Two Hearts, One Soul

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Chapter 9

By the time she had finished her third glass of wine, Sam was very tipsy and giggling at anything and everything he said. She was also becoming bolder and not so shy anymore. Matt was enjoying this side of her and when he asked her if she wanted to watch TV for a while, she agreed and as they moved over to the sofa, she crawled onto his lap and put her face in his neck before he even got the TV turned on. They had been listening to music during dinner and it was still softly playing in the background.

“You smell so good.” She whispered in his ear as she ran her hand into his hair and began to lightly massage the back of his head and neck. Matt bent his head and buried his face in her neck, inhaling deeply and whispered “So do you. I love strawberries and caramel almost as much as I love you.” He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer as he kissed his way up her neck and nibbled her ear as he worked his way to her lips.

He pressed his lips to hers and Sam let out a small sigh. Matt took the opportunity and slipped his tongue into her mouth. He was rather surprised when she began to suck on it, massaging his tongue with hers. He felt his pants get tight as he began to harden as he imagined her doing that to his cock as he moaned against her mouth. She may be innocent but damn the girl was learning fast how to kiss!

When her hand began to pull on the hem on his shirt, Matt prayed he would be able to keep a handle on his desire for her while he let her explore. He knew she was curious but she was treading heavily on his will power. He wanted to be with her so bad. The wine they had drunk had given him a slight buzz and he hoped it had not dulled his sense of right and wrong too much.

When she whispered in his ear “I love you, Matt Stone. I’m so happy that you are my mate.” he felt his will power slip a notch when she urged him to lift his arms and remove his shirt “Oh lord this is going to be so hard.” he thought to himself.

“I love you too, my sweet lady.” he whispered back. He tried to keep his hands still but they seemed to move of their own volition as he pulled her to him. He wanted to touch her so badly. To feel her bare skin under his hands. He seemed to sense that if he touched her back, she would freeze but it wasn’t her back that he wanted to feel. He couldn’t help himself as he pushed his hand under the front of her shirt and up her side.

It took a lot out of him to go slowly but he didn’t want her to tense up and freeze, so he took his time and enjoyed the sensation of her silky soft skin on her sides and belly under his fingertips. This was more than he had hoped for or expected to happen tonight and his heart soared that she already trusted him this much.

He could feel the goosebumps as he ran his fingers up her side and over her stomach on his way to find her breast. It killed him that he could almost count her ribs but it made him realize how thin and delicate she was.

Matt loved the feel of her hands on him. They were small but firm, her touch light but she used her whole hand to explore his chest and abs. She grew bolder when he finally reached her breast and filled his hand with the surprising large, soft globe encased in soft lace. He had to see her and she gasped when he pushed her top up and off over her head. She began to cover herself with her arms when he caught her hands and looked deeply into her eyes.

“Please don’t ever feel you have to hide anything from me, my love. You are my mate, you are beautiful and I love you.” Matt whispered as he lowered his head and kissed her deeply.

Sam moaned and pushed against him. She wanted him to touch her as much as she wanted to touch him. She had been wanting to touch him since the first time she had seen him in the woods when he had saved her from the rogue.

She wanted him to touch her the way a man touched the woman he loved, the way no man had ever touched her before. This feeling of desire was confusing because it was something she had never felt before but it was like a fire inside of her that made her feel like she would burn up if he didn’t do something to put out the fire. His touches seem to make the fire hotter at the same time soothed her.

All she knew for sure was that she wanted more. She felt his hardness against her bottom and it made her squirm as the heat began to build in her stomach downwards to her womanhood. She felt damp down there and wanted him to touch her there. To sooth the need that was building in her. She knew where this was going to lead and while in the past it had terrified her but this she wanted. She wanted to be fully his. His woman. His true mate. She had to let go of her fear and become what she was meant to be.

Matt was afraid to reach behind her to unclasp her bra but he wanted to taste the skin of her breast. Sam sensed his hesitation and whispered “It’s OK, Matt.” as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting the straps fall off of her shoulders as the weight of her breasts pushed against the cups. She dropped her bra to the floor and watched his face.

Matt’s eyes got huge as he stared at the perfect mounds just inches from his face. The areola around her nipple was a deeper tan than her skin and her nipples were hard and erect, begging for him to suckle them.

Matt lowered his head and flicked the tip of his tongue over her nipple and heard her gasp. He captured it with his teeth, nibbling and suckling her as he held her waist, pulling her closer to him. Sam wrapped her arms around his head, tangling her hands in his hair as she pulled him closer. She shifted her position and straddled his legs, moving as close to him as possible as she let her head fall back and enjoy the magic of his tongue on her breast as the heat built in her loins.

