Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 6

Sam had found it hard to fall asleep in the hospital but did manage to get some sleep after Abby gave her a glass of warm milk about 10 o’clock last night. Abby had brought her a hospital gown to sleep in after Matt had left. She had also found some smaller clothes that hopefully would fit her a little bit better and her clothes were sitting on the end of her table, neatly folded and waiting for her.

Sam was unused to people showing her kindness and knew she wanted to do something special for Abby and Dr. Andy when she got out of here.

The next morning, Sam was awake with the sun. She had been used to getting up early for a long time since she had chores to do and sometimes Betty would slip her a piece of toast or a boiled egg if no one else was around. Betty had her moments when she would be kind to Sam but they were far and few between because they had both been afraid of being caught and beaten but she had never been cruel to her.

The urge to go to the bathroom was strong and Sam sat on the side of the bed for a moment to make sure she wasn’t going to get dizzy then pushed herself to stand up. Feeling the cold tile floor was a bit of a shock but she otherwise felt fine. She hurried into the bathroom and quickly took care of her business, then brushed her teeth. Her mouth felt slightly pasty from the medication they had given her yesterday. She hurried back to bed and had just crawled back into bed when a light knock sounded at her door. “Come in.” She called out.

Sam was surprised when a young woman came in to check on her and Sam cowered down on the bed when the girl entered the room. She was tall and had pretty blonde hair and blue eyes and she reminded Sam of Abby by her facial features. She was very well built and Sam would bet she had lots of the males chasing her if she didn’t already have a mate.

“Well, you’re up! Good morning! Did you have a good sleep? I’m Susie, Abby and Andy’s oldest daughter. When I’m home from school, I work the morning shift and I’m hoping to take over from at least one of them one day. I currently have my degree as a nurse, like my mom but I’m working on becoming a doctor like my dad. How are you feeling today?” Susie was obviously very talkative and friendly. She had a pleasant face and a nice smile.

“Hi. I’m Sam and I’m feeling much better thank you. I didn’t realize that Abby and Andy were mates. It’s very nice to meet you. Yes, I slept very well, thanks. Your parents were wonderful to me last night.”

“I understand that Alpha Matt saved you from a rogue in the woods yesterday. There’s all kinds of activity going on this morning as they prepare to do a full on patrol of the pack lands today. We haven’t had trouble with rogues for a while so they are on alert to make sure we are not going to have anymore in the near future.” Susie was perky and friendly and Sam liked her immediately.

“So are you hungry? Breakfast will be ready soon. What would you like to eat?” Susie asked and then jumped slightly when a deep voice said

“If she’s free to leave, then we’ll have breakfast at the pack house.” Matt said from the open door way. He took a step into the room and could barely take his eyes off of Sam as he spoke. “Good morning. Did you sleep well?” He asked Sam, completely ignoring Susie, who had spun around and dropped her head in submission and respect when she saw who it was.

“Good morning and yes, thank you. I feel so much better now.” Sam added before he could ask how she felt.

“Susie, is she free to go yet?” Matt asked as he crossed to stand next to the bed.

“My dad hasn’t been in to check on her yet but I’ll go find out for you.” Susie said and then quickly left the room.

Matt sat down on the edge of her bed and leaned in to give her a light kiss on the forehead as he captured her hand and held it lightly. Her hand was so small and delicate. “I hated having to leave you here last night. I hope Doc says I can take you home today. If he says no, I’m going to stay with you tonight. I may not fit on this bed with you but I need to be near to you. I’ve been up since 4 am and it’s been everything I could do not to come and steal you out of here. But I want to be sure you are well enough to leave first.” Matt told her and Sam’s heart swelled at his words.

“Abby had to feed me warm milk last night because I couldn’t go to sleep at first, even though this bed is a lot more comfortable than the floor for sure. I hope he will let me go home today. I like everyone here but I really don’t want to spend my birthday in the hospital.” Sam admitted.

“Today is your birthday?” Matt asked in surprise.

“Yep. I’m 18 today!” Sam said with a big smile. There were times in the last 6 years that she had been sure she would never see this day.

“Oh wow. I didn’t know. What would you like to do today?” Matt asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m surprised I made it to this age. I’m just happy to be free and here with you.” Sam admitted as she scooted closer to him. She wanted him to hold her, maybe kiss her again. She had dreamed of him kissing her a lot last night.

