Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 5

Matt went back to the pack house and found his parents in the kitchen talking with his Beta, Stuart Genson about what had happened today. Stuart had been away on personal leave for the past few days. He had gone in search of his mate but apparently came back empty handed again. Stuart had been surprised to learn that his long time friend and Alpha had finally met his mate just that day.

“Hey Stuart. Any luck?” Matt greeted his friend as he walked to the fridge for something to eat and drink before going to bed.

Stuart might have been depressed when he got home but he was very happy for his best friend, who was obviously walking on cloud nine right now, judging by the huge smile on his face.

“No, not for me yet but I understand you have found your mate? Congratulations dude! I’m happy for you. What’s she like?” Stuart said after shaking Matt’s hand and giving him a bro hug.

“We’ll leave you two to talk. We’re headed to bed. There’s stuff in the fridge for sandwiches.” Natalie said as she pulled on Richard’s arm. “Good night. Don’t stay up too late. We have a lot to do tomorrow.” Richard said as he followed his wife to bed.

“Night.” Matt and Stuart replied and then Matt motioned for Stuart to follow him out to the patio. “Let’s go outside. It’s a beautiful night.”

Stuart smiled and followed his friend. He was actually dead tired and had really been looking forward to getting some sleep but he wanted to hear about his friend’s mate and the new Luna, so he followed Matt. They plopped down on two Adirondack lounges near the pool and Matt stared up at the stars for a moment.

Stuart thought to himself that he couldn’t remember the last time he had seen his friend so happy and calm. Matt was usually matter of fact and rather imposing and intimidating. He had worked hard to get where he was now and anyone who knew him highly respected him. He was definitely not someone you wanted to piss off!

“So tell me, how did you two meet? What’s she like?” Stuart asked.

Matt told him about meeting her in the woods on the edge of their land and about the rogue.

“There was a rogue ON our land? How the hell? Did you question him before you killed him?” Stuart asked.

“No, he was about to attack Sam. I jumped over her head and attacked. He was scrawny and weak. I just snapped his neck and threw him away. I was more worried about getting back to her. She’s amazing, Stuart. Milk chocolate hair, a heart shaped face and lips and the most amazing huge blue gray eyes you’ve ever seen. She’s tiny and seriously underweight because they were starving her! But the reason I’m going to kill her uncle is because he beat her repeatedly with a wolfsbane coated whip and boards. He broke her arm, her ribs and dislocated her shoulder when she was just a child. She’s incredibly shy but she’s strong and beautiful and she smells like fresh, ripe strawberries and caramel. Without even knowing it, she reached right in and took my heart the moment I laid eyes on her. She is just incredible. I can’t wait for you to meet her.” Matt said.

Stuart watched Matt tell him about his mate and saw a range of emotions cross his face from wonder to pure hatred and rage when he talked about her Uncle and her pack had treated her to a softness that he had never seen on his face before. “Wow. Sounds like love kind of hits you when you least expect it and it sounds really powerful.” Stuart said.

“It’s like stepping in front of a freight train going full speed but it doesn’t hurt. I feel like my heart doubled and started beating like a jungle drum doing a really wild beat.” Matt tried to describe what first seeing her had felt like. “When I first touched her, it was like I had grabbed hold of a live wire. I had to carry her from near the entrance to the clinic and the whole time it was like my skin was tingling but in a good way.”

Stuart threw back his head and roared with laughter. “Well, I definitely did not feel like that with any of the women I met this past week. More like “let me the hell out of here before I puke”.

Matt wrinkled his nose because he knew exactly what Stuart meant. He had been to many of the “singles” meetings that packs seemed to hold every few months to introduce their un-mated to other un-mated members in surrounding packs. He had given up finding his mate that way figuring if he was meant to have a mate he would but if not, he had plenty to do to keep him busy.

He had only been the Alpha of his pack for less than 3 years now. His 21st birthday would be next May and then his parents were going to officially retire and go on a 3 month tour to Europe. His parents had been praying that he would find his mate before they left. He knew that if he hadn’t met Sam, his parents more than likely would have postponed going. So things were going right in all directions in his life for once.

“What about Marina? I thought you two were getting tight?” Matt asked. Marina Salvador had been chasing after Stuart for years, ever since high school. He knew Stuart had bedded her and she had always assumed that someday they would make it official but Stuart knew she wasn’t his true mate and that’s what he wanted to find. Plus after he’d seen her rubbing herself all over some cowboy at the bar in town, he had left her alone.

“Found out Marina has been sharing her affections with a LOT of others and I’m not interested in sharing my woman’s affections with anyone. Hell, she wasn’t even a virgin the first time we slept together at the senior ball.” Stuart admitted.

“Wow! Really? I never knew that. Why did you keep seeing her then? You guys have dated off and on for years.” Matt said.

“I won’t say she’s not decent in the sack because the woman is a freak in bed but I just don’t get that hit by a freight train feeling for her. Hell, I don’t even feel like I’ve been bumped by a car doing 5 miles an hour by her. She was just sexual relief.” Stuart admitted.

