on it. He had known he was going to be sick as he jumped up out of the chair and roared “I’ll kill him.” before rushing out the door and down the hall. He had barely made it outside when he bent over and threw up his dinner.

He heard footsteps behind him and knew it was his father. His father stopped a few feet behind him and let out a sigh before taking a deep breath.

“I know just how you feel, son. I wanted to throw up too when I saw what he did to her. My God, what kind of monster does that to someone, much less a child?” Richard said, thinking out loud.

“I want to kill him, dad. I want to hang him from a tree and beat every inch of skin off of his body before I rip out his heart, if he even has one. I’ve never felt such rage in all my life.” Matt admitted, taking deep breaths, trying to bring his rage under control.

“I know son and if the council deems that they need to be put down, then I’ll help you hang him up. But we need to be smart about this and do it in the right way. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to get on the phone and make some calls. You said she told you that the Red Moon pack has been diminished from around 500 to 200 members? That’s a significant number. I wonder where they all went? There are several smaller packs around that area but I haven’t heard anything about any of them increasing their ranks that much. I definitely think we need to get the council involved in this. It sounds to me like Louis Madison has gone rogue.” Richard said as he took out a cigarette and lit it.

Matt still felt a burning in his chest but he was calmer now and knew his father was right. Charging in there now and killing the Red Moon pack’s leaders would bring bad consequences for the White Feather pack.

“Tomorrow I’m going to start getting our warriors trained for war. When it’s time to go, I want everyone ready to fight.” Matt said.

Richard knew that his son would need to have that physical outlet but he also needed to learn how to deal with the council. “You need to be included in the discussions with the council. You are technically the Alpha now. I’m just your advisor at this point but since I know most of the council members personally, I’ll get the ball rolling for you.

I must caution you, son, you need to keep your anger under control and a level head about you with them. They do not tolerate displays of anger well and will turn on you if you are disrespectful to them. We don’t know how many of them could be friends with Louis Madison so tread carefully.” Richard advised.

“I’ll try my best, dad.” Matt said. “But one way or another, Louis Madison is going to die, hopefully by my hand.”

“Right now, I say, go to your lady and comfort her. Don’t leave her thinking you were disgusted with how she looked.” Richard said after Natalie mind linked him that Sam was hurt because Matt made her feel like she was ugly and didn’t want her anymore.

“Got any gum or a breath mint?” Matt asked. His mouth felt awful and he wanted to brush his teeth and get the taste of vomit out of his mouth.

“No but ask Abby for a toothbrush and some toothpaste before you go to Sam. I wonder why they call her Sam?” Richard grinned at him.

“Thanks, Dad.” Matt said as he grinned back at him and headed back into the clinic. He stopped and asked Abby for a toothbrush and some toothpaste and hurried to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Thankfully he hadn’t gotten anything on his clothes or boots. He pulled the comb out of his back pocket and after washing his face, he pulled the comb through his hair and made sure he was presentable before leaving the bathroom.

He hurried down the hall and was surprised that the door to Sam’s room had a big piece of cardboard over the window and then realized it had broken when he slammed the door open. “Oops!” he muttered as he pushed on the door. He found his mom sitting next to Sam and they were quietly talking and he stopped cold when Sam laughed at something his mother had said. Her laugh sounded like wind chimes, light and musical almost. It was now his favorite sound in the whole world.

He stepped into the room and said “Mom, dad said to tell you he’ll wait for you out front.”

“Oh, Ok, hon. I’ll be right there.” she answered him. “Now, Sam, you rest tonight. If you are feeling up to it in the next day or two, we’ll go to town to go shopping and get you something besides clothes out of the cast off box to wear. OK?” Natalie told her and smiled when she saw Sam’s face light up.

“That sounds great! I’m looking forward to it. And thank you. For everything.” Sam said and returned her hug when Natalie bent over to hug her good night.

“Be gentle and don’t stay long. She needs to sleep and rest.” Natalie whispered to him as she hugged her son good night.

“Can I get something to eat when I get home? I threw up my dinner.” Matt whispered back as he returned her hug.