Matt wrapped his arms around her gently as he sat on the edge of her bed and pulled her onto his lap then kissed her gently. “Happy Birthday, my love. We’ll get you out of here and then we’ll do something special together tonight. OK?”

Sam had a huge smile on her face as she eagerly nodded her head. “I’d like that.” she smiled and kissed him again.

“Ahem. Looks like someone is feeling well enough to go home today. Do you mind if I give you a quick check before I release you?” Dr. Andy said with a chuckle from the open doorway with a knowing look on his face.

Sam blushed bright red at being caught sitting on Matt’s lap kissing but nodded her head and slipped back onto the bed.

“Alpha, would you mind waiting outside for a few minutes while I check her out?” Dr. Andy said with a grin.

“Sure, doc.” He answered. “I’ll be waiting.” He said to Sam then left the room.

Dr. Andy closed the door and turned to her and asked “There was one thing I forgot to ask you last night but when was the last time you had a period?”

“I’m due to have mine soon. I usually get it at the end of the month. That was a big worry when I was on the run. I was terrified I would have it and wouldn’t have any supplies or way to keep un-mated males away from me when I started bleeding. I hid out in a small cave near a stream I found for the three days it lasted. I was surprised that I didn’t have cramps nearly as bad as I usually do.” Sam said. She now felt comfortable enough with Dr. Andy to be honest and unafraid to talk to him.

“Well, unless you want to get pregnant right away, I would say that you and Matt need to use other forms of protection until we can get you on some birth control. I’ve already done a pelvic exam on you last night and everything looked and felt fine and your pap smear came back good so I just need to know if you want to go on the pill or the shot or I can go ahead and put in an IUD but that means I have to break your hymen or the term you are probably more familiar with is your maiden head.

I don’t recommend the IUD because they can cause severe cramping but it’s up to you. The pills have to be taken the same time every day from the first day of your period or they are not effective. The shot is the one that will give you the best protection and can be given anytime during your cycle. It’s totally your choice.” Dr. Andy explained.

“Oh goodness. I’ve never even really thought about it before but I do know I want to wait a while to have children. I just got my freedom from hell. I want to live a little and get to know Matt better before we start a family.” Sam said honestly.

“That’s smart, Sam. Well, what do you want to do?” Dr. Andy asked.

“Well, I think I’ll choose the shot. But in the meantime, what alternatives do we have to keep me from getting pregnant? To be honest with you, I’m not even sure I’m ready to have sex yet. I mean, I just met Matt yesterday. Shouldn’t we wait a while and get to know each other first?” Sam asked worriedly.

“Well, there are alternatives. Matt can use condoms or the pull out method but that’s risky and definitely not something I recommend. I’m sure he won’t rush or push you to have sex until you are ready and if you were both humans that might be the norm to wait but we are werewolves. We normally mate right away once we meet our mates. Do you want to put the IUD in just to be safe until we can get you on the shot? It will mean losing your virginity before sex but I can put it in for you, if that’s what you want?” Dr. Andy said.

“No, I don’t want that. I’ve saved myself for my mate for 18 years so no offense doc but I don’t want to lose it to keep from getting pregnant. Besides, my cramps can already be pretty intense as it is. One of my many beatings I got was because I had cramps so bad I could barely stand and do my duties one day.” Sam admitted.

“God, girl. He beat you for having your monthly cycle? What kind of monster is he?” Dr. Andy said as he finished taking her blood pressure and listening to her heart and breathing. “Well, you seem to be fine. I can’t find anything worth keeping you here any longer. I’m going to give you some daily vitamins to take and I want you to eat as much as you can handle at every meal and don’t skip any meals. The other women are going to be so jealous because I’m going to encourage you to eat anything and everything you want, especially fattening stuff. You need to gain some weight. I’ll send Susie in to help you get dressed and then you are free to go. Good luck, Sam and please don’t be a stranger.”

“Thanks Doc. I’ll be back probably next week for that shot.” Sam replied.

Dr. Andy stepped outside and told Susie to go help Sam get dressed while he talked to Matt. Susie nodded her head and pushed the door open to Sam’s room.

“Alpha, I need to talk to you for a minute.” Dr. Andy started.

“Is she OK, doc? There’s nothing wrong, is there?” Matt asked worriedly.

“No, she’s fine. Just a little worried about being intimate with you right away. She’s going to be starting her cycle soon and wants to go on birth control but we can’t start it until she has her cycle. I offered to put in an IUD but that meant losing her virginity and she chose to save that for you.

