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The Heart Sees

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Lucy, or Lu as most called her, grew up in a not so friendly pack. Being an omega made her the lowest ranking member in the pack, and brought a lot of extra work with it. As Lu got older all she could think about was finding a mate and how she hoped he was from a different pack so that she could leave this place. Will she get her wish?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Lu's P.O.V

"Haven't you made breakfast yet?" The beta screamed angrilly at me.

"I just finished it Beta, I just need to put the plates out" I answered shakily.

"Fine! We'll be waiting" he said before storming off.

'What's his problem? He always acts like that towards us!' My wolf Lilac said in my head.

'You know it's because we're the only omega. You think people would be excited to finally have one in the pack, but no they wanted to make sure I followed the traditional role of servant' I replied to Lilac.

'We just have to hold out for our mate, hopefully he is from a different pack' Lilac sighed.

'Well there is a ball that we have to cook for tomorrow... maybe there....' I thought.

I grabbed the dishes and raced to set them out. I usually did the food buffet style because I didn't have help,so it was easier this way. Usually the Alpha is the one asking about breakfast but he is on some sort of trip until the ball tomorrow.

'At least Alpha is nicer than that jerk' Lilac huffed.

'He'll be back tomorrow' I replied to her with a smirk.

The pack members at breakfast started putting food on their plates. I waited and watched, if I was lucky there would be leftovers so I would actually get to eat this morning.... Usually the pack members insisted that good food shouldn't be wasted on someone of such a low rank and gave me the scraps from their plates. As a result of this I was a lot thinner than I should be, since they usually tried not to leave me anything... even though I started making larger portions.

"At least she won't be at the ball other than to serve food" I heard one of the she wolves scoff.

"As if the Alpha would allow that! He ignores her for a reason" another chimed in.

"If you ask me he should have just kicked her out, having an omega makes us look weak" the beta said angrilly.

'What made them hate us Lilac?' I asked for the millionth time.

'It's our rank.. I'm sorry that it's like this for us' Lilac whimpered.

'It's not your fault, I'm happy you're my wolf' I tried to encourage her and thankfully it worked.

I was broken from my thoughts when one of the glass plates came flying at me, crashing against my chest and shattering into little pieces. I was in too much shock to feel what had just happened, as I saw small trickles of blood coming through my dress. "Clean this mess up!" I heard one of the warriors say as the she wolves laughed at me.

The shock had worn off and I groaned in pain as I walked over to get the broom. I quickly swept up the glass as everyone started filing out of the room. I waited until they had all left before I started cleaning off the table and doing the dishes. I sighed, realizing that this was my nicest dress which was now ruined from the blood stains. 'It will get better' Lilac encouraged me as I put the last of the dishes away and headed to my room in the attic.

'Hopefully they'll be in a better mood tomorrow' I grumbled to Lilac while trying to get the stains out of my dress. At least with Lilac I was able to heal fast enough that these cuts would be gone by tomorrow.

'They should, I mean it's a party!' Lilac yipped excitedly.

'That hasn't changed their mood before' I reminded her sadly. 'What is the point of this one anyways?' I asked.

'Probably to welcome the Alpha back home' Lilac answered.

'Probably... these people sure love their parties' I mumbled.

'Yes but now that you turned 21 we can finally have a chance at meeting our mate!' Lilac reminded me.

'He's our only chance at getting out of here' I groaned.

There's no way the Alpha would let us leave the pack because omegas were very rare these days. For some reason they have become rare and any pack that has them, especially female ones, considers them good breeders. Most Alphas want to keep omegas to add more numbers to their packs since they can get pregnant easily and go into heat more often. Not to mention that omegas are very loyal and submissive. Lots of Alphas like the idea of them to add members to their ranks that won't challenge them for their place.

'We'll just have to keep hoping for tomorrow' Lilac sighed.

******the next evening******

'I'm so excited! I know today we will find our mate, I can feel it' Lilac said excitedly.

'If you say so' I replied skeptically as I kept working at making the food. I had prepared all of the Alpha's favourites in large quantities for everyone. I was told to double the amount because of all of the visiting wolves. I had started cooking at 5am and was just finishing up at 6pm... it would be a lot faster if they'd give me some help.

I brushed my hands on my dress and started carrying the trays upstairs into the ballroom. I had to take a lot of trips because I was the only one carrying them up. Luckily all the chores I did kept me in shape so the stairs were no problem. I was bringing the last tray when the door to the room swung open and the Alpha came in.

I froze, thankfully I had set the tray down because I was not expecting this... I smelled the most amazing scent of applewood and pumpkin spice. My eyes locked with the Alpha's and I felt the bond in my head when Lilac shouted 'mate!'

No! This can't be! How can we ever leave the pack now? Will he even accept us? I watched in horror as the Alpha stormed over. 'He's never hurt us before, mostly just ignored us. We'll be fine' Lilac tried to reassure me.

I gulped nervously when he approached. I shifted my gaze down respectfully when he stood next to me. I shivered at the amazing smell that he was giving off... not to mention that I knew he was good looking. I felt a blush on my cheeks at the thought but it quickly dissappeared when the Alpha spoke. "You?!" He shouted in disbelief. "Look at me omega!" He barked at me.

I looked up at him and saw his scowl. "Yes Alpha" I said submissively, Lilac whimpering in my head at being so close to our mate.

"I, Alpha Chase Santesse, reject you omega Lucy Stella as my mate" his voice boomed through the room and I fell to the floor, clutching my chest in pain.

"I Lucy Stella accept your rejection" I whispered.

"You are hearby banished from the pack, you'll be considered a rogue. Now get off of my territory! I can't believe the goddess put me with you!" The Alpha spat out as I raced out of the building with Lilac whimpering in my mind.

We got out the front doors and I gave Lilac control, feeling myself shift as we ran towards the border of the territory. Lilac howled in pain as we crossed the border, leaving the only home we had ever known. I didn't bother grabbing anything from the attic, knowing I had no belongings except for some ratty old dresses. 'I'm so sorry Lilac' I muttered sadly. 'I wish our mate could have been someone else..... '. Lilac just whimpered in response as we continued to wander under the light of the moon.

'I'm sorry moon goddess....' I sniffled, looking up at the sky. 'I'm not sure what I did but I know the rejection is my fault. Please let Lilac be happy' I said a silent prayer as Lilac's paws ran lightly over the snow covered ground. If I wasn't in wolf form I know I would have been freezing to death.

Lilac ran until she was exhausted, the pain of the day catching up with us as she crawled into a small cave. 'Thank you for bringing us here Lilac' I said to her.

'Of course, you're my human Lu, we're in this together' she replied sadly.

How did it come to this? I sighed. Where would we go? Most people don't take rogue wolves into their territories... how are we going to survive out here? After hours of keeping myself drowning in my thoughts I finally started to feel sleepy.

'Maybe we can choose a mate' Lilac whimpered.

'But who would want us?' I replied before drifting into a restless sleep.
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