When she straddled him, Matt could smell her arousal and he moaned deeply as he nearly lost all control. He couldn’t help himself as he pushed her down and lifted his hips, grinding his hardness into her core. The smell of her arousal got stronger and he wanted her so damned bad!

“Goddess, help me! I want her so bad but she’s so tiny that I’m afraid I will hurt her. I don’t want to hurt her. I just want to love her, to make love to her, to make her mine!” Matt prayed so hard.

Sam shivered as Matt ground himself against her. She wanted him to touch her there. She wanted to touch him there. Other than gaining her freedom, she had never wanted anything so bad in her life.

Matt’s hands slid down to her waist and before she knew what was happening, he had flipped them and laid her down on the sofa. He hovered above her as his eyes wandered down her body. “Goddess, you are so beautiful.” He fit himself between her legs and held this weight on his arms. He kissed her deeply. He needed to ask her, needed to make sure she was ready for this, to get her permission before he went any farther.

“I want you so bad, Sam, it almost hurts but I’m scared, Sam.” He whispered in her ear as he kissed down her jaw. He felt his teeth begin to lengthen as he kissed the sweet spot where he would mark her and make her his forever. He licked it gently and she caught her breath then sighed. “Oh yes!” He knew to bite her now would be more painful than it should be. He had to wait until after they had mated. Then it would only hurt when his fangs punctured her skin. Then it would be a pleasure that couldn’t be described.

“I want you too Matt. Please! Make me yours!” Sam almost begged. “I feel like I’m on fire down there.” She was beyond being embarrassed anymore. The need was making her bold and wanton.

Matt needed no more encouragement. He picked her up and nearly ran to their bedroom and right into the bathroom. He sat her on the vanity counter and with another deep kiss, he reached into the shower and turned it on. He let it run for a moment as he helped her out of the rest of her clothes. Matt stared at her naked body and swore. “Damn! You are absolutely gorgeous, Samantha.”

Sam smiled at him as she slid off the counter and pushed his sweatpants and underwear down at the same time. His erection sprung forward and Sam gasped. She knew he was going to be large but was not prepared for just how big it was. She began to have second thoughts about this but then she realized that it was going to happen sometime and if she waited the fear of it would build until she couldn’t face it.

She took a deep breath and said “you are quite impressive yourself, big guy!” She smiled cheekily as she stepped past him and held her hand under the water, testing the temperature before stepping in the cubicle that could easily hold six people his size. She held her hand out to him and he stepped inside next to her. He helped her wash her hair and then they lathered and washed each other as they kissed and touched.

When Matt washed her back, Sam held him tightly around the waist and tried not to cry, not in pain but in shame and disgust. But to her surprise he did not touch her any differently than he had everywhere else. His hands seemed to cherish every inch of her, scars and all. “It’s OK, Sam. They are a part of you and I love every inch of you.” Matt whispered, sensing what she was feeling.

She looked up at him and whispered “Really? They don’t disgust you?”

Matt smiled down at her and whispered. “I wish he hadn’t hurt you like that but no, they don’t disgust me. They are a part of you now and I could never be disgusted by you. I love you.”

Matt turned her in front of him and pressed her back to his front as he bathed her breast. He kissed her neck, leaving a passionate mark that had her moaning and quivering under his touch. His hand slowly made its way down her stomach into the furry mound between her legs. He tried to keep his wandering fingers under control as he washed her clean but her moans were driving him crazy.

As the water rinsed her clean, he could take no more. He turned off the water and grabbed 2 towels from the bar outside the shower. He wrapped one around his waist and then dried her off. He wrapped the towel around her and picked her up bridal style then carried her to bed.

He laid her down gently and climbed in beside her. He pulled her close and kissed her with all the love he felt for her. Their hands began to move as they explored each other’s bodies, learning where to touch to make them gasp and what would make their toes curl. Sam found places on him that he never knew could make him feel like he was burning up, stop his heart or make it so hard for him to breathe.

Matt’s hands moved over her, caressing and loving every inch of her, making her quiver and shake with need. When he finally covered her mound with his hand, Sam let out a relieved sigh, “oh yes!” she whispered.

Matt became more relaxed as what he had been so worried about knowing seemed to be coming to him naturally. He smiled to himself and let his fingers part her curls in search of her clit. She was wet and felt so warm and her hips jerked when he found his prize. He stroked her slowly, circling her clit and then sliding down to her opening to draw more of her lubrication up and making her moan.

He did this several times as she spread her legs slightly wider, urging him in as she pushed against his hand. Matt broke their kiss and looked down to her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open as she panted and clutched his arm with one hand, urging him on, wanting him to enter her.

