Mate Hunt

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New Home

Throughout the travel, Leah would scream, hit and kick when she could. For Romulus, he found it amusing; he wanted to laugh aloud. The kicking and the hitting did not hurt him. He found it thrilling. He loved the feeling of her touch. He thought of himself as a masochist but loved it when his mate made contact with him, positively or negatively.

For what seemed like an eternity, Leah gave up. Her throat became dry, her arms and legs became tired and sore from all the fighting. She let Romulus take her where he wanted. No matter what Leah did, she knew it was pointless. He is even more stubborn than a mule, and he is a werewolf.

Romulus would run and jump through trees and mid-air. Both are far away from the village; curiosity and nervousness fill her. "Where are you taking me!?" she asked loudly. Romulus stopped on top of a tree, Leah yelped at the height they were at. "D-Don't drop me!"

He looked at her and smiled. "We are headed to our home."

"What do you mean home? I am from the United States; that is my home."

This surprised Romulus. "You are from the United States? Why did you come here? Although I am happy that you did, or else I would have never found you."

Leah huffed. "I wish I could go back in time and not come here. To my luck, I am in a terrible situation. I don't know if my grandma is okay, and a dog kidnaped me!" When she said that, she could feel Romulus flinch.

"That hurt."

Leah ignored him. "Humph! Well, good, that is what you get for kidnapping me!"

Romulus chuckled. "Well, feel what you want, my love. You are mine, and that will never change. You can be mad at me all you like, but I will never let you go." Leah was about to respond, but he immediately began to run again, but this time at a faster pace. Her heart raced with the motion. She felt her head losing consciousness. Little by little, her eyes were beginning to close.

Darkness consumed her.


About thirty minutes later, Romulus arrived in front of the waterfall, and he shook her gently. She did not respond. He took her off his shoulder and held her bridal style. That is when he realized that she had lost consciousness. Romulus held her tightly as if he was afraid that she was going to leave. He spoke in Latin, and the waters began to lift, the rocks inside began to open a passageway. He walked inside, and the waters began to fall again, the entry began to close.

Darkness surrounded them both, and as Romulus walked through the dark path, faint blue lights began to light his way. The lights came from crystals that were within the walls. The path seemed endless, but the light was at the end of the tunnel. When he went through the end of the path, trees were everywhere, small villages were in different areas, lakes, rivers, and ponds.

He looked at Leah, who was still asleep. He jumped into the forest and ran through many trees until he got to a village. Many occupants were either cooking, hunting, talking to one another. Many of them saw him and bowed. Whispers and murmurs are heard in the village. Curious that Romulus is holding a woman.

Romulus ignored them, and he went into a big wooden house bigger than any house in the village. He opened the door and went into the upper section of the house. There is a bed, and he laid Leah down, he laid down beside her, holding her closer to him. Romulus could not stop looking at her. He was always used to sleeping alone, with no one beside him, no one he could say goodnight, no one to say 'I love you.' He no longer is alone.

"Please don't let this be a dream," he murmured.

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