“What is that like?” Matt asked.

“What? Don’t tell me you and Carrie never...........?” Stuart asked in shock.

Matt turned about 3 shades of red and couldn’t look Stuart in the eye but shook his head. “Nah. Like you said, Carrie never turned me on like that. She’s a great kisser but that’s all we ever did.” Matt muttered. Matt had always felt like he could talk to Stuart about anything and they usually talked about anything and everything but sex had never really been an easy subject to talk about for Matt.

He remembered his parents talking to him about keeping himself true for his life mate. His father had told him, “Son, I know it’s going to be hard to say no when there are so many young hot bodies running around in school, especially with your good looks and the fact that you will one day be the Alpha of this pack. Girls are going to try to get you to choose them but believe me in the end you will be happier that you waited for that one special woman.”

His father had been right. Many, many girls at school had tried to entice him but he had always held out and waited for his true mate and now he was so glad that he had. The only thing that had him worried was how to start it and what to do next?

Matt took a deep breath and gathered his courage and was just about to ask for advice from Stuart when Carrie and Marina strolled into the pool area. “Hi guys! What’s up? Wanna go for a swim with us?” Marina said as they got closer to where they were sitting.

They both had towels over their shoulders and were dressed in simple cover ups.

“Uh, no thanks. We were just talking but I think I’d better head on to bed. It’s getting late.” Matt said, disappointed that he was not going to be able to ask Stuart for advice now. He opened his legs to either side of the lounge chair and started to stand up but Carrie dropped down between his legs and put a hand on his chest and tried to kiss him but he dodged it. She pulled a pouty face, then said “Aw come on. It’s not that late. We’re all hot and bothered and need to cool off.” she batted her lashes at him.

“Yeah, come on, Stu. Let’s go for a nice relaxing swim.” Marina said, dropping her towel on his chair and pulling off her cover up. She was totally naked underneath and not the least bit shy about her body. She struck a pose for them to admire as she slowly licked her lips and held her hand out to Stuart then flashed Matt a smile.

“Like I said, no thanks.” Matt said, pushing himself out of the chair and unintentionally nearly knocking Carrie off the seat.

“Hey! What’s your problem?” Carrie demanded. She was tired of playing games with Matt. She wanted him to make it known that they were a couple. She had not heard about Sam yet but she was about to find out.

“She’s not a problem and if you are smart you won’t become one. I met my mate today and I’d appreciate it if you kept your hands and everything else to yourself from now on.” Matt said then turned to walk away. Her pushiness had always been a turn off to him and when she was around Marina she became sluttish and even more forward than she normally was.

Granted both of the girls were beautiful young women with kick ass bodies but Matt had never wanted to lay down with Carrie. He wasn’t 100% positive but he was pretty sure that she had lost her virginity a long time ago. She just had too much experience in kissing and teasing to be innocent.

Stuart smirked at Marina and said “I saw you in town the other night. How was the cowboy I saw you rubbing yourself all over? Did you ride him all night?” Marina’s eyes got wide and her jaw hit her chest as she turned about 5 shades of red and had the good grace to drop her eyes to the ground. Stuart pushed himself out of the lounge chair and followed Matt inside. “Stay away from me too, Marina. I have no desire to be with a whore.” He shot back over his shoulder and heard Marina and Carrie gasp before he pulled the door closed.

Matt high fived Stuart as they walked into the kitchen. “Hey before you head to bed, I need some advice?” Matt said. He wasn’t sure how to ask about this but he really didn’t want to end up looking like a fool with Sam.

“Sure. Shoot.” Stuart said and sat down at the bar counter in the kitchen across from Matt. He waited and watched his friend ponder over how to begin and was surprised when Matt seemed embarrassed to ask what he wanted to know. Finally Stuart prompted him, “So what is it you want to know?” Stuart asked and had a feeling he already knew based on their conversation earlier.

“Um...... damn, I didn’t think this was going to be this hard to say.” Matt mumbled as he pulled sandwich makings out of the fridge and started making himself something to eat.

“What? Speak up, Matt. I can’t answer you if I can’t hear the question.” Stuart said, trying to hide his grin. He could tell Matt was uncomfortable with the situation.

“Damn, never mind. I’ll just figure it out on my own.” Matt said and turned to walk away.

“Wait, Matt. I’m sorry. Look, what is it that you need advice on? How to deal with Sam?” Stuart asked and saw a look of relief on Matt’s face that he didn’t have to actually ask the very embarrassing question.

“First of all, I found it very hard to believe that you’ve never been with anyone up until now but I understand what you are going through. My first time was a fiasco. I forgot to make sure I had a condom, which unless you are wanting to get her pregnant right away you had better make sure you have or get her on birth control right away.” Stuart advised and knew he had Matt’s complete attention now.

“How do you start it? I mean do you ask permission first?” Matt asked.

Stuart had to pinch his leg hard, several times, under the counter to keep from laughing but he managed to maintain a serious attitude as he answered Matt’s questions.