Matt smiled and slipped the tip of one finger inside her opening and her eyes flew open. She saw him smiling at her and couldn’t help the smile that appeared on her lips. “Do you like that?” Matt whispered as he watched her.

Sam nodded and whispered “Oh, yes. It feels amazing. Can you go a little deeper, please?” she begged.

“I definitely want to but I want to go slow so that I don’t hurt you.” Matt whispered in concern.

“It doesn’t hurt at all. It feels wonderful. I want to make you feel good too Matt but I don’t know what to do. Tell me what to do Matt. Let me make you feel good too!” She whispered.

“First I want to make you cum, baby. I’ll have my turn later.” Matt said. He couldn’t concentrate on pleasing her while she was touching him and knew that if she touched him down there, he would probably cum all over her hand. He was so hard. But he wanted her to experience all the pleasure he could make her feel before he had to hurt her. It tore his heart out that he was going to have to bring her even one second of pain but it couldn’t be helped. He just wanted to try to make it as easy for her as possible.

Matt slid his hand up and rubbed her clit in small circles and then back down and slipped his finger in, deeper this time. He repeated this several times, going deeper and deeper each time until he had one long thick finger buried in her up to the knuckle of his hand. He thought he could feel his maidenhead right at his finger tip but wasn’t sure and couldn’t reach in any farther.

By now, Sam had spread her legs wide enough for him to fit between them but Matt forced himself to stay by her side as he worked his finger in and out of her, rubbing her clit with his thumb in slow circles. As she began to moan and buck against his hand, he slowly slipped another finger inside of her. The motion of her hips slowed as she adjusted to the extra girth but was soon begging him to “Go faster, please. Matt.”

He smiled down at her and watched as she began to pull on the edge of the pillow behind her head with one hand as he picked up the pace and moved his hand faster inside of her. Her other arm was trapped beneath him. He wasn’t lying on it but she couldn’t move it out from under him. The smell of her arousal was driving him mad and he just had to taste her.

He kissed her deeply as he stroked her, then kissed down her jaw to her breasts. He suckled her breast for a moment then worked his way down, kissing her stomach, making her breath catch as he rolled over her leg and fit himself between them. He kissed her mound and spread her curls with his free hand as he licked at her clit.

Sam’s eyes flew open and her head jerked up as she looked down. Involuntarily her knees bent as she placed her feet flat on the bed on either side of his shoulders. Her legs fell open, opening herself up to his tongue which was working magic on her. Matt glanced up and saw her watching him and he smiled and whispered “You taste better than strawberry cheesecake and are now my number one favorite dessert!”

Sam smiled at him and her head fell back as he licked her clit again and she let out a loud moan of pleasure. Matt experimented between licking and sucking on her clit. She seemed to like it and would sigh when he flicked it with his tongue but she moaned when he sucked on it as he worked his hand in and out of her. When he slightly curled his middle finger, he touched her g-spot and she came unglued. “OH God, Matt. I think I’m going to cum! Please do that again.”

Matt realized what he had discovered and stroked it fast and firmly and within seconds she was screaming his name and shaking all over. He pushed in deep one last time and felt her muscles pulse, squeezing his fingers tighter and tighter as she climaxed and her cream filled his mouth and hand. Matt smiled to himself and was feeling quite proud of his accomplishment as he licked her clean.

When it was finally over, her legs were quivering and she reached for him, wanting to be held. Matt crawled up next to her and wrapped his arms around her. “Did you like that?” he whispered. He had never done that before but he had heard other guys talk about sex and watched porn before and he hoped she liked it as much as she seemed to.

“I never knew it would be like that. It was unbelievable and wonderful and thank you!” Sam whispered as her cheeks turned pink. She didn’t know what to say. “I hope I can make you feel that good too. You must have been with plenty of women because you knew exactly where to touch me and while I should feel jealous but right now, I would love to tell them all thank you so much!” she giggled.

“Hahahaha! Honey, this is my first time being with anyone too. But guys talk and I’ve watched my fair share of porn but I must tell you that I was worried about being able to do it right without scaring you.” Matt admitted.

“Are you going to tell anyone about what we just did?” Sam asked. She definitely did not like the idea of him sharing what had just happened with his friends.

“Hell, no! What goes on between mates is private, just between them. The guys that I’m talking about are ones that have not waited for their mates or what I’ve heard in movies.” Matt assured her. “I would never share what we do here in the privacy of our bedroom with anyone but you but I do hope we can talk openly and honestly about what we want, what we like and don’t like. We both have to learn from each other and we can’t truly know what pleases the other unless we can talk about it. Once we mark each other, we will be able to hear each other’s thoughts but until then, we’ll have to talk about things. OK?” Matt told her. “Although I do admit that I love hearing you tell me what you want. It’s a real turn on, as much as hearing you moan when I make you feel good.” he grinned at her.