“Sure.” Natalie whispered back as she smiled up at him. “Good night you two.” She raised her voice slightly before she pulled open the door and left the room, pulling it closed behind her.

“Mind if I sit with you for a while?” Matt asked as he stepped farther into the room.

“No, not at all. Come have a seat.” Sam said, still not looking directly at him. “Thank you for saving me, by the way. I had been trying to keep an eye out for rogues but I was exhausted and I didn’t see or hear or smell him until he was almost right on top of me.”

Matt sat in the chair his mom had been sitting in which was the closest one to her. Not sure what to say, he asked “I’m just glad I got to him before he could harm you. How are you feeling?”

“Tired, happy, worried, free, and so much more it’s hard to nail down just one feeling really.” Sam said honestly.

“Well, I understand the tiredness but tell me what’s making you happy? I want to be able to make you feel that way all the time.” Matt said honestly.

“Well, the happiness and free feeling kind of go hand in hand, really. I can’t believe I got away and that I don’t have to go back. I’m finally free of them and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.” Sam said.

She couldn’t say it yet but she was also very happy to have found her mate! She wanted to know if he still wanted her. Natalie had tried to assure her that she did but Sam needed to hear it from him. As far as she knew, he had not yet stated that she was even his mate at all. Natalie had told her that he wanted her but she needed to hear it from him.

“And what has you worried?” Matt asked, hoping that it was something he could do right away to relieve her mind.

“Several things actually. One being that Uncle Lou might find me or maybe hurt Aunt Mae.” Sam admitted.

“Well, he will never get to you, that I can guarantee. And I’ll do everything I can to help your Aunt but isn’t she his mate? And what makes you think he might hurt her?” Matt asked, puzzled.

“She is an arranged mate, not his true mate. I don’t know what happened to his true mate but Mae loved him when she married him but now I think she’s just afraid of him.” Sam told him. She was slowly getting more confident and actually looked him in the face a few times. Her eyes were mesmerizing.

“OK. So what else is worrying you?” Matt smiled at her, then frowned when she dropped her head again, wishing she hadn’t let Natalie braid her hair because now she couldn’t hide behind it.

Matt watched as her face slowly turned red as he leaned forward, getting closer to her. “I can’t fix it if I don’t know what it is, Sam.” He whispered.

“Can you answer a question for me first?” Sam whispered back, wondering how she was going to ask him this.

“Sure, babe. You are my mate. You can ask me anything. I’ll not hide things or lie to you just like I will never hurt you or allow anyone else to either and I hope you will be that way with me too.” Matt said sincerely. He had a feeling he knew what was bothering her. He had not made it clear to her that she was his mate.

Sam’s head snapped up at that and a beautiful smile slowly spread across her lips before she asked “Really? You accept me as your mate, even though I’m all scared?”

“Of course! To me you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. At first I thought you were just some lost wolf on my land but even though I couldn’t smell you, when I touched you to pick you up and bring you here, I got a shock like I had grabbed hold of a live wire and I knew you were mine. I guess you didn’t hear me when I came in after your shower because I could barely breathe to call out to tell you that you are my mate. Your scent just took my breath away when I came into the room. You smell like fresh ripe sweet strawberries and caramel, two of my favorite treats.” Matt smiled at her.

Sam wanted to jump into his arms and hold on tight but she was much too shy but she had a huge smile on her face as she finally looked him straight in the eye. She took a deep breath and shyly said “You smell like blueberries and the woods after a cleansing rain to me.” she smiled shyly at him, wishing he would hold her. She was also dying to know what it would be like to be kissed by a man, especially him.

“Can I touch you, Sam? I won’t hurt you, I promise.” Matt asked. He was dying to hold her but was afraid to scare her or hurt her.

“I’m not hurt, Matt, just tired and I would love it if you would hold me.” Sam admitted and was surprised at her own boldness.

Matt didn’t hesitate for an instant as he stood up and reached for her. After an initial shock, which caused them both to pull back, they smiled at each other and then she lifted her arms, slid them up his arms and around his neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up. He sat back down on his chair with her on his lap, because his knees didn’t feel like they belonged to his legs anymore and he didn’t want to fall over with her in his arms.