She’s really tiny Matt. You are going to have to be super gentle with her and for Goddess’s sake, if you two can’t wait to have sex, use a condom until we can get her on birth control. She needs to gain some weight before she gets pregnant or it could kill her. Her body is not ready to handle having a child yet. She’s been badly malnourished for a long time and needs to build up her strength.

I gave her some daily vitamins to take and she needs to eat as much as she can handle. She barely made a dent in the steak dinner we gave her last night because her stomach has shrunk from not having enough to eat for a very long time. It’s surprising that she doesn’t have more health problems.” Dr. Andy told him.

“OK, doc. There’s no rush on the sex part and as hard as it’s going to be to wait, I can do that for her. We have the rest of our lives to make a family together. Actually right now, I want to do something special for her. Did you know that today is her birthday?” Matt said.

“No! Really? She never said anything. But then, I take it she’s not the type to ask for much of anything for herself. She’s well enough to do pretty much anything but I will say that she will probably tire quickly for a while. Maybe a nice dinner somewhere and something that won’t wear her out?” Dr. Andy suggested.

“So I guess the carnival is out of the question? There’s supposed to be one in town this weekend and I doubt if she’s ever been to one.” Matt grinned at him.

“That actually sounds like fun and it wouldn’t hurt her but I’d say let her take a nap before you go.” Dr. Andy grinned back at him. “Win her a big prize, Matt. She deserves it.”

“Yes, she does. That and so much more.” Matt smiled. “Thanks, Doc.”

Susie came out of the room just then followed closely by Sam. Susie still had a look of horror in her eyes and Matt immediately knew why. Sam had on some cotton scrub pants that were too big on her and a t-shirt that was a size too big but her hair was brushed out and hanging softly around her face down to her waist in soft waves.

Sam looked up at him when Matt asked if she was ready to go and she shyly nodded her head. She had a small package with a bottle of vitamins in one hand and he put his hand behind her back as they said goodbye to Dr. Andy and Susie before leaving the clinic. Matt wasn’t surprised that all he had to do to touch her was to swing his arm out without really having to bend it much to reach her back. The top of her head didn't even make it to his shoulder but maybe that was because she had no shoes on her feet and the soles of his boots added at least 2 inches to his 6’2” frame.

“My mom is going to have to take you shopping for some clothes and shoes. I’m afraid that we don’t have many female members that are even close to being as tiny as you are.” Matt said.

“So long as I can cover my back and private parts I’m good. I don’t want to be any trouble to anyone.” Sam said as she peered around the grounds. She looked up at the pack house and was impressed. It was huge and beautifully maintained! It was done in a log cabin style with a natural stone base and had to be at least 4 stories tall. “Wow. Is this the pack house?” She breathed out in awe.

“Yep. Been in my family for four generations before me. The clinic is new because it burned down a few years ago when some fireworks went out of control during the 4th of July celebration. We usually do that celebration up at the lake on our land but we had been having issues with rogues and we didn’t want to put the children and untrained in any danger. Thankfully no one was hurt but Dr. Andy was really pissed. Although he's been very happy with the improvements we made in the new building.

The pack house has 4 floors above ground and two below. There are over 100 bedrooms, 120 bathrooms. The first floor on the above ground level holds the kitchen, dining rooms, a conference room, ballroom, a barber shop slash beauty salon, men and women's restrooms, a few guest rooms and several lounges and I can’t even remember what else right now.

The second floor is mostly offices, the library and a meeting room which is where we are going right after breakfast and some bedrooms, mostly for household staff and guests. The third floor has three full sized apartments that belong to my Beta, Stuart, my Gamma, William and his mate and the third is currently empty because I do not have a Delta yet. The rest of that floor is for our personal maid staff and some higher level un-mated pack members. Oh and there is a seamstress by the name of Elsa on that floor, so if you need something custom made or altered, she’s the person to see.

The fourth floor consists of two full sized apartments. One for us and the other one is being used by my parents and my sister, Candance and my brother, Jonathan. Candance just started her first year of college and Jonathan is a senior in high school. Jon goes to a private boarding school but comes home at breaks. He just left about a month ago. My mom is always really blue for a few days after they first go back to school.