“I like hearing you talk to me too. I love the sound of your voice. It’s like honey on warm pancakes but deep and so sexy.” She grinned up at him. “So tell me. How do I make you feel that good?” Her hand had been lightly rubbing him across his chest and down his abs. She worked up the courage to reach lower as he whispered in her ear “You’re doing just fine, my love.” She heard his breath catch as she touched the tip of his cock and then let her fingers slide down the length of it, tickling and teasing him, making him breath harder or hold his breath.

She let her fingers slide down the inside of his thigh on the leg closest to her. She could feel goose bumps rise on his skin as she ran her fingers back up and lightly tangled in the hairs at the base of his cock. When she lightly wrapped her fingers around him, Matt moaned and rolled onto his back. Giving her free access to touch him fully. He fisted the sheet as she lightly stroked him up and down. She ran her hand down and cupped his balls, exploring him fully. Sam looked up and watched his face as she closed her hand around him again and began to stroke him, firmer this time. He was so hard but the skin of his cock was so soft and silky.

Matt’s eyes were closed and his head was pushed into the pillow and his breathing was ragged as she stroked him up and down. She glanced down and saw a small white bead of precum on the tip and bent her head to lick it off. Matt’s hips jerked and his legs got rigid. She saw his toes curl and his breath caught before he moaned deep in his chest. “Oh my god.” He whispered.

Sam smiled and lowered her head. She had no idea what she was doing but knew that she had really enjoyed it when he had licked and sucked on her and she desperately wanted to make him feel as good as he had made her feel.

Sam stuck out her tongue and ran it around the ridge at the head of his cock while she listened to his breathing. She tried to watch his face but he had his head tilted back and she could only see the underside of his chin and his throat. But what she was doing seemed to be working as his head began to go back and forth on the pillow. She saw him clutching the sheet as she ran her tongue up and down his length then sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. He was thick so she couldn’t take in much of him and at first she sucked softly, not wanting to hurt him.

“Wrap your hand around it baby and suck just a little bit harder, please. God, I’m so close.” Matt whispered. He was clenching his toes so tightly that his feet were going to cramp.

Sam did as he asked as she sucked slightly harder, her head going up and down, fitting as much in her mouth as she could. She moved her hand in unison with her mouth and soon Matt was moaning, panting and thrashing his head back and forth, arching his back as he tried not to let his hips jerk, driving himself down her throat as he rose to the top of the wave. As he reached the crest, he looked down at her and whispered. “I’m about to cum, baby. You can point it at my stomach if you don’t want to taste me.”

Instead of answering him, she shoved her head down, hollowed her cheeks and slowly brought her head back up as she squeezed him with her hand and felt him explode inside her mouth as he loudly moaned her name. “OH, Samantha. Oh my God, I love you!”

Sam didn’t have a clue as to what she was supposed to do but the sweet cream in her mouth tasted so good that she swallowed it and licked her lips. “Ummmm. You taste good!” she smiled up at him.

“Woman, you are amazing and I love you so much.” Matt said as he sat up and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back down with him. They lay wrapped in each other’s arms and quietly talked until she fell asleep snuggled against his chest.

Sam wondered if that’s all there was and why they hadn’t marked each other but didn’t question it tonight. She felt so loved and content right now and didn’t want to spoil it. Except for the meeting and the incident in town, this had been the best birthday of her life.

After Sam fell asleep, Matt stayed up watching her. He said a prayer of thank you to the Moon Goddess for blessing him with her but asked that it not hurt her too much when he takes her virginity.

For the first time in his life, he wished he had a smaller cock. He had wanted to mate and mark her tonight but knew he had to wait until she gained some more weight and was stronger. She had been so through so much in the past that he was terrified that he might truly hurt her inside to have sex with her now. The length of his fingers were almost half the length of his cock and he was pretty sure he had been able to feel her maidens head when he had been fingering her. He honestly wondered if she was going to be able to take all of him when they did finally mate.

He thought about talking to Dr. Andy about it but couldn’t even begin to figure out how to start that conversation. But realistically, who else could he talk to that could give him solid, factual, honest answers. He finally decided that he would talk to him tomorrow. He’d just have to swallow his pride and ask. Sam’s health and well being were more important than his stupid pride. After all, how proud would he be able to be if he hurt his mate like that? Confident in his decision, Matt soon fell asleep.

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