“Well, it usually starts with kissing and hugging and touching each other. When things get heated, and believe me they will, you should make sure she’s willing and ready to take it to the next step. If she is, then great but if not, just be patient and go take a long cold shower. Hell, pleasure yourself if you have to.

You do know that the first time for her is going to be slightly painful, right? Especially with your big dick! Take your time and go in slow, just an inch or so at a time. It’s hard to control but you don’t want to hurt her. It’s going to be a little bloody when you break through her maidenhead, stop and give her time for her body to adjust to the invasion and let her tell you it’s OK to move.

To force your way in or to continue before she’s ready could do some serious damage and you don’t want that. Once she’s past the pain, it will be pure pleasure for both of you. Just remember to take your time and don’t rush through it. Let her know that she is the most precious thing in the world to you.”

“So I have to ask her questions? What do you say? I mean, she’s so shy and I’m not sure what to say without disgusting her.” Matt asked. “And how the hell do I “get her ready”? Matt used his fingers to make quotation marks in the air.

“I suggest you watch some porn to figure that out because I’m not going to try to explain it to you. Didn’t you ever even touch Carrie or any other girl down there?” Stuart asked and was surprised when Matt shook his head but admitted “Only above the clothes.”

“As far as talking to each other, some women like it when you talk dirty to them. Hell, I don’t know Matt. I’ve never even met Sam. I’d say start slow, take your time and get to know her better first. The only other advice I can give you is to make sure you are in private and won’t be interrupted for a while. Oh and put up a block on your pack link. You don’t want the whole pack listening in on your first time with your mate.” Stuart said, had to pinch himself again when he saw the blush that deepened the color of Matt’s whole face at that last statement. Stuart was hoping that this conversation was going to be over soon. He was beginning to feel as uncomfortable as Matt looked right now. “Anything else?”

“What about marking? When do you do that?” Matt asked.

“You can do that at any time but make sure it’s what you both want because once you mark her and she you, you are bound together for life. There’s no going back. I don’t know what that part is like but I’ve heard the pleasure rush is incredible.” Stuart said, with a faraway look in his eyes. More than anything, he wanted to feel what that was like. His longing for a mate was now intensified two fold.

“Thanks, bud! I should be able to bring Sam home tomorrow. Did my parents tell you anything about their plans to contact the council about the Red Moon pack?” Matt asked, turning the conversation away from sex.

“Just that they were planning to do it first thing in the morning. Your dad seemed pretty upset that they hadn’t received any notification that Sam had been reported missing.” Stuart said.

“They probably don’t want anyone to know how she was treated. You should see her back, Stuart. There’s barely an inch on it that is not covered in scars. She’s got skin like light caramel and it’s so soft. They didn’t even allow her a real room. She had to sleep in a closet in the laundry room. Her own cousin wanted to make her a breeder, can you believe that?” Matt said, sharing some of the things she had shared with him and his parents and saw Stuart’s eyes get big.

“Damn. Sounds like they are animals in the true sense of the word.” Stuart said.

“Yeah. Dad and I both think that her Uncle Lou has gone rogue. Sam said she can’t prove it but thinks he may have even killed his own father.” Matt told him.

“How many members did she say they have?” Stuart asked, his mind already working on a plan.

“She said they used to have over 500 but now it’s down to about 200 but she wasn’t sure. She said that she just knew that over the past 6 years, a lot of the pack have deserted or died. She said she thinks that her Uncle Lou killed some of them, maybe all of them, she doesn’t know for sure.” Matt replied as he finished making his sandwich which was big enough to feed several people.

“Well, I’ve got an idea but I want to hear more details before I say anything. For now, I want my bed and some sleep. It’s been a long day. I look forward to meeting our new Luna tomorrow.” Stuart said as he stood up from the stool where he had been sitting while they talked.

“Ok. Good night and thanks, Stuart. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Matt said. Matt ate his sandwich and then grabbed another bottle of water out of the fridge and carried it up to his room. He took a fast shower and then climbed into bed. He lay on his back and wished Sam were there with him. He wanted to watch her sleep, to hold her close and make her feel safe.

Out of curiosity and because he didn’t want to come off looking like a fool, he got his laptop out and googled “video on how to stimulate a woman” and spent about half a hour of watching how to touch a woman to get her ready for sex.

Needless to say, he got turned on and had to turn it off and pleasure himself before he could even think about going to sleep. It didn’t take him long to reach his climax and then he went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up again and relieved his bladder before returning to his bed.

He laid down, hoping that when it was time, he was going to be able to make her feel good and get her ready to accept him. He accepted that it might be a while since she needed to regain her strength and possibly gain some weight but he promised himself he would be patient because the last thing he wanted to do would be to hurt her. She had already been hurt enough by people who were supposed to care for and protect her.

He pulled the pillow that would be hers into his arms as he turned on his side imagining what it would be like to hold her in his arms as he fell asleep. He was slightly worried about the sex part but mostly he was happy that he had finally found the woman of his dreams and couldn’t wait to bring her home. He fell asleep with a big smile on his face, looking forward to the sunrise.

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