Mate Hunt

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There are few werewolves, but they keep their world and existence a secret from the human world. However, werewolves are facing population decline and become infertile by the age of 35. No females are born, and werewolves resort to kidnapping women from villages and have been a tradition among the werewolves for thousands of years. It is 2020 in Rome. Romulus, 30, is desperate to have a mate by his side. His one desire is to have a family and will take part in the mate hunt. Leah, 20, goes to Rome to visit her elderly grandmother in a small village. She has no idea what is about to occur and who will desire her. It is time for the Mate Hunt. Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash Photo by Michael Mazzone on Unsplash

Romance / Fantasy
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Romulus POV

I look at the moon that gives light within the night—what a beauty. Ever since I came to the age of 16, I have always believed that I would find my mate immediately.

It did not happen.

Another year passed.


Then another.

Before I knew it, I am now thirty.

Every full moon, the werewolf tribes would get together and go hunt for mates. We hunt in nearby villages only—it kind of sounds barbaric for one who does not understand it. However, to werewolves, it means the whole world.

We see it as hope. The hope that we will have a mate.

You see, thousands of years ago, we have existed alongside humans, but we dominated the humans. We were powerful by day and night. Even females were among the werewolf race. However, the humans prayed to the gods and goddesses for their help. It is said that the moon goddess intervened, and as punishment, she turned the female werewolves into humans so that the werewolf race wouldn’t become so powerful. Also, she made the male werewolves infertile when they reached the age of thirty-five and made the werewolves transform only at night. The humans went against the werewolves as revenge; many werewolves were hunted and killed during the day.

The population was at the lowest point.

The werewolves begged for the moon goddess for forgiveness and pleaded for safe refuge. They swore they would not kill humans only if it were necessary. The moon goddess felt pity, and she granted their wish. She created a safe home for our kind, the entry is a waterfall, and only werewolves know the true passage. The werewolves pleaded with the moon goddess for mates as loneliness consumed them. The moon goddess agreed. The werewolves made a tradition that when the moon goddess is more powerful, she will allow them to hunt for their mates every full moon.

That is how it went.

At times, we would go to cities at night before a mate hunt to make sure our mates lived there. There were cases when many werewolves found their mates in cities and far away places within Rome.

Before every mate hunt, I would travel afar to find my mate, but I had no such luck.

I have five more years until I find a mate; if I don’t, I will become infertile.

Why is the moon goddess so cruel to me!? Whenever I see a werewolf with their mate, I get jealous.

It is my dream to have my mate beside me and have a family.

Is that too much to ask?

I looked at the moon and prayed to the moon goddess. I prayed to her that may this year be the year when I find my mate.

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