The first floor of the basement is a media room that can sit close to a hundred people, a game room and part of our work out rooms. The last level is a full sized in ground heated pool with a slide and diving boards, it’s one of my favorite rooms in the whole house. There’s also a sauna in part of the pool house but hardly anyone ever uses it. Part of that floor is for the electrical equipment that powers the house, air and heating systems and stuff like that. Teddy’s office is down there. He’s our technical person and he’s a whiz with computers and stuff. The other part is a safe room for if the pack ever comes under attack.

All of the levels have a central elevator but our floor can only be accessed by authorized personnel with hand print passes. All of the other floors have staircases leading from one level to the other. I’ll get your hand print added to the elevator as soon as breakfast is over. Then my mom will show you around. You’ll be spending a lot of time with her while she teaches you your Luna duties and explains how things work here. I think she has already chosen a maid for you but if you don’t want her, just say so and we’ll find someone else. OK?” Matt finished just as they reached the patio doors.

Sam put her hand on his arm to stop him before they went inside and he looked down to see a shocked look on her face. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m going to have a maid just for me?” Sam breathed in disbelief.

Matt chuckled and nodded his head. “But if you don’t like her, just say so. OK?” She looked like she was having trouble wrapping her head around the fact that she was no longer expected to do her own laundry after so many years of being treated like a slave.

“And you said we have our own apartment that takes up half of a whole floor?” She whispered and her eyes grew wide. “Yep. It used to be my grandparents’ apartment but after they died and I became Alpha I took it over. I changed some things in it but I’m not much at interior design so if there’s anything you want to change, just say the word. I want you to make it somewhere you will feel at home as it will be your home unless we decide to build another house for ourselves, which we can do if you want.” Matt smiled at her as he cupped her cheek with his hand.

“Wow. I feel like..........I don’t know. This is going to take some getting used too. Please be patient with me. This is a lot to take in.” Sam said, praying that she wouldn’t disappoint him.

“ You take all the time you need, sweetheart. We’ll only go as fast as you want. OK?” He said and when she nodded, he said “Now, I’m hungry. Let’s go eat!” He watched her smile and started to turn away when she said “Matt?” He turned to look back at her and became concerned when he saw that she had tears in her eyes. “Thank you!” she whispered as she went up on her toes to kiss him. Matt bent down and wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off her feet.

“No, thank you, my love. I’m so happy I found you and I truly want you to be happy here.” Matt said. “Now come on or breakfast is going to be over.”

They entered the house and Sam felt very self conscious when everyone turned to stare at her. She clung to Matt’s arm and when he noticed everyone staring, he linked them to mind their own business and to stop staring at their new Luna. “You are making her uncomfortable. You will all get to meet her later. Go back to your meal.”

Matt led her over to the buffet table and handed her a plate. He smiled as she moved down the line and chose what she wanted to eat. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. You can have all you want of anything here.”

“I just don’t want to waste it. I still can’t eat very much. I felt so bad that they had to throw away so much of my delicious dinner last night but I just couldn’t eat anymore.” She whispered.

Matt filled up his plate and told her “Well, if you get hungry, just go to the kitchen and the cook will make you whatever you want to eat.”

“Am I allowed to cook for myself? And you?” Sam asked as they walked to the head table.

“Sure. Do you like to cook?” Matt asked and she nodded.

“I’m no gourmet but I do like to cook.” Sam answered.

As they reached the head table, all of the men stood up in respect causing her to blush. Sam recognized Natalie and Richard and smiled at them. The chair at the head of the table and the one to the right of it were empty and that’s where Matt led her. He held her chair for her as she sat down next to Natalie and said “Good morning.”

“Good morning. How are you feeling?” Natalie asked.

“Much better, thank you.” Sam said and then lowered her head to her plate. She closed her eyes and said a small prayer of thanks and everyone remained quiet until she opened her eyes and looked up again. She blushed as she picked up her fork and looked around the table.

Matt cleared his throat and said “Sit down guys. Sam, let me introduce our executive staff. This is Stuart Genson, my Beta. Next to him is William Jefferies, my Gamma and next to him is his mate, Kate.” Everyone nodded as they were introduced. “Everyone, this is my mate, Samantha Madison. Kate, since Stuart has not found his mate yet, I hope you will assist my mom in helping Sam to learn her way around and her duties as Luna?” Matt said.

“I’ll be happy to help, Alpha. Hello and welcome, Luna Samantha, or do you prefer Luna Sam?” Kate asked.

“Just Sam is fine, thanks. Hello everyone. It’s very nice to meet you all.” Sam said. She knew it was going to take some time for her to get used to everyone referring to her as Luna but she had to admit, it made her feel good.

They chatted easily throughout breakfast and Sam managed to finish all that she had put on her plate along with two cups of coffee and a glass of juice. She was wondering what the meeting that they were supposed to go to was about and figured it was going to be about her old pack. She was rather dreading it but knew it had to happen. As the meal ended, Matt told everyone to go ahead, that he was going to take Sam to have her handprint inputted into the system and then they would be there.

He was trying not to overwhelm her with so much all at once and prayed the meeting would be short and without much drama. He walked over to where Teddy Ricker was sitting, finishing up his breakfast and told him to follow them. Teddy was in charge of programming the security systems and would be the one to add her handprint to the system. Matt introduced them and explained what he needed.

While Matt was talking to Teddy, Sam felt some eyes on her and when she turned her head, she saw two beautiful women staring at her with hate in their eyes and it surprised her since she had never even seen them before. Sam slipped her hand into Matt’s and stepped closer to him and saw both women narrow their eyes. She guessed that at least one of them had been hoping to be Matt’s mate and she couldn’t believe he had chosen her over them. They were beautiful!

Sam’s attention returned to Matt and Teddy when Teddy said “It’s an honor to meet you Luna. I’ll be glad to add you right away. Come with me, please.” Teddy said with a slight bow of respect. He led them down the hallway to the elevator, opened the control panel attached his tablet that Matt had never seen him be without and typed in some commands. “Place your dominant hand on the pad, please and hold still.”

Sam did as he asked and waited to feel a shock or something but all that happened was that a green light moved up and down the pad a couple of times under her hand.

“Ok. You’re all set. You now have full access to any security door in the place. You just have to put your hand on the pad and let the light read your handprint and the doors will open for you. For the elevator to your floor, just put your index finger on the fourth floor button until a light flashes and it will take you right there. Any other floor just requires you to push a button like you would in a standard elevator.” Teddy explained.

Sam nodded her head but said “I’ve never been in an elevator before but I get what you mean.”

Teddy couldn’t believe that she had never been in an elevator before but wisely kept his mouth shut. “Oh Alpha, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something. Can you please tell the un-mated members to stay off of the porn sites online. They are unsafe sites that have tons of viruses and malware on them. I’ve had two computers running all night trying to clear them but if the guys don’t stop, they are going to cause some serious damage to our systems.” Teddy said. He hated having to snitch on fellow pack members but things were going to get out of control if he didn’t speak up and have something beyond his control done about it.

“Don’t worry, Teddy. I’ll take care of it. And thanks.” Matt said. He wondered if Teddy could tell who was using the sites and it was all he could do to not blush since he had been online himself last night.

“Ready to go to the meeting?” Matt asked Sam as Teddy left. Matt stepped into the elevator and Sam cautiously entered after him and stood close to his side, waiting to see what this was like. “Go ahead and give your handprint a try.” Matt encouraged her.

Sam put her hand on the pad and waited for the green light to scan her. As soon as it was done, the doors shut and a second later, the elevator began to move. She grabbed Matt’s hand and held on tight with a gasp. Matt chuckled and pulled her close.

“It’s Ok. Nothing to be afraid of.” Matt comforted her by rubbing her back.

“What are the phones for?” Sam asked when she noticed two phones hanging above the button pad which was above the hand imprint pad.

“If you have a guest that wants to come up to visit in the apartment, you have to allow them access by using the hand pad inside our front door. They just need to pick up the phone, ours is the one on the right, and call up. Then you touch the pad upstairs and the elevator will take them right up to our floor. Teddy is working on a voice activated system so that you don’t have to touch the pad but he hasn’t worked out all the bugs yet. So far, every time he’s activated it using the voice program, it opens every electronic door in the house and the elevator got stuck between floors one time. Took him two days to get it unstuck. Thankfully no one was in at the time.” Matt chuckled.

“Please tell me that there is a way to get down from the fourth floor besides the elevator? What happens if the power goes out? Are we trapped up there?” Sam asked worriedly.

“We have backup power systems so that has never been a problem but there is a secret passage that is only known by family. My mom will show you where all the entrances are another day. OK?” Matt smiled down at her. He led her out of the elevator and down the hall to the meeting room.

“Ok.” Sam smiled up at him. She felt so safe when she was with him. He made her worries go away and her world was upright when he was around.

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