Sam buried her face in his neck and breathed deep, loving the smell of him as she rubbed her face against his shirt. He held her gently but firmly and she felt that if he opened his arms right now, she would float to the ceiling. She was so happy. She had found her mate! And he cared for and wanted her too, even though she was all scared up and broken.

Matt loved the way she snuggled into him as he held her close and inhaled her wonderful scent. He wondered if she was going to taste like strawberries? He pulled back slightly and put a finger under her chin and urged her to look at him. “Can I kiss you?” he whispered. He was surprised when she nodded shyly as her skin turned slightly pink and lifted her face a bit farther. They watched each other as he moved slowly closer until he lightly pressed his lips to hers. He saw her eyelids flutter closed and when she turned her head slightly and sighed, he took his chance to taste her and slipped his tongue into her mouth. It didn’t surprise him that she had no experience kissing but she learned fast as their tongues massaged each other.

Sam tangled her fingers in his hair as he cupped the back of her head. She was so tiny that his hand completely encased her skull from ear to ear but she felt so perfect in his large arms as he tightened his hold on her, drawing her closer. Her breasts were not large but they felt firm as they pressed tightly to him in her efforts to be even closer to him. Matt felt himself becoming aroused as he smelled her arousal and she squirmed her hips on his lap.

Suddenly the door to her room opened and Nurse Abby was slightly shocked at what she saw. “Well, it looks like someone is feeling better but Alpha, I’m not showing you disrespect but concern for my patient when I say she needs to rest to regain enough strength to carry that any farther. Besides, visiting hours are over. It’s time you let her get some sleep.”

Nurse Abby had assisted in his birth and he had known her all his life. She was probably one of the only people in this entire pack that could get away with talking to him like that and he respected her almost as much as he did his mother but right now, he wanted to snap at her. “Ok, Abby. I’ll go but you had better take extra good care of my love. She’s your new Luna. Just give us a minute. OK?” Matt told her. He stood up and carefully laid Sam back on the bed as Abby closed the door behind her.

He laid Sam back on the bed and she regretfully let go of his neck as he helped her get tucked back in and then leaned over to kiss her good night. “I’m sorry, my love but Abby is right. I need to go and let you get some sleep. I’ll be back in the morning and hopefully Andy will let you come home with me tomorrow. Right now you just need to get well. Is there anything I can get you before I go?”

“I wish you could stay with me. I feel safer when you are around but I think I will be OK with Abby here. I’m sure I’ll be better tomorrow. I can’t wait to see where you live. Good night, my love.” Sam whispered the last part and then kissed him gently. Her hand felt so small on the side of his face and he captured it and kissed her palm, then folded her fingers over it.

“To hold on till I see you again. Good night and sweet dreams, my love.” Matt said and then practically floated to the door. He looked back at her as he opened the door but Abby distracted him.

“She’ll probably be able to go home tomorrow so it’s only one night. I’m sure you can wait that long.” Abby grinned at him before she pushed him down the hall and entered Sam’s room.

“He loves me, Abby! I’m so happy right now, I’m never going to get to sleep. I don’t want to. I want to remember everything about today and I don’t want it to ever end. It’s been the best day of my life!” Sam said gleefully.

Abby smiled at her “I’m so happy for you but if you want to go home to him tomorrow, you had better get some sleep. Do you want anything before I dig into my paperwork? I can give you something to help you sleep if you want? I’ve only got you and one other patient tonight so I’m going to try to get caught up. I won’t be bothering you since you are not on a monitor. I might just check on you but I won’t need to wake you to take your blood pressure or anything.”

“No thanks. Maybe I’ll just watch TV for a little while. I’ve never been allowed to do that before.” Sam said as she picked up the remote and turned on the set.

“OK, but don’t stay up too late. You need rest most of all.” Abby said before she left the room.

Sam channel surfed and finally found an easy listening channel of music and turned it down softly as she thought about all that happened today. It didn’t take long before she fell into the most restful sleep that she’d had in years with a smile on her face.

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