Mate Hunt

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Next Morning...

Before the sun had a chance to rise, Romulus woke up. He stretched a bit and opened his eyes. He then looked beside him, and there Leah was, still asleep, breathing softly. Romulus smiled and gave out a small sigh of relief. To him, she looked so beautiful even when sleeping. He gently and lightly touched her face. “You are not a dream. At long last, I have my mate,” he told himself.

Romulus slowly and quietly got up from bed and put on some pants and a plain shirt. He looked at Leah and smiled once more; he quietly closed the door and went to the kitchen. Romulus flinched and realized that parts of his house were a mess. He was too excited that he forgot to clean after himself. “Damn it. I better get working.” He cleaned the living room, many of the hallways, and the kitchen with his wolf speed. About twenty minutes later, Romulus cleaned his house. Romulus looked out the window, and the sun was rising.

The werewolf stood in the kitchen and began to think. He knew that Leah would not be happy, and she would demand him to take her home. Romulus growled at the thought. “I will never let her leave. I have waited too damn long for her to be with me.” Romulus looked at the kitchen, and there was some food, but not too much. He then sees some eggs, bread, and fruit. He opened the refrigerator, and there he saw milk and water. Romulus began to cook.

Leah woke up as she stretched her arms and legs. She opened her eyes and saw the ceiling, then looked around. “What in the...?” Slowly she sat up and got off of the bed, and looked at the window. What she saw surprised her—trees, hills, and people walking out of their houses. Leah tried to open the window, but it did not budge.

She then looked at the door and carefully opened it, and Leah unlocked it. Leah walked out of the room and slowly walked through the halls to the stairs. As she walked down the stairs, a scent of food filled her nose.

Romulus put the food on plates with cups of milk and water. He looks up and sees Leah. “You’re awake. Good morning! Sorry, this is what I have for now. Come, you must be hungry.” However, Leah did not move.

“I am not hungry.”

He looked at her and sighed. “You will not be able to escape. You are in the world of the werewolves. They will not allow you to escape; they would have you either brought back to me or have you killed. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

This shocked Leah. “What kind of world did you bring me in!?”

“One of a kind. Now come here and eat. If you do, you and I can shop for food together. If you don’t, then you will stay here, and trust me when I say this, you will not be able to escape; I will make sure of that. Choose the easy way or the hard way.” He then sat down on a chair, getting his plate of food.

For Leah, she felt angry but knew that her anger would not lead her anywhere. She wanted a way out, but for now, she will play the game. She sighed and walked to the table with Romulus, sat beside him, and began eating. She did not look at him. While she was not looking, Romulus had a smile on